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The Best Cheap Mattresses in Australia

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You don’t need to break your bank to get yourself a decent mattress. Gone are the days when buying a mattress meant shelling out a couple of grand or more. These days, even cheap mattresses are pretty well-built and can satisfy the sleeping needs of most individuals.

Practically speaking, it’s best to stick to online, mattresses-in-a-box when looking for a budget bed. Since these brands sell directly to consumers without involving the middlemen, it helps them to keep their costs low and focus on customer satisfaction instead. What makes these mattresses value-for-money is pretty straightforward: Shipping is usually free, most of them come with a generous trial period (up to 100 days), and free return and pick-up is also provided.

While building this list of ‘Best Cheap Mattresses in Australia’, we primarily focused on mattresses that cost less than $750 for a queen-size bed all-inclusive, including shipping after considering offers and coupon codes. However, if you’re on an even tighter budget, we’ve curated a few options in the $300-$400 range as well.

2022’s best cheap & affordable mattresses in Australia



Emma Original Mattress

Editor’s Pick



Across 1280 user reviews

Ecosa Mattress

Adjustable Firmness



Across 12,985 user reviews

Queen: $1,099 $899 Coupon code: EC200

Zinus iCoil Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress

Best under $400



Across 90 user reviews

Noa Mattress

Exceptional value



Across 945 user reviews

Queen: $1,099 $749

Giselle Bedding Euro Top Mattress

Best under $300



Across 9,458 user reviews

Queen: $278


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Detailed Product Reviews

All in all, we analysed over 20 products and here’s our pick of some of the best budget mattresses you can buy in Australia. And for all you Aussies who aren’t budget-constrained, you can check out our Australia’s best mattresses guide where we’ve reviewed mattresses in all price ranges.

Below we have reviewed each of the recommended product in detail, all selected based on our extensive testing, research, and verified customer reviews. We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide discussing what factors you need to consider while purchasing a budget mattress. 

1. Emma Original Mattress – Editor’s Pick, Great for pressure relief


Convinced? Get Emma Original

Exclusive: 25% OFF | Use Code: EMMANEW25

There’s a good reason why Emma mattress features on top of our list. It is one of the most highly awarded mattresses in Europe and the UK and it sold its millionth mattress recently. If it’s this popular, how can it come cheap? Well, that’s the best part. This German-made mattress is quite affordably priced – the queen-size costs about $650 (at the time of writing) with free shipping and you also have the option of zero-percent financing. In comparison, all-foam mattresses mostly cost double the amount.

The Emma Original mattress is 10” thick and features three layers of foam – breathable Airogcell foam layer, memory-foam layer and cold base layer. These layers work together to provide comfortable yet solid support to the body while relieving pressure on joints, keeping the body cool and minimising motion transfer. And the top layer is plush, but it’s still bouncy and you won’t sink into it too much.

On the firmness scale, we’d rate it 6.5, with 10 being the firmest and 0 being the softest. Which means, it’s slightly on the softer side of medium-firm and, hence, suitable for most body shapes, sleeping styles and especially those experiencing back pain. We feel the mattress works well for side and back sleepers while it may be a bit too soft for heavyweight stomach sleepers (over 100 kilos). 

Even though Emma comes with a heat dispersion layer, some users have reported that the mattress slept a bit warm for them. However, in our tests, we didn’t notice this.

Like all other good bed-in-a-box brands, Emma is backed by love-it-or-return-it 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty and free delivery pan Australia, which usually takes two to three days.

One user writes:

This is a great company to deal with. Excellent Communication and all on schedule. We are thrilled with our mattress. A quality affordable bed. The mattress has to be the easiest, low-stress way to get a good night’s sleep. It’s comfortable and easy to take care of, reasonably priced, and the service is outstanding.

Final verdict: Frankly, there’s nothing that we didn’t like about this mattress. It is outrageously value for money, has a luxurious feel and, very importantly, it suits a wide range of sleepers. We think it’s a screaming buy for anybody looking for a budget mattress.

2. Noa Mattress – Exceptional Value


At $750 for a queen-size bed, Noa is the most expensive option on our list, more than the $700 cap we had defined, but we simply can’t ignore the sheer value it offers. In terms of build quality, comfort and durability, it is as good as a mattress that costs a couple of thousand dollars or more.

It is a 10.8” thick medium-firm hybrid mattress designed to accommodate most sleep positions and body types. The mattress is constructed of 1” natural latex on top, 2” gel-infused memory foam in the middle and pocket springs at the base. Together, they lend a fine balance of support and comfort.

The latex layer allows you to sleep cooler and lends the characteristic bounce to the bed, which also prevents you from sinking in too much. The gel-infused foam layer conforms to the body, alleviating pressure points while being sufficiently supportive and responsive. And finally, the pocket spring layer offers stable support, improves breathability and limits motion transfer.

In our testing, we found the mattress to be around medium-firm on the firmness scale. We think this mattress would be ideal for back, stomach, and combination sleepers. However, people who are large and like to sleep on their stomach might want to look elsewhere. Noa isn’t quite firm for their needs.

Any doubts that you may have can be put to rest with a 100-day sleep trial.

One user writes: 

So impressed we bought two and then a third for mum and dad! Fantastic mattress at half the cost of the others! Never bought a mattress this way before, so easy with quick delivery as well. Highly recommended!

Final verdict: The Noa mattress is an incredible value proposition. Its versatile design offers just the right mix of support and comfort to appeal to a wide range of sleepers. Couple this with the rock-bottom pricing, generous sleep trial and warranty and you have a winner in your bedroom.

3. Eva Mattress – Best Supportive


If you like to sleep on firm and supportive beds, give EVA mattress a shot. On the firmness scale, the mattress falls around 7/8 (out of 10), which is on the firmer side of medium-firm. The mattress packs in the goodness of comfort, support and pressure relief all in one, making it desirable for sleepers of all kinds. Having said that, lightweight sleepers, especially those who sleep on their stomach, or those looking for a plush feel may find the mattress a bit too firm and may want to add a topper for added cushioning.

The 12” mattress is built of five layers: Gel-infused memory foam, natural latex, density foam, and 2,500 five-zone pocket spring base. All these layers work in tandem to contour closely to the sleeper’s body resulting in proper spine alignment while easing the pressure points for a comfortable sleep. The mattress also excels in edge support, motion transfer (that’s ideal for couples) and sleeps relatively cool, thanks to the combination of the gel memory foam and breathable pocket coils. 

The Eva mattress is also affordably priced with the queen size costing just under $750, which is kind of a steal considering the overall quality. Finally, Eva provides a risk-free 120-night trial and backs the mattress with a 12-year warranty. So you have ample time to decide if it’s the one for you.

One satisfied buyer writes:

Such a good mattress! would buy again and again! The process of buying this mattress was so easy and i will continue to buy Eva mattress! Cheap and comfortable and very convenient

Final verdict: Consumers looking for a slightly firm mattress on a budget will surely like the EVA mattress. Constructed from premium materials, the EVA mattress offers excellent value and great performance that will last you for years to come.

4. Zinus iCoil Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress – Best under $400


At the time of writing this post, Zinus was probably the cheapest 13” hybrid mattress that’s there in the Australian market. It costs just under $350.

The mattress is on the softer side of medium-firm and is most suitable for average/lightweight back, side, and stomach sleepers. Being a tad too soft, it’s not gonna work for heavier folks (above 100 kilos) who like to sleep on their stomachs. The good thing is that Zinus also has a firmer version of this mattress, which might be more suited for heavier people.

The mattress features four layers of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and an 8” pocket spring core, designed to conform to your body shape for optimum pressure relief while providing personalised support. Decent motion isolation and good temperature neutrality are two other pros. However, the same can’t be said about its edge support. Some users have found it a bit too soft to their liking.

The mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, allowing you to test the mattress risk-free till you are ready to swipe your card.

One user writes:

I was nervous about buying a mattress online which didn’t have a no quibble return option, but as it was about half the price of others and had good reviews I decided to risk it. So glad I did. Top quality mattress and such great value. It also didn’t have the chemical smell that the memory foam mattresses have when first unwrapped and was comfortable from night 1 (our memory foam one took a couple of weeks to soften up). I highly recommend this mattress!

Final verdict: The Zinus iCoil is surprisingly affordable for the features and ergonomics it offers. It’s a great all-round mattress with middle-of-the-road characteristics that work well for all types of sleepers and in most settings – bedroom, guest room, or kid’s room. For anyone looking for a comfy and durable mattress on a tight budget, it doesn’t get any better than this. 

5. Sleeptight Mattress – Bargain Pick (under $200)


The last mattress on our list is also the least expensive. You can get a queen-size Sleeptight Mattress for as less as $200. It’s a decent option for your kids’ room, guest room or spare room, basically where it’s used infrequently or for a shorter period. It’s honestly not as comfortable for regular use because of its thinner profile and stiffer bonnell spring construction. However, some still like it.

The mattress is 7” thick and is composed of a high-density top foam layer and a bonnell spring base layer. During our review process, we found the mattress to be on the firmer side of medium-firm, decently comfortable and supportive and hard-wearing. However, neither the motion isolation was impressive nor the edge support, but for such a low price, it’s silly to expect any better. 

Like all our other picks, this mattress also comes in a bed-in-a-box design, which makes it easier and convenient to ship. However, it levies a delivery charge of $50 for metro areas and $75 for remote areas. But here’s some good news. If you live in metro areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc, you can opt for their ‘click and collect’ service, which allows you to directly pick the mattress from the showroom without any additional cost. The package measures just 29x30x163cm and fits in most of the cars and pickup trucks.

There are some obvious downsides of buying an inexpensive mattress. You get only a 60-day sleep trial. Plus, there is no reverse pickup option and so you would need to deliver the mattress to the nearest FantasticFurniture store for further processing. Also, the mattress provides just 2 years of warranty against structural defects.

One user writes:

Cheap, easy to transport (I have a small 4 door hatch back and it fit in the back easy) doesn’t take long to expand and most importantly my guests said it was comfortable! I have 2 and am looking to purchase a 3rd now!

Final verdict: If you are on a shoe-string budget, trust us you won’t find a better deal than this one. The mattress performs pretty decently in all departments – comfort, support and durability. Yes, some sleepers may find it a bit too firm but go ahead, add a mattress topper (check reviews).

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing a budget mattress

Buying a cheap mattress in Australia is trickier than you think. What you are looking for is a mattress that’s neither premium nor a dud but sufficiently decent and comfortable. So keep these factors in mind while hunting for a cheap or a budget mattress.

Price & Function

Cheap is quite a relative term. For some, dropping thousand dollars on a mattress is cheap while others may find it too costly. As per our research and analysis, we feel one can get a decent budget mattress between $300 and $750. Anything below this price range may not be a worthy investment. Similarly, mattresses priced above $750 are a huge bet. What if they don’t deliver, you know?

While all the beds that we have recommended above are value buys, you need to consider your needs and requirements before deciding on one. The higher-priced mattresses on the list ($700-$750) are strongly built with pocket spring base and multi-layer foam/latex layers and are, thus, suitable for daily use. They are more durable, relatively more supportive and comfortable and last longer (up to 7 or 8 years). Not to forget, these mattresses come with a longer sleep trial and warranty period.

The cheaper mattresses (below $300) on the list are more suitable for kids’ rooms and guest rooms. The construction quality and comfort are decent while the motion isolation is just average, which couples may not appreciate.

Your Sleeping Style

The mattresses that we have listed above are more or less suited for all range of sleepers – be it side, back, stomach or combo. However, if you’re a side sleeper, you might like the higher-priced Emma mattress moreThat’s because side sleepers need a mattress that sufficiently supports and contours the body so the spine remains aligned. Cheaper mattresses don’t do this job as well.

On the other hand, back, side or combo sleepers would appreciate the balance of comfort and support that Noa or Eva mattress offers.

Your Body Weight

How ‘firm’ your bed feels is also a function of your body weight. What feels firm to a lighter or average-weight person may feel medium-firm to a bulky sleeper. So choose wisely.

Sleep Trial

The bed that works for you might not work for your partner or best pal. That’s just how it is. Both sleep and mattress is a subjective experience. That is why sleep trials are so important. You can test out the mattress in the comfort of your room and if it doesn’t work for you, return and get the full refund.

Being the cheapest mattress on the list, Sleeptight offers only a 60-day trial period. All other mattresses come with over 100 days of sleep trial.


Just because you’re buying a cheap mattress that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a solid warranty. Remember, mattresses are the most used furniture in any household, so naturally, they see more than wear and tear, and having a warranty can protect you against the unexpected. Typically, the warranty covers structural defects and sagging to a certain extent.

The good thing is, except Sleeptight, all other mattresses on the list give a solid 10-year warranty.

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