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Ecosa Mattress Review Yay or nay?

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Buying a mattress is a tough job. And buying it online is even tougher. What if you don’t like the firmness or feel of the bed later? These are valid questions but homegrown brand Ecosa has mostly found an answer with its 3-in-1 adjustable firmness mattress.

The Ecosa mattress can be tuned to three firmness levels medium, medium-firm and firm, giving buyers the power to customise their bed how they like it. Add to that, Ecosa throws an industry-leading 15-year warranty and a waterproof (yet breathable) mattress protector into this product, making it a solid proposition for value-seeking Aussies. 

The Ecosa mattress is versatile and it’s one of the top-performing mattresses we’ve reviewed but is it suitable for you? In this review, we’ll scrutinise the Ecosa mattress for its pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision at the time of purchase.

Ecosa mattress review

Comfort and firmness are highly subjective and no single mattress works for everyone. That’s why besides our independent assessment, we have studied hundreds of customer feedback logged online. We believe this hybrid approach makes our analysis closer to reality.

Review Summary

Our research shows that Ecosa is the only mattress in the world that can be adjusted to three firmness levels — medium (6), medium-firm (6.5) and firm (8). This innovative construction must make the Ecosa mattress versatile but is it really fit for everyone?

We don’t think so because even in its softest configuration, the Ecosa mattress is a bit on the firmer side. But again, that’s how it is designed — to be supportive yet provide cushioning in the right places. Which means, if you are looking for teddy bear-type plushness, you may have to look elsewhere.

As a function of their weight, petite or folks under 58 kg may not exert enough pressure to activate the comfort layers and find the mattress a bit firm, especially in the side sleeping position.

Coming to the good part, we think the Ecosa mattress is an excellent choice for average to heavier folks (59 to 120 kg) in all sleeping positions or anyone who likes a supportive yet comfortable bed in general. Those suffering from back, hip or shoulder pain may also find relief on the mattress as the ergonomic construction results in good spinal support. 

Couples would appreciate the excellent motion isolation while those who sleep hot (or get sweaty) at night should be able to sleep cool on the mattress.

Here’s a quick recap of who the Ecosa mattress is more likely to impress and otherwise.

Who may like the mattress?

Who may not like the mattress?

Tl;dr: We are a big fan of the Ecosa mattress and it’s not hard to justify. It’s a 3-in-1 bed, it’s supportive, it comes with a 15-year warranty and 100-night trial. All for $799 and up.

However, if you prefer a softer mattress or are looking for a pillow-top like feel, the Koala mattress may serve you better. Check our in-depth review of the Koala mattress here.


Ecosa is a versatile and smartly designed mattress that is a great fit in all three sleeping positions and an excellent choice for those experiencing back pain. Click the link below to save 20% off on the purchase.

Fact Sheet

    • Outer cover is made from sustainable Tencel fabric, which is also Oeko-Tex 100-certified.
    • Inner cover is waterproof and made from eco-friendly and breathable Evolon microfibers.
    • All the three foam layers are CertiPUR-US-certified, meaning they’re free from harmful and toxic chemicals.
    • Free Australia-wide shipping with same day delivery option in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. For non-metros, delivery takes two to seven days.
    • Free return pickup. There is a mandatory two week break-in period. Mattress pickup can take up to 10 business days. All the returned mattresses go to charities, mostly to The Salvation Army.
    • 100-night sleep trial period.
    • 15-year warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects or sag over 2 cm.
    • The Ecosa mattress is assembled in China with materials sourced primarily from Germany.

Firmness & Feel

Firmness and feel are the most important factors one should look while buying a mattress. So let’s see how the Ecosa mattress feels across the three configurations.

Ecosa mattress layer wise firmness

How firm is the Ecosa mattress?

The feel and firmness of the mattress will depend entirely on how you position the three foam layers, and, most importantly, which one goes on top. The mattress can be adjusted to three firmness levels — medium (6), medium-firm (6.5) and firm (8).

The G-7 memory foam layer scores 6/10 on the firmness scale, meaning it’s medium. The Eco-tex memory foam layer is medium-firm or 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. The High-density polyfoam layer has the firmest configuration of 8. The default firmness at the time of arrival is medium because the G-7 layer comes on top. If you place the Eco-tex on top instead, the bed will become medium-firm and if you swap it with the High-density layer, your bed will be firmer. 

Switching the layers is pretty straightforward but zipping them up back in the cover can take time. The whole process took me 10 to 12 minutes. 

Ecosa mattress feel

How was my sleep experience?

I am 5’8″ and 72 kg. I’m mostly a side sleeper but I switch to my back or stomach once in a while. Here I’ll be sharing my experience of sleeping in different positions across the three firmness foams.

In default or medium arrangement:

I slept most comfortably on the default ‘medium’ arrangement.

On the side position, I experienced a gentle sink followed by pressure relief and later the G-7 foam contoured my body. I also found myself adequately supported while sleeping on the back but that wasn’t the case when I switched to stomach or front sleeping. My spine sank in more than I liked and the misalignment made me uncomfortable. So I feel this arrangement may not suit stomach sleepers.

In medium-firm arrangement:

The medium-firm configuration was more supportive and responsive and overall, I felt I was sleeping ‘on’ the mattress rather sleeping ‘in’ it.

Back and stomach sleeping were quite comfortable. I felt my body weight was evenly distributed and the support around the shoulder and hip areas was optimum. I feel people with back or shoulder pain may sleep better in this configuration.

Side sleeping was decent but not as comfortable as on the medium configuration.

In firm arrangement:

The firmest configuration is achieved by placing the high-density support foam on top and it’s not quite desirable for side and back sleepers, I realised.

My shoulders had jammed up in the side position. My hip and shoulder areas experienced little to no sinkage while sleeping on the back. However, I felt adequately supported when I lay on my stomach.

One thing to note here is that how the individual layers perform also depends on the sleeper’s weight. I’m 72 kg, so I find the firmest configuration quite hard to sleep on but a 100 kg person may find it medium-firm.

What does the mattress feel like?

All the three arrangements lead to a distinctive feel. 

In the default ‘medium’ setting, the G-7 memory foam layer cradles and hugs you as any memory foam would. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t change positions without feeling ‘stuck’. This layer is 2″ thick and aids the micro-movements well.

Sleeping on the ‘medium-firm’ arrangement — with Eco-Tex layer on top — is akin to sleeping on a latex mattress. It’s bouncy and responsive.

In the firmest configuration, achieved by swapping the high-density layer on top, you will feel supported, especially around hip areas. Plus, you won’t sink into the bed uncomfortably.

For average-weight sleepers 58 to 110 kg

Average-weight sleepers should find the Ecosa mattress comfortable in all sleeping positions. Side sleepers would experience pressure-relief and conforming support in the medium-firm arrangement. 

Back sleepers should receive good lumbar support in the medium and medium-firm configurations. This may ease their pre-existing lower back pain. 

Stomach sleepers should feel their spine correctly aligned and supported in both the medium and firm arrangements.

For lightweight sleepers Under 58 kg

Lightweight back and stomach sleepers should get proper spinal support in the medium or medium-firm arrangement. However, petite side sleepers would find the mattress a bit too firm.

For heavy-weight sleepers Over 120 kg

Heavy-weight back and stomach sleepers should find the firmest arrangement supportive. However, the firmest layer feels a tad too firm around the shoulder region, so heavyweight side sleepers may feel jammed up there.


Ecosa is a 10″ all-foam bed but what sets it apart from the rest is the three unique layers it’s made of. So let’s deconstruct this mattress and see what each component has to offer.

ecosa mattress construction

Removable Cover: Right on top is the mattress cover, which is made from Tencel fibre (which originates from wood pulp) and a polyester blend. This results in a fabric that’s soft, breathable, stretchy but also durable. The cover is STANDARD 100-certified, meaning it’s free from harmful chemicals. Thanks to the wooden origin, it’s also naturally hypoallergenic. And it’s a breeze when it comes to maintenance — unzip the cover and throw in the machine.

Ecosa mattress removable cover
Ecosa mattress cover closeup

Waterproof protector: Our research suggests that Ecosa is the only mattress in Australia that comes in-built with a mattress protector. The cover is made up of Evolon microfibers, a breathable fabric that is waterproof as well. This layer also provides resistance against dust mites.

ecosa waterproof layer
Waterproof layer

G-7 memory foam layer (Medium): You can identify this 2-inch perforated layer by its light blue colour. Being the softest of the three, it offers good contouring and pressure relief to sleepers without trapping too much heat, which is often the case with foam mattresses. This cooling can be attributed to the gel that is infused in the layer. It’s also a bit more responsive than the traditional memory foam, so you can say bye-bye to that ‘quicksand’ feeling.

G-7 Layer

Eco-tex foam layer (Medium-firm): Beneath the G-7 layer is the 1.5″ layer of white, open-cell Eco-tex memory foam. It is slightly firmer and more supportive than the G-7 and yet surprisingly, it’s responsive and bouncy. As a result, you don’t sink in but float on the mattress.

Eco-tex layer

Support foam (Firm): At 7″ thick, this HD Polyfoam is designed with special cut-outs to offer you ergonomic support and responsiveness. It is yellow in shade.

Ecosa Mattress HD Poly Base


Ecosa is a versatile and smartly designed mattress that is a great fit in all three sleeping positions and an excellent choice for those experiencing back pain. Click the link below to save 20% off on the purchase.

Mattress Size Options And Price Chart

SizeDimensions (LxWxH)Weight*RRP
Single188 x 92 x 25 cm21 kg$799
Long Single203 x 92 x 25 cm23 kg$849
King Single203 x 107 x 25 cm26 kg$899
Double188 x 138 x 25 cm30 kg$999
Queen203 x 153 x 25 cm35 kg$1,099
King203 x 183 x 25 cm42 kg$1,199
Super King203 x 203 x 25 cm50 kg$1,499

* Ecosa runs $200 OFF across all sizes pretty much through the year. During EOFY, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and Valentines Day, the discounts can go up to 40%.

Mattress Performance

While firmness and feel are critical factors, many other parameters can make or break your sleep. So let’s find out how Ecosa mattress fares in temperature regulation, motion transfer, edge support, etc. 

Sleep temperature


Usually, all-foam mattresses tend to trap more heat than traditional innerspring or hybrid mattresses but Ecosa fares better in the temperature regulation department. How, you wonder?

The top G7 memory foam layer is infused with gel particles, the transition Eco-Tex layer is perforated and open-cell and the outer cover is made from breathable Tencel fabric. All these promote airflow and prevent the mattress from heating up. As a result, the Ecosa mattress should sleep a lot cooler than most foam mattresses.

Motion isolation for couples


Motion isolation means how well a mattress can prevent movements, rolling or turning in bed from travelling from one end to another. All-foam mattresses do a good job in absorbing those motions and the Ecosa mattress is no exception.

We observed almost no motion transfer in the medium and medium-firm settings while the firm configuration gave away a bit.

So Ecosa is a good choice for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by each other’s movements.

Edge support


Edge support is not a strong point of foam mattresses but Ecosa, we found, does slightly better.

In the medium and medium-firm configurations, its edge support is better than most all-foam models. Which means, you won’t feel like you are falling off the mattress when you sit or sleep close to the edges. The edge support is even better in the firmest setting.

Sex comfort


Bouncy or responsive mattresses tend to be better for intimacy as they let you change the positions with ease, sparing you that ‘feeling of getting stuck’ or those creaking sounds. Considering this, innerspring or hybrid mattresses do a better job in this department but where the foam mattresses beat them is that the latter make zero noise when you are having a good time between the sheets.

The medium-firm and firm configurations of Ecosa are more responsive and relatively better options for sex than the default setting, we’d say.



The Ecosa mattress was launched in 2015 and re-designed in 2018, so we don’t have evidence if it can last for eight to 10 years. However, given the construction quality and materials used, we think the mattress has an above-average lifespan of about seven years.

And given that it comes with a 15-year warranty, which is one of the highest in the industry, the brand looks very confident in its revamped offering.

Pro tip: You may want to rotate the mattress from head to foot every three months so that it wears away evenly and keeps going for long.



Off-gassing is common to mattresses that come in a box. The Ecosa mattress also gave off a slight smell on unboxing but the odour dissipated in 24 hours and the bed was pleasant to sleep in.

Company Policies

Never overlook the fine print. This can ruin your after-purchase experience. That’s why, in this section, we are going to decode the terms and conditions of buying an Ecosa mattress.
ecosa mattress shipping box

Delivery (S&H)

Like all bed-in-a-box mattresses, Ecosa is also delivered vacuum-compressed in plastic and in a box.

The dimensions of the shipping boxes are:

  • Single, Long Single, King Single: 38cm x 38cm x 100cm
  • Double, Queen, King, Super King: 50cm x 50cm x 100cm

The box comes fitted with two wheels, which makes moving the package around hassle-free. Ecosa is the only brand in Australia and, most probably, the world to have this feature. It shows its commitment to designing products that are customer-friendly. 

The mattress is delivered free all over Australia. Buyers from metro areas like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide can get same-day delivery provided the order is placed before 01:30 PM. For the rest of the country, the shipment takes two to seven days to reach. 

The mattress is delivered to the front door and, in some cases, to the ground floor of a storeyed-house. The courier company does not carry the product upstairs.

Sleep trial

The Ecosa comes with a 100-night risk-free trial. So if you don’t vibe with your mattress for some reason, you can initiate a return and get your money back.

However, Ecosa takes up the return order only when you have tried the mattress for at least 14 days. The logic here is that a body would take at least two weeks to get accustomed to the new bed.

Return policy

The returns are free and can take up to 10 days, depending on where you live. All the returned mattresses are donated to charities (mainly The Salvation Army) and never re-sold.

The mattresses are picked up by the charity, not by Ecosa. So if you live in an area where Ecosa’s charity partners don’t operate, Ecosa may ask you to donate to a local charity and share the receipt instead.

Please note, Ecosa allows one return of a maximum of two mattresses per household. So no matter how many Ecosa mattresses you order, you can return only two and not more than once each.

Free mattress topper — Does Ecosa provide one?

At the time of writing the review, Ecosa was providing their memory foam topper for free to customers who found the mattress firm. This is totally at the discretion of the company and there’s no policy around it. But it does show how much Ecosa is committed to customer satisfaction.


Ecosa offers an industry-leading 15-year warranty on the mattress. The warranty is non-prorated, which means, you don’t incur costs on the material, shipping or repair. The warranty covers sag or indents of over 20 mm or 2 cm. This is the lowest in the mattress industry wherein most brands cover sags starting 2.5 cm or above.

Please note, the warranty is non-transferable and reserved with the original purchaser.

Buyer Feedback & Complaints

We analysed 237 verified customer reviews and found that 3% of them were unhappy about the mattress being too firm. This is in line with our assessment as well. However, keep in mind that feel or firmness is subjective and it depends on the weight of the person and his/her/their preference.

A few people also cribbed about the return pickup being slow in non-metro areas.

How Does Ecosa Mattress Compare With Others?

When buying a product for long-term use, it’s always wise to compare and shop for the best. So let’s look at how the Ecosa mattress stacks up against other brands on the market.

Ecosa vs. Koala mattress​

Ecosa and Koala account for majority of customers in Australia between them. They are similar on many fronts (they are all-foam and have similar pricing and policies across shipping, trial and returns)  but they are uniquely apart too.

For one, Ecosa is an adjustable firmness mattress while the Koala bed comes with a single firmness. While Ecosa is on the firmer side of medium firmness, Koala is softer on this parameter.

In terms of function, Ecosa is designed to support while Koala is made for those who like their bed to offer plush and pressure-relief. And so, Ecosa works well for average to heavy-weight back and stomach sleepers, those who sleep on the side and those with bad backs. Koala, on the other hand, is better suited for lighter folks (less than 58 kg) and for the committed side sleepers.

Moreover, the Ecosa mattress sleeps cooler than the Koala mattress as it’s got cooling gel inside. Ecosa also trumps Koala on the warranty period (15 versus 10 years) and the sagging it can cover (over 2 cm versus 2.5 cm).

Who should get Ecosa mattress

  • Those who prefer a supportive mattress with good lumbar support.
  • Sleepers who are unsure what firmness they like.
  • Back, stomach, combination and select side sleepers (who like their bed firmer).
  • Sleepers experiencing back or shoulder pain.

Who should get Koala Mattress

  • Those who prefer a softer mattress.
  • Lightweight folks, especially side sleepers.

Summing It Up

The Ecosa is a cut over the rest: It’s got adjustable firmness, a waterproof protector, a cooling gel layer, a bang-for-the-buck pricing and an unheard 15-year warranty. 

Overall, I enjoyed sleeping on the Ecosa mattress and I consider it one of my top picks.


Ecosa is a versatile and smartly designed mattress that is a great fit in all three sleeping positions and an excellent choice for those experiencing back pain. Click the link below to save 20% off on the purchase.


People who suffer from back pain should go for a medium firmness mattress that supports the natural alignment of the spine in different positions. And Ecosa mattress fits that criteria well. With three firmness and feel to choose from, you are most likely to find the support your back wants.

Full Disclosure: The information provided above is no substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor for health-related questions.

In our opinion, Ecosa mattress is an excellent option and it’s among the top two in Australia. If you’re looking for a supportive mattress with multiple firmness options, Ecosa is worth getting.

Ecosa mattress is designed in Australia and assembled in China from mostly German materials.

Firmness is subjective. What is firm for you may not be firm for your partner. However, technically speaking, Ecosa is a touch firmer even in its ‘medium’ configuration. So it may feel a bit firm initially but allow yourself two weeks on it and it will soften up and your body will also acclimatise to the new bed . In all, Ecosa isn’t a firm mattress but it isn’t a soft mattress either.

The Ecosa mattress sleeps cooler than most all-foam mattresses due to the gel-infused memory foam and open-cell foam used. But it sleeps hotter when compared to innerspring mattresses.

Ecosa mattress can take up to 72 hours to fully expand to its original shape and size.

Ecosa mattress is CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX-certified, which means, it adheres to the strictest international standards and is safe for kids and adults alike.

Ecosa mattress has a weight limit of a total of 300 kg or 150 kg per person.

Yes, the Ecosa mattress cover is machine-washable at room temperature. For stains on the foam layers, it’s recommended to spot clean with a solution of water and mild soap and air dry it later.

Ecosa Mattress

ecosa mattress review


Overall Rating

Support: 4/5
Cooling: 4.2/5
Motion Transfer: 4.6/5
Edge Support: 3.5/5
Durability: 4.5/5
Trial Period: 4.5/5
Warranty: 5/5

20% OFF (Auto-applied)

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