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The Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Australia

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Memory foam mattresses are all the rage right now. Some say they are as good as sleeping on a cloud. That magic truly lies in the dense cellular structure of the memory foam. 

Having said that, not all memory foam mattresses are made equally. They vary from the quality of foam used to the way they are stacked up and the firmness, cooling, warranty and sleep trial period they offer. And that’s why we decided to study industry and customer reviews of all the 28 memory foam mattresses available in Australia – to bring you the tried and true picks.

Here is our complete guide to choosing Australia’s top-rated memory foam mattresses. 

2022’s top memory foam mattresses in Australia



Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress

Editor’s Pick & Great for bad backs



Across 8,690 user reviews

Queen: $1,499 $1024
Coupon code: EASTER

Ecosa Mattress

Adjustable Firmness



Across 13,790 user reviews

Queen: $1,099 $899
Coupon code: EC200

Emma Sleep Mattress

Exceptional Value



Across 489 user reviews

Queen: $999 $521
Coupon code: EASTER5

Hugo Mattress

Best for hot sleepers



Across 2,666 user reviews

Sleep Republic

Best for heavy sleepers (>90kg)



Across 627 user reviews


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Why Memory Foam Mattress?

Allow us to explain.

The foam conforms and contours to a sleeper’s body and distributes the weight across the bed equally, eliminating pressure points. In fact, the memory foam has been found to relieve pressure by up to 50% in comparison to the innerspring bed. And since the foam cradles the body, it tends to align the spine in its natural position, which the springs fail to achieve on their own. These are two big reasons why people suffering from sore backs and orthopaedic issues favour the foam.

Memory foam delivers a unique feel too. It’s neither euphorically bouncy nor does it sink annoyingly. It rather melts under your body, hugging you gently. This hug prevents you from tossing or turning in bed and ensures that you sleep deeply. 

Memory foam has also found a legion of fans among light sleepers, couples and bed buddies – across sleeping styles. That’s because the cellular nature of memory foam absorbs the partner motion across the bed rather than transferring it. The same dense structure makes it difficult for dust mites, mould and bed bugs to thrive in the mattress and make it allergic.

You’d think foam isn’t durable. Nope. In fact, viscoelastic and polyurethane foams are stronger and more resilient as compared to metal spring and padding foams that are typically seen in innerspring beds. A high density and well-maintained memory foam mattress can last for 7-10 years

Here are our top 5 picks. 

1. Ergoflex – Editor’s Pick & Great for back pain


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Ergoflex is the oldest ‘bed in a box’ brand in Australia and the only one that has been in business longer than the 10-year warranty it offers. This mattress is quite comparable to the market-leading ‘Tempur’ memory foam mattress except that it’s more affordably priced – its queen size costs about $1,000 with free delivery.

The mattress is also well-received by Aussies. While productreview.com.au features over 1,400, 5-starish reviews on Ergoflex mattress, CHOICE, Australia’s biggest customer advocacy group, talks about it on its website and that’s a big deal Here’s why. The Ergoflex mattress is designed to offer body-moulding support while also providing the characteristic comfort of memory foam. What you get is a pressure-relieving bed that’s become the go-to choice among sleepers with sore backs.

And talking of its build-up… Underneath the breathable TENCEL outer cover, there are three layers of memory foam of different densities. On the top is a 9cm, high-density memory foam that offers body contouring and alleviates pressure points. The middle 5cm foam layer regulates temperatures and prevents the heat from building up. The bottom 9cm foam provides additional stability to the structure.

Who is it for & what’s it like to lie on?

We found the mattress to be on a marginally firmer side of medium. One thing to note here is that firmness is a relative term and it can vary depending on the size or even preference of a sleeper.

Back sleepers are usually tolerant to a range of firmness levels, side sleepers prefer medium-soft while stomach sleepers like some more firm. That said, Ergoflex middle-of-the-road firmness would suit all ranges of sleepers.

We think back sleepers would like the mattress most, closely followed by stomach sleepers and side sleepersLighter folks weighing less than 50kg, who tend to sleep strictly on the side, may find the mattress a bit too firm and may want to use an extra topper for cushioning. 

The mattress also works well for couples and restless sleepers. That’s because, one, it does an excellent job of isolating the motion and cutting down the rustling noise. Two, its top memory foam gently hugs to the body to bring down your restlessness significantly. However, if you toss and turn at night a LOT, then this or for that matter, any memory foam mattress may not be ideal for you. You might feel ‘stuck’ in the bed.

And guess what? Even though it’s a memory foam mattress, it does not get very warm, thanks to the vented TENCEL cover and open foam ‘cool’ sleep layer it comes with.

Lastly, this mattress is backed by a 10 years’ warranty and comes with a 30-day, risk-free sleep trial. So if you aren’t happy with the mattress, you can send it back within the trial period for a full refund.

One satisfied buyer writes:

Every night I feel so grateful to have this amazingly comfortable mattress. It really is like sleeping on a cloud. In addition it’s such fantastic value. I strongly recommend this mattress to everyone.

Final verdict: The Ergoflex 5g is one of the best-selling memory foam mattresses in Australia and for very many good reasons. It comes from a reputed brand, is durable, and is priced affordably. We feel this mattress can accommodate most sleepers, especially the ones who like a slightly firmer feel or who are looking for a mattress that alleviates back pain.

2. Ecosa Mattress – Adjustable Firmness


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Whether you like a firm mattress, or a soft one or can’t decide your preferred firmness, Ecosa might be your best bet. Unlike the traditional mattress, the Ecosa mattress can be customised to three distinct firmness levels – medium, medium-firm, and firm. All you need to do is unzip the mattress, and interchange the three foam layers to get the desired firmness on the top. This allows Ecosa to keep up with both your changing body and sleep positions.

But adjustable firmness isn’t the only USP of this mattress. It comes with a waterproof inner cover, which means, you don’t need to buy a mattress protector separately. Also, Ecosa offers a massive 15-year warranty that’s a lot more than what other brands in the segment promise.

Coming to the construction, the mattress is 25 cm thick and is made of three layers of foam.

  • Gel-infused memory foam/medium layer: Right on top is the layer that contours to your body shape, giving you that slow sinking feeling while alleviating pressure points. It’s medium in terms of overall feel.
  • Eco-tex/medium-firm layer: The middle layer is more resilient and bouncy. It responds to pressure quickly while cradling your body soft. It feels medium-firm.
  • High-density poly foam/ firm layer: The base layer is on the firmer side but offers spine alignment quite ergonomically. It’s also highly breathable.

Who is it for & what’s it like to lie on?

Thanks to the option of adjustable firmness, the Ecosa mattress would suit most types of sleepers – be it back, side, stomach or combo. Back sleepers and side sleepers may prefer the medium and medium-firm settings while the stomach sleepers may like the firmest.

Like most other memory foam mattresses, it does a great job in limiting motion transfer in all configurations. So you can roll in and out of the bed without disturbing your beau.

Now coming to the edge support. We found the edge support excellent in the firmest setting, while it fared averagely in the medium and medium-firm settings. 

The mattress sleeps temperature-neutral, thanks to the gel memory foam and pin-core holes that promote airflow between the layers.

Price-wise, Ecosa is quite reasonable as the queen size costs just under $900. You also get a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty with the purchase.

Its unique features and comforting properties have also been endorsed by Aussies. On productreview.com.au, it has garnered a 4.2 rating out of 5 across 1,000+ reviews, which is a solid rating in the mattress industry. The only downside to this otherwise excellent mattress is that changing and flipping layers is a tedious job, but again, you won’t need to do that often.

One satisfied buyer writes:

This was my first time sleeping on a memory foam mattress (having had traditional spring all my life) and I am converted! lot of the reviews online (on other websites) have said that the Ecosa is too firm but I really wonder if those people gave it a proper go? I found the mattress firm on night 1, but by night 2 I was already completely used to it. I’ve now had it for a month and LOVE it! Very supportive, comfy, shoulder and back pain completely gone.

Final verdict: Ecosa is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a contouring and pressure-relieving memory foam mattress but is unsure about their exact sleeping preference or looking for a mattress that can adapt to the changing needs. And if you didn’t realise, the adjustable firmness makes it a great choice for guest rooms or growing kids.

3. Emma Sleep Mattress – Exceptional Value


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Emma is another popular direct-to-consumer memory foam mattress that stands out for its modest pricing, premium construction and stellar customer satisfaction. It also happens to be one of the top-rated mattresses by CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, and it is also Europe’s most-awarded mattress. Add to that, it’s made in Germany, so you know it’s good quality and well designed.

The mattress is 25 cm thick and is made of three distinct layers of foam: breathable hyper foam layer on top, supportive poly foam transition layer in the middle and supportive point elastic foam base. These layers work together to ensure spine alignment in most sleeping positions while the zoned supports relieve the pressure off key areas like the hip and shoulders.

Who is it for & what’s it like to lie on?

With firmness at just about the softer side of mediumEmma mattress would please most sleepers. The plush top layer cushions the shoulder and hips while also relieving the pressure points and this works out well for side sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers are also adequately supported on the mattress. However, heavier or petite folks, who are strict stomach sleepers, may find the mattress a bit too soft to their liking. 

The mattress also does well in the motion isolation and temperature regulation departments. As for the edge support, it isn’t as solid as what the traditional innerspring mattress offers but it does ward off that falling-off-the-mattress feeling. You get a 100-night sleep trial to test out the mattress and a 10-year limited warranty.

One buyer writes:

Instantly slept better. My husband woke up and said he'd had a much better night’s sleep than normal. Both of us had previously had some aches and pains in the morning and these have pretty much gone now. I am delighted with my purchase, bought with my retirement money and worth every penny. Thank you.

Final verdict: Emma is another can’t-go-wrong choice that’s also pocket-friendly. Yes, you get a queen bed for under $700 with free shipping Australia-wide. Anyone looking for the feel of a memory foam minus the overheating or deep sinking it’s usually infamous for would vote for it. 

4. Sleep Republic Mattress – Best for heavy sleepers (>90kg)


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Heavier folks, who weigh 90kg or more, require a mattress that offers extra support to areas that tend to accumulate weight, aka the hip and shoulder. For such sleepers, a hybrid combination of memory foam and pocketed coil works best over the all-foam configuration. And the Sleep Republic ticks all the boxes to become our pick for heavy sleepers. It prevents excessive sinking while offering excellent pressure relief and comfort. 

At 31cm of thickness, it’s the thickest mattress on the list, comprising a layer of memory foam, latex and pocket-spring base – in that order. The first two layers of memory foam and latex offer pressure relief and cushioning while the 2,250 individual reinforced pockets spring base keeps the spine and the body in a healthy posture.

Who is it for & what’s it like to lie on?

The mattress falls in the medium to medium-firm range but as we told you before, firmness is often a relative experience and it varies with body shape and size as well as sleeping preferences. That said, we think the mattress would work well for heavy sleepers in all positions – across the side, back, stomach or combo. Some side sleepers may find the mattress a bit too firm but it’s nothing that a mattress topper can’t fix. 

Being a hybrid mattress, its edge support and responsiveness is superlative but the motion isolation isn’t as good as the pure all-foam mattresses. However, it does sleep a lot cooler due to the synergy between the pocket coil design and gel-infused memory foam, and it’s a delight for people who sweat at night. 

The Sleep Republic offers free shipping on all orders across Australia and the mattress is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

One buyer writes:

My partner and I have been sleeping on a Sleep Republic mattress for two and a half years and are so impressed with it we’ve bought a second for the guest room. It was nice to get the mattress protector with our purchase too. The quality of the product can’t be faulted and our experience with the customer service has been great, we can’t recommend the mattress highly enough.

Final verdict: With a tall profile and ‘firm’ feel, the Sleep Republic offers the necessary support that heavier folks crave while still being comfortable and responsive. Add to this, the solid edge support and temperature neutrality, and you have a winner in the bedroom. 

5. Hugo Mattress – Best Cooling


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Memory foam mattresses aren’t known for sleeping cool. They tend to trap more heat, which can make the bed uncomfortably warm, especially for hot sleepers. However, Hugo is an outstanding exception. Thanks to the well-thought-out design and breathable latex and memory foam layer, it sleeps a lot cooler while dispersing heat away from the sleeper.

Unlike most other foam beds, it comes with a four-layer construction, at 24.5 cm thickness. The top latex layer lends the mattress its springy and more responsive characteristics while the middle memory foam layer ensures pressure relief and body contouring. The successive, transition and high-density foam layers offer stability and durability to the structure. 

Who is it for & what’s it like to lie on?

As you lie down on the Hugo mattress, you don’t experience the deep, hug feel of the classic foam right away. This is because the memory foam layer is placed below the top latex layer. What you experience, instead, is a good balance of springiness, responsiveness, and pressure relief. You feel like you are sleeping on the top rather than getting stuck in a place and this allows you to move around and roll much more freely.

During our comparative study, we found the Hugo mattress to be on the firmer side of medium and quite supportive over the all-foam standard mattress. We think the stomach, back and combo sleepers would particularly like this mattress. Side sleepers, especially lightweight ones (less than 50kg), may feel slightly jammed up around the shoulder area and may need to use a topper for additional comfort.

However, it doesn’t fully eliminate motion transfer and that can be attributed to the latex layer on top. So if you sleep with a restless partner, you may want to look for a pure memory foam mattress like the Ergoflex or Emma which offer better motion isolation. On the upside, the edge support was much better than the all-foam mattresses we’ve reviewed on the list. 

Hugo mattress ships Australia-wide, free of cost, and is backed by a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. And take pride in the fact that it’s designed and manufactured in Australia. So by making this purchase, you’ll be supporting the local economy and workers.

I've been sleeping on my Hugo mattress for 6 months, and it's a great sleep. Makes getting out of bed in the morning a challenge! Wasn't sweaty in summer months, and is extra cosy with my sheepskin mattress protector in winter.

Final verdict: Hugo mattress’s unique, four-layer construction promotes airflow, allowing you to sleep much cooler. The mattress would appeal to hot sleepers of most sizes and sleeping styles, especially the back, stomach and combo sleepers.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing a memory foam mattress

While working on this guide, we considered over 28 memory foam beds available in Australia before finalising our top five (shared above). In our research, we found that not all memory foam mattresses are alike and some of them aren’t even memory foam and are often mis-sold.

So, to help you make a more informed decision, here is a summary of factors we considered and one should consider while purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Pure vs. Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

Most memory foam mattresses aren’t entirely constructed out of memory foam. Rather, they’re hybrid mattresses with one or multiple comfort layers of memory foam along with other types of foams. This isn’t necessarily bad. It’s done primarily for three reasons: to keep the cost low, better temperature regulation, and make it suitable for a range of sleepers. Generally, memory foam is mostly used in the first or second layers, giving the body contouring characteristics to the mattress. The base layer is usually made of high-density foam for support, while other layers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with latex and gel foam being a preferred choice. 

On the other hand, pure memory foam mattresses usually cost over 2000$ and appeal to certain types of sleepers only – side sleepers or those who like the stuck in the mud feeling. 

Our research found that a hybrid foam mattress with at least 4″ thick memory foam layer works as good as a pure memory foam mattress. The reason is most sleepers don’t sink more than 2″ to 3″ in the memory foam layer, and any thickness beyond this does not add much of a significant difference in the feel and characteristic of the mattress.

Tl;dr: Hybrid memory foam mattresses are an excellent and more affordable alternative to the pure ones. Just make sure to pick a mattress with at least 2 to 3″ thick memory foam layer.

Different types of Memory foam

Broadly there are three types of memory foam: Traditional or chemical-based, Plant-based, and gel foams.

The traditional memory foam is made out of petrochemicals. It isn’t environmentally friendly and does have a slight amount of off-gassing.

Plant-based ones are more eco-friendly as they are made of plant extracts like soy and coconut. They’re more responsive than the traditional memory foam.

Memory foam is known to trap more heat, and this is why gel foam was formulated. It disperses the heat more efficiently, allowing the sleepers to sleep cooler. It’s similar to traditional foam, albeit it has gel molecules infused in the foam layer, promoting airflow for efficient temperature regulation. It’s also more hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites compared to traditional memory foam.


Like mentioned before, not all memory foams are created equal, and they can vary based on density, temperature responsiveness, hardness, and durability.


The general rule of thumb is that the denser the memory foam, the more supportive and durable it is. Premium memory foam has a density of 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot, while the lower quality ones range between 2 to 3 pounds per cubic foot.


The firmness of the mattress is measured in Impression Load Deflection or ILD. This basically means how much pressure is required to make a 4-inch indent on the mattress. It ranges between 1 to 50 and Higher the ILD rating, the firmer it is. Soft mattresses have a rating of 10 to 20, while medium to firm mattresses range between 20 to 40.

Certification Matters

Memory foam mattresses, especially the cheaper ones or manufactured in countries like China, may contain toxins and other harmful chemicals that may be harmful in the long run. It’s best to look for a mattress that meets Centripur-US or similar standards, ensuring the foam is free from hazardous/toxic substances. 

Sleep trial & warranty

Buying a mattress is a huge decision since you would be holding on to one for a long time (typically 7 to 8 years). So obviously, you would not want to make any compromises and this is where a sleep trial comes in handy.

Look for mattresses that come with at least 30 days of sleep trial, although more the better. In the event, if the mattress isn’t to your liking, you have the option to return it. Just keep in mind that some companies may ask you to ship the mattress at your own cost, which can cost you anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on your location.

For warranty, look for at least 10 years because that’s the typical lifespan of the bed. The warranty covers the manufacturing defect and sagging beyond the threshold. Most companies have a sagging threshold of 3/4 inches.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of high-quality memory foam mattresses out there, whether you’re looking for a mattress to alleviate your back pain, something that sleeps cooler, or simply looking for a budget option. To pick the right memory foam mattress for you, pay close attention to your sleeping needs and check for firmness and support for healthy spine alignment.

We sincerely hope you found this guide helpful if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us Facebook, Twitter, or leave your comments below.

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  2. Michelle Perkins

    I have slept on memory foam mattresses. in couple of hotels and really love them. My question is do memory foam mattresses really get as hot what most online website say? Is the hotness really uncomfortable?

  3. Is it advisable to use an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress? Are there any risks? I live in Miena, where the temperatures are pretty low throughout the year.


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