Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa Comparison 2022

There’s more than one flavour of customisation in the mattress market. Take the difference between the Sleeping Duck mattress and the Ecosa mattress, for example: both take different approaches to customisation, and each is ideal for a different type of sleeper. Which one of these two Australian mattress brands’ offerings is right for you, though? We lined them up (figuratively speaking) side-by-side and compared them on all the fronts that count. 

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Quick Comparison - Sleeping Duck vs. Ecosa

Sleeping Duck Mattress

100-Night Trial | 10 Year Warranty | Free Shipping
Queen: $1849

Why it’s great: A modular design and 5-zone pocket spring base make this a hybrid mattress that can be tuned to your body’s exact needs.

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Overall Score: 9.6

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Ecosa Mattress

100-Night Trial | 15 Year Warranty | Free Shipping
Queen: $1,099 $849

Why it’s great: Adjustable firmness with three distinct, shuffleable foam layers mean that the Ecosa mattress is ready to change at a moment’s notice.

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Overall Score: 9.8

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Sleeping Duck Mach II vs Ecosa Mattress Comparison Overview

Need answers now? We get it: time is a luxury, which is why we’ve bundled the key differences in a neat little overview right here!

  • Construction – The Sleeping Duck proudly provides a hybrid design, combining the benefits of both memory foam and pocket springs. Ecosa, on the other hand is an all-foam mattress.

  • Styles of Customisation – While the sleeping duck can only be customised in the first 100 nights of ownership, it does let you choose the firmness for each section of the mattress (up to ten discrete ‘zones’). On the other hand, Ecosa doesn’t offer that modular, zone-specific design, but it does provide three firmness levels that can be swapped completely at your leisure.

  • Price – Sleeping duck is by far the costliest mattress-in-a-box available in Australia with Queen size costing about $1849. In comparison, Ecosa mattress is priced almost half the price of sleeping duck with queen size priced at $800 to $900 (depending on the running offers).

  • Comfort & Feel: Sleeping duck may work for sleepers with specific pain points, body-part specific firmness needs or couples with different sleeping preference. In comparison, Ecosa is a no-frills mattress designed to work for most sleepers with not-so-specific needs. Moreover, Ecosa firmness can be changed from plush soft to all the way to firm to accommodate all types of sleepers.

Queen: $1,849

  • Highly customisable
  • Sleepers with specific needs
  • Great for heavier folks (105 kg+)

Queen: $1,099 $824

  • Highest-selling mattress in Australia
  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty

Table of Contents

For those who’re after a precise point of comparison, we’ve compiled a handy table of contents. With this, you can jump around the review at your leisure!

Brand Info - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

Both founded in Australia just one year apart (2014 for Sleeping Duck; 2015 for Ecosa), these two companies have worked their way up to becoming fearsome competitors in the Australian mattress-in-a-box market, each with an array of awards to their name. The Sleeping Duck mattress was a CHOICE ‘top rated’ pick three years running, and it also won a Good Design award for its troubles. Ecosa, too, won’s “Best Mattress for Couples” award and a Melbourne Design “Silver” award. So neither mattress is without its accolades, but how do they perform in the field?

Construction - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

In terms of certification, the Sleeping Duck Mach II mattress’ foams are GECA certified, while the Ecosa mattress uses Oeko-Tex 100 Certified covers and CertiPur Certified foams. Essentially, this all boils down to the same point: both mattresses are free from harmful chemicals and completely safe for human exposure.

So we know they’re safe, but what else do these materials offer?

Sleeping Duck Mach II
Two foam layers atop a pocket spring base, all topped with a bamboo cover. In total, reaching 31cm high.
Three swappable foam layers and two covers (one removable), coming in at 25cm high.
The naturally antimicrobial and breathable bamboo cover provides both cooling and comfort.
The first, removable cover is made of breathable Tencel and is machine-washable.
A hyper-adaptive foam layer combines the pressure-relief of memory foam with the ‘bounce’ of latex.
The inner cover, made of German micro-filament technology, is waterproof and dust mite-resistant.
The customisable, high-density polyurethane foam determines the mattress’ firmness—medium or firm.
The first layer (by default) is a gel-infused G-7 memory foam, providing pressure-relief with added cooling properties. Next is an ergonomic support foam, aiding spinal alignment and providing strong motion isolation.
A 5-zone pocket spring base gives this mattress its hybrid identity, aiding motion isolation, comfort and support
Finally, an ECO-Tex memory foam layer provides an element of latex-like bounce with added breathability and durability.
Sleeping duck mattress construction
Sleeping Duck Construction
ecosa mattress construction
Ecosa Mattress Construction

Queen: $1,849

  • Highly customisable
  • Sleepers with specific needs
  • Great for heavier folks (105 kg+)

Queen: $1,099 $824

  • Highest-selling mattress in Australia
  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty

Comfort, Firmness and Feel - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

Due to their customisable nature, neither mattress is too easy to pin down in terms of firmness and feel; it all depends on the buyer’s own choices. Still, in general, the Sleeping Duck, ranging from a ‘medium’ to a ‘firm’ feel, offers a bouncier, more reactive sleeping experience thanks to its pocket spring base. Ecosa also offers a ‘medium’ and ‘firm’ option, as well as a ‘medium-firm’ option between the two. Overall, however, it’s a noticeably less bouncy sleeping experience due to its three foam layers.

Sleep Position Ratings - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

Across its two firmness options (roughly 6/10 and 8/10 on the mattress firmness scale), the Sleeping Duck mattress looks to account for all sleep positions. Side sleepers will likely prefer the ‘medium’ option, while back and front sleepers will opt for the ‘firm’ option. Heavier sleepers will even find comfort here, all thanks to its reactive 5-zone pocket spring base.

If the Sleeping Duck mattress is good for all sleeping positions, the Ecosa mattress is even better! With more firmness options, as well as the ability to swap between them at will, the Ecosa mattress has the bonus benefit of accommodating combination sleepers whose sleep style doesn’t remain static. Thanks to its stable, all-foam design, the mattress is also an outstanding pick for those suffering from back pain issues.

Sinkage, Bounce, Edge Support and Motion Isolation - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

Sinkage and Bounce

While both mattresses use memory foam which inherently brings ‘sinking’ qualities, neither one commits too strongly to that feeling of being ‘swallowed up’ by the mattress. In fact, Sleeping Duck’s pocket spring base adds a welcome element of bounce, matched by Ecosa’s “latex-like” ECO-Tex foam layer.

Edge Support

Steel gauge coils around the perimeter of the Sleeping Duck mattress’ base make it a clear champion in terms of edge support. While Ecosa’s foam is no slouch in that department, it just can’t compete.

Motion Isolation

In stark contrast to the mattresses’ respective edge support offerings, it’s Ecosa that comes out as the clear champion in terms of motion isolation (as evidenced by the company’s viral “wine glass” video). Its three foam layers make for an extraordinarily stable and disturbance-less sleeping experience, especially thanks to that thick support foam layer. Unfortunately, it’s Sleeping Duck’s hybrid design that lets it down here. The individually-pocketed springs are better at motion isolation than regular springs, but they simply don’t compare to the triple-threat of foam.

Shipping, Trials, Returns and Warranties - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

  Sleeping Duck Ecosa
Shipping Free Australia-wide delivery. Next-day dispatch. Free Australia-wide delivery (same-day delivery to Australian metro areas)
Trials 100 nights risk-free (including free firmness module adjustments during that period) 100 nights risk-free (returns only after the first 14 nights)
Warranty 10 years (covering sag of 3cm/1.2 inches or more) 15 years (covering sag of 2cm/0.8 inches or more)

Size and Pricing - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

Not only does the Ecosa mattress come out cheaper than the Sleeping Duck (with the exception of the Single and King Single sizes), but Ecosa also offers numerous sales throughout the year. If you’re patient, you can grab an Ecosa mattress for as little as $599.25.

Sleeping Duck Sizes, Dimensions and Price

Size Dimensions (cm) Price
92 X 188 X 31
King Single
107 X 203 X 31
138 X 188 X 31
153 X 203 X 31
183 X 203 X 31

Ecosa Sizes, Dimensions and Price

Size Dimensions (cm) Price
92 X 188 X 25
$799 $599
Long Single
92 X 203 X 25
$849 $649
King Single
107 X 203 X 25
$899 $699
138 X 188 X 25
$999 $799
153 X 203 X 25
$1,099 $899
183 X 203 X 25
$1,199 $999
Super King
203 X 203 X 25
$1,499 $1,299

Queen: $1,849

  • Highly customisable
  • Sleepers with specific needs
  • Great for heavier folks (105 kg+)

Queen: $1,099 $824

  • Highest-selling mattress in Australia
  • Adjustable firmness to suit all sleepers
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty

Buyer Feedback - Sleeping Duck vs Ecosa

With similar aggregated scores (4.8 for Sleeping Duck; 4.2 for Ecosa), both mattresses are in strong positions in terms of buyers reviews.

One Australian customer, Nick, would recommend his Sleeping Duck mattress to anyone:

“We purchased a half-half Queen sized mattress and what a choice it was! My back aches have now been reduced and the best part is we both have a firmness that we require. The whole process from order to delivery & setup was so quick and easy. We would recommend this mattress to anyone”

Another Australian customer, Emma, was doubtful at first, but was pleased to see her worries melt away after a single night:

“was impressed by the description of this mattress (choose your own firmness etc), and then the reviews, and the free trial was the trigger to purchase sight unseen. So glad I did, and wish I had sooner. I was worried about not liking memory foam and having to adjust to it, but it only took 1 night. I just love it, very happy”

Final Verdict:

While both mattresses offer top-notch sleeping experiences that cater to all sleeping positions, and the Sleeping Duck is definitely a better choice for heavier folks, we can’t help but prefer the Ecosa mattress overall. Where the Sleeping Duck only allows for customisation within the first 100 nights of ownership (the trial period), Ecosa’s mattress can be customised at any time with absolutely no hassle. 

Owned your Ecosa mattress for 5 years and fancy a change? No problem! Unzip that outer cover and have a shuffle around; there’s nothing stopping you! For that reason, plus its unbeatable motion isolation features, we’re siding with the Ecosa mattress.

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