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Best Mattress in a Box Australia

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So you want to get a new mattress but don’t want to step out in public, into stores, because of the pandemic? You know what? You don’t need to. You can simply order a mattress-in-a-box online.

What’s a mattress-in-a-box and how is it better from mattresses sold offline?

  • Mattress-in-a-box refers to a bed that arrives at your home compressed, rolled up and packed in a box. This makes it easy for you to move the mattress in by yourself, unpack it, lay it on the platform and let it inflate. All this in a matter of few clicks. 
  • They come with a home trial period of up to 120 days, which means, you can sleep on them for weeks before deciding whether you want to keep them or have them returned. A study shows that people are less likely to select a comfortable mattress in a showroom-setting. Trials in a natural setting like home were found effective. 
  • They are cheaper simply because these brands don’t have the overhead costs of running brick-and-mortar stores. 
  • Bed-in-a-box brands are generally known to offer a robust customer support as they don’t have a physical front. 
  • These beds are highly innovative, made after extensive customer research to help you sleep cool or even customise the firmness. 

So after pitting various beds against each other, on the basis of comfort, firmness, returns and warranty, we’ve curated the top 5 mattresses-in-a-box in Australia.

Australia’s Best Mattresses in a Box – Ranked & Reviewed



Ecosa Mattress

Editor’s Pick (Adjustable Firmness)



Across 13,322 user reviews

Koala Mattress

Balanced Comfort



Across 26,962 user reviews

Queen: 1,050 $945

Emma Sleep

Best Budget



Across 14,893 user reviews

Queen: $999 $521

Sleeping Duck Mach II

Individualised customisation/comfort



Across 15,738 user reviews

Noa Original

Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box



Across 1,595 user reviews

Noa Lite

Bargain Pick



Across 784 user reviews


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Check out our detailed review of each bed in a box brand below.

1. Ecosa Mattress – Editors Pick (Adjustable firmness)

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Ecosa is happiness delivered in a box. It comes with adjustable firmness, customer-approved back support, twin covers, a long warranty, four-hour shipping in metro areas, and wheels and handles to move it around easily. 

What that means is, whether you like to sleep on stomach, back, side or your sleep position has changed over time or you suffer from a sore back, Ecosa has your short- and long-term needs covered.  

Though Ecosa arrives medium-firm, you have the option to turn that firmness up and down a bit. Zip open its cover to reveal the layers inside – the ‘medium’ memory foam, the ‘bouncier’ latex in the middle and the ‘harder’ polyfoam at the base. Now swap the layer of desired firmness on top and zip it back. Who wouldn’t like 3-in-1 adjustability for the price of one?

Ecosa is our editor’s choice because even though it’s an all-foam bed in a box, it offers a sleeping surface that’s both cool and motion-isolating. This, thanks to their proprietary foam that’s made with open-cell technology. This innovation comes packed in two covers to keep the bed clean, waterproof and anti-allergenic.

Coming for $799 to $1,449, the price tag is justifiable. It offers a trial period of 100 days, a warranty of 15 years, a sagging coverage of 0.78″, and seven sizes. However, before you head to press the ‘Buy now’ button, we’d like to caution you about one thing. Its edge support and firmness is not enough to keep the heavy sleepers from sinking. 

Here’s what a customer wrote on Productreview.com: 

I was hesitant to buy a mattress out of a box but I am so glad that I did. This mattress is just what I needed to support me throughout the night. With all of my joint issues and back problems caused by Ankylosing Spondylitis I often wake sore. However, with this mattress, my morning stiffness has gone from 8/10 to 3/10. 

Check our in-depth Ecosa mattress review here.

2. Koala Mattress – Balanced Comfort

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Are you here looking for a bed that’s not too soft, not too firm but just the right balance? Then go for Koala bed-in-a-box, which claims to have found that ‘Goldilocks Zone’. 

The secret lies in Kloudcell, a foam they have designed in-house to emulate the qualities of both memory foam and latex. As a result, the top is springy, breathable and cool and it cradles the body gently. Supporting it from under is a layer of Ecofoam and five zones. Together, these foams keep the body aligned from shoulder to hips, alleviate back pain, distribute body weight and isolate unwanted movements. 

Thanks to its Goldilocks Zone, Koala will please most sleepers, even overweight folks. Still, the heavy folks should know that they might experience sagging while getting up or sitting along the edge as there’s no spring coil or hard foam inside.

Except for this shortcoming, Koala gets big ticks from us. It offers hotel-like comfort, 120-night risk-free trial, 10-year warranty (covering sag of 1 inch or more) and free, same-day delivery to the metros – all at $750 and above. And, of course, it comes shipped in a compact box. 

You should know two more things. One, Koala is largely made in Australia and sustainably. Two, this premium bed is best enjoyed 24 hours after unboxing. 

A happy customer on Productreview shares:

It’s very comfortable and good for my back. It keeps the shape and firmness and helps me have a better sleep at night. I usually have sore necks or headache in the morning but ever since changed my mattress and pillows to Koala, I have gotten good night sleep.

Check our in-depth Koala mattress review here.

3. Sleeping Duck Mach II – Most customisable (Personalised comfort)

Starting at $999 for a single bed, Sleeping Duck Mach II is the costliest mattress in a box in Australia but don’t judge it already. It allows you to customise your mattress from head to toe and side to side. Beat that! It comes with 12 foam segments (six for each half of the bed), which can be shuffled to achieve the firmness you’d like on top. So couples and bed buddies, stop fighting! 

Immediately after comes the layer of latex and the lovely bounce that it brings. This, in turn, is fortified by a 5-zone pocket spring base, which supports five critical areas – head and shoulders, back and spine, hips and lower back, legs and knees, and feet and ankles. Since the spring is used right up till the edges, forget the feeling of sinking or rolling off the bed. The spring base also holds the shape and firmness of the bed in place for long. 

We have nothing to complain about this mattress-in-a-box that empowers you to customise your sleep surface. This, coupled with a 100-night home trial, free customisation service that comes in that period and a 10-year warranty covering sag of 1″ or more, makes Sleeping Duck a revolution.

Like this customer writes on Productreview:

Having Bursitis in both hips has caused me many nights of broken sleep. With the Sleeping Duck mattress, I am now comfortable and supported enough to sleep on my back. I started with the medium and then changed to the firm topper and now find the mattress very comfortable… My husband is a side sleeper and has stayed with the medium topper and he is sleeping well too.

Check out in-depth Sleeping Duck Mattress review here.

4. Noa Original Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box​

The Internet is an exciting place. We found a queen-size mattress-in-a-box that costs just $750 but is as comfortable and durable as beds that run into a thousand bucks and more. What makes Noa Original a value-for-money bed-in-a-box is its hybrid construction.

On top goes a layer of 1″ natural latex, 2” gel-infused memory foam comes in the middle, followed by a base of pocket springs at the base. So, the latex makes the bed cool and bounce, foam responds and adjusts to the body to alleviate pressure points and the spring lends a stable, breathable and movement-free surface to rest on. 

In terms of feel, we found Noa to be medium-firm and good for those who sleep on back, stomach and in-between. However, we’d not recommend Noa for large people as it’s not quite firm for their comfort.

That aside, Noa has all the makings of a worthy mattress-in-a-box on a budget. It comes in five sizes, has 100 days of sleep trial and offers a whopping warranty of 15 years with a sagging coverage of 1″ – all between $499 and $899.

While a user reported poor customer support, most have upvoted Noa Original on Productreview:

The most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned, best sleep since owning. Great comfort and doesn’t sag when you get to the edge. Very supportive and quick delivery.

5. Noa Lite – Bargain Pick

From the makers of Noa comes another hybrid mattress that delivers good sleep without breaking your bank. So what’s the difference between Noa Original and Noa Lite? 

Noa Lite is far cheaper than Noa Original, starting at $549 currently. Two, it’s thinner yet firmer, making it suitable for people who like to sleep on their back and stomach. Given its firmness, which comes from the absence of a latex layer, side sleepers may need to add extra cushioning under shoulders and hips. 

That said, Lite has all the advantages of a Noa mattress. The cooling gel memory foam on top keeps the bed cool while cradling your body in a gentle hug. The middle layer of adaptive transition foam keeps the partner movement and disturbances in bed to a minimum. The base is composed of pocket springs that lend a bit of bounce to the mattress while the mesh around these springs keeps the air circulating. It’s clear that Noa doesn’t want the unforgiving Australian heat to disrupt your sleep.

You might think Noa would have cut some corners with Lite but, no. It is built to last and gives the same premium experience every night. The high-density foam that runs through the periphery of the spring base prevents the mattress from sagging. 

We’re equally impressed with its terms & conditions. Starting at $549, Noa Lite gives a trial of 100 nights, a warranty of 15 years, covering sag of 1 inch or more, free shipping in 3-7 days, easy returns, and, of course, it comes to your doorstep in a box.

Read this review by a customer on the Noa website:

We bought this as my daughter’s first bed, and it’s really great! From price, to ease of ordering and delivery – it was hassle-free. It’s so comfortable and I’m glad we decided to go with a spring/foam mix for longevity. My favourite part is I can roll out of bed without disturbing her!

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider before buying a mattress-in-a-box

If you are absolutely new to buying mattresses online and are feeling jittery about it, we totally get you. And that’s why we are narrowing down the parameters that will help you make an informed choice.


This is a given whether you are shopping online or offline. Mattress-in-a-box brands sell beds with all kinds of configurations – medium, medium-firm, firm, and not-too-soft, not-too-firm. Even better is that a few of them let you adjust the firmness of your bed by shuffling the foam layers inside. This is obviously advantageous because it works for combination sleepers, unexpected guests coming over and for people whose sleeping preferences have changed over time. 

In popular opinion, soft mattresses are preferred by people who like to sink a little into their bed and feel ‘hugged’ – Side sleepers, for instance. Medium to medium-firm is called the universal level of comfort as it provides a good balance of support, comfort and firmness. It suits a range of sleepers while medium-firm is especially favoured by people looking for relief from chronic back pain. Firm mattresses tend to provide full-body support while feeling comfortable – usually a choice of heavy people. Couples, siblings and bed buddies would do better on a bed whose firmness can be customised. 


Spring, memory foam and latex are three major materials used in making a mattress. Yet the secret to a great bed lies in how they are combined to bring a sleep experience that’s comfortable, supportive, responsive, cool, breathable and free of allergies and partner movements. 

All-foam mattresses are a hit among stomach sleepers but they are apprehended to get warm. But if a foam mattress also makes use of latex, it tends to sleep cool. However, hybrid mattresses are the flavour of the season. They usually comprise of a base of pocket spring wrapped in high-density foam and a top of foam/foam-latex layers. This configuration keeps the sleeper supported all night while contouring his/her body. 


 If a mattress conks on you after the sleep trial is over, the only other thing you can count on is its warranty. Most of the mattress-in-a-box brands offer a warranty period of 10 to 15 years, covering a sag of 0.78″ and above. 


When it comes to online shopping, customer support, returns and refunds can be deal-breakers. Most mattress-in-a-box brands are quite sincere on this front. If you stay in metropolitan areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, the teams pick up your return for free. But in case you stay in far-off towns, you’ll be asked to drop it off to the nearest depot and may or may not have to incur the cost of return shipping. In either case, you will receive a full refund provided the product is within 

Wrapping Up

Shopping for a mattress-in-a-box is fast, easy, convenient and full of innovation and promise. So start scrolling up again!

ecosa mattress review

Ecosa Mattress

Our Top Pick!

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