Sizes & Dimensions of Common Pillows in Australia


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Once you’ve been through our bed & mattress dimension guide to find the perfect BED, it’s time to add a great set of pillows to your bedding collection. 

Choosing a pillow, or pillows, to fit on your bed is completely based on personal preference; however, this Australian pillow guide below will help you make an informed decision based on your likes and dislikes.

Pillow Sizes Chart Australia (AU)

Pillow size Metric Measurements (cm) Imperial Measurements (ft/in)
Standard 51cm x 66cm 20” x 26”
Queen 51cm x 76cm 20” x 30”
King 51cm x 92cm 20” x 36”
Body Pillow 51cm x 137cm 20” x 54”
European (Euro) Square Pillow 66cm x 66cm 26” x 26”
Bed Pillow Sizes Dimensions Chart Australia

Pillow Sizing Guide Australia

Confused which size pillow to go for? Below, we’ve discussed in detail about various pillow sizes, and how they fit across different bed sizes.

1) Standard Pillow Size & Dimensions

An Australian standard pillow measures 51cm by 66cm in metric measurements, or 20in by 26in in imperial measurements. This pillow size is the smallest of all pillows on the market. Standard pillows are perfect for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers that stay relatively stationary throughout the night.

  • What is the best bed size for a standard pillow? One standard pillow fits well on a twin sized bed. Likewise, two standard pillows fill the frame of a full or queen sized bed. However, standard pillows do not fill the full space of a king or super king size bed.

  • What is the best pillowcase for a standard pillow? The standard pillowcase will fit this pillow best.
Queen Pillow Size Dimensions

2) Queen Pillow Size & Dimensions

The Australian Queen size pillow measures 51cm by 76cm on the metric scale, which is the equivalent of 20in by 30in in imperial units. This pillow is 10cm longer than a standard but is equivalent in width. The extra length of this pillow, in comparison to the standard pillow size, makes it a good option for active sleepers of all kinds.

  • What is the best bed size for a queen pillow? As expected, this pillow is designed for a queen size bed; two fit across a queen size bed perfectly. However, a queen size pillow can be used to fit across a twin size bed for someone who prefers a larger pillow. Two queen size pillows will fit tightly on a full size bed, while they can also be used on a king or super king size bed with extra breathing room on the sides of each pillow.

  • What is the best pillowcase for a queen pillow? The standard pillowcase will fit a bit snug but is the best option for this pillow.
King Pillow Size Dimensions

3) King Pillow Size & Dimensions

An Australian king pillow measures 51cm by 92cm in metric measurements, or 20in by 36in in imperial measurements. As the largest standard pillow size, this pillow works best for sleepers who have a lot of space in bed to move around. The king pillow also works well for those who value sitting up to work, read, or watch TV from the comfort of their bed.

  • What is the best bed size for a king pillow? As expected, this pillow is designed so that when two sit side-by-side, they fit perfectly across a standard king size bed. However, some prefer the sizing of a queen pillow to a king size pillow; in that case, king pillows are also great for decorative purposes across a king or super king size bed. One king size pillow also works well across a twin or full bed; king pillows also fit tightly in a pair across a queen bed.

  • What is the best pillowcase for a king pillow? The king pillowcase will fit this pillow the best.

4) Body Pillow Size & Dimensions

The body pillow comes in a range of sizes, however the most common is 51cm by 137cm, which is the equivalent of 20in by 54in in imperial units. These pillows are designed best for side sleepers and mould to the shape of the body throughout the night. Also doubling up as a speciality pillow, it is often used by pregnant women to provide support under their stomach and back.

  • What is the best bed size for a body pillow? Body pillows are used based on personal preference. A sleeper can use a body pillow in any bed size, though it can be a tight squeeze in a standard twin size bed.

5) European Square (Euro) Pillow Size & Dimensions

The European square pillow measures 66cm by 66cm, or 26in by 26in in imperial measurements. European square pillows are most commonly used as decorative pillows. They work great as stacking pillows to add dimension to the look of your bed.

  • What is the best bed size for a European square? One European square fits comfortably on a twin size bed. Otherwise, two European pillows can fit tightly on a queen size bed and comfortably on an Australian king or super king size bed.

Questions to Ask Yourself While Purchasing Pillows

  1. How active are you while sleeping? Would it be more comfortable to have additional space for movement?
  2. Your sleeping position – Back, Side, Front or Combo. Usually, side sleepers do well with high loft pillows while stomach or front sleepers may prefer thin pillows. Back and combo sleepers may want to pick a mid-loft pillow.
  3. What size is your bed?
  4. Do you want pillows to fit comfortably or tightly on your bed?
  5. How many pillows do you typically sleep with?
  6. Are you looking for sleeping pillows or decorative pillows?

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