Ecosa Mattress Review - Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy?

Your comfort requirements change from night to night. A cloud-like mattress one night can feel like a rock the next! Ecosa understands this, and to solve the problem, has designed a mattress with three unique, swappable foam layers—each with different attributes in terms of comfort, body alignment and temperature regulation. 

Is it too good to be true? Is the mattress more than its unique selling point? 

ecosa mattress review

We set our best team to work, analysing and assessing every aspect of the Ecosa mattress for the struggling sleepers of Australia. From its feel and firmness, to the quality of materials and temperature regulation capabilities. 

Ready to find out what we made of it? Read on!

Ecosa Mattress: Quick Summary of the Ratings

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Verdict: Ecosa has designed the dynamic, multi-layered mattress for the indecisive sleeper in us all. No matter how it’s configured, the mattress’ array of cooling, comforting and supportive technologies will make your first ‘Ecosa night’ one to remember. Plus, with a 100-night risk-free trial period and an industry-leading 15-year warranty, Ecosa products come with zero post-purchase stress.

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Table of Contents

We’ve split the review up into a number of handy sections to make navigation a breeze.

About the Brand

Founded and based in Australia, Ecosa is one of the world’s leading bed-in-a-box companies; its mattresses are found in bedrooms all over the world, from Hong Kong to the USA. Since the company’s launch in 2015, it has won countless awards and accolades, including Best Mattress AU’s “Best Mattress for Couples 2020” and the Melbourne Design Awards’ “Silver Award 2019”. Additionally the company has pursued a number of charitable pursuits including the donation of 5000 of its mattresses and pillows to the Salvation Army and other smaller charities. 

Ecosa may be a relatively new name in the mattress game, but it has quickly cemented itself as a trusted company with both its high-quality products and socially conscious practices.


ecosa mattress construction

In terms of construction, the Ecosa mattress is one of the most complex that we’ve ever encountered. It boasts three separate internal foam layers, each with different properties and serving a different purpose, that can be interchanged to suit your needs. 

Unsurprisingly, it’s fairly heavy too—with the Super King size weighing in at 50kg—although not out of line with other memory foam mattresses. (Which can range from 40kg all the way to 80kg!) While it’s not the heaviest mattress in the industry, far from it, the fact that it’s designed to be picked up and swapped around makes the weight a larger consideration than with most mattresses of its type.

  • Removable Tencel CoverTencel is a sustainably produced fiber, made with wood as its raw material, that remains breathable and strong while retaining incredibly comfortable properties. The Ecosa mattress offers a removable, washable Tencel cover that’ll help sleepers ensure its freshness for years to come. Plus it’s naturally hypoallergenic as a result of its wooden base material.

  • Waterproof Inner CoverReinforcing the comfortable Tencel cover is the mattress’ waterproof inner cover. By protecting against the moisture that’s unavoidable during the hot Australian summer nights, Ecosa helps ensure the longevity of its mattress. This layer also provides dust mite resistance too.

  • G-7 Memory Foam LayerThis 1.5-inch thick layer—identified by its light blue colour—is not only suited towards those with back pain complaints, but it also provides fantastic cooling properties thanks to the layer’s gel particles. Considering that memory foam mattresses are infamous for causing sleepers to overheat, this is a wise design choice on the part of Ecosa.

  • High-Density Polyfoam LayerThis yellow layer (the thickest at 6.5 inches) serves the purpose of keeping its user’s spine, joints and pressure points supported. On top of this, the Support Foam Layer helps dramatically reduce motion transfer—perfect for light sleepers with particularly fidgety partners. More on that later.

  • ECO-Tex Memory FoamAnother thin layer at 1.5 inches (but white instead of blue), this one possesses the “bouncy” qualities of latex and, thanks to its open-cell structure, also helps stave off the oppressive heat of the Aussie night.

All of the mattress’ foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means that they’re produced sustainably and from safe materials. Plus, the removable cover bears the “Oeko-Tex 100 Standard” label, which means that it too is free from hazardous substances.

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Comfort, Firmness & Feel

As stated, the specific feel and firmness of the mattress will depend entirely on the position of the three foam layers, most importantly which one goes on top. Your night could be either a gentle drift through sleepsville or a true waking nightmare if you choose the suitable, or unsuitable, layer.

Put the G-7 Memory Foam Layer on top for a soft (but not too soft) ‘medium’ feel with a ‘5’ on the mattress firmness scale. Placing the ECO-Tex Memory Foam layer on top brings the overall feel up a notch to a ‘medium-firm’ ‘6’ on the mattress firmness scale. Finally, for the firmest the Ecosa mattress has to offer, put the High-Density Polyfoam layer on top for a ‘firm’ ‘8’ on the firmness scale.

Of course, while the standard mattress firmness scale is an indicator of how a mattress will feel, comfort is still an entirely subjective topic. It’s always better to try out a mattress for yourself rather than treat the ratings as a definitive decision-maker for you. 

After all, Ecosa offers a 100-night risk-free trial on all of its products so you can always test out the mattress before you make a final decision.

ecosa mattress firmness

Sleep Position Ratings

So you’ve seen the numbers, but what do they mean for you? With which ‘setting’ are you most likely to find your mythical night of slumber-filled ecstasy?

Side sleepers, whose shoulders and hips can suffer serious pressure over the course of a night, will likely find their sweet spot with the G-7 Memory Foam layer on top (a ‘5’ on the trusty firmness scale).

Back sleepers and combination sleepers, who toss and turn like a fish out of water during the night, will want to try the ECO-Tex layer on top (‘6’ on the firmness scale). This level of firmness will keep the spine in alignment while retaining a fair amount of softness.

Front sleepers, who should be most concerned about spinal alignment and pressure on their joints, will feel at home with the High-Density Polyfoam layer on the top (with a firmness rating of ‘8’). Without firm support during the night, stomach sleepers will find themselves under unnecessary strain beneath their own body weight. A firm mattress can help keep everything ‘in its place’ while preventing the familiar feeling of morning aches and pains.

For those suffering from existing back pain issues, the Ecosa mattress is ideal. The interchangeable layers let misaligned sleepers select a firmness level that suits their needs on any given night, and its patented ergonomic design is specifically designed to aid spinal realignment. 

In fact, Ecosa claims that “2 in 3 customers noticed an improvement in their back problems” after sleeping on the Ecosa Original Mattress.

Ecosa mattress sleep position suitability

With this said, we can’t emphasise enough how these guidelines will not apply to everyone. You may find that a bedding setup which, on paper, is ideal for you is actually unbearable in practise. For example, heavier sleepers (over roughly 105kg) may find the mattress uncomfortable regardless of their sleeping position and the layer placed on top. As a side-note, Innerspring or hybrid mattresses are a good place to start your mattress search if you’re of the heavier variety.

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Temperature Neutrality

There’s nothing worse in these scorching Australian summers than waking up hot, sweaty and gasping for a drink of ice-cold water. Thankfully, Ecosa knows its stuff when it comes to keeping things cool. The air bubbles filling the mattress’ gel-suspended layer are specifically designed for keeping sleepers cool, comfortable and sweat-free.

Furthermore, the open-cell structure of the ECO-Tex layer further aids the mattress’ temperature-regulating efforts which, being memory foam, is incredibly important. Without cooling concessions, a night under a memory foam mattress can be indistinguishable from a night in the sauna. Thankfully, Ecosa has gone above and beyond in the temperature regulation department; even the hottest sleeper will find a cool night’s sleep here.

Edge Support

The Ecosa mattress offers edge support on-par with other high-quality memory foam mattresses. Falling out of bed won’t be a worry here, but if you’re the kind of person to regularly use the edge of your bed as a chair, the Ecosa mattress may not be quite up to the task.

So, what is edge support? It’s an often overlooked feature, but it’s one that can easily detract from the overall experience a mattress provides. Do you tend to sit on the edge of your bed? Poor edge support means that a mattress will buckle under your weight—regardless of what the scales say about you. In drastic cases, poor edge support can see you entering into a surprise freefall from the edge of the bed to the ground during the night! Not exactly ideal, is it?

It’s not just about keeping you from falling over, though: solid edge support gives a mattress structure and prevents it from sagging over the years. Many mattress types (like innerspring mattresses) make use of steel border rods or coils to provide this support, but the Ecosa mattress, due to its foam structure, offers edge support without them.

Motion Transfer

The motion transferring qualities of a mattress can make or break the sleeping experience of you and your partner alike. Put simply, motion transfer is the extent to which one person’s movements on a mattress can be felt by their partner elsewhere (on the same mattress, obviously). The better a mattress is at isolating motion, the less disturbance you and/or your partner will feel during the night. Less motion makes for a better night’s sleep, which in turn, makes you a happier sleeper!

Ecosa made a splash (or rather, didn’t) in the mattress market with its “Test of Wine”, a promotional video that showed off its mattress’ superb motion isolation technology. The company stacked glasses of wine on one side of their mattress and filmed the result of someone leaping onto the other side. What was the result? Not a single drop of wine was spilled.

This outstanding motion isolation comes as a result of the three pressure-relieving foam layers. By working in conjunction, they ensure that any pressure placed on the mattress doesn’t travel beyond its source. Jump up and down, however much you like, and the foam layers (particularly the thick, high-density polyfoam layer) will keep your partner sound asleep.

Advertisements are—naturally—to be taken with a pinch of salt, but in our experience, the Ecosa mattress really is outstanding when it comes to isolating the motion of even a particularly energetic sleeper. We don’t endorse recreating the Test of Wine for yourself, but we’re confident that light sleepers will love Ecosa’s motion isolation achievements.

Packaging and Delivery

The Ecosa mattress is part of the popular ‘bed-in-a-box’ market, meaning that it comes packaged in a deceptively compact, stomach-height box. Once removed from the box, it slowly unfurls into its final shape and can be placed on your bed frame, base or box spring.

Additionally, both delivery and returns are free of charge in Australia. Plus, Ecosa offers free 4-hour delivery throughout major Australian cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide).

Warranty & Terms of Sale

One of the reasons Ecosa has earned the love of sleepers the world over is the company’s unrivalled levels of customer service and post-purchase support. In addition to the aforementioned 100-night risk-free trial, which lets you return the mattress within 100 nights for a full refund, Ecosa also offers a 15-year limited warranty covering sag over 2cm. Typically, the best consumers can expect from a warranty is 10 years covering sag over 2.5cm. With this in mind, Ecosa’s offering is truly outstanding, better than any competitor on the market and a sure sign of Ecosa’s devotion to quality products and superb customer service.

Without these support systems in place, buying a mattress would be a far scarier prospect. Thankfully Ecosa has done everything in its power to remove the worry from the mattress buying process.


Despite its dynamic construction, the high-quality materials used and the unbeatable post-purchase support, the Ecosa mattress is surprisingly affordable. Available in sizes from Single to Super King and prices from $799 to $1,499 (Australian Dollars), the Ecosa mattress is available in sizes to suit any bed. Take a look at the full price list, with dimensions, below:

  • Single (92 X 188 X 25 cm) – $799
  • Long Single (92 X 203 X 25 cm) – $849
  • King Single (107 X 203 X 25 cm) – $899
  • Double (107 X 203 X 25 cm) – $999
  • Queen (153 X 203 X 25 cm) – $1,099
  • King (183 X 203 X 25 cm) – $1,199
  • Super King (203 X 203 X 25 cm) – $1,499

Ecosa also runs “20% off” sales on their mattresses and other products throughout the year. If you’re lucky, you could get an Ecosa mattress as cheap as $639.20 (Single size at a 20% discount).

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Buyer Feedback

We analysed almost 200 genuine buyer reviews to get a feel for how real Australian customers felt about the Ecosa mattress. The vast majority of ratings hit those golden ‘five stars’, and the overall rating sat at around 4.2 stars—an admirable rating, there’s no doubt about it.

  • 70% of customers claimed that the mattress did not retain heat. This is excellent for a memory foam mattress which, as stated, are often unavoidably prone to head retention.
  • 79% of customers reported zero sagging, which reinforces Ecosa’s confident 15-year warranty on 2cm of sag.
  • One customer in Queensland claimed that it “took about a week to get used to the firmness”…”now.. It seems just right!”
  • Another satisfied customer notes how the mattress “just absorbs your body”.

Australia is clearly blown away with Ecosa’s adaptable, dynamic mattress. At such a low price and with the company’s top-notch customer service, it’s easy to see why.

Final Verdict

In five short years, Ecosa has whisked the mattress world away in a hurricane of good prices, great quality and unbeatable customer service (that 15-year warranty really is a shocker). With its unique selling point—the three swappable foam layers—it’d be easy to disregard the Ecosa mattress as a mere gimmick, but it really does hold up as a mattress in its own right.

The Ecosa mattress gets a ‘thumbs up’ from us. If you’re still doubtful, however, remember that you have 100 risk-free nights to try out the mattress!

Ecosa Mattress


  •    Type: Mixed foam
  •    Adjustable firmness
  •    100-night sleep trial
  •    15-year warranty
  •    Free shipping
  •    Afterpay financing


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