What To Do with Old Pillows? 11 Ways To Repurpose & Reuse


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We Go Through Lots of Pillows..

In Australia, 6000 kg of textile waste is dumped into a landfill every 10 minutes. So, instead of adding to this alarming statistic, why not let your pillow find a new purpose? There’s no reason why an old pillow should be sent straight to the landfill when guaranteed, you’ll find good use out of it in another way.  

Most of the time, the only reason we seek to get rid of old pillows is because they have flattened. Instead, think outside of the box and see where you can repurpose. Flattened pillows are useful for so many different household uses.

Ways To Repurpose Reuse Old Pillows


Everyone can find a new use for the old pillows in their life. Reduce the amount of waste you give to the landfills and instead get all the use you can out of old items. Here are a handful of ways your old pillow can get a new life.

1) Give it to Your Furry Friend

Although you may not think your old pillow is fluffy enough, your pet will. Your old pillow will be greatly loved again. Add the pillow to their favorite bed or couch. If you prefer not to keep your old pillow inside the house, it could be put in their lounging spot outside. 

2) A Perfect Knee Pad

If you’re working in the garden or updating something inside your home, use your old pillow as a knee pad. Knee pads can be expensive to purchase when instead the perfect knee pad replacement is free. In addition to use in household chores, old pillows can also be used as yoga or floor seats.

3) Packing Material

If you are planning on moving soon or taking a long trip, use your old pillows to cushion your more fragile items. Since old pillows are flatter they are very easy to squeeze inside a box or suitcase to protect items. 

4) Fluff Up Existing Pillows

Use your old pillow as stuffing for an existing pillow that may be losing some height. You can combine two old pillows inside one pillow case to create a new pillow that is fluffy. This is wonderful if you’ve built up a collection of flat pillows and need new ones. Combine them and get brand new pillows! 

5) Make Uncomfortable Chairs Comfy Again

Lots of us have that office chair that starts to hurt after just a short period of sitting in it. Plop your old pillow in the seat to use your chair for much longer. In addition to simply sitting on the old pillow, they can also be added into your unzippable upholstery. Many couches also begin to go flat over time so adding in a boost of padding keeps them looking new and comfortable. 

6) Keep it For Craft Projects

There is quite a lot of material that can be taken from an old pillow. This includes the stuffing and the fabric encasing it. Feather and down filling are both high quality, often expensive fillers that can easily be taken, fluffed back up, and used to fill a new craft creation. The fabric from the pillow can be used to make so many different items and could also be saved for Halloween to use as a candy bag. 

7) Stop Drafts

Cold drafts come from many different locations in the home. One common one is under doors, windows, or chimneys.  Old pillows can act as great insulation against the cold. They are thin enough to be stuffed into smaller crevices but are likely made of high quality material like feathers or down. Both of these materials are frequently used in coat making to insulate against the cold, so using them to stop drafts is the perfect second life.

8) Use it for Cleaning

Cut up the pillow and use the fabric for cleaning. Specifically, dusting is a great application. It can also be used to pick up spills or wipe things down with. The fill can also be used for cleaning and would also serve as a great dusting tool. 

9) Holiday Decor

The stuffing and fabric are both perfect to use under a tree as a skirt or fake snow. The stuffing and fabric can also be used to create decorations with some simple sewing. 

10) Create a New Decor Pillow

Use your old pillow as a throw pillow on the couch. You can get a new cover and fold up the old pillow as fill. Decor pillows can cost a lot when you likely already have all the materials at home. Use the new throw pillows in your living room or bedroom. 

11) Cover Outdoor Plants

The fabric and filling can be used as insulation against frost for your garden. The filling is fluffy enough that it can fit around delicate leaves without causing any damage. 


If you have a garden, you might be surprised to hear that both feather and down pillows can be composted. This way, they won’t head to the landfill and instead will be used to make amazing soil for your garden. If you want to put your old pillow in your recycling bin, note that feather and down pillows are also the only type that are recyclable.  

The other types of pillows like synthetic, memory foam, and latex will all end up in the landfill. If you have one of these pillow types, repurpose it as much as you can.

Reduce Textile Impact

Make the decision to reuse any old item you can in order to prolong the time until it reaches the landfill. Or, compost or recycle eligible pillows so that they never even reach the landfill. The earth is becoming overwhelmed with trash and a pillow is an item that is so versatile, it should never head straight to the bin. 

If you do end up needing to dispose of it, check out this helpful guide on how to properly do it. Pop your old pillow in the wash and then find a new use for it. It will likely be easier than you think! 

Emma Bethany

Emma Bethany

Emma is a wellness writer who has shared her knowledge for over three years. Her Masters in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes means Emma approaches each topic with compassion and gentle curiosity. She wants everyone to be as passionate about taking care of their body as she is. That’s why Emma believes investing in your sleep is an investment in yourself. She wants to create a loving space to learn self-care and build a beautiful bedtime routine to soothe the soul. She loves to discover new ways to enhance sleep and embraces a holistic lifestyle. She enjoys settling down in the evening with a good book and a cup of chamomile tea.


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