Ecosa Pillow Review (Buy or Avoid?)

You can almost feel it just by thinking about it, can’t you? That uncomfortable pain in the neck, that tightness. It’s all-too common, and a shocking amount of it is down to your pillow. Whether it’s old and worn out, or it was simply never up to the task in the first place, your pillow should be your first port of call when looking to tackle any troubling neck pain.

We’ve already held the Ecosa Pillow high as our go-to Australian pillow for neck pain sufferers or anyone in general looking for a comfortable pillow, and today we’d like to explore in a greater detail why that is. We’ve assessed its construction, design and feel—in addition to some innovative customisation and ergonomic features—to help you understand how the Ecosa contoured memory foam pillow is a top pick for Aussies with a crick in their neck or an ache in their shoulders.

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Verdict: Other bedding brands better watch Ecosa closely. With an ingenious ergonomic contour design, adjustable height pads and high-quality charcoal activated memory foam filling, the Ecosa Pillow is truly a masterclass in keeping spines straight and necks free of pain. An individual’s body type or sleeping position matters little here: the pillow can be adjusted on the fly, and its medium feel means that it should hit the ‘firmness spot’ for almost any sleeper.

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Table of Contents

Forgotten your reading glasses? Need to get to the ‘good bit’ as soon as possible? With this table of contents, you can skip straight to the part of the review that matters the most to you!

We know, all this preamble can be a “pain in the neck”, but we’re into the good bit now. Let’s take a close look at the Ecosa Pillow and see what makes it so special.

About the Brand

Since 2015, Australian brand Ecosa has been producing bedroom furniture with the same set of ideals in mind. High-quality materials, environmentally-friendly production processes and consumer-focused practises are at the forefront of everything the company does; it’s a business model that has seen the company earn a range of accolades from countless awarding bodies in both Australia and beyond. The Ecosa Pillow is no different, standing out as another solid example of the company’s innovative design principles and overall sense of conscientiousness. For instance, the longstanding partnership between Ecosa and The Salvation Army means that, should you return your Ecosa Pillow, it will go straight to a family-in-need rather than the waste disposal. Talk about guilt-free shopping!

Construction & Design

ecosa pillow construction

Just one look at the Ecosa contoured memory foam pillow is enough to tell you that there’s a lot more going on under the hood than with most standard pillows available in Australia. Before we unzip it and take a peek inside, let’s take a look at its external features.

Contour Design:

For one, its ergonomic contour shape, almost peanut-esque design means that it rises up to meet your neck and keep it aligned with your spine. The Ecosa pillow has a higher and lower side. Back and stomach sleepers may prefer to sleep on the lower side while the side sleepers may find sleeping on the higher side more comfortable.

Adjustable Height:

When it comes to avoiding neck pain, the alignment of the neck and spine is crucial and the unique contour design of the Ecosa memory foam pillow achieves this in spades. It’s a huge part of the reason for this contour pillow’s pain-relieving and supportive qualities.

On top of that, its adjustable height pads, of which there are two, make the pillow suitable for a vast range of sleepers. Larger body types or broad-shouldered side sleepers will want to bolster their pillow with both height pads, whereas smaller body types may fare well with just the pillow by itself. Of course, your sleep style will also determine which height is most suitable for you: side sleepers, for example, will require more loft than back or front sleepers. Regardless of how many pads you need, you’ll be pleased to know that the pillow will always fit Australian standard 38cm x 56cm pillow cases.


Inside the pillow is a CertiPUR-US certified activated charcoal memory foam filling, made with a unique 3D structure which prevents heat and moisture from building up within (a major concern with memory foam). As well as keeping your neck straight and shoulders in their proper places, this pillow can keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The charcoal-based foam also means that the pillow is naturally antimicrobial and prevents unwanted odours from building up.

Finally, the removable, washable cover is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that it’s proven to be 100% free from hazardous substances. Plus, it’s incredibly breathable too.


The Ecosa pillow is portable too! It comes with two compression bags allowing you to carry the pillow wherever you go.

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

ecosa pillow firmness

At a ‘medium’ firmness, the Ecosa Pillow offers a fantastic middle ground for Aussie sleepers of almost any sleep style or comfort preference. Ecosa states that it has designed the product to be “plush but still supportive”, which we find to be true. However, if you’re in the market for a particularly plush pillow, the kind of thing best-suited for front sleepers, this might not quite offer what you’re looking for. Still, for the vast majority of Aussies, the Ecosa Pillow should see you drifting off to dreamland in no time.

Naturally, memory foam is always a good pick for pain relief, no matter who you are or how you sleep. It contours to your body type and sleep position, relieving pressure points and adopting a shape which is—quite literally—customised to you.

As for that all-important ergonomic design, we find that it lives up to the promise of working with your neck’s natural shape and promoting a healthy, pain-free style of sleep. If you’re suffering from neck or shoulder pain, this could be the very thing to put an end to your sleepless nights. However, it’s important to note that a doctor’s advice is always the most important step in tackling any ongoing pain issues. High-quality products like this can be a valuable support for medical treatment, but they’re no replacement.

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Warranty, Terms of Sale & Pricing


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Trial Period

100-night risk-free trial.


100-day limited warranty covering manufacturer defects.

Buyer Reviews

With an aggregated four stars on productreview.com.au, Australia seems to agree with us that Ecosa has hit the mark when it comes to this pillow. One buyer, “Happysleeper” from Sydney, highlighted the pillow’s suitability for combination sleepers:

“I bought this in the hopes of getting a good night sleep, I was struggling to even get to sleep before with my neck and back pain. Perfect amount of support, I don’t sleep one specific way and no matter how I’m laying it’s comfortable”.

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Final Verdict

Whether you’re large or small-framed, a side sleeper or back-sprawler, the Ecosa Pillow has got what it takes to set your neck and shoulders up for a cool, comfortable and pain-free night. Its ergonomic design and memory foam filling conforms to the shape of your neck and head, keeping everything straight, supported and in its proper place. In addition, the adjustable height pads make sure that your neck doesn’t tilt too far in either direction—a significant cause of that dreaded morning neck ache. 

We think Ecosa has knocked it out of the park with this contoured memory foam pillow, and we’re sure any comfort-seeking Aussie would agree.

Ecosa Pillow


  •   Contoured memory foam pillow
  •   Supportive & great for neck pain relief
  • Suits all range of sleepers
  •   100-night trial
  •   Free Shipping


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