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Koala Bed Base Review (2022) Worth buying?

Koala might be best known for its mattress (and, of course, witty marketing) but its timber bed base is no slouch either. The Koala bed base is thoughtfully designed with a clear focus on minimalism and practicality. From its easy and quick installation to no tool assembly, sturdy construction, 5-year warranty and 120-night free trial, the Koala timber bed base has got a lot of things right. With that said, the product has its shares of shortcomings and may not be for everyone

So in this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Koala bed base, highlighting the pros and cons of the product and who it is best suited for. I’ll also be sharing my experience of sleeping on the bed base and give you my final word.

Koala Timber Bed Base Picture


  • Dimensions & Pricing:
SizeDimensions (LxWxH)WeightNo. of boxesPrice
Single213 x 106 x 25.2 cm33.5 kg2$600
King Single228 x 121 x 25.2 cm37.5 kg2$750
Double213 x 152 x 25.2 cm42.5 kg2$800
Queen228 x 167 x 25.2 cm53.5 kg3$850
King228 x 197 x 25.2 cm59.5 kg3$1,000
  • Height:
    • Platform: 23.2 cm above ground.
    • Headboard: 55cm above platform.
  • Weight Capacity: 600 kg.
  • Material: 2cm thick cottonwood plywood with honeycomb core and poplar wood.
  • Compatible mattresses: All types.
  • Warranty: 5 years (against manufacturing defects).

Key features

  • Single colour option – Vanilla malt.
  • The base is delivered in two to three flat-pack lightweight boxes, which are easy to maneuver and carry around.
  • Quick assembly with no tools required. Koala claims it can be assembled in under 4 minutes but that’s after you have unpacked all the boxes. Overall, it should take 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Storage options: Below the bed base, behind the head board and on the overhang platform.
  • Eco-friendly construction and packaging. Water-resistant coating and glue is free from harsh chemicals.
  • The bed base comes with a 120-night trial with free returns.
  • Designed in Australia, made in China.

Who might like the Koala Bed Base

Who might not like the Koala Bed Base

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Ordering & assembly experience

For the review, I ordered a queen-size Koala timber bed base to my Sydney address.

Delivery: 5/5

The delivery was smooth and quick. I was asked to choose the preferred date and time and I chose same-day delivery. As promised, the bed base reached my doorstep in 5 hours by capital logistics.

Koala Bed Base Packaging

Packaging: 5/5

The bed base came securely packed in three cardboard boxes, each weighing between 15 and 20kg. The boxes aren’t too heavy or oversized. I think people with an average frame would be able to carry them up or down the stairs with relative ease. The Koala designers deserve a pat on the back for this!

Koala Bed Base challenge

Assembly: 4.5/5

So I wanted to try the Koala bed base challenge and see if I could assemble the whole bed in under 4 minutes as claimed by Koala. Truth be told, I failed. It took me about 15 minutes for the whole assembly, out of which opening the three boxes and arranging them took like 10 minutes.

Coming to the assembly, there are nine pieces and two E-shaped blockers to lock the headboard. You can find the step-by-step instructions on the packaging itself. It’s displayed on a large piece of cardboard.

The assembly is straightforward and, may we say, fun too. All the pieces interlock like a giant Lego puzzle and remain sturdy. They were cut using the CNC machine and there were no misalignments.

Koala Bed Base Fully Assembled

My one-week review:

After testing the bed base for over a week, I must say I am quite happy. Yes, there are few niggles here and there but it’s a solid unit overall.

The floating design with a natural wooden finish looks sleek and makes the room feel more spacious. I did have my apprehensions about the headrest but it’s quite supportive and does not wobble. 

Coming to storage, I think the bed has enough space for day-to-day use and all of it is easily accessible. There is hidden storage behind the headrest, which is good to store pillows and quilts. I keep my reading books under the base and my phone and glasses on the extended base.

koala bed base storage

There are six holes for cable management (two behind the headrest and two on each side of the bed), so say bye-bye to dangling wires and cords. Finally, I found the bed to be super sturdy and I see it lasting for a long time.

Coming to the negatives: As it’s a low profile bed, you may end up banging your shin against it. So watch out. It took me some time to get used to that height. Also I felt the edges could have been a bit smoother.

As the mattress lies on the top of the base, the mattress tends to slip. However, after talking to the Koala support about this issue, they sent me 10 anti-skid pads totally free of cost. Since putting on these anti-skid pads, my mattress stays in place.

Lastly, vacuuming  the area around the bed takes more time as the bed base isn’t a straight design. To clean under the bed, the mattress and the platform base needs to be removed, which is cumbersome.

Common complaints:

While most reviews were positive, some expressed concerns over the hard edges which left shins bashed and bruised. More concerningly, some buyers flagged the creaking sounds it made. The wood expands and contracts due to temperature variation all day, causing the joints to make these sound. In most cases, simply applying beeswax or natural soap over the joints can resolve the issue.

Another common complaint was the mattress slipping over. I faced that too. The issue is more apparent with foam mattresses than innerspring or hybrid mattresses. In such cases, you can request Koala to send you anti-skid pads and they do that for free!

While none of this should be overlooked, Koala did manage to turn the situation around. In some cases, the brand even sent a new bed base to customers 12 months after the initial purchase.

Koala Timber Bed Base Review

Finally, is Koala Bed Base worth the money?

The Koala timber bed base isn’t cheap and it has small though easily fixable issues. But it’s also a top-quality product. So in terms of price-quality ratio, I think the price is fair. It’s sleek yet friendly, lightweight yet strong, easy to build yet durable and it’s customer support is excellent too.

In all, the Koala bed base is a well-designed, sturdy unit that’s worth putting on the bucket list.

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Koala Timber Bed Base Picture



Overall Rating

Ease of Assembly: 4.5/5
Delivery: 5/5
Material: 4.5/5
Finishing: 4.0/5
Trial Period: 5/5
Warranty: 5/5

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