How to Wash Bamboo Sheets like a Pro

If you enjoy luxurious bedding, chances are that you hoard on bamboo sheets. Why wouldn’t you? They are velvety soft and make you want to stay in bed all day long. Bamboo sheets have definitely grown popular in the last couple of years, especially because they are organic, hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties. The fabric allows for good ventilation and wicks away moisture, ensuring that you feel cool during summer, and warm during the winters. If you don’t own one yet, chances are that you are already considering buying one.

However, to make sure they stay silky soft and comfy, it is important to maintain them well. You can easily ruin their texture by using harsh chemicals during the wash or by spraying vinegar on them to get rid of stains. Bleach is also a big no when it comes to cleaning your bamboo sheets. So, before you make such cardinal sins, we are here to make sure you know exactly how to take care of this delicate fabric.

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How Often Should You Wash Bamboo Sheets?

As they are such delicate fibers, it is best that bamboo sheets aren’t subjected to much wear and tear. It is recommended that you can wash them every week or every fortnight, depending on how much they have been through. 

During winters, you can wash them every two weeks and in summers, it is recommended to wash them once every 7-10 days. If you leave them on your bed for longer, then the sheet may get stretchy and eventually tear when you do wash them.

How To Wash Bamboo Sheets

Below, we’ve discussed generic steps to clean most types of bamboo sheets. It’s always a good idea to double-check the washing label of the sheet.

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1) Wash In Cold Water

Washing bamboo sheets in warm water could result in bamboo piling. Use only cold water to wash your organic bamboo sheets in a gentle cycle. In order to preserve your bamboo sheets for longer, it is best to stay off warm water and wash it at a temperature of 30°C maximum. 

2) Separate Cycle

Yes, it is easier to just wash it all together. However, the pulled threads from your bathroom or hand towels could pile up on the sheets and zippers of other clothes and could cause abrasion. Also, the colour from dark bamboo sheets may run off and stain your other clothes. Hence, it is best to run a separate wash cycle for your bamboo sheets. 

3) Delicate Laundry Detergent

Regular detergent contains brighteners, bleach and chlorine, which could damage your sheets. A wash with a regular detergent could discolour and leave marks on your sheets. It is best to invest in a delicate laundry detergent with neutral pH, if you want your bamboo sheets to keep you company longer.

For Aussie users, I recommend the Boondi wash Delicate wash. It’s my go-to choice for all delicate fabrics, including bamboo, silk, wool and linen.

4) No Harsh Chemicals

Never use chlorinated water, acidic solutions, harsh fabric softeners or bleach on your bamboo sheets ever. It can seriously damage the bamboo fibers in the sheet.

5) Stain Remover

Now, we get it, the cold wash and delicate detergents must have got you wondering, how in heavens would you get rid of stubborn stains. Well, you can try a non-chlorine based stain remover. 

Honestly there are several organic stain remover options in the market and if that seems too much, you can always use baking soda. You can also pre-soak your sheets in water to flush out the stains set on the fabric. To get rid of bloodstain, use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on the spot.

I’ve been using the Zeroco stain remover (available only in Australia) and have had great success with it.

6) Hand Washing

Since bamboo sheets need to be washed delicately, you can also try washing them with your own hands. However, a delicate machine wash cycle does the job too. 

How To Dry Bamboo Sheets

Air Drying Sheets

Well, most bamboo sheet manufacturers recommend the fabric be air-dried, but hey, not all days are sunny and it can be difficult if you don’t have the space for it. Hence, we have listed down the alternative too.

  • Air Drying: Honestly, is there anything better than mother nature? The best way to dry your bamboo sheets is to definitely line dry them outdoors, if you want them to stay super soft and cuddly. Just hang them out in the morning and let it sit outside for a day as it usually takes longer to dry bamboo sheets. However, be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight as it may ruin the fibers of the sheets. 
  • Machine Drying: For machine drying, use the mildest cool or air dry setting and do not leave your sheets in the dryer for too long. You can also choose the tumble dry setting in the machine as it prevents shrinkage. Even a bit of heat drying could risk the softness of your bamboo sheets.

    As soon as the drying cycle ends, take them out to avoid wrinkles. However, if you still end up with wrinkles, do not worry, they will go away in a couple of hours. Do not ever steam them as it could make your bedding damp.

Do You Need To Iron Your Bamboo Sheets?

Well, if you are an obsessive ironing enthusiast that irons all your fabric, then yes, you can. You don’t need to iron your bamboo bed sheets, but if you really want to, then use the lowest heat setting. 

Some people may want to iron their bamboo sheets to get rid of the wrinkles, but a better way to do that is to just spread out the sheet on your bed straight out of the dryer.

How To Store Your Bamboo Sheets

Reusable bags made of recycled bamboo fabric are ideal to store your bamboo sheets. However, if you aren’t that fancy, then you pick in any dry corner in your closet.

Ensure that the bamboo sheets are stored away from direct sunlight. You should never store them in a plastic container as it traps moisture, staining your sheets. Cardboard boxes are also harmful as they can transfer acid to the bamboo sheets, damaging the fibers.

How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last?

No good thing lasts forever, sadly. How long your bamboo sheet lasts purely depends on its quality and how careful you are with them. A frequently used good bamboo sheet begins to wear out after 12 to 18 months. The trick is to wash and dry them gently for them to last several years. 

If you see discolouration in your bamboo sheets and if it is starting to lose its soft texture, then that is a good time to replace them. Bamboo pillow cases must be replaced every six months as they ruin sooner due to our facial oils.

In Conclusion

Bamboo sheets always freshen up a bedroom, with their super soft texture and organic nature.  They are sustainable and, any day, a better eco-friendly option among other options in the market. They totally deserve that little extra TLC, especially since they are so great for those with sensitive skin. They soothe pre-existing skin infections and prevent dry skin because of their silky smooth texture. They even regulate temperature better than cotton sheets.

With a little extra effort, bamboo sheets can prove to be durable. If you take good care of your bamboo sheets, they will love you back. And honestly maintaining them isn’t too difficult either. While it may be different from what you used to, a little extra care will ensure that the sheets last for a long time. 

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