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Kevin the Koala Weighted Toy Review (A Toddler's Dad Honest Opinion)

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From the makers of Calming weighted blankets comes its weighted cousin, the Kevin the Koala – A sensory weighted toy. The cuddly Koala may seem like any other stuffed toy but is filled with non-toxic pellets for the extra weight.

But Kevin the Koala is more than just a heavy stuffie. For those unaware, a weighted toy works like a weighted blanket, providing gentle pressure and warmth for a calming effect. As per Aliza Grodko, Psy.D., cuddling a weighted toy may help soothe the mind and body of your little one.

The idea of weighted toys isn’t new, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve gained popularity in Australia and worldwide.

Occupational therapists have used weighted toys for years to help children with autism, ADHD, anxiety, grief, and other emotional issues. While I couldn’t find any direct research citing the benefits of weighted toys, there were a couple of studies around weighted blankets and vests that work on a similar principle. 

kevin the koala weighted toy Review

The weighted furry friend!

My 3-year-old hyperactive kid, Owen, has been using Kevin the Koala for a little over two weeks now.

Initially, Owen wasn’t very excited about his new furry friend. So for the first couple of nights, I used to drop Kevin in his crib while he was asleep to get him familiarised with the toy.

After a few days, I started noticing Owen would occasionally cuddle Kevin while asleep and now it has become his go-to-sleep companion. He usually snuggles and hugs Kevin while lying down and often falls asleep while holding on to him. The good thing is that the toy is not too heavy (weighs 1.2 kg), so during the day, too, sometimes I see Owen toting around his furry friend.

I didn’t notice a stark difference in his sleep pattern yet, but he has just been using it for under two weeks.

It was one of Owen’s rare meltdown moments, and wife was trying everything to get him to calm down. As a last resort, I handed him the weighted toy, and it helped! This was when I became a weighted toy convert. While I am unsure if it was the weight or the softness, as long as it helped, I am not complaining.

Frankly, I did not have high expectations but I do see the case for weighted toys. It might not be a magical solution but in our case, it has become one of the many tools in our parenting arsenal.

Kevin The Koala Weighted Toy

Kevin the Koala weighted toy is well-built, made from non-toxic materials, durable and comes from an established brand. Click the button to save $20 on your purchase.

Key Points:

  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Size: 33cm long
  • Made of 100% polyester fur and outer fabric.
  • Poly pellet filling.
  • Free shipping within Australia. Extra $19 shipping for New Zealand.
  • Price: $59

Safety Notes:

  • Discard the toy immediately if the outer shell tears open.
  • Age recommendation: 3 years+

Construction & Care

The fabric and stitching are all high-quality, and I didn’t notice any loose threads. My son can shred any stuffed toy to pieces in a matter of days, but Kevin has held up well so far. The fabric is soft, and the fur is durable and dense.

The company claims that the toy is non-toxic and is made of cruelty-free products.

The toy is filled with non-removable poly pellets, which is what gives the toy its weight. I didn’t find the pellets noisy, which is often the case with pellets-filled weighted blankets.

Care Instructions:

The toy can be hand cleaned with any soft detergent in water under 30°C. Do note that the toy isn’t machine washable.

Finally, is Kevin the Koala weighted toy worth the purchase?

Personally, I found the Kevin the Koala toy to be an expensive buy but seeing how my kid (Owen) has been using it and the overall build quality of the toy, I think it is worth the money. Add to that the free shipping within Australia makes it a decent deal.

While I can’t comment on the proclaimed benefits or effectiveness of the toy, it’s a quality product from a brand that put weighted blankets on the map in Australia. Most of the reviews I analysed were also positive, and parents have said that their kid loves the toy.

In part of the review, I also check some of the similar products available in the market and Kevin the Koala seems to be competitively priced. The only unique weighted toy I could find was the Neptune weighted toy which is heatable. However, it’s expensive ($65+shipping cost), and it’s currently on pre-order.

Overall, Kevin the Koala weighted toy is worth considering if you are looking for a well-crafted and durable weighted toy from an established brand for your kid. At the very worst, you end up with a relatively expensive and adorable stuffed toy!

Does your kid use weighted toys? How did you find them? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Kevin The Koala Weighted Toy​

Kevin the Koala weighted toy is well-built, made from non-toxic materials, durable and comes from an established brand. Click the button to save $20 on your purchase.

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James Lee

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Kevin The Koala Weighted Toy

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