Air Mattress Weight Limit: Do Air Mattresses Have Weight Limits?


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How much weight air mattress can hold

Air mattresses are indispensable. From camping to hosting guests at home, air mattresses provide a versatile and comfortable sleeping surface. But before you inflate your mattress and invite everyone over for a sleepover, you might be wondering: how much weight can an air mattress hold?

There is no straight answer to it, as the weight limit of an air mattress is largely dependent on the size and materials used for construction. That said, most air mattresses can hold anywhere between 200 and 600 pounds of body weight. Some air mattresses, particularly pricier ones, can even hold up to 800 pounds like the Coleman All-Terrain Double-High Airbed.

Now, let’s see how the different dimensions of an air mattress affect its weight capacity. 

Generally speaking, the bigger the air mattress, the higher the weight limit.

How much weight can an Air mattress hold?

We analysed the weight limits of 34 top air mattress models from Bestway, Coleman, and Intex all the way up to elemax. This is what we found:

  • Twin or single air mattresses have a weight limit of 300 to 350 pounds (136 to 156 kg). Twin air mattresses measure around 74 inches long by 39 inches wide (188 cm by 99 cm) and weigh about 8 pounds. 
  • Queen or a king air mattress has a total weight limit of 600 to 650 pounds (272 to 294 kg). A queen air mattress is typically around 80 inches long by 60 inches wide (203 cm by 152 cm) and weighs about 14 pounds.
  • We only found three full-size air mattress models which had a weight limit of 400 to 450 pounds (181 to 204 kg). A full-size air mattress is typically around 54 inches wide by 74 inches long (137 cm by 188 cm) and weighs about 12 pounds.

So it’s safe to say an air mattress can hold a lot of weight! While a single size air mattress may not accommodate more than one person, the queen and king sizes can easily fit two people. But to be on the safe side, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s weight limit before using it.

Construction matters

Air mattress isn’t simply a bag of air. Internally air mattresses have support beams and air chambers, which gives the air mattress its structure and strength. The design of the internal support system and the material used will also affect the weight limit of an air mattress.

Coil beams and I-beams are the two most common support systems used in air mattresses. In coil beam construction, a series of air coils run from top to bottom of the mattress, while I-beam construction has parallel vertical beams running horizontally or vertically. 

I-beam construction is typically found in higher-end air mattresses and is more supportive than coil beam construction.

The most common material used in air mattresses is polyvinyl chloride or PVC. The thickness of the PVC also plays a role in determining the weight capacity. 

Look for air mattresses with at least 0.40mm (16-gauge) thick PVC for better support and durability.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how much weight an air mattress can hold, invite your friends over for a sleepover and have some fun! When in doubt, always check the manufacturer’s weight limit specifications. If you’re looking to buy a new air mattress, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide for the top air mattress options in Australia.


Yes, an obese or larger person (above 105 kg) can very much sleep on an air mattress, but it is advisable to use a queen or a king size air mattress for better comfort. Also, make sure to check the weight limit of the mattress before using it.

Two average-sized adults may not be able to sleep on a single or twin size air mattress without risking puncture or tearing. However, a queen or king size air mattress can easily accommodate two people.

Most air mattresses weigh between 8 and 15 pounds depending on the size and whether they come with an in-built, external or manual pump.

Queen size air mattresses can hold between 600 and 650 pounds. Measuring 80″ by 60″, these mattresses provide ample space for two people to sleep comfortably.

The weight limit of queen size air mattresses is more or less the same across Intex, Bestway and Colemon brands.

Most twin air mattresses have a weight limit of 350 pounds. These mattresses are smaller in size, measuring 39″ by 74″. They are a good option for one person or kids.

Emma Bethany

Emma Bethany

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