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The Best Electric Blankets in Australia

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Winters come with two problems. One, of course, is the chills. Two, steep power bills! In a bid to keep your house, bed and your feet warm with space heaters, you end up shooting your monthly budget. But why suffer like that when you can get electric blankets?

Not only these blankets help you keep your power bills in check, but they’re also a hit among sleepers who sleep excessively cold at night. With a wide range of heat settings to choose from, those who prefer to sleep warm at night can also use these blankets all-year-round.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Australia’s best electric blankets of 2022, which we have narrowed down from a pool of products while keeping your best interests in mind.

Discover Our Picks: Top-rated electric blankets in Australia



Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket

Editor’s Choice



Across 383 user reviews

Queen: $129.95

Dreamaker Washable Electric Blanket

Budget Pick



Across 105 user reviews

Queen: $60

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Antibacterial Electric Blanket

Best Splurge



Across 84 user reviews

Queen: $219

Tontine T9003 Microfibre Heated Topper (Queen)

Electric Blanket + Topper



Across 92 user reviews

Queen: $89

Washable Heated Electric Throw Rug Blanket

Best electric throw



Across 610 user reviews



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Electric blankets aren’t expensive to run

They are not only energy-efficient but also pocket-friendly. EnergyAustralia says that an electric blanket typically costs about four cents an hour to run. In contrast, conventional tower heaters can use up to 66 cents per hour. That’s a huge difference and your next electric bill will prove that to you. With fuss-free controls and digital sensors, they can make your bed toasty, cosy and ready for sleep in no time.

A complete guide to Australia’s best electric blankets for a warm cozy sleep. Check out our top picks.

Detailed Product Reviews

1. Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket– Exceptional Value


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Starting at $89, this budget electric blanket from Dreamaker is similar to the Sunbeam fitted blankets that we discussed above in many ways. It’s got nine heat settings, it is machine washable, and Aussies have left overwhelmingly positive reviews online. But that’s that. It’s got its own merits too.

The first point where this blanket sets itself apart from others is the inclusion of dual controls. Which means, it’s got an independent heat setting for each side of the blanket. We think it’s great for couples who can never agree on if it is too hot or cold in a room! Plus, the LED digital display on the detachable controls makes it easy to read and operate at night, if the need be.

Two, unlike the Sunbeam that uses 150W of power, this Dreamaker blanket draws only 60W. This means it isn’t much of a power-guzzler, but yes, there could be some trade-offs in terms of heating efficiency and speed.

Lastly, it comes in six different sizes (Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King), so it’s got something for every member of your family. Each one is crafted out of polyester sherpa fleece, which means you are in for a night of extra warmth and comfort. We know you are excited but here’s a note of caution: It doesn’t come with a warranty.

Final Verdict: With five-star ratings on Amazon, the Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket is great if you are on a budget. While it doesn’t have some of the fancier temperature sensing technologies as we saw in the Sunbeams, and worse, a warranty, it still offers a good value, especially for couples. 

2. Sunbeam Quilted Heated Blanket – Best Luxury


If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable electric blanket to keep you warm winter after winter, you should consider investing in a Sleep Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket. It’s manufactured by Sunbeam which happens to be the oldest and one of the most reliable electric blanket brands in Australian market, so the quality is assured.

Unlike older and cheaper electric blankets, this one heats up rather quickly after you turn it on and you are ready for bed in just five minutes. Additionally, it comes with two detachable controllers, allowing you to set the precise temperature of each half. This makes it an excellent choice for couples with different temperature preferences. 

You can choose between five different temperature settings, and it uses digital sensors to switch to your preferred temperature at night automatically. From here on, the blanket can be set to stay on for anywhere between one and nine hours. 

It not only promises you warmth but a touch of luxury as well. Thanks to the polycotton quilt cover that comes with a polyester base, it’s not only super comfortable but it also ensures you can keep it on your bed all year long. The ultra-plush soft quilted is comforting yet supportive and you may not even feel it under your bed, 

The 50cm fully fitted skirt makes it easy to lay on most of the mattresses. It’s also machine washable and includes waterproof heating elements that will keep you safe from shocks. 

Finally, it’s available in a range of sizes as well from Single to all the way up to the Super king size. At $239 for the Queen size, it might hurt your pockets a little but hey! it gives a 3-year replacement guarantee and could be an investment your bedroom was waiting for. 

Final Verdict: This is an electric blanket that we had a hard time finding faults with. Despite the heavy price tag, on Sunbeam’s online store alone, it’s got over 70 five-star reviews. Customer’s love how quickly it heats up as well as how warm it keeps your feet. The option to set the temperature of the individual half was particularly appreciated by buyers. 

Overall the Sleep Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, feature-rich and luxurious blanket.

3. Sunbeam Fitted Heated Blanket – Editor’s Pick


If you are looking for an electric blanket that comes with premium-level features without premium-level pricing, the Sleep Perfect Fitted Heated Blanket hits the right spot.

The blanket heats up in 10 minutes and it uses sensors to maintain consistent temperature through the night. And do you know how many heat settings it’s got? Not 5 or 6 but 9 of them. Furthermore, its timer can be set to turn off the blanket anywhere after 75 minutes to 12 hours!

In terms of feel, its polyester cover is pleasant to sleep on. And like any other good electric blanket, it stays in place because it comes with a 50cm fully fitted skirt that fits on most mattresses.

Now, a quick round-up of key details: It’s waterproof and that makes it safe to wash and easy to maintain. It’s got detachable controls and it’s available in standard sizes to fit most mattresses. It offers a warranty of 36 months and is priced at $169 for the queen size.

Functionality wise it’s a lot similar to our top pick – Sunbeam quilted blanket except it does not come with an ultra-plush top comfort layer. However, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker, if you already have a comfortable mattress.

Aussies seem to be loving this blanket as well, with many claiming this as comfortable and perfect for Australian winter. 

Final Verdict: If you are looking for an excellent quality electric blanket that doesn’t break the bank, the Sunbeam Fitted Heated Blanket may be for you. It comes with all the essential features you expect in an electric blanket while still being very durable and easy to use.

4. Breville BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket – Best Hypoallergenic


If you feel congested and sneezy in bed every night, chances are you are allergic to your bedding. It’s quite common. Who don’t you try the hypoallergenic fitted electric blanket from Breville then? Made using a blend of polyester that has been treated with Stay-Fresh antibacterial compounds, there is a good chance this blanket can help you cut back on the symptoms of your allergies. It’s fully machine washable and easy to maintain as well. 

But that’s not the only reason why we’ve curated the BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket. The blanket is built upon Breville’s BodyZone technology, which, technically speaking, breaks up the blanket into four independently-controlled heating sections. Now combine this with the dual controller system, you can customise six different temperatures for different sections of the bed. Warmer at the feet and just warm for the back, you see? 

Our only complaint with this blanket is how the controller attaches to the blanket. One user reviewed this on Myer: “The placement of the controller is on the top of the blanket as opposed to coming out of the side. When I first opened it I thought it was going to bother me as I sleep but it’s hidden under my pillow and I don’t even notice it.”

With three sizes (King Single, Double, Queen, King), a warranty of three years and features as distinctive as mentioned above, the price tag of $249.95 for queen size seems worthwhile. 

Final Verdict: With 99 five-star reviews on Myer, this is a solid purchase for those who suffer from allergies. Even if you don’t, you may want to consider this blanket because of Breville’s BodyZone technology that allows a high degree of temperature customisation. Furthermore, the dual controllers are a blessing for couples who can’t decide on the temperature setting.

5. Dreamaker Premium Electric Blanket – Bargain Pick


There is often a misconception that a bargain product is inherently a bad product. That is not the case with the Dreamaker Premium Electric Blanket. Despite its incredibly low price point of $63.88, it’s got all the makings of a pretty decent electric blanket.  

Like the other Dreamaker blanket on this list, this one also runs at just 60W and is thus energy-efficient. It’s got three different heat settings, and dual controls to allow couples to set their desired heating temperature independent of each other. 

It’s made from polyester, available in six sizes (Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King), can be washed in machines easily and comes with a warranty of 3 years despite the nominal price tag. 

Final Verdict: It’s wise to use it on guest beds that aren’t used frequently or even as a basic electric blanket if you are worried that pets may damage the more expensive options. That said it’s more than adequate to handle Australia winter and more. It’s more of a no-frills yet practical electric blanket without the fancy features. 

Also, with five-star ratings on Amazon, this low-cost electric blanket is a great entry-level purchase if you are still on the fence about making the switch.

Buyer’s guide: What to look for when purchasing an electric blanket

Shopping for an electric blanket could be overwhelming especially for the first time buyers. Most consumers tend to overlook critical details such as wattage, control, wire length and more.

So we’ve compiled a check-list to help you find the electric blanket of your liking.

Types of electric blankets

Yes, you can choose to either sleep on an electric blanket or put it on you like an overthrow. 

Over-blanket: An over-blanket is placed above your sheets and will provide you warmth from the top down.

Under-blanket: This type of electric blanket is sometimes referred to as a heated mattress pad. It sits between your mattress and your bottom sheet and is available in a fitted and non-fitted variety. 

A fitted under-blanket functions similarly to a fitted sheet. Using elastics, the heating pad is held down to your bed, covering the entire mattress. A non-fitted under-blanket, on the other hand, does not need to be the same size as your mattress. It is tied down onto your mattress using straps. You can purchase a smaller, non-fitted under-blanket to use on just one side of the bed at a time.

Common features & terminologies

Overheat protection: This senses an abnormal rise in temperature and switches the blanket off to keep you safe. 

Waterproof: It goes without even saying that whatever electric blanket you choose must include some form of waterproofing. This is not about luxury or convenience but your safety. 

Preset timers: Timers and programmable presets are excellent features on an electric blanket. They let you set up a time each day when your blanket will turn on and off, ensuring your bed is always warm for you to roll in.

Fast heating: In years gone by, you would have to turn your electric blanket on well in advance to warm up well but the newer breed of electric blankets are pretty fast at this front. They can heat up in as little as five minutes.

Dual controls: If you are in a relationship or if you share your bed with a roomie, you have almost definitely argued over how hot or cold it is in there. With the advent of dual control electric blankets, you can drop this argument at the door because now both of you can set the temperature of your side of the bed as you like it. Customisation rocks!

Detachable controls: Detachable controls are essential if you are looking for a machine washable electric blanket.

Feet heating zones: There’s nothing more annoying than to struggle with cold feet at night. So look for blankets that include a dedicated heating zone for your feet.

Quilted: Getting a quilted electric blanket can make your already awesome bed more luxurious. Quilting adds a bit more bulk, comfort and cushioning.


The wattage determines how fast it would take to heat up the blanket. A 150-watt blanket typically takes 5 minutes to heat up whereas a 60-watt blanket can take up to 15 minutes to heat up.

However, a higher wattage blanket consumes more electricity and is more expensive than the lower wattage ones.

In our opinion, any blanket above 60-watt is a good option. You just need to adjust to the pre-warming routine accordingly.

Controls & Wire length

All electric blankets come with temperature control and timer options. However, in the higher-end blankets, you get precise and more temperature settings and digital timer controls. Additionally, in some costlier blankets, you can even set the temperature of a particular area or side.

Besides the control, you should also be looking at the length of the cord. Typically most products come with 2 to 3 metre wire, and in some products, the wire is also detachable. Do note that longer wire is generally not a good idea as it may get entangled and one may trip over it.

Wrapping Up

An electric blanket is a sound investment which will keep you warm and cosy year after year. When buying a blanket, give special attention to the safety and durability of the product. Considering you’re going to use it long-term, it’s best to go for a high-quality electric blanket from a reputable brand for better peace of mind.

And this concludes our Australia’s best electric blanket guide. We sincerely hope you found the right one for your needs. If you’ve any further questions, feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “Australia’s Best Electric Blankets of 2022”

  1. Are there any blankets made with a larger heating area. I am over 6ft tall and have found all my previous blankets dont cover a surface area such as length and width for my comfort.

    1. Hello Colin,

      Electric blankets come in more or less standard measurements with similar heating surface areas, so not many options there. What you can do is try for a Super-king size blanket that is 6.5’x6.5′ in length and width and should easily accommodate your body. However, there would be a little overhang if you use a queen or king bed. Sunbeam has several options in super king size, so you may get something to your liking in the lineup.

      I hope this was helpful.


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