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Australia’s Best Mattress Toppers For Back Pain

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Mattress toppers are superb for helping you fine-tune your sleeping experience. They can bring a range of features to your mattress—making it softer, firmer or changing its style—without the costly investment of replacing it. If you’re dealing with back pain (lower or upper), buying a high-end, pain-relieving mattress can easily set you back $1,000, if not more. Why take that financial blow when you can spend a third of that figure (or less) on a pain-relieving mattress topper?

Disclaimer: No mattress, pillow or topper is a replacement for genuine medical support and advice. While a pain-relieving mattress topper can support you in dealing with ongoing pain, you should always seek out a qualified doctor as your primary form of care.

Mattress Toppers - Factors to Consider

As we’ve explored in our Australia’s best mattress toppers review, there are a number of features which give a mattress topper its unique feel and appeal. 

Here are some of the factors you’ll want to pay attention to when out on the prowl for an amazing mattress topper.

1) Thickness

Generally speaking, a thicker mattress topper (between 5-7cm) will be more appropriate for overpowering any shortcomings in an old or unsuitable mattress, while a thinner topper (between 3-5cm)  will be better suited for letting a mattress’ unique qualities shine through. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to revive an old, weathered mattress, you’ll most likely want a thicker topper. Likewise, a thicker topper can also be a better pick for pressure relief and easing pain.

2) Firmness

The eternal bedding question: soft or firm? While your personal preferences will play a significant role in helping you decide which is the most appropriate for your night-time comfort, you should also consider the importance of matching your natural sleep position. For example, a side sleeper will likely want to opt for a medium-firm topper which provides a balance of support and cushioning. Additionally, the presence of chronic pain could also make a firmer topper a smart choice, due to how it promotes proper spinal alignment.

3) Materials

Memory foam, latex, feather & down, bamboo, microfibre and more—there are a huge number of mattress topper materials out there. It’s enough to make even the most discerning shopper shudder with indecision. For the purposes of pain relief, though, most customers will respond best to the contouring properties of memory foam. That’s why most of the products in this article offer memory foam (or memory foam-like) materials.

4) Size

Mattress toppers come in all the same sizes as mattresses themselves: Single, Double, Queen, King and all the rest. You’ll want to make sure you get the topper which fits your mattress.

5) Price

Mattress toppers are a great way to tweak or reinvigorate any mattress without plunging your arm deep into your bank account and withdrawing hefty wads of cold, hard Australian dollars. Still, the fact remains that they aren’t all priced equally, and some can still be relatively expensive. It’s worth outlining your budget before you get your heart set on one mattress topper in particular. Trust us, there’s a great topper out there for any budget!


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Product Reviews

Now that we’re past the ‘topper’ of this article, we can get into the real toppers, the reason you came here! Let’s take a look at five of the best Australian mattress toppers for tackling back pain.

1. Ecosa Memory Foam Topper – Editor’s Pick

Starting at $330, the Ecosa Memory Foam Topper has found its way into our editor’s heart with its premium, gel-infused memory foam offering a unique feel, combining comfort with spine-soothing support.

Made from G-7 Gel Memory Foam, this 5cm thick topper’s filling moulds itself around your body, distributing weight and providing distinctly squishy cushioning where needed (i.e. the shoulders) while encouraging pain relief by remaining firm around the spine. This is ideal for helping to ease lower and upper back pain without causing discomfort elsewhere. 

The foam boasts other features too, including a gel-infused 3D structure, which enables air to flow through the topper, mitigating the heat retention often caused by memory foam. Just like the Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress, this topper also offers outstanding motion isolation technology, meaning that your partner’s tossing or turning won’t keep you up all night long (or vice versa).

With a 380g/m2 double-knitted polyester removable cover, this topper feels irresistibly soft to sleep on, and it’s easy to keep clean too! Plus, it provides both elasticated straps and a textured, “grippy” backing to ensure that it’ll stay firmly in place atop your mattress.

With the cover, Ecosa has secured STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, which guarantees it will contain zero harmful substances liable to put your health at risk. Similarly, the foam component is CertiPUR-US Certified, which speaks to the product’s ethical production and minimal impact on the environment.

With a 10-year limited warranty and free delivery within 2-7 business days, the Ecosa Memory Foam Topper enjoys most of the standard (that is, high-quality) aspects of Ecosa customer support. There is one exception: there’s no 100-night risk-free trial with this product. Be warned before you buy!

Final Verdict: Breathable, ethical and oh-so comfortable. The Ecosa Memory Foam Topper combines comfortable squishiness with spine-relieving support to make a product which reduces back pain and more than lives up to the company’s good name. Our editor loves it and, in all honesty, so do we!

2. Onebed Topper – Best Value

The 5cm thick Onebed Topper stands out as the only company in Australia offering a mattress topper made from Davina Foam, and what’s more, it starts at only $300! Of course, to understand why this is such a superb value proposition, you first need to understand what Davina Foam is. Like memory foam, Davina Foam conforms to the body’s shape, relieving pressure and preventing the body from twisting into an unhealthy position during the night. However, unlike memory foam, it offers a degree of both buoyancy and open-cell breathability. This means that, in addition to relieving pain, this topper will leave you feeling light as a feather and perfectly cool.

When you factor in this topper’s five-zone orthopaedic support—providing appropriate levels of firmness to the head, shoulders, lower back, thighs and lower leg—and top-notch motion isolation features it becomes hard to ignore how much Onebed is offering for the money. Buying a mattress topper to help with back pain (lower or upper) doesn’t mean you have to settle for something rock-hard and torturous. This topper, with its precise balance of comfort, support and buoyancy, is absolute proof of that.

Final Verdict: In terms of the all-important quality-to-price ratio, we can’t imagine how any Australian company would top the Onebed Topper; it even comes with fast & free shipping! If you want to affordably transform your mattress into a place of luxury, complete with all the benefits of Davina Foam, this is the topper to pick.

3. Peacelily Latex Mattress Topper (Firm/Luxury Plush) – Best Organic

Feeling good in bed doesn’t always have to refer to comfort. With the Peacelily Latex Mattress Topper, you can feel the satisfaction of supporting the environment, your health and your comfort all in one fell swoop.

This 6cm thick topper, starting at a price of $349, is made from 100% natural eco-INSTITUT certified latex foam, which means it contains absolutely no harmful substances. How do we know? Well, the Peacelily is completely transparent about where it sources its materials: it obtains them from sustainable sources in Sri Lanka! The wadding and fabric of the topper are also made guilt-free, composed of 100% organic cotton bearing the GOTS certification, meaning it has been produced to the highest social and ecological standards.

Latex is typically cooler and bouncier than memory foam while still retaining pressure-relieving properties. It’s also naturally anti-microbial and durable, expected to last for 20 years or more. This topper in particular comes in two varieties, ‘Luxury Plush’ and ‘Firm’. For back pain sufferers, we recommend the Luxury Plush option for its pressure relieving properties and the “cloud-like” comfort it offers.

With free delivery, a 10-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial, there’s a compelling reason to try out the Peacelily Mattress Topper, even if you—for whatever reason—want to ignore the myriad comfort, ecological and ethical benefits.

Final Verdict: Peacelily wants to do right by its customers and the environment. With this mattress topper, we’d say they’re on track to succeed on both fronts! The Luxury Plush option is a top choice for those with back pain issues: it’s expressly designed to relieve pressure while surrounding its owners in a plush bubble of comfort.

4. Naptime Topper – Best Cooling

The red-hot Australian sun is infamous for producing folks who sweat buckets at night. Trust us, we know there’s nothing worse than waking up and needing to double check that you haven’t unknowingly sleep-walked into the oven. If you’re one of the countless people who struggle with both back pain and night sweats, though, then you’ll undoubtedly have trouble finding a mattress or mattress topper which accounts for both. 

That’s where the Naptime Topper comes in! Combining two types of foam with a breathable bamboo cover, this is an ideal topper for keeping the temperature and pain levels low while raising the comfort levels to a heavenly high.

Coming in at 8cm thick, and starting at $249, this topper makes use of two complementary foam layers. The first, a 5.5cm high-density neo gel-infused memory foam, is designed around three “Cs”: cooling, contouring and comfort. In other words, it relieves the pressure on your joints and sends you drifting off comfortably without waking up sweaty and miserable. The second layer, underneath the first, is a 2.5cm Durable i-core transition foam. This is where the real long-term pain-relief comes into play. This layer will keep your spine in its natural position, and because of the memory foam above it, it doesn’t have that “sleeping on a stone slab” feel which firm sleep surfaces often suffer from.

Finally, the topper’s cover is made of a natural bamboo fabric. Bamboo is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking; plus, it’s incredibly soft! Worried about still sweating through your clothes and ruining this topper? Don’t be! The topper is removable and washable (although not machine-washable).

Final Verdict: With the Naptime Topper, you can ease your bad back woes and keep cool doing it! This product’s bamboo cover and gel-infused top foam help increase airflow and encourage heat dissipation, while the durable transition foam offers effective pain-relieving properties. In addition, Naptime provides free express delivery and a 10-year warranty with all purchases. There are a whole host of reasons to check out the Naptime Topper, especially if you’re an enemy of the Australian heat.

5. Luxdream Mattress Topper – Bargain Pick

Struggling to justify shelling out for a $300 or $400 mattress topper? We understand! Luckily, you can spend far less and still bag yourself a back pain-relieving product worth shouting about! The Luxdream Mattress Topper is a memory foam topper which packs in a range of high-end features at only $169.95.

Reaching 8cm in depth, this topper’s CertiPUR-US certified (denoting absolute safety) gel-infused memory foam boasts a unique honeycomb structure. This open-cell design promotes airflow, helping to keep you cool when the Australian nights are anything but. In terms of easing pain and aiding comfort, Luxdream proudly states that this topper has been designed to provide just enough sink to the major pressure points (hips and shoulders, for example) while contouring around the body and keeping the spine in its proper alignment.

Essentially, it ticks every box a pain-relieving memory foam topper could need ticked, but we’re still not done! The cover of Luxdream’s topper is made from bamboo fabric, a naturally soft and breathable material. It can be removed and machine-washed, helping you keep it in pristine condition for years to come. Throw in elastic straps and a non-slip bottom to secure it in place, and this topper begins to look like an undisputed bargain champion of the mattress topper market.

Final Verdict: Bamboo fabric, gel-infused memory foam, CertiPUR-US certification. Luxdream has stuffed a mountain of high-end features into this budget-priced topper. How? We don’t know, but we’re certainly impressed.


Back pain needn’t be a lifelong issue. With the right combination of medical support, lifestyle changes and bedding solutions, you can stamp out those spinal complaints for good. While an effective mattress topper isn’t the be-all and end-all of easing back pain, it’s still an incredibly valuable weapon in your arsenal. Need any advice or support in choosing a mattress topper which is right for you? 

Get in touch! Our team will be happy to provide you with advice or point you towards any useful articles.

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