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The Best Air Mattresses in Australia For A Comfortable Sleep

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Air mattress, as the name suggests, is an inflatable mattress filled with air. It goes by different names like an air bed, blow up or inflatable mattress, but they all mean the same.

Air mattresses are perfect for temporary sleeping situations, hosting guests overnight or while you’re camping in Australia’s outback or hiking – and why shouldn’t they? They’re inexpensive, decently comfortable, quick to setup and teardown, and can be easily stored away when not in use. That said, not all air mattresses are made equal and neither they should be.

Whether you’re looking for an air mattress for everyday use, for your guests or something on a budget, we’ve you covered. Here are our top recommendations.

2022’s top-rated air mattresses in Australia



Intex Rest Raised Airbed

Best Overall



Across 676 user reviews

Bestway Camping Mattress Air Inflatable bed

Best Value



Across 5 user reviews

Aerobed Extra Comfort High Mattress (Single)

Most Comfortable



Across 4 user reviews

Coleman All Terrain Airbed

Best for Camping



Across 18 user reviews

From $53.90

Coleman Quick (Indoor use only)

Bargain Pick



Across 15 user reviews

From $34


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How to Pick the Right Air Mattress?

Like any traditional mattress, they are available in a wide range of sizes and thickness, most popular being double size with 50 to 55 inch thickness.

When browsing the wide variety of air beds currently available, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. One of the biggest points is durability. If you’ve ever slept on an air mattress and ended up with your back touching the floor in the morning, then you understand why this is so crucial. You want an air mattress made from sturdy puncture-resistant material that retains air pressure well. This is even more important if you plan on using them outdoors.

You also want to think about inflation and the style of pumps available. Some air mattresses have built-in electric pumps, others have external electric pumps, and some have battery-powered pumps. Electric plug-in pumps are great for home use because they’re self-inflating and fast. For camping, you’ll need a battery-powered or a manual air pump.

With all that said, the best choice for you will really come down to your budget. 

1. AeroBed® Luxury Collection Extra Comfort 12-Inch Inflatable Bed  – Luxury Pick


The AeroBed® Extra Comfort is hands-down the most splurge-worthy air mattress we’ve on the list.

This mattress features AeroBed’s unique Quadra coil construction which provides even support across the entire mattress, preventing bulging and uncomfortable spots. It’s made from high-quality PVC with extra thick top and bottom surfaces for superior durability. The top surface has also been flocked with a layer of Rayon fabric which provides a soft texture and added comfort.

It comes with a powerful built-in electric pump for easy, fast inflation when you have access to outlets. The pump includes a hand-held control wand which makes the inflation process even easier. It also includes a soft fleece mattress cover which is easily removable and washable. This can make a big difference in sleeping comfort because it keeps you off the plastic mattress material and makes it easier to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. The unique patented Whoosh® valve on the mattress allows for quick and easy deflation. It also comes with a free carrying bag for easy portability and includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Aussies rave about how comfortable the mattress is for everyday use. On Amazon.com.au, one buyer writes: 

“I have slept on high-quality mattresses, Tempur-pedic mattresses and the Sleep Number bed, but this AeroBed is the most comfortable!”

Reasons to buy:
We think this luxury inflatable mattress is worth the premium price. It’s the closest thing to a real mattress on this list. One reviewer even said they prefer this air bed over their mattress.

2. Bestway Queen 79cm Inflatable Air Bed  – Editor’s Pick


The Bestway Inflatable Air Bed is our Editor’s Pick because it offers the best combination of features and pricing.

This air mattress measures a whopping 79cm (31.1in) in height. This extra thickness provides additional softness with firm support throughout and is much closer to the feel of an actual mattress. Another unique feature of this bed is the built-in inflatable headboard. This headboard is actually quite thick and also improves sleeping comfort because it keeps your pillow (and your head) from sliding off the end of the bed.

It’s made from durable PVC material with a flocked, soft textured top surface for added comfort. It features a sturdy I-beam internal design that helps evenly distribute firmness across the mattress, so there’s no sagging or pain points. It also has a built-in electric pump which can fully inflate the bed in under 300 seconds. This pump is easy to use – just plug it in and turn in on! This mattress also comes with an included carrying bag and a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Aussies seem to love the comfort level that this air bed provides. At 79cm in height, you might think this air bed would feel soft and squishy, but reviewers claim it’s actually quite firm. One reviewer said they prefer inflating it below 100% for the best comfort. 

It’s also great for all types of sleepers, including back, side and stomach due to its firmness. 

Reasons to buy:
The Bestway air bed is reasonably priced while being durable and offering high-end features. For the bed height you get, along with the built-in headboard, durable PVC construction and built-in electric pump, you’d pay double this price with some other brands.

We think it would be a great comfortable bed for your guests and friends for a sleepover. Overall, for the features you get, we don’t think you’d find a better price.

3. Bestway Camping 56cm Inflatable Airbed – Best Value


The Bestway camping air mattress provides great value. You get some excellent features normally only found on high-end air beds, but at an affordable price.


This air bed is quite tall at about 56cm in height. This can make it easier for older people to get in and out of the bed since it requires less bending down. This added thickness also provides extra comfort and support. This mattress also features a built-in inflatable pillow at one end. You don’t really need to use a pillow with this air bed. However, if you prefer to use one, then the inflatable pillow can also act as a headboard to keep your pillow from falling off the bed.


The mattress is made from durable TriTech material, which features one layer of polyester mesh wrapped in two layers of high-quality PVC. This combination of three durable layers adds extra strength, improving the bed’s stretch resistance and reducing air leakage. Internally, this air bed features Bestway’s I-beam construction technology which helps the bed stay firm and maintains its shape after each use. This air mattress also comes with a built-in electric pump which can fully inflate the mattress in under three minutes. Also included are a carrying bag and heavy-duty patch kit in case any leaks develop over time.


The common thread in many reviews of this mattress is the comfort level. That’s where the extra thickness really shines. Reviewers also love how easy it is to setup and deflate this mattress, thanks to the built-in pump. Despite the large size and thickness, reviewers still say it’s easy to transport. We think it’s an excellent choice for back and side sleepers.

Reasons to Buy:

We don’t think there is a better value air mattress in the Australian market than this. It’s super affordable but still comes packed with some great features. It’s quite thick at 56cm, so you get excellent support and comfort as well. A built-in pillow is a great compromise for a headboard if you’re on a budget. Plus, the durable TriTech construction means it will last a long time. 


For shoppers on a budget, you won’t find more bang for the buck.

4. AeroBed® Active Air Mattress – Best for camping


The AeroBed® Active Air Mattress is one of the top-quality camping air mattresses we’ve tested. With this mattress, you can easily take some of the comforts of home with you out into the wilds of Australia.


Its biggest advantage is the included battery-powered pump. This pump features a built-in NiCad rechargeable battery for use on the go or in the woods. The pump also comes with a DC power supply so you can use it indoors plugged into a standard outlet. It’s made from heavy-duty 18 gauge PVC, meaning it’s highly resistant to punctures and great for outdoor terrain. It also features AeroBed’s unique coil construction which ensures that air is evenly distributed throughout the mattress at all times for unmatched comfort.


It also has a built-in inflatable pillow. However, if you want to use your pillow, then this can double as a headboard. The entire top surface is covered in a plush, soft texture which adds to sleeping comfort. The mattress is available in standard sizes – twin, full, and queen sizes which are the perfect fit for most multi-person tents, 4WDs, caravans and utes. It comes with an included carrying bag for easy portability and has one of the best warranties of any air bed here at two full years.


Campers seem to agree that this is one of the best options for a comfortable and easy to setup camping air mattress. Other reviewers say that inflation time is only about one minute and the mattress will hold air for an entire camping weekend. If you’re taking a trip, this is the air bed you want to take with you.


Reasons to Buy:

As far as camping air beds go, the AeroBed® Active Air Mattress checks all the right boxes. It has a robust battery-powered pump with the bonus of a rechargeable battery and a power supply, meaning it’s great for indoor use too. The built-in pillow is a great feature too, and the 2-year warranty is tough to beat anywhere else you look.

We think that all types of sleepers will enjoy this bed.

5. Bestway Inflatable 22cm Air Bed  – Bargain Pick


Aussies on a tight budget may like the Bestway Inflatable Air Bed. It’s the cheapest mattress on the list, but it still provides decent comfort and ease of setup.


This air bed is 22cm high, so it’s pretty low to the floor. This can make it more difficult for older people to use, but it’s great for kids and adults. This thickness still provides great comfort and makes the mattress faster to inflate and easier to carry around. This mattress doesn’t include any special features like a built-in headboard or inflatable pillow – it’s just the basics. It’s made from durable vinyl fabric which can easily resist punctures and stand up to heavy use. It also features Bestway’s tough coil-beam construction which keeps air evenly distributed for a soft yet firm feel with zero pain points.


It does not come with a pump. However, electric and manual pumps are available from Bestway and must be purchased separately. With the proper pump, this bed can be inflated in as little as 10 seconds. It also comes with a heavy-duty repair patch, carrying bag for easy travel and is covered in a 1-year Limited Warranty.


Reviewers say it’s a good buy for the price and it stays inflated for a long time. We think it’s a good budget choice for back and side sleepers, but it might not be firm enough for stomach sleepers.


Reasons to Buy:

This Bestway air mattress is our top bargain pick, and it’s by far the cheapest option on this list. That said, Bestway did not cut corners on construction. You might not get the fancy features like electric pumps, extra thickness, or pillows or headboards, but you do get a solid air bed that can stand up to regular use.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing an air mattress

When choosing an air mattress, there are just a few important specifications and features to keep in mind. These will be varying depending on how you plan to use the mattress and, along with your budget.

Mattress Size & Height

The size of the mattress is probably the first thing you’ll consider. Air mattresses are available in the same standard sizes as typical mattresses. Most beds have options for twin, full, and queen but full/double and king sizes are also available from some brands.

The size you choose will depend on how and where you plan to use the mattress. If you plan to use it mainly indoors, then a bigger size (full or larger) will probably suit you best since it will give your guests added comfort, and give you the option to accommodate more people. If you plan to use your air mattress for camping, then a smaller size (twin or full) will likely be better since they’re easier to setup inside smaller tents.

The height of the air mattress is also important to consider. A very tall air mattress (usually 56cm or greater) will provide some extra support and is easier to get into and out of than something that’s just 30cm and very close to floor level. This is crucial to keep in mind if you plan to have elderly guests using the mattress.

Pump Type

There are a few common air mattress pump types available. The most convenient and easiest to use is the built-in electric pump. Most of these pumps can be powered from a standard outlet and are able to inflate an air mattress in just seconds. These pumps are the fastest and easiest to use, but they require line power they aren’t suitable for camping.

Similar to the built-in electric pump is the external electric pump. These pumps usually draw power from a standard outlet and work in much the same way as a built-in pump. The only difference is that an external pump is not built into the mattress, so it’s a little less convenient.

A battery-powered pump is an excellent choice for portability and is suitable for camping air beds. Most of these pumps are external (not built-in). Many feature rechargeable batteries but some require traditional replaceable batteries. There are also some air beds with built-in battery powered pumps.

The cheapest option is a manual pump. This is exactly what it sounds like – a pump that must be operated manually by hand. This makes these pumps slower to inflate, but they are great budget options especially if you plan to do a lot of camping.

Special Features

These days, many air mattresses come loaded with additional features which can make them more attractive for certain buyers. One of the most common features is a built-in inflatable pillow. Many manufacturers claim that this eliminates the need for a regular pillow, but that’s really up to you to judge. A built-in pillow can also double as a headboard if you choose to use your own pillow.

Inflatable built-in headboards are another common feature, typically found on larger more high-end beds, which can improve sleeping comfort. They keep your head and your pillow from sliding off the bed during the night, and make the air mattress feel closer to a standard mattress.

The cheapest option is a manual pump. This is exactly what it sounds like – a pump that must be operated manually by hand. This makes these pumps slower to inflate, but they are great budget options, especially if you plan to do a lot of camping.


Take a look at the warranty information before you choose an air mattress. Most manufacturers offer at least some type of limited warranty, which can protect you if your mattress springs a leak within the first few weeks of ownership. Some manufacturers we’ve tested offer warranties up to 2 years.

Wrapping Up

And that concludes our guide on the top picks of air mattresses in Australia. Hopefully, you found the right one for your needs. If we missed any of your favourites or if you’ve any further questions, please feel free to comment below.

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