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Best Quilt, Doona & Duvet in Australia

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You know a good night’s rest is the key to success in both personal and professional aspects of your life. You want to feel warm, but not too much; you need coverage, but you also want your skin to breathe. You are willing to put your money where your mouth is, but there are so many good investments out there that you don’t know where to start.

Before we get started, we would like to point out that Quilt, Doona or Duvet are exactly the same thing (at least in Aussie context), and we’ve used the terms interchangeably through the guide.

Do you want to buy a new hygge bed covering? Look no further than this cosy guide, Australia’s Best Quilts, Doonas & Duvets of 2022.

Discover Our Picks: Australia’s best quilts, doonas and duvets



Ecosa Silk Quilt

Editor’s Pick



Across 367 user reviews

Queen: $490 $392

Ettitude Organic Whitehaven Quilt & Duvet

Exceptional Value



Across 162 user reviews

Queen: $260 to $300

Downtime Supreme Silver Goose Quilt

Best Down for the money



Across 137 user reviews

Queen: *$314

Downia Four Seasons Goose Down and Feather Quilt/Doona/Duvet

Luxury Pick (Year-round use)



Across 32 user reviews

Queen: $424.95

MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt

Best for Cold Sleepers/Summer



Across 50 user reviews

Queen: $314*

Australian Made Merino Wool Quilt/Doona/Duvet

Best for Winter



Across 157 user reviews

Queen: $99

Downtime Luxury High Loft Quilt

Bargain Pick



Across 191 user reviews

Queen: $174*

* With Adairs Linen Lovers program


How We Picked THE BEST for You

Should I pick wool, cotton, velvet, silk, or synthetic quilt, doona or duvet? But what about if I have allergies. Would feathers make it worse and linen better? Is the manufacturer working with home goods or am I getting an international product? Our easy guide to choosing Australia’s best quilts, doonas, and duvets of 2022 has a little something for everybody.

There are so many amazing quilts in Aussie-land that we have to admit, this was not a fast task. But after reviewing over 20 quilts and doonas, we’ve picked the top eight for all budgets, personalities, and lifestyles.

We took our time to read all the feedback and researched each manufacturer to be able to deliver to you the right information to make an advised buy. See “feelingly” with all your senses and then get your card out! It’s comfort quilt time!

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Detailed Product Reviews

Let’s dive deeper into getting acquainted with each of these precious quilts, duvets, and doonas. We’ll show what is popular about each of them and who would suit best.

1. Ecosa Silk Quilt – Editor’s Pick


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The Ecosa Silk Quilt is our editor’s pick as the perfect all seasons be it summer, winter or autumn. It comes in three variants depending on the season: Summer (300 GSM), Mid-season(550 GSM) and Winter (300+550 GSM). 

The winter quilt is of the warmest on the list and is actually made by clipping the summer and mid-season quilt together. So, it makes more sense to buy a winter quilt as you get two quilts – summer and mid-season, allowing you to use your quilt all-year-round. The 300 GSM summer quilt (or doona) is breathable, moisture-wicking and one of the lightest we came across while the mid-season quilt is thick enough to keep you warm on chilly nights without overheating.

It also takes luxury to another level, a silky filling in a soft cotton exterior one. Silk is a great alternative to synthetic materials that might bring nasties with them.

The quilt is lightweight and perfect for Aussie summers, but it can also evolve. By combining a 300 GSM model with a 500 GSM one, you get the perfect snuggle companion during cold seasons. It doesn’t let air get trapped around your body, contouring the silhouette without the bulky feeling.

The Ecosa brand produces natural bedspreads that don’t use fossil fuels which harm Mother Nature. Users love the doona’s ability to regulate the body’s temperature at night, a necessity for a good night sleep. The whole family will fight you for it, as you can see by this user’s review:

“I bought myself a silk duvet a few years ago and swore I would never buy anything else again. My son whenever he’d snuggle into my bed would say how amazing it felt — even though we had the same Ecosa mattress. Eventually, I caved and bought him the duvet too. He now doesn’t want me to put a cover on it as he loves how perfect it is just the way it is!”

Final verdict: This is one of the most fashionable quilts out there that at $392 may bring luxury, rest, 100-night trial, and non-toxic items in the comfort of your home. We loved its versatility, the fact that it’s great on its own, but can also play nicely with other layers for colder nights.

2. Ettitude Organic Whitehaven Quilt & Duvet – Best eco-friendly


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Don’t fret green lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Drum roll please! We are proud to present you our top choice for an eco-friendly cover, the Bamboo Whitehaven Duvet. Prices start at $190 and this choice comes with a PETA approval, too.

The Ettitude Bamboo Whitehaven duvet has a vegan, 100% organic, bamboo lyocell filling. This filling is quite the innovation on the market. It’s breathable, hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating. You can use it all year long as it’s silky and cooling at the same time.

Customers praise this high-tech cover’s price and the fact that it’s a great moving companion if you are a globe trotter that craves home comfort. The product comes with a summer quilt and a winter one, which is double in weight, but still very light. 

One user said: 

“I did a lot of research looking for the least toxic comforter and this has exceeded my expectations. It is extremely soft and the breathability makes it feel cool. The lightweight is perfect for the summer. I would definitely recommend it!”

Final verdict: Organic bamboo is the most resource-efficient plant on the planet. It may also give you a good night sleep and a frizz-free hair in the morning. With this choice, you will be making a great investment in a non-toxic product that lets both your skin and the Earth breathe. Bonus: the fabric gets softer with every wash, and you get a 30-night sleep trial to test it out!

3. Downia Gold Collection White Goose Down Duvet – Best Luxury


Have you ever been to a premium hotel and rested on a bed that instantly wrapped you up in comfort and thought: “I want this at home!”? You may have that with Downia White Goose Down Duvet.

The cover has 85% White Goose Down Cluster and comes escorted by free shipping and a 10-year guarantee. It’s great both for single people and couples, while being light and ideal all year. Prices start at $649 and it’s no wonder we chose it as the best luxury cover out there.

The duvet comes in a baffled cassette construction. This makes it airy and fluffy even after a good machine wash. The down proof casing has a 330-thread count sateen cotton which has shown to be impenetrable to dust mites.

The pros don’t stop here. The company tests the materials according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, they are hypoallergenic, and endorsed by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand.

These amazing products have travelled the world and one user actually said:

“I live south of Hobart, Tasmania, and it gets pretty cold down here in the winter, my new doona has surpassed my expectations with the warmth and comfort it provides. I love it!”

Final verdict: We loved this premium product, too, because it brings both luxury comfort and a smart investment in the company of a decade of guarantee. It fits people all over the world during spring, autumn, and winter, while being light and easy to wash. Bonus, the fact that the company has been around since 1911 is the best review out there.

The biggest con is that you cannot return it if it’s open. If you change your mind, you can give it back in the first 30 days.

4. Sleeping Duck Duvet – Best Budget, cheap yet great value 


It’s time we present you the best budget-friendly cover on the market, the Sleeping Duck Duvet. The TENCEL™-made doona is a must during hot nights, when humidity becomes the enemy and attracts bacteria.

The duvet is breathable, light and hygge. These traits are essential in hot seasons if you don’t want to wake up sweaty because of all the trapped humidity. The prices start at $220 for summer queen sizes and can reach $330, with 100-night guarantee, for king duvets in the course of winter.

The brand’s studies show that the perfect weight for a summer bedspread is 300 GSM and for winter they doubled that. But this doesn’t mean it will weigh you down. No, it’s warm without the pressure and moist, like a hug from your loved one.

Final verdict: The innovative materials make this sustainable duvet a must for every household. The product comes from Eucalyptus Wood and your investment will bring you joy, warm, and the friendly feeling that you’re doing something for the Planet. All from the inside of your home. What’s more, if you change your mind and you don’t want to use it, you can return it unopened in 14 days and get a refund.

5. Downia Four Seasons Goose Down and Feather Quilt – Best for year-round use


If you’re looking for an investment you may use all year, then the Downia Four Seasons Goose Down and Feather Quilt is the perfect cover for you. It is machine washable, has a five-year guarantee and prices start at $424 for a queen size.

The product comes with two 50/50 White Goose Down quilts for everyday comfort. This means that it offers varying warmth due to the 50% goose down clusters and the 50% goose feathers interior. The lighter quilt is for warm seasons, the heavier one for autumn, and together make the perfect cover for winter.

The cosy duvet has a 233-thread count fabric down proof cotton casing sewn through the cassette for an even fill. This makes it durable even after a good wash.

Users love its versatility and the fact that they can use the halves separately: 

“We love the luxurious warmth of the two halves when clipped together. However, for most of the year, we keep both halves in separate covers…only needing one in most circumstances. Now five years later and used daily….it is still as new.”

Final verdict: This is the ideal for many traditional buyers who’re looking for an all-season doona with natural feathers fillings. But it is not recommended for those who are prone to allergies. Cover huggers love the two pieces they can share from a distance. The con is that you don’t get a trial period, but you can return it unopened in 30 days and get a refund.

6. MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt – Best for summer


If you’re looking to invest in a light summer cover, the MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is a top choice starting at $280 and 225 GSM. These have a fine sateen cotton casing and the filling comes with two layers, a 60% Australian wool one and a 40% Australian cotton one.

Summer months bring a lot of heat and moist, but with this doona, you may rest and regulate your temperature even if you are a hot sleeper. It is a great choice for people suffering from allergies or asthma with materials treated in Ultra-Fresh to keep dust mites away.

This doona makes a great investment escorted by a five-year guarantee and you can wash it in the machine, on a gentle spin. As it is quite thin, the material will air dry, which also helps its wool mix. 

One user said:

“Had my quilt for over 6 years, best decision I’ve ever made. Still going like new. Love the fact that it could be washed at home in a washing machine. Looking at now purchasing another 2 more for the kids.”

Final verdict:This is a great doona for hot summer months, but the whole family may use it during colder nights because of the mix of wool and cotton. It’s also amazing that it’s made with Aussie goods. If you didn’t use the product and it’s in the original packaging, you can return it in 60 days of purchase.

7. MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt – Best for winter


Of course, if you want to invest in a special winter quilt, then have a look at the MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool. The single model starts at $480; it comes with 500 GSM Australian wool filling and a 500TC cotton sateen casing, which you can wash at home.

The wool quilt offers warmth without the heavy feeling of classic bedspreads. It is Australia-made and it sprinkles a touch of luxury to each bedroom. The Airlight technology applied to the materials aids each of its five layers to trap more air for warmth.

This is a good investment for people looking at a product they might use all year, especially those that are always chilly even during spring nights. It’s great for allergy or asthma sufferers, with materials treated in Ultra FreshTM for bacteria and odour protection.

One user said: 

“I absolutely love my new thermal wool quilt. I am amazed at how light weight it is for its warmth…the old wool quilt I bought 30 years ago is at least twice the weight and no warmer. I totally recommend these quilts; they are beautifully made and finished.”

Final verdict: We love that this natural wool quilt comes with a five-year warranty. It’s light and made up of breathable materials that help regulate body temperature. These little details make it perfect for cold sleepers everywhere. This also comes with a refund option of 60 days after purchase if it was unused.

8. Downtime Luxury High Loft Quilt – Best hypoallergenic


People prone to allergies or respiratory issues must always double check when making investments. But the Downtime Luxury High Loft Quilt may be the best hypoallergenic option out there for you, with single models starting at $180. These have a 350TC cotton sateen stripe casing and a 350 innovative high loft polyester filling that you can wash at home.

The quilt comes in the company of a five-year guarantee and you may use it all year as it’s both light and comfortably warm. The luxury doona lets the skin breathe and has Ultra Fresh anti-microbial protection against allergens.

The product doesn’t make you overheat and might bring comfort to young children as well. Fluffiness without bulking, this user actually said: 

“Great all-round quilt. Not too hot and nice and light. Looks good on the bed and gives my quilt cover a lush look with the quilt being high loft. I have purchased these quilts previously and have been very happy with them. Would certainly buy again.”

Final verdict: It doesn’t get better than this. It’s a versatile quilt that will meet all your needs and will last a long time. You will want to buy one for your friends, too and let them know that if it’s not what they want, they can return it in 60 days if unopened and get something else.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when buying a quilt, duvet and doona

Before we let you embark on the decision-making trip, here’s a list of factors to take into consideration when thinking about investing in a quilt that will become your nightly companion.


  1. Down or feather are most popular and one of the best filling for quilts. They bring warmth, lightweight and are quite breathable. Although they rank high in the comfort department, they are more expensive.
  2. Wool is the second-best option. It’s a natural material that can be sustainably sourced. It’s breathable, warm and durable, but it can also be a bit heavier.
  3. Tencel is a soft, natural, material. It’s breathable and keeps moisture at bay.
  4. Synthetic covers are a top choice when it comes to hypoallergenic products. They are light, come with lower costs, and are easy to wash at home.


Australian companies will offer a numerical guide for warmth or a season in which the doona is most suitable for. You can opt for seasonal products, for all year-round ones or for two products that you can zip up or use independently.


Quilt weight is measured in GSM or grams per square meter. The higher it goes, the heavier it will be on you. Some like it light, but others do enjoy a solid cover, especially during cold nights.


This is a great option when investing in family covers, especially if you have children or pets. It’s also advisable if you like breakfast in bed, as not all duvets are spill-friendly.


In the end, you also have to think about the price and the ethics. If you want cheap, good, and vegan, you might be looking for a while. Natural textures usually don’t go for under $200 and if you want to buy sustainably, you should look into Australian-made doonas, but these aren’t usually PETA-approved.

Wrapping Up

There is a lot of information that you have to go through, but trust us when we tell you this is an easy guide to share with your partner over a glass of wine. It’s important to take everything into consideration when making a savvy investment in the future of your sleep.

And that concludes our Australia’s Best Quilts, Doonas & Duvets guide. If you’ve any further questions, feel free to comment below.

Ecosa Silk Quilt

Ecosa Silk Quilt

Our Top Pick!

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