Australia’s Best Adjustable Beds of 2021

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If you thought adjustable beds belong only in the hospital, do a double-check. Adjustable beds have become common in Aussie households and for all the right reasons. They provide range of medical benefits to sleepers who suffer from chronic back pain, mobility issues, arthritis and sleep apnea. Further electric adjustable beds can be customised to any position to your liking making it more comfortable to sleep and rest on.

With the touch of a finger, you can modify the bed to achieve the maximum spinal support while engaging in reading, watching TV, working, sleeping and other activities. This adjustability can help people suffering from breathing and heartburn issues sleep better. And guess what? A range of mattresses – from memory foam, hybrid, latex and innerspring – can fit into these beds like a glove, which guarantees extra comfort in the bed.

Read on to see our list of the best adjustable beds, available in Australia, for 2021. We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide below to assist you in making an informed decision. 

Discover our picks: Australia’s best adjustable beds of 2021



Peacelily Adjustable Bed

Editor’s Pick



Across 78 user reviews

Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Best Budget



Across 47 user reviews

Queen: $1,400 $980

Reverie 9T™ Wireless Electric Adjustable Bed Base

Best Splurge



Across 35 user reviews

One Bed Adjustable Bed Frame

Best Basic



Across 67 user reviews

Queen: $1,300 $910

AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base w/ Mattress

Best Combo



Queen: $4,318 $3,239

Better Sleep Adjustable Base w/ mattress

Budget Combo



Queen: $5938 $3,028


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Detailed Product Reviews

Now that you’ve read so far, go ahead and read our round-up of the top 5 adjustable beds in Australia, which we have curated on the basis of their functionality, versatility, the guarantee of comfort, and, of course, price point. Yes, bed shopping can get overwhelming, so we’ve done the homework for you already.

1. Reverie 9T Wireless Electric Adjustable Bed Base – Best Splurge


If you’re looking for an adjustable bed that not only offers the best in class features but also oozes charm left, right and centre, the Reverie 9T Wireless Electric Adjustable Bed Base is your best bet. We can guarantee you’ll sleep in style, as it includes sleek wood railing, a grey upholstered top and tapered set of legs for customisable height.

The adjustable bed is highly functional, as you can customise your perfect sleep position. With a simple touch of its wireless remote control, with OLED display, it allows three-programmed positions: zero gravity, anti-snore and flat as well as two memory positions to save. Additionally, you can control your Reverie Adjustable Base through your smartphone via the Nightstand App.

The Reverie is an excellent choice for couples, as both sides of the base are individually controllable. So if you or your better half can’t agree on a particular sleeping position, this feature is sure to come handy.

When you think it couldn’t get any better, it offers the relaxing 3D wave massage function with a whisper quiet performance, and gentle led nightlight strips to find your way in the middle of the night.

With all these specs there’s no wonder why we chose it as the biggest splurge, as prices start at $3,184 for the bed with a 5-year warranty. We advise you to choose carefully, as they do not offer refunds or exchanges for change of mind.

But it’s all worth it when putting the quality of your sleep first!

A satisfied buyer, who rated 5 stars, said: 

“Love my new bed frame, works great. I am sleeping the best I have in years. I put the new sleep number i10 mattress on it and we both are thrilled to be getting better sleep.”

Final verdict: From the luxury and versatility in its functionality to the user-friendly features, we believe the Reverie 9T Wireless Electric Adjustable Bed Base is an all-round perfect adjustable bed out there.

2. Peacelily Adjustable Bed – Editor’s Pick


The Peacelily Adjustable Bed (formerly known as Fern) is the perfect investment, from the use of all-natural and organic material to a sleek, all in one support system. We are going with the Fern as editor’s choice and let’s guide you through why.

Designed with a layer of natural latex and organic cotton fabric, it removes unwanted toxic chemicals and adds flexibility and extra pressure relief. The one-touch adjustability has zero-g, anti-snore, TV and reading positions, shaping the bed to your body’s needs for a flawless sleep.

Furthermore, the electric bed has dual-zone vibrating motors with the choice of head massage, foot massage, or both. With a change in massaging modes and intensity levels, we can ensure you will fall in love!

A user-friendly wireless control is included, created with one-touch features, giving you optimal control over your night’s sleep. You can save up to 3 of your favourite head/foot positions and access them at any time.

The Peacelily furnishes a led lighting system, from underneath the base, delivering a danger-free guidance to your bed. We also want to touch on the split king adjustability feature that comes with two wireless remotes, giving you the power to synchronise to the same position, or to have individual customisation. This is a bonus in our eyes, as it brings personal adjustability to a whole new level.

This adjustable bed comes at an attractive price point, ranging from $1,199 to $2,199. With a 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy, it ensures trust and confidence with their product, especially when most companies do not propose a money back option.

Senita S. shared her 5-star review of the Peacelily Electric Bed:

“We purchased the Fern Queen electric bed for my mother who has chronic digestive issues. I am happy to report that only after two weeks of use and sleeping at the incline she requires; her symptoms have eased. We are extremely happy with the quality of the bed base and it was a breeze to set up. Thank you Fern, we are so happy with the purchase!”

Final verdict: With an organic made bed base, that includes all the savvy specs, it’s great for all your sleeping needs. It’s also amazing that it’s at an affordable price point and a 30-day return policy.

3. One Bed Adjustable Bed Frame – Budget Pick


If you’re looking to save money on an adjustable bed, then check out the One Bed Adjustable Bed Frame. Starting at $700, this frame is a game-changer in the Aussie market in both its affordability, value and generous terms and conditions.

It has a simple yet modern frame that can be used alone and is designed to fit inside most bed frames. There are also height-adjustable legs, bringing perfect alignment to your sleep. The remote control has built-in positions as well as positional preferences, all while providing smooth transitioning.

Keep in mind, zero gravity and anti-snore are the only built-in positions, and there is no massage function. However, the customization tool is there to support whatever position you desire.

We advise that not all mattresses, such as innerspring that may lack flexibility, are compatible, and if used incorrectly it might cause damage to the motion frames. The company recommends using its Onebed mattress for the frame; however, any all-foam mattress should be just fine.

It’s worth mentioning their amazing terms and conditions, with a 5-year warranty and 125-night free trial where, if unsatisfied for any reason you receive a full refund.

Karen’s review of the adjustable bed frame gave a rating of 5 stars:

“No more tension in neck and back pain, wonderful sleep. Loving the new mattress and adjustable bed frame. Haven’t had this good of a sleep-in years, even in hotels. Custom service was a delight to deal with and so very helpful. Highly recommended.”

Final verdict: Chosen as our best value for money, the One Bed Adjustable Bed Frame is an excellent buy for Aussies on a budget. It’s worth reinforcing the wonderful 125-night free trial One Bed offers, providing flexibility and trust with your purchase.


4. AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base w/ Domino Manchester Mattress – Best Combo Set


For those looking for an adjustable bed and mattress combo, the AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Bed with Domino Manchester Mattress is an excellent choice.

The frame has a sleek black design that is compatible with your existing headboard or can be fitted, making it the flawless addition to your room. Partnered with the bed is the Domino Manchester mattress, made of all Australian natural manufactured fibre and thick multi-layer structure, providing you the with support and pressure relief where it matters. Adding exclusive personalisation to new levels, the HealthGuard certified mattress can cater to your preferred firmness; coming in plush, medium and firm.

The AH has your expected features, like the massage function with three intensities, to help wind down and rejuvenate. It offers four pre-set sleeping positions, such as zero gravity and TV, you can choose with a click of a button. Also, there’s the ability to adjust each side of the bed, giving optimal customisation.

Some specs to acknowledge is their Bluetooth connectivity, USB port system, under-bed lighting and a wireless remote with included flashlight, making it the versatile powerhouse of a bed!

When it comes to the cost you’re looking towards a higher price-point, starting at $2,819 to $5,279. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty in both the base as well as the mattress, which is a bonus compared to other listings. 

Pommie gave this product a rating of 5 stars:

“Great for our backs. Great we can choose either side for comfort, like I like it hard, my hubby likes it not quite so hard. I have had AH Beard beds before, and they have always been very helpful.”

Final verdict: The AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base and the Domino mattress is perfect for Aussies who want all the advanced features, and top-notch customised comfort packed in one for an easy trustworthy investment. We love the compatibility it offers within the headboard option, and the high-quality mattress, making it the ultimate purchase.

5. Better Sleep Adjustable Bed Base w/ Allure mattress – Budget Combo Set


The Better Sleep Adjustable Base with allure mattress is perfect for those who’re looking for a combo set on a budget, let us tell you why.

Firstly, the base is solid in its design with under-bed storage space and a modern charcoal upholstery. And the CopperFlex mattress, infused with copper memory foam, convoluted foam, and base foam support brings all the more confidence from this combo set in achieving the ultimate comfort.

Included are one touch-ready positions: zero gravity, semi fowler and customised positions, with the option of changing the sides separately, making it an effortless experience in resting the body. The massage vibration therapy included comes with 3 modes with 3 intensities and a changeable timer, so there’s no stress if you fall asleep!

The wireless remote is user-friendly in its many features, with access to individual comfort settings, massage timer, programmable memory functions, lock feature and torch. 

It’s worth noting there’s no bed lighting with the Better Sleep, which is a common feature among other beds. Although, they’ve addressed this with the remote torch light function.

There’s no denying the 10-year warranty, as well as the 100-night sleep trial, is impressive when investing in a bed. As a consumer, the company has your best interest, allowing a change of mind.

Bee Kiely has shared her review, rating 5 stars

“Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have set up the new bed bases and couldn’t be happier, the whole process was easy, and they fit perfectly into my existing chunky timber bed surround. I am 57 years old and have a few medical issues, including open heart surgery 5 years ago and last night, the 1st on the new bed, was the best sleep I’ve had in 5 years due to the raised head position. The bases are also strong and very well built, the massage unit works like a dream, sooooo happy with my purchase, thank you.”

Final verdict: With a versatile and stylish base, a number of features, the quality and comfort of the CopperFlex mattress and all while being at a sweet price-point, the Better Sleep Adjustable Bed is a great purchase in our books. We also can’t forget to praise their 100-night sleep trial!

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when buying an adjustable bed

When venturing out on purchasing an adjustable bed, ensure you’re highlighting what needs you want. Whether it’s health-related or for comfort, your final choice should be based on your preference. Here’s the checklist.


Your adjustable bed should target your every need, all while being the stylish fit for your room. So, look out for the quality in both its adjustability and design.

  • Adjustability: Does it allow personal settings for either side? Is there a programmed position for your health issue? You must question whether it addresses your needs in its design. 
  • Construction: Ensure the base is made to provide all-round customisation, like adjustable legs and mattress compatibility


The features are important in their function and purpose, from controlling the positions and customisation to the massage tool. But additional add-on features, such as led lighting, Bluetooth connectivity and usb ports, can bump up the price. You should always opt for a base with features that will suit your sleep.


Terms and conditions can have an impact on your decision, so research the guarantee and return policy for full knowledge. A guarantee is always offered with all manufacturers which adds confidence if anything does go wrong. It’s important to know that for returns most manufacturers don’t accept a change of mind, so that’s a factor to consider in your purchase.


The pricing is, of course, the leading motive in one’s choice but we advise to consider the quality and features you want before the price. This will secure your satisfaction with your investment overall.

Wrapping Up

And that’s an end to our Australia’s best adjustable beds of 2021. It’s important to take this information on board when making your purchase. We hope this guide helps you in your investment in the future of your sleep. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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