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Best Linen Sheets in Australia

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Ask anyone to describe their fantastical ‘high life’ and you can guarantee that—somewhere among their depictions of luxury cars, flashy jewelry and extravagant holidays—they’ll talk about sleeping on fine linen sheets. Why is that? Well, linen is a truly exceptional material. Not only is it an incredibly soft, comfortable and organic fabric, it’s also remarkably practical, offering a range of antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating features. On top of that, it’s eco-friendly, able to be recycled and produced from plants in a process with minimal waste, water or pesticides.

The list of reasons to go for linen are seemingly endless, and contrary to what you may believe, doing so won’t cost you much more than buying high-quality bed sheets of any material. If you’re considering a switch to the flax-based material (or hemp alternatives), you’ll soon discover that there are a wealth of options out there from companies all over Australia. Who can you trust? Whose products are best? We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and settled on six linen sheet brands which you can trust. Whether you’re looking for the most stylish, the softest or the most luxurious, we’ve got the linen sheets for you.

Australia’s top-rated Linen sheets – Ranked & Reviewed


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1. Bed Thread 100% Flax Linen Sheet Set – Best Overall

Made from 100% French flax, the Bed Thread linen sheet set is our best overall pick, reportedly making “the whole bed feel like the cold side of the pillow”. Costing $270 (Queen size) with free Australia-wide delivery, the full set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases packed into one linen storage sack. You can also buy the flat sheet and fitted sheet separately, costing $120 and $110 respectively for the Queen size. What makes this set our overall favourite? An array of reasons, not the least of which comes from the serious number of colour options available—20 in all—which mean that even the pickiest interior designer will find a colour scheme to suit their dream room.

On top of that, Bed Threads’ 100% French flax linen offers a superior sleeping experience, managing to provide a sense of cosiness without becoming stuffy. And that’s only scratching the surface of what this material can do. It’s resistant to almost everything a bedsheet can  be resistant to: bacteria, dust mites, static, allergens and even moisture. Essentially, this set is your one-stop shop for staying comfortable, dry, hygienic and irritant-free all night long.

The sheets’ temperature regulating features are worth highlighting too. Rather than focusing solely on keeping you warm or cool, they instead aim to regulate your temperature. This means that you’ll be toasty on those frosty nights and cool throughout the blazing Aussie summer, a perfect balance.

Final Verdict: The Bed Thread Flax Linen Sheet Set stands out as a prime example of why linen sheets are such a wise investment. Comfortable, eco-friendly and durable (they only improve with age), they’re a great pick for a range of sleepers. Whether you have sensitive skin, struggle to keep cool under the covers or just want to introduce some more luxury to your nights, these sheets have got what you’re looking for.

2. Eva Hemp Linen Sheets – Best Cooling & Sustainable

Made from 100% pure hemp instead of flax, award-winning Australian brand Eva’s linen sheet set takes the cake in terms of eco-friendliness and its cooling capabilities. Costing $340 (Queen size), the set is available in a choice of three colours and includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

These hemp linen sheets offer all the same benefits as flax linen and more. They’re breathable, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, biodegradable and silky soft; they both also improve in quality through consistent washing. Where the two materials differ, though, is in their sustainability. Hemp doesn’t deplete soil of nutrients like flax, and it’s also naturally resistant to pests, meaning that hemp can be grown fully pesticide-free. Finally, growing hemp doesn’t require anywhere near the amount of land as flax. When you lay it out like that, it’s hard to deny that hemp is simply a more sustainable, eco-friendly material than the often-used flax. If you’re an eco-conscious buyer, then, this might be the linen sheet set you’re looking for.

There’s more to these sheets than their sustainability, however. Eva has also ensured that they’re supremely cool and durable, able to last for decades of sweat-free, thermoregulating nights. In fact, it’s this durability which is a major selling point of 100% natural linen such as this. While it doesn’t need washing often, doing so will slowly soften the material, causing it to grow more and more silky and supple as the years go by, all while retaining the same timeless look.

Plus, with Eva’s outstanding post-purchase support, you can rest easy knowing that your money is going to a company which will treat you right. The sheets come with a 120-night risk-free trial, during which you can choose to return them for a full refund. Additionally, the company offers free delivery throughout Australia and a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects and physical flaws.

Final Verdict: By opting for hemp fibres instead of flax for its linen, Eva has succeeded in creating a marvellously eco-friendly set of sheets. Bonus points for its durability and cooling capabilities which could keep even a furnace cool and content in the summer heat.

3. I Love Linen Pure French Linen Sheet Set – Best Range of Colors

Of course comfort matters; so does practicality and eco-friendliness. Nobody’s arguing against that. However, it’s easy to forget that, given how a bed is the focal point of any bedroom, style should play a large role in your sheet-buying decision. That’s why the I Love Linen Pure French Linen Sheet Set is so irresistible: it offers all the benefits afforded by linen sheets, but with an added dose of style.

Costing $365 (Queen size with 30cm deep fitted sheet), the set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases in 20 different styles and colours. The flat and fitted sheets can also be bought separately, with the same colour choices, for $110 and $160 respectively (Queen size).

Made from 170GSM (grams per square inch) woven French flax, these sheets provide a unique textured feel alongside all the benefits inherent to 100% natural linen: moisture-wicking capabilities, bacterial resistance, heat regulation, durability and—of course—extravagant comfort. As if that wasn’t enough, I Love Linen sheets ship for free in sustainable, plastic-free packaging, and they’re also OEKO-TEX certified. This means that they’re 100% free from harmful substances or chemicals.

Final Verdict: The I Love Linen Pure French Linen Sheet Set manages to provide all the comfort and sustainability benefits of flax linen without skimping on style. With 20 style and colour choices—ranging from Sandalwood to Desert Rose, to Beige Gingham and beyond—these are sheets which will fit anybody’s aesthetic tastes. We give them a wholehearted thumbs up!

4. The Sheet Society Even Linen Bed Sheet – Best Luxury

If you want the best in quality, the best in customisability and the best in luxury, then you want the Even Linen Bed Sheet set from The Sheet Society. Made from Eve Linen, which is sourced from 100% French flax, these sheets are prime examples of how high-quality linen can transform your sleep experience.

Rather than offering a pre-assembled set, The Sheet Society lets you build your own linen set from a range of options, sizes and colours. A flat sheet and fitted sheet set (both Queen size) with two standard pillowcases will cost $370, including free delivery, but you can also buy the sheets separately at $150 each. Additionally, you can opt for more pillowcases and larger sheets—all in a choice of 19 colours.

The Sheet Society’s oh-so soft Eve Linen sheets go a step beyond the eco-friendly, temperature-regulating and antimicrobial efforts of traditional flax linen. The fitted sheets feature an elasticated hem to help them fit perfectly around the mattress; they’re extra deep too, able to fit mattresses up to 40cm in depth. Plus they look as sleek as a greased-up wildcat with their bound internal side seams and labels to assist with optimal positioning.

As for the flat sheets, they boast a 22cm double layer top edge to give your bed a ‘folded back’ appearance at all times. Similarly, each side of the sheet features a neat, fold-back hem edge for an attractive, uniform look which is capped off nicely thanks to twin stitching along the top panel. These aesthetic touches may seem unnecessary, but when piled on top of the already incredible feel and functionality of these sheets, they really do give the whole package an air of luxury.

Final Verdict: Not satisfied with the offering of the ‘average’ Australian sheet set? The Sheet Society has got what you’re after, giving you the choice of size, colour, pillow type, number of pillowcases and more. With the number of options on offer, it’s almost a surprise to discover that the sheets themselves are of such a high quality. Trust us, they are! However, should you buy them and find yourself disagreeing, you can always send them back for a full refund thanks to the company’s “ 30-Day Great In Bed Guarantee”.

5. Cultiver Linen Sheets & Sets – Softest Sheets

A lot of folks have simple tastes. They want sheets, and they want them as soft as soft can be. For those folks—and we’re sure there are a lot of you—we’ve got to recommend the Cultiver Linen Sheet Set. Costing $425 (Queen size), this set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases in a choice of 16 colours. You can also buy a flat sheet and fitted sheet separately for $195 and $180 respectively (both Queen size) with the same colour choices.

Now, we’re aware that $425 makes this the priciest entry in this article, but that’s for a very good reason. Cultiver has gone to great lengths to ensure that its French flax linen is of the utmost quality. It sources only the best flax from each harvest and weaves the fibres to perfection (to a density of 165GSM). Cultiver also uses yarn dying, which is a costlier, more time-consuming but higher-quality method of fabric dying. In addition, Cultiver’s linen sheets are also enzyme-washed, giving them a premium, timeless feel straight out of the bag.

Ultimately, this all means that Cultiver’s linen makes for the most indulgent yet breathable sheets we’ve come across in our search. What’s more, they’re OEKO-TEX certified and so contain no traces of harmful chemicals. Not that we’d expect them here, of course.

Final Verdict: Premium production processes make for a premium product. It’s not too baffling as concepts go, and yet we can’t help but marvel at the sheer feat of comfort-engineering achieved by Cultiver’s designers. With these sheets, everything comes together to make a heavenly soft sleeping experience. If you’re after soft (who isn’t?) and you’ve got the money to spare, you’ll want to check these out.

6. Linenshed Linen Fitted Bed Sheet – Best Deep Pocket Sheets

Mattresses aren’t all made equal; some are significantly thicker than others. If you’re buying a fitted bed sheet and your mattress is on the chunkier end of the spectrum, you’ll want to invest in a deep-pocketed sheet like this. Costing $158 (Queen size), the Linenshed Fitted Bed Sheet is available in 16 colours and a range of pocket sizes ranging from 10cm all the way to 50cm.

Made from 100% French flax linen, these sheets can cover any sized mattress in cool, supple comfort—complete with all the moisture-wicking, antimicrobial and heat regulating features you’ve come to expect from linen. It’s recommended that, when choosing your fitted sheet’s pocket size, you opt for a figure 6 to 8cm higher than your mattress itself. This will ensure an optimal fit and avoid disappointment: unfortunately, the company’s policy states that only sheets with a pocket size of 15″/38cm can be returned.

Final Verdict: If you’re worried that a regular fitted linen sheet might be too small or large for your mattress, then Linenshed has got your back. With 16 pocket size options, ranging from 10 to 50cm, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs to a tee.

Linen Bed Sheets - Buyer’s Guide

Still struggling to understand linen? Here are the basics!

Origins and Production

Linen is an ancient fabric, typically made from the flax plant, which has been produced in some form for tens of thousands of years. Of course, ancient examples of linen aren’t exactly on a level with linen of today! The production process involves harvesting stalks of the flax plants before letting the fibres naturally pull apart in water through a process known as retting. Following this, the fibres need to be dried and cured before being further broken down by hand in a process called scutching. Finally, these fibres need to be spun before reaching a point at which they can be woven into the fine bedsheets you’re looking for now.


In terms of balancing comfort with functionality and sustainability, linen is one of the finest fabrics out there. It’s comfortable and soft, suitable for sensitive skin. Linen is also naturally resistant to bacteria and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for hygiene-focused consumers. Additionally, it’s incredibly hard wearing, likely to last for decades and improving in feel with subsequent washes.

Aside from how it feels as a finished product, the flax plant itself is also far less of a burden on the environment as other natural sources of fabric. It doesn’t require excessive amounts of water or energy, and there is little wastage from the plant.

Spotting Fake Linen

As one of the most popular bedding fabrics right now, there are swathes of fake linen sheets flooding the market. Keep an eye out for uneven colouration, signs of weakness in the material (linen is incredibly sturdy) or lack of natural creases. All of these are signs of fake linen. Conversely, if it’s cool to touch, quick to absorb moisture and boasts a vibrant, even dye job, there’s a good chance you’re looking at the real deal.

Got any more questions about linen, bed sheets or anything else? Drop us a message! Our team would be more than happy to send some guidance your way or point you in the direction of some helpful articles.

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