Ecosa vs Koala Mattress Comparison 2022

Give any Australian 30 seconds to name a mattress-in-a-box brand and you can be sure that two of the first, if not the only, names they’ll throw your way are “Ecosa” and “Koala”. These two long-standing Australian companies rank up there among the nation’s most popular, and they’ve each got stellar reputations to match. The question is, which is best for you? 

We’re determined to help you find the answer, which is why we’ve pitted both mattresses against each other in a (not-so) brutal head-to-head competition. We’ve done the leg-work. All you’ve got to do is read our findings and discover which mattress best suits you!

Quick Comparison - Ecosa vs Koala

Ecosa Mattress

100-Night Trial | 15 Year Warranty | Free Shipping
Queen: $1,099 $899

Why it’s great: Customisation is key here. With three adjustable firmness settings, the Ecosa mattress makes you the master of your sleep-destiny.

Best for:

Overall Score: 9.8


Across 13,182 user reviews

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Koala Mattress

100-Night Trial | 10 Year Guarantee | Free Shipping
Queen: $1,449 $945

Why it’s great: Exclusive Kloudcell foam brings a balance of coolness and comfort to this eco-friendly, charity-supporting mattress.

Best for:

Overall Score: 9.6


Across 26,753 user reviews

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Ecosa vs Koala Mattress Comparison Overview

Haven’t got all day? No problem! Take a look at the crucial ways in which these mattresses differ:

  • Pressure-Relieving Features – Due to its adjustable firmness (reaching from an approximate 6/10 ‘medium’, all the way to an 8/10 ‘firm’), the Ecosa boasts strong pain relieving properties for a range of body types and sleeping positions. This is great for those with back pain, joint pain or sciatica. Koala, with its single ‘medium-firm’ setting, can’t provide the same level of adaptable relief.
  • Feel – Koala offers a bouncy and responsive medium-firm mattress, while Ecosa provides an adjustable mattress with three distinct ‘feels’ to choose from. More on that later.
  • Environmental Consciousness – Koala’s mattress is made through a combination of environmentally-friendly materials and processes. Plus, the company is partnered with the WWF and donates 1% of all of its proceeds to charity. Ecosa, nor any other mattress company, can compare in terms of environmental consciousness.
  • Warranty: Ecosa offers industry-leading 15-year warranty while Koala offers just 10-year warranty.
  • Best-selling mattress in Australia
  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty
  • Bouncy & responsive mattress
  • Medium-firm
  • Environmental-friendly

Table of Contents

Like a good mattress topper, we’ve covered these mattresses from top to bottom. Skip around to the sections you’re most interested in with this handy table of contents.

Brand Info - Ecosa vs Koala

Both companies, Ecosa and Koala, were founded in the same place at the same time (more or less), 2015 in Australia. There must have been something in the air that year; we sure didn’t notice anything, did you?

While Koala sought to centre its entire company around minimising its environmental impact and the financial cost to customers (leading to its WWF partnership, various charitable pursuits and the eschewing of traditional “awful” mattress business practises), Ecosa set its sights on creating a top-notch, premium sleep experience with high-quality materials to match.

It’s worth noting that, since Koala’s founding, and despite still being categorised as an environmentally-friendly B Corp, its former “made in Australia, for Australia” production promise has been broken. As of October 2020 the company moved its production to China to aid expansion and help support “sustainable behaviours”, according to a Koala spokesperson. Put simply, the Koala mattress is no longer a ‘made in Australia’ product. Contrasting this blow to Koala’s public perception, Ecosa has fairly recently taken steps to boost its own reputation. In 2018, the company partnered with the Salvation Army (among other smaller charities), promising to donate all of its product returns to people in need. Any company that helps charity gets bonus points from us!

Construction - Ecosa vs Koala

Strong certification carries a lot of weight in today’s mattress industry, and neither company comes to this fight empty-handed. The Ecosa mattress uses Oeko-Tex 100 Certified covers and CertiPur Certified foams, ensuring that zero harmful chemicals are used during its production process.

ecosa mattress construction
Ecosa Mattress Construction
Koala goes a little further in its certification, boasting zero emissions or ozone layer-damaging CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) during its production process. Furthermore, Koala’s foams are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified, meaning that they possess the highest environmental credentials and are safe for both the environment and human exposure. Its wood is also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning that it’s supplied from a sustainable, responsibly managed forest.
Koala mattress construction
Koala Mattress Construction

When night time comes, however, you won’t be lying on certifications; you’ll be lying on foams. Let’s see what both mattresses offer:

The mattress comprises three swappable foam layers and two Oeko-Tex 100 Certified covers (one removable), coming in at 25cm high.
Two Foam layers and two covers (one washable and removable) make up the Koala mattress, coming in at 23cm high.
The first, removable cover is made of breathable Tencel and is machine-washable.
The removable top cover combines 70% polyester with 30% Tencel (naturally sourced from the wood pulp of trees).
The inner cover, made of German micro-filament technology, is waterproof and dust mite-resistant.
The inner cover is 100% polyester.
The first layer (by default) is a gel-infused G-7 memory foam, providing pressure-relief with added cooling properties. Next is an ergonomic support foam, aiding spinal alignment and providing strong motion isolation.
On top is 6cm of Koala’s own Kloudcell foam. Ultra breathable and comfortable, this proprietary foam blend according to Koala, feels like “sleeping on a cloud”.
Finally, an ECO-Tex memory foam layer provides an element of latex-like bounce with added breathability and durability.
Finally is a 16cm ultra-resilient Ecofoam support foam layer, providing superb motion isolation and spinal support.
  • Best-selling mattress in Australia
  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty
  • Bouncy & responsive mattress
  • Medium-firm 
  • Environmental-friendly

Comfort, Firmness & Feel - Ecosa vs Koala

The Ecosa may come through your door at a ‘medium’ firmness setting with its G-7 memory foam on top—great for those after a mattress with a little ‘give’—but it can just as easily be changed into its ‘medium-firm’ or ‘firm’ setting by unzipping the Tencel cover and putting the  ECO-Tex (for medium-firm) or support foam (for firm) layer on top. At any firmness setting, however, the Ecosa mattress avoids any significant ‘sinking’ feeling that many people negatively associate with memory foam. Plus, it provides excellent pain-relieving qualities for those with back pain, joint pain or conditions like sciatica.

Similarly, the Koala mattress avoids that feeling of ‘sink’ too, in large part thanks to the partnership between its Kloudcell and support foam layers. This unique, proprietary material, Kloudcell, also lends an element of latex-like bounce to the mattress’ overall feel, although this isn’t too pronounced and some may find themselves actually craving a little more reactivity.

Sleep Position Ratings - Ecosa vs. Koala

Thanks to its adjustable firmness, the Ecosa mattress should suit almost any sleeper: front, back, side or combo. That is, unfortunately, barring some heavier folks who would see more benefit from the reactivity of an innerspring or hybrid mattress. Side sleepers would likely prefer the ‘medium’ option; front and back sleepers would be best served with the ‘medium-firm’ option; and those with pain issues and heavier folks will be right at home with the ‘firm’ option. Of course, personal preference trumps all in these situations. If you’re a lightweight side sleeper who prefers the firmest option, for example, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

There’s no adjustable firmness with the Koala mattress, although the company claims it’s found the “Goldilocks Zone” of firmness: “not too firm, not too soft”. This is true for the vast majority of sleepers, front, back, side or a little bit of everything, although just like Ecosa’s mattress, heavier folks may struggle here. Their weight may overpower the (relatively thin) Kloudcell layer’s bounce and instead sink straight to the resilient support foam below, counteracting the mattress’ design. Additionally, some stomach sleepers or those with significant back pain issues might prefer something with just a touch more firmness (like the Ecosa with its ‘firm’ setting, for example).

Sinkage, Bounce, Edge Support, Motion Isolation - Ecosa vs Koala

Sinkage and Bounce

Both competitors here play things close to the middle-ground in terms of sinkage and bounce. While their foam layers offer contouring features, and their latex-like properties do provide an element of bounce, neither one of them commit to that ‘quicksand’ feeling of strong memory foam nor a full-on ‘trampoline’ feeling of bouncy latex. With Ecosa’s adjustable firmness, however, you can at least choose to do away with the bounce almost entirely by placing the support foam layer on top. Koala offers no such choice; as they say, “you get what you’re given”.

Edge Support

As foam mattresses, neither the Ecosa nor the Koala offer dedicated edge support; it’s an inherent, near-universal limitation of the material (with the exception being foam mattresses with high-density foam perimeters). While innerspring mattresses or hybrids, for example, can easily reinforce their perimeters with heavier gauge coils, making for a strong and sturdy mattress edge, neither of our mattresses could include that kind of dedicated edge support without fundamentally changing their designs. With that said, most sleepers won’t feel shortchanged by the omission of dedicated edge support: the natural sturdiness of both mattresses’ dense foams should more than suffice. If you’re in the market for strong, dedicated edge support (if, for example, you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning), be warned with both of these mattresses. They might not meet your expectations.

Motion Isolation

This is where both mattresses shine: motion isolation. We’re sure you’ve seen (or at least heard of) the viral wine glass videos that made the rounds a few years back. Both Ecosa and Koala showed off their motion isolation features by balancing a glass of red wine (or three in Ecosa’s case) on one end of their mattress while sending someone to leap onto the other end. The result? Thankfully, in both cases, no dark red blotches stained the pristine white mattress surfaces: it was as if nobody had jumped on them at all. That’s how good the motion isolation is in both of these mattress offerings.

Which is better, though? Well, it’s truly hard to say. The foam layers that contribute to these motion isolation miracles, Ecosa’s ergonomic support foam and Koala’s Ecofoam, are near equals in terms of performance. It’s down to personal preference which one works best for you and your partner. Thankfully, both mattresses come with a free 100/120-night trial (Ecosa and Koala respectively), so you needn’t feel like you’re taking a gamble on either one..

  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty
  • Medium-firm
  • Environmental-friendly

Shipping, Trial Periods, Returns, and Warranties - Ecosa vs Koala


This is the 21st Century! We’re past the era of waiting for things, which is exactly why both companies offer free same-day delivery across Australian metropolitan areas (within 4 hours in Koala’s case). Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic both companies are running on a no-contact delivery basis, meaning the delivery workers will not be able to enter your home and you will not be asked to sign any paperwork upon delivery.

Trials and Returns

Mattresses are both a costly and important investment. What’s more, it can take weeks of daily usage to ‘break in’ some mattresses and discover if they’re right for you. That’s why the 100-night (or so) trial has become such a crucial part of the mattress-in-a-box business model. Of course, Ecosa and Koala are no different; both offer their own variations of the free trial.

Ecosa offers a 100-night risk-free trial, although you can only file for a return after the first 14 nights. If you choose to do so and are living in an Australian metropolitan area, one of Ecosa’s charity partners will come by and collect it from your home, free of charge. Otherwise, you’ll have to work with their customer service team to facilitate the return. Once you’ve successfully donated the mattress and sent Ecosa your donation receipt, you’ll be issued a full refund.

Koala’s trial differs slightly. Rather than 100 nights, Koala offers 120 (and with no 14-night wait period before they’ll accept returns). Other than that, both companies’ trials are nearly identical: free collection in Australian metro areas, donation of the used mattress to charity and—most importantly—a full refund for you.


If you’re sticking with a mattress, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes with a long, reliable warranty. Ecosa offers an outstanding 15-year warranty covering sag of 2cm (roughly 0.8 inches) or more; they’ll also cover any fault with the external cover’s zipper or any fault in the mattress that causes a split or crack in the foam.

Koala doesn’t exactly skimp on warranty either, offering 10 years of post-purchase support covering sag of 2.5cm (roughly 1 inch) or more as well as any split, crack or defect in the mattress, assuming said damage isn’t caused by mishandling.

Both companies offer similar warranties, but the numbers don’t lie: Ecosa unequivocally comes out on top here. 15 years is longer than 10 years; 2cm is less than 2.5 cm.

Sizing & Price Comparisons - Ecosa vs Koala

Ecosa and Koala’s mattresses come very close in terms of pricing. They’re both vying for the same price bracket, with Ecosa’s offering starting at $799 and Koala’s at $749. It’s worth considering that Ecosa also runs more sales throughout the year too. Right now, for instance, you can get your hands on an Ecosa mattress for as little as $599.

Check out the full price/size line-up below:

Ecosa Sizes, Dimensions and Price

Size Dimensions (cm) Price
92 X 188 X 25
$799 $599
Long Single
92 X 203 X 25
$849 $649
King Single
107 X 203 X 25
$899 $699
138 X 188 X 25
$999 $799
153 X 203 X 25
$1,099 $899
183 X 203 X 25
$1,199 $999
Super King
203 X 203 X 25
$1,499 $1,299

Koala Sizes, Dimensions and Price

Size Dimensions (cm) Price
92 X 188 X 23
King Single
107 X 203 X 23
138 X 188 X 23
153 X 203 X 23
183 X 203 X 23
  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty
  • Medium-firm
  • Environmental-friendly

Buyer Feedback - Ecosa vs Koala.

It wouldn’t be a thorough product comparison without the valuable input of real-world buyers now, would it?. That’s why we took to the vast product review resource of to get the lowdown on these two fierce competitors.

With an aggregated score of 4.5/5, the Koala mattress comes out ahead (although just barely) compared to Ecosa’s 4.2/5. On the whole, however, both mattresses come out looking positively exceptional! It’s no wonder they’re both Australian favourites.

Discussing their Ecosa mattress, Kyoung from Perth states: “I had a back problem and since changing to the ECOSA mattress, it’s been fixed”…”Wake up refreshed and makes a world of difference. Highly recommend!”

Discussing her Koala mattress, Jess from Melbourne (and her husband) couldn’t be happier: “I’m truly amazed at how good I am sleeping in my new Koala mattress. It’s firm, but comfy in all the right places and I’m waking up feeling very rested. Even my husband loves it!”

The internet is packed with praise for both of these mattresses, although it seems as if the Koala is the more popular of the two. Still, we’ve got nothing but love for both of them, and if these reports are anything to go by, Australia feels the same way!

Final Verdict:

There’s certainly a tough choice to be made when it comes to choosing the Ecosa or the Koala mattress. Where Ecosa offers customisation and strong pressure-relief, Koala offers an environmentally-friendly guarantee and a perfect balance between bounce and firmness. It wasn’t an easy choice, but after some careful deliberation, we’ve landed on the Ecosa side of this fence. 

The 15-year warranty and the fact that Koala’s “made in Australia” promise no longer holds true decided matters for us. Of course, the Koala mattress is still a strong product, and we’d happily recommend either one. For our money, however, it’s gotta be the Ecosa. If you’re undecided, remember that both companies offer risk-free trials, so you can try ‘em both out at no personal cost!

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