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Best Mattresses for Back Pain in Australia

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You know what’s worse than a bad night’s sleep? It’s to wake up feeling groggy with back pain! Maybe you exercised too much… you lifted something heavy… Or maybe, simply, you were sleeping on a wrong mattress.

A cookie-cutter approach while shopping for a mattress for back pain just won’t do. You must consider your body type and weight, and with that, do trial and error before raising a bill. Which is where online mattress brands score over in-store brands. You can order them online, try for a period of 100 days or more and then either keep them or return/replace them based on your experience. On the other hand, offline shopping doesn’t offer home trials most of the time and arranging for returns isn’t that simple.

2022’s best mattresses for bad backs in Australia



Ergoflex 5G Mattress

Editor’s Pick (Chiropractor Recommended)



Across 8,245 user reviews

Queen: $1,529 $1,024
Coupon code: EASTER

Ecosa Mattress

Adjustable Firmness



Across 12,987 user reviews

Queen: $1,099 $899
Coupon code: EC200

Emma Original Mattress

Best Pressure Relieving (Eco-friendly)



Across 445 user reviews

Queen: $999 $521 Coupon code: EASTER5

Noa Mattress

Exceptional Value



Across 1864 user reviews

Queen: $1,099 $749 Coupon code: HOPE

Macoda Mattress

Best Cooling



Across 181 user reviews


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what type of mattress is best for back pain

It should keep the spine aligned and prevent pressure points from developing, and memory foam mattresses as well as hybrid mattresses made with inner coils have been found to provide back pain relief fairly well. The added advantage with hybrid mattresses is that they sleep cooler.

On the firmness front, a medium-firm bed is a popular choice. However, if you are a bit heavy, you are better off on a firm mattress. Whatever be the firmness, the mattress should be able to rightly support the spine. That’s the keyword.

Individual Mattress Reviews

Let’s explain to you why these are the best mattresses for lower and upper back pain relief in Australia and what sets them apart from one another. Our recommendations come with adjustable firmness and cater to sleepers with bad back of all kinds – side, back, stomach and combination as well as those who sleep hot and cool.

Top Mattresses for Back Pain Relief & Back Support - Reviewed

1. Ergoflex 5G Mattress – Editor’s Pick (Chiropractors’ Choice)


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35% OFF – Use Coupon Code: AUSSIE

Designed to offer excellent back support and healthy spine alignment, Ergoflex 5G Mattress has gone on to become the go to choice of customers and chiropractors alike. No wonder it’s been winning The Best Australian Mattress-in-a-box Award year after year – for 10 years. 

The generously thick body-shaping memory foam layer along with a supportive base helps alleviate pressure build-up, making Ergoflex one of the top picks for sleepers seeking back relief – be it back, shoulder or neck.

Construction: These accolades boil down to the cutting-edge construction of the mattress, made using hospital-grade and high-density open-cell memory foam. It falls in the range of medium to medium-firm, which is what chiropractors in Australia recommend to people suffering from sore backs to keep their spine aligned. Ergoflex itself claims it’s good for sufferers of fibromyalgia, circulation or joint complaints.

Our take: Ergoflex 5G Mattress has really got your back! The top layer itself is a generous 9cm of memory foam (three times its competitors), which ensures you get the cloud-like comfort as well as assures that the mattress won’t sag in the years to come. Thanks to its tencel outer cover featuring vented 3D mesh panels, it regulates the air flow and lets you sleep cool in Australia’s warm nights. It’s built-in with anti-allergenic properties, making it a great combo for people suffering from asthma and a bad back.

Most suitable for: Ergoflex’s top layer contours the spine gently while the following two layers support it in place, making it a good choice for back, stomach and side sleepers. That said, sleeping on the stomach isn’t recommended for bad back sufferers or for that matter in general.

Not as suitable for: Ergoflex is not as plush as many other mattresses out there, so if you prefer soft mattresses, you’d want to look elsewhere. Also, though it allows air flow, very warm sleepers may still experience some heat retention.

The fineprint: Ergoflex offers mattress delivery in a day’s time or a day of your choice for free. Their after-hours delivery comes at a small fee. The 30-day home trial and free return service is limited to one return per household. Returning a mattress is free only in select metropolitan locations. If you buy an incorrect sized mattress by mistake and want it exchanged, a collection and return delivery fee will apply. Its 10-year warranty covers any material or workmanship defect arising in that period.

Buyer satisfaction: Ergoflex customers have found sleeping with back and back pain issues like ‘tennis-affected shoulder’, ‘herniated disc’ and injuries comfortable. They also like its foam comfort, breathability, ease in tucking bed sheets, longevity and that it doesn’t sag in the middle. However, some customers have reported that it’s a bit heavy to set up, sleeps too cool and the mattress protector isn’t up to the mark.

One user writes:

Money saved on heavy marketing actually goes into making Ergoflex superior product. This mattress is super comfortable and contours very well to your body. I’m young and healthy, only minor back pain occasionally, but even I have noticed a big improvement in that area. I also wake up far less throughout the night. I’ve been trying to train myself to sleep on my back and it is much easier with this mattress. It’s a bit more expensive than the others but definitely worth it.

Final verdict: Ergoflex 5G Mattress delivers on all the important fronts – luxury foam feel, back contouring, deep spinal support, uninterrupted sleep, cool sleeping, anti-allergenic, customer support and six sizes to choose from. Maybe that’s why it’s slightly on the pricier side. Still, not exorbitantly high!

For these reasons and more, as per us, Ergoflex 5g is currently the best mattress for back pain in Australia.

2. Sleeping Duck- Most customisable, ideal for couples


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A good mattress for back pain relief is one that is neither too firm nor too soft but in-between. And Sleeping Duck mattress gives you the power to customise the firmness level of your choice till every muscle on your back reaches a state of bliss. There’s more. It lets you customise two sides of the bed differently, so you and your partner don’t have to sacrifice one’s sleep for another.

Construction: Sleeping Duck mattress is built of a Hyper-Adaptive™ foam on top to provide comfort, followed by a supportive layer of high-density foam layer, all laid on a base of individually pocketed springs to cut down motion disturbance. Whether for single-use or twin-sharing, each mattress allows you to swap these foams to achieve the firmness you desire – the top is softer while the other one is medium-firm. Couples and bed buddies can enhance their sleep even more by ordering Sleeping Duck Pro, a sectional mattress that’s half medium-firm and half firm.

Our take: Hybrid by built, it brings the goodness of foams and a pocket spring base together, lending a surface that’s medium-firm to feel and that distributes the body evenly to keep the spine supported and free of pressure points. Plus, you can personalise your comfort by unzipping the cover and interchanging the layers of firmness to support your upper back, lower back and legs differently. What’s more? You call up the Customer Care to send a new top layer if the existing options don’t suit you. Other key features are: Its reinforced edges avoid that ‘falling off the bed’ feeling. The spring base counters the extreme sinkage and motion transfer. It neither sleeps too hot nor too cold because the foam is expanded under pressure and packed in breathable bamboo cover.

Most suitable for: Since Sleeping Duck mattresses come with adjustable firmness, there’s something for everyone. People with both upper and lower back pain have found relief. Couples can sleep without disturbing each other. Oh! They would also love how responsive this mattress is during sex. Light, side and stomach sleepers may like the medium-firm combo while heavy and back sleepers can try firm.

Not as suitable for: Someone on a budget! It’s more expensive than other foam mattresses.

The fineprint: Sleeping Duck mattresses arrive within 1 to 3 working days. Shipping, returns and replacements are free across Australia. It offers a 100-night trial period, during which you can order new/replacement layers of firmness. Post that, its 10-year warranty will cover only the manufacturing flaws, not general wear and tear, odours, discolouration, or changes in firmness.

Buyer satisfaction: The improvement in shoulder pain and stiff lower backs have been reported quite often. Couples find the cloud-like comfort exquisite and the bed base on point. Talk of motion isolation, and as per a buyer, it’s possible to move on the Sleeping Duck mattress without tipping off a tray of tea placed on it. Some found the mattress bulky to install and to tuck bed sheets in while one thought it was just too high. However, the initial inconvenience is worth it, most say.

One user writes: 

I used to move through the night and really interfere with my husband’s sleep. That stopped. If I move he no longer wakes up. I wake up without any muscle pain. My Fitbit says I have a great sleep every night. I should have done this purchase many years ago. My husband also feels really good on this mattress. It took us about 3 days to get use to this mattress. ​

Final verdict: Sleeping Duck has got the pressure-relieving property and adaptability of the foams and the zero-partner disturbance technology of the spring base rolled into one, making it a great option for people suffering from back pain. And being the customisable product that it is, it’s difficult to find faults with. We only wish it came a bit cheaper.

3. Ecosa Mattress – Adjustable firmness


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Can a mattress for back pain be effective, versatile, long-lasting and be affordable at the same time? Looks like Ecosa has hit the sweet spot. The mattress is engineered to support natural spine alignment, alleviate pressure points and reduce back pain.

Construction: The Ecosa mattress is sold as an all-foam, medium-firm mattress, meaning it cradles the spine well and relieves the back pain, hip pain and general discomfort. However, there’s more to it. Ecosa is made up of three layers, namely the contouring memory foam, the bouncier latex and the harder polyfoam, and these layers can be flipped in any order you want. Foam lends a medium feel, latex gives medium-firmness and polyfoam is firm. That’s 3-in-1 adjustability for the price of one mattress.

Our take: Ecosa claims that 2 in 3 customers have felt their back pain ease after sleeping on the mattress. The answer lies in its propriety foam, where the base foam helps to relieve the pressure points and keep the spine supported while the top foam cradles your body to attain the best state of comfort. We think Ecosa is great value-for-money. It offers three degrees of firmness and distinct feels, which is a great feature to fall back on as our sleeping preferences tend to change with time. On top of this, its open-cell technology keeps the mattress surface cool, it offers excellent motion isolation in the medium and medium-firm settings, it is double hygienic, thanks to the outer polyester cover and the inner waterproof and anti-allergen cover, and it can be laid on any flat surface – a slatted bed frame, a spring box or your floor! However, we must warn you that the act of flipping layers is not as simple – you’d surely need helping hands. Also, Ecosa lacks the classic bouncy feel because it’s got no springs or coils inside it.

Most suitable for: Ecosa is good for back pain sufferers who weigh between 59 to 100 kilos. It’s also a smart addition to your guest bedroom and kids’ room as you don’t have to arrange a softer or a firmer bed for your visitors and growing kids year after year! Surely good for those who love the foam feel but want to sleep cool.

Not as suitable for: Sleepers who weigh over 100 kilos might find Ecosa a bit too soft and less body-conforming. Its edge support is questionable, so heavier people may experience dip when sitting or lying close to the edge. However, this sinkage comes down as you switch to the firmer settings. While it offers motion isolation for couples, it offers minimal responsiveness during sex. It’s not bouncy, you see.

The fineprint: You can get same-day delivery in Metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide if you place your order before 1.30 pm while it can take up to a week for other zones. They offer a 100 nights risk-free trial period but you must have used your Ecosa mattress for a minimum of 14 nights to be eligible for a return. Mattresses with mould, stains, smells, or bed bug infestations won’t be eligible for a return nor replacement. They offer a warranty period longer than other all-foam beds – 15 long years.

Buyer satisfaction: A majority of users testify that Ecosa has done wonders to their back, neck, shoulder and hip pain but a few do complain otherwise, arguing that it dips and sags and hardens with time and may not be a good long-term purchase. However, all agree that their customer support is efficient and unlike many foam mattresses, it doesn’t give off any odour. Some users find Ecosa so comfortable that they don’t want to get out of bed, while some achieve that blissful state after adding mattress toppers.

One user writes:

This is a quality mattress at an affordable price. The temperature regulation is just right. The delivery was next day. The mattress is vacuum packed and opens quickly after breaking the seal. I’ve left mine in the default configuration - medium. This is the best compromise between back and side sleeping. I’m using this with my electric adjustable base and Ecosa mattress contours with the various settings of the base.

Final verdict: We believe that a product is value-for-money if it caters to the majority of the population with minimal gimmicks and at a reasonable price. By that yardstick, Ecosa does a fine job for sleepers with bad backs, the secret of which lies in its three-layer technology that priorities support. Its only shortcomings are that it lacks bounce and a sturdy edge. 

4. Sleep Republic- Best for heavy people (<90kg)


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For plus-size sleepers with back pain , finding a mattress with a plush top, a firm base and a strong edge support are non-negotiable requirements. Sleep Republic’s mattress checks these boxes quite well.

Construction: The effectiveness of Sleep Republic lies in its innovative hybrid design. The first three layers of cashmere quilted cover, gel-infused memory foam and latex foam keep the bed naturally cool, comfortable and bouncy. The base, on the other hand, is laid out with a whopping 2,250 HD pocket springs to support the spine while being soft to the hips and shoulders. In terms of feel, the mattress is softer in the middle than around the edges.

Our take: Sleep Republic blends the softness of foam with the support of pocket springs to suit a range of sleepers. These springs are designed in-house to be smaller and stronger – to take on the weight, and make them last longer. Equal thought has been put into their configuration. The springs are arranged in five key zones to take the pressure off your head, shoulder, torso, hips and feet, and independently from one other to cut down motion transfer and partner disturbance. These pocket springs also help the mattress sleep cool and discourage the build-up of bacteria and moisture. A special mention must be made of the side coils that provide reinforced edge support so that you don’t fall off the bed or get that feeling. However, it is too heavy and thick to install it by yourself and needs a base with a stable center.

Most suitable for: It works well for average to heavy stomach sleepers and those who sleep on the back and side. The robust edge support helps senior citizens and people recovering from injuries get out of the bed easily.

Not as suitable for: Lightweight stomach sleepers may find the mattress a bit too firm but adding a cushion can help. Also, the cashmere top can feel hot to cool sleepers.

The fineprint: They offer same-day delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast for orders placed before 11am, while that can take 2 to 5 and sometimes 8 days for other locations. Accessories may arrive later than the mattress delivery. You get 100 days to try and return the mattress.

Buyer satisfaction: People experiencing mild back pain or those recovering from spinal injuries love the pressure-relieving support and softness that Sleep Republic lends. It’s equally appreciated by side and stomach sleepers. Others rate it highly for its luxurious, quilted top, no partner disturbance, no smell foam, and customer support. However, moving the mattress and flipping it is a ‘huge, 2-person challenge’, say almost all. They like that it arrives in a box on wheels but extra handles would have helped. While the mattress doesn’t sag, some complain that the top softens too soon and sinks in.

One user writes:

We purchased our 1st King Sleep Republic mattress two years ago but every night feels like the 1st night. We’ve purchased another two Sleep Republic mattresses and the conversations around the breakfast table when friends and family stay over is all about the mattress. Constant back issues of the elderly (like my in-laws) seem to have resolved. 10/10 for product, customer service, and durability.

Final verdict: Firm and traditional spring beds have been the go-to choice for bulkier folks with back pain problems. But with Sleep Republic, they can experience the pressure relief and supportive characteristics of the mattress while also resting on a delightful, gentler surface.

5. Macoda Mattress – Best For Hot Sleepers


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Memory foam mattress is the most popular choice to alleviate lower back and joint pain, but there’s a flip side to it. It tends to trap in heat and can turn the mattress into a furnace, as a user puts it. So what’s the way out for hot and sweaty sleepers suffering from a bad back? Macoda has our vote.

Construction: A four-layer mattress, it’s built up of natural latex, gel-infused memory foam, polyurethane and 5-zone support coils – in that order. It’s shipped as a moderately firm bed but you can change the firmness by unzipping the mattress and swapping the two foam inserts – in under five minutes. Simply put, you can choose from soft, medium and firm feels.

Our take: Though a fairly new mattress brand, Macoda manages to deliver a supportive, cool and comfortable sleep experience impressively. In terms of comfort, the bouncy latex doesn’t let you sink in, the foams contour the body evenly and the coils support different parts of the body intuitively, thereby, relieving the pressure points, providing long-term back support and minimising motion transfer. While the latex layer sleeps cool naturally and keeps allergens away, your body heat activates thousands of cooling gel beds in the next layer. On top of all of this (literally!) is the soft and breathable bamboo cover that keeps you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. While it sleeps cooler than most mattresses, you may experience some heat retention if the mercury hits the roof. Also, concerns about its durability and material quality have been raised by a few.

Most suitable for: Macoda is a good option for hot sleepers looking for a mattress that offers back pain relief.  The firmness adjustability makes it suitable for range of sleepers but there is a consensus that it suits side sleepers and lightweight people the best.

Not as suitable for: Macoda might be bit too soft for heavier folks weighing over 100 kilos.

The fineprint: Macoda can ship to Sydney and Melbourne in 1-2 days while other areas can take up to 10 business days. The delivery is free of charge and arrives at your doorstep. Mattresses and pillows are sent separately and may not arrive together.100-day sleep trial and 10 year-warranty is ensured.

Buyer satisfaction: Most Macoda users are happy with the default medium-firm setting as that’s most preferred by people with back issues. Many have found relief from stiff back and hip pain within weeks of using it and also from tossing-turning, partner disturbance and rolling to the centre of the bed.  However, one buyer had a polar opposite experience and he compared the soft setting to concrete while the firm setting to diamond-hard. But as and when the need arises, users confirm that the process of interchanging the foam layers is easy to do.

One user writes:

So pleased that I finally have a mattress which does not get hot. The cool gel layer works well. I prefer a soft bed, and the softer layers didn’t quite meet what I needed. A mattress topper has fixed this so now very comfortable sleeping. Less back and hip pain during the night.​

Final verdict: Nights in Australia can get unforgivingly warm, so investing in a mattress that lets you sleep cool as well as help with back pain relief while also being competitively priced is a good idea.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing a mattress for back pain relief

Every body has a different requirement when it comes to achieving blissful sleep and the choice of mattress becomes even critical if you are suffering from a bad back.

So let’s discuss factors that will help you choose the right mattress for back pain relief – online, straight from your couch.

Not too soft, not too hard

Firmness is not equal to support and softness is not equal to comfort. Which means, you need a mattress that’s neither too hard nor too squishy to alleviate your back pain and medium-firm mattresses work to fit the brief quite well. They are soft enough to prevent the spine from sagging into unnatural positions and firm enough to support the natural curvature of the spine well.

Go for foam or hybrid

People with sore back prefer memory foam over spring mattresses because they absorb the body weight evenly and slowly mold around the shape of your body to relieve the pressure points. The firm metal coils used in spring mattresses, on the other hand, may aggravate existing orthopedic conditions. Having said that, hybrid mattresses blend the comfort of foam and the support of spring to great effect when it comes to back pain. So give them a shot.

Watch out for the sag

We have found that foam mattresses stay firm for longer while coils inside the spring mattress can start to poke and sag over time. However, brands tend to cover sagging defects from 0.75’’ to 1.5’’, so look up the information about the sagging durability mentioned under the mattress warranty.

Consider your weight/body type

How firm you want your mattress to be is fairly proportional to your body weight. Here’s the general rule of thumb: If you are below average BMI, look for a soft or medium bed. If you have average BMI, a medium bed will do for you. If you are above average BMI, go for a firm bed with extra edge support to avoid ‘bottoming out’ and sinking as they lie down, sit or get up. A combination of latex, memory foam and pocketed coils is recommended for the bulkier folks as it will also not sag with time.

Do you sleep hot or cool?

If you sleep cool, get a mattress that sleeps cool and if you sleep hot, get a mattress that sleeps hot. Simple! Cool sleepers should go for hybrid mattresses that come with a layer of cooling gel while hot sleepers should make heat-trapping memory foam their friend.

Are you sharing your bed?

If you can’t sleep uninterrupted because your partner tosses and turns or hops out of the bed at unearthly hours, you are a victim of motion transfer. The mattress industry has taken note of this problem and come up with ‘motion isolation’ and ‘zero-partner disturbance’ technologies and mattresses with dense core and innerspring coil do a fine job of absorbing these sleep movements.

Try before you buy

No matter how many dos and don’ts we list down to choose a good mattress, sleep remains a highly physical experience. Sad, it is then that most of the in-store mattress brands in Australia don’t offer a home sleep trial. But with online brands, you can order a mattress online, try it for a month or three, and should you not be satisfied with the bed, request a return. These services are mostly free.

Buy more for less

Compared to offline shopping, buying a mattress online is cheaper and more convenient.

Most of the offline mattress brands in Australia will charge you 1400$ and 2,600$ on an average for a single-size and king-size mattress respectively. That’s minus the sleep trial and delivery charges, by the way. On the other end, a single and a king mattress online will come for 700$ and 1,200$ – with free-of-cost sleep trial, delivery and return. If that’s not value for money, we don’t know what is.

Good customer support is key

If online mattress brands have been able to disrupt the mattress industry in such a short time, it’s because of their customer support. From helping you choose the right mattress to shipping it to your doorstep ASAP and fulfilling replacements and refunds on time, they’ve made mattress shopping a breeze. The good news is fairly all online mattresses do a satisfactory job in this department.

4 thoughts on “Best Mattress for Back Pain”

  1. I am 68 years old, have chronic lower back pain and weigh 51 kg.
    My husband is 70 years old, also has chronic back pain but not as bad as mine, and weighs 68 kg.
    We obviously need a mattress which is good for lower back pain.
    But I am the one changing the sheets and need a lightweight mattress. I currently need my husband’s help to tuck in the sheet at the bedhead end as I cannot lift our current King Size mattress. Our current Sealy mattress which we paid over $1000 7 years ago was terrible from Day 1. It sags badly, it is so heavy and cannot be rotated (non requirement to be rotated supposed to be a selling point !).
    Can someone please recommend a good mattress ?

    1. Hey Judy

      Thanks for writing in! We feel your pain. Seeing your requirement I feel the new Koala mattress may be a good fit (full review here). It’s all-foam so it’s quite lighter (around 24 kg for a King size) than the Sealy innerspring mattress, so changing sheets should be relatively easier.

      The mattress provides good support for light to average weight folks and further with adjustable firmness you can tune it as per your requirements. Moreover, it comes with a 120-day sleep trial so you can test it out in your home and see if it works for you.

      The other option you can look for is the Emma comfort mattress which is, even more, lighter but it’s a touch firmer than the Koala mattress.

      I hope this was helpful.


  2. Samantha Rinaldi

    I’m sitting around 120kg but while it’s slowly going to it’s still needed for the weight I’m at now. So I have neck, should , hip and lower back pain and burning legs.
    I also have fibromyalgia.

    What would you suggest if money wasn’t an option. I’ve read so many reviews I’m now lost and move out of our marriage bed this week

    1. Hey Samantha,

      Disclaimer: The following advice is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

      Thanks for writing in! Seeing your requirement I feel the Ergoflex 5G may be a good fit (full review here). It’s memory foam so it would be gentle on the pressure points and quite supportive too. The downside is that it may sleep a bit hot and you would need more breathable bedding and at the same time it has the typical quicksand or stuck feeling of the memory foam.

      Our next recommendation would be Sleeping Duck Mach II. It’s a fully customisable pocket spring mattress, so you can choose if you want something firm or soft under your knees. It’s also very supportive but it scores a bit less on the pressure relief department. They also have a white glove delivery service where they would set the mattress up for you.

      Both the mattresses come with a sleep trial. So you can try them in the comfort of your home and see if they meet your requirement.

      I hope this was helpful. Do let me know if you need any further clarification. 


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