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Emma Comfort Mattress Review (2022 Update)

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If you’re suffering from disruptive sleep, you may be considering a new mattress, and you may be wondering if the Emma Comfort Mattress is right for you. Emma Sleep is an industry heavyweight which sells over 2 million mattresses a year. We were pretty excited to test out the Emma comfort mattress and see if it could live up to the hype.

The Emma comfort mattress is the newer, upgraded model to the Emma original mattress (discontinued in Nov 2021). The upgraded Emma comfort mattress has been improved by replacing its predecessor’s three-layer constructions with a more simple two-layer construction. Naturally, I was excited to see how the new Emma comfort compares to the original.

We tested the Emma Comfort mattress (formerly Emma original), assessing every aspect of its feel, motion isolation and temperature neutrality. How does the Emma mattress fare for us Aussies, though? 

Does it live up to its lofty reputation? Find the answers below!

emma comfort review

Mattresses are highly subjective, and what may feel comfortable for one person may not be ideal for another. Besides our internal testing, we also consider real-world user reviews to see what previous buyers had to say regarding the mattress. We feel this is a more holistic approach to assessing a mattress.

Emma Mattress Review Breakdown:

The Emma comfort mattress is one of the best value for money mattresses on the Australian market. Just don’t get excited when you see the mattress at a 40 to 50% discount, as this is a permanent pricing strategy by the company.

It’s an excellent mattress for those who prefer a supportive feel, neither too soft nor too hard. It comes in one firmness level, which Emma refers to as “medium-firm” but we feel it’s slightly firmer than medium – about 7/10 on the firmness scale.

The balanced foam feel of the mattress makes it versatile and very accommodating for a wide range of sleepers, and sleeping styles. However, petite or heavier side sleepers may find the mattress a bit too firm for their liking. 

The zoned support system and the responsive comfort layer provide contoured pressure relief, especially around the hip region, promoting healthy spine alignment. Folks with back pain (especially lower back pain) may find the necessary support and relief in pressure points on the mattress (consult your GP to ascertain the underlying issue).

It scores well in the temperature regulation department, keeping you cooler. Couples will also appreciate the lack of motion transfer.

Like most bed-in-a-box brands, the Emma comfort comes with a 100-day trial with free shipping and returns, and if someone finds the mattress too firm, Emma will send over a topper to make it softer – at no additional cost.

Who may love the mattress?

Who may not love the mattress?

Tl;dr: All in all, the Emma comfort mattress is a safe pick, and should be on your list if you’re looking for a good value mattress.

Emma Comfort Mattress

Emma comfort offers a good bang for your buck and is accommodating enough for most average people. Click the button to save up to 55% on your purchase.

Firmness & Feel

How Firm is the Emma Comfort Mattress?

In terms of firmness, Emma comfort feels like 7/10, a little firmer than average. The industry standard for medium-firm is 6.5, so Emma comfort is slightly firmer than medium-firm. That said, firmness is a subjective number as the sleeper’s perception of the firmness will depend on their weight and sleep position.

A larger person, especially in the side sleeping position, would find the mattress even firmer as they would press further into the mattress, and hit the HRX foam support layer. Petite folks would find it slightly softer as they would be sleeping on the softer Airgocell comfort layer.

Sleeping on Emma comfort mattress

In the back sleeping position, we experienced excellent support on Emma comfort. Our hips sank in a little, but not too much, and it was just the right amount to provide good pressure relief on our lower back. Similarly, stomach sleeping (while not the healthiest position) was comfortable too. We didn’t experience any excessive sinkage around our stomach and hip area.

Moving on to side sleeping, we had a divided opinion. Our lighter testers (below 50 kg) found the mattress to be a little firm in the side sleeping position, while the average weighted folks (me included) found it to be just right. The zoned support feels softer around the shoulders and firmer around the hips, which is great for side sleepers as it provides good pressure relief on the shoulder while preventing your hips from sinking in too far.

What Does Emma Comfort Feel Like?

The Emma comfort has a neutral foam feel, not too cushiony or too bouncy. The mattress is responsive and has a slight bounce, so you should expect a good amount of pressure relief without feeling stuck. Laying on the mattress, you sink in a little but not too much. You should find it easy to move around and change positions on the mattress.

Average Weight Sleepers (60-100 kg)

For average weight sleepers, the Emma comfort mattress is a versatile option that should work for most sleeping positions. The responsive surface of the mattress also makes it a good choice for combination sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers (40-60 kg)

Lightweight and petite sleepers should find the Emma comfort mattress comfortable in back and stomach sleeping positions, but it may be a little too firm for side sleepers.

Heavy Sleepers (above 100 kg)

For heavier sleepers, the Emma comfort mattress is a good option for back and stomach sleeping, but may be a bit too firm for side sleeping. Generally, heavier or larger people are better choosing a hybrid or innerspring mattress, as they offer more durable support.

Under 60 Kg 60 to 100 Kg Above 100 Kg
Side Sleepers Fair Excellent Poor
Back Sleepers Good Excellent Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Excellent Fair

Emma Comfort Construction

emma comfort mattress construction

What are the building blocks of the Emma Comfort mattress? In short, it boasts two foam layers topped with two separate covers, all of which carry the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, which means they’re free of hazardous materials or chemicals. We’ll look at each layer making the mattress and how they contribute to the overall feel.


This 99% polyester/1% elastane removable top cover is soft, breathable and “snugly” fits around the mattress. The company claims the fabric wicks away sweat and moisture, and maintains humidity. The thin cover should not greatly affect the feel of the mattress and will protect the inner layers.

The grey side section of the cover, which houses four support handles, is made of 100% polyester for added durability, while the bottom section of the cover is made of 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene to provide a non-slip surface. The outer cover is machine washable.


The inner foam layers are wrapped in a knit fabric “sock” which prevents the foam layers from moving.

Top Comfort Layer

The top comfort layer is made of 3” of proprietary Airgocell foam. The company claims this is an open-celled foam that allows for better airflow, and does a great job of motion isolation due to the point elasticity. The custom foam blend has a balanced memory foam and latex feel, providing decent contouring while maintaining some bounciness.

Support Layer

Below the comfort layer is the 7” thick polyether foam support layer which the company refers to as HRX foam. The layer has special cutouts for targeted zoned support. The support layer is softer around the head and shoulder region, and firmer around the hip region, which allows the mattress to contour to the body while providing support where it’s needed.

The company claims the support layer is also open-celled and promotes breathability.

Mattress Height

The Emma comfort mattress measures 10” or 25 cm in thickness, similar to most all-foam beds.

Emma Comfort Price & Size Options

The Emma comfort mattress is available in all standard mattresses sizes. Price wise, the mattress sits at a happy medium of affordable and premium pricing models.

Sizes Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Box Dimensions Price (MSRP) Average Discount 40%
Single 188 x 92 x 25 cm 17 kg 38 x 38 x 110 cm $899 $539
King Single 203 x 107 x 25 cm 19 kg 39 x 38 x 110 cm $1,199 $719
Double 188 x 138 x 25 cm 26 kg 40 x 38 x 110 cm $999 $599
Queen 203 x 153 x 25 cm 29 kg 45 x 45 x 110 cm $1,299 $779
King 203 x 183 x 25 cm 35 kg 46 x 45 x 110 cm $1,399 $839

Emma Comfort

Emma comfort offers a good bang for your buck and is accommodating enough for most average people. Click the button to save up to 55% on your purchase.

Mattress Performance

We put the Emma comfort mattress through a series of tests to evaluate different performance aspects, including temperature regulation, edge support, durability, etc.

Sleep temperature


All-foam mattresses, in general, trap some heat compared to the innerspring or hybrid mattresses. That said, the Emma comfort mattress does a fantastic job in temperature regulation and sleeps quite cool. It’s one of the coolest all-foam beds we’ve reviewed at WhatASleep.

The open-celled Airgocell and HRX support layers seem to do their job in promoting airflow and breathability.

Motion Isolation for Couples


Surprisingly, the Emma comfort mattress isolates motion quite well. Even though the mattress is a little responsive, the Airgocell layer does a good job of localising and limiting motion transfer.

Emma comfort is a good choice for couples as any tossing and turning shouldn’t significantly disturb the partner’s slumber.

Edge Support


Foam mattresses, in general, don’t score high on edge support as they don’t have reinforced parameters. The Emma comfort is no different, but still better than Koala or Ecosa in the edge support department. The mattress sinks a little when you sit on the edge, especially for heavier people but you don’t feel like you will fall from the bed.

The edge support is decent for an all-foam mattress, and should be adequate for most people. If edge support is important, you should consider a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

Sex Comfort


All-foam mattresses have a reputation of being not great for sex, as they lack bounciness and responsiveness. However, the balanced foam feel of the Emma comfort does provide a good rebound, and makes switching positions easy. Also, being a foam bed, it doesn’t make any noise like innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

Overall, the Emma comfort is a great mattress for getting intimate.



Usually, most bed-in-a-box mattresses have some off-gassing or new mattress smell when you first unbox due to the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). In the case of the Emma comfort, the odour was quite strong compared to other mattresses we’ve reviewed. However, the smell dissipated within 48 hours and wasn’t an issue.



I’m no chemical scientist, but having reviewed over fifty mattresses in the last two years, I know a thing or two about mattress durability. The Emma comfort’s inner foam layers are unique, unlike anything I have seen before. The layers are quite dense and visibly well built. I believe the mattress should not sag and easily last at least six to seven years with constant use. Please note these are subjective observations and not really based on any hard data.

Company Policies

It’s always good to know the company policies and understand the fine print before purchasing, especially something like a mattress.


Emma offers a 10-year warranty covering sag of 2.5cm or more. The warranty does cover faults attributed to manufacturing defects, although these must be reported within the first six months of ownership.

free topper emma
Free topper

Sleep Trial

Emma offers a 100-night sleep trial. You can return the mattress for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with it during this time. You’d need to contact customer service to organise a return.

Just note that many users have reported that customer support is on the slower side.

Note: If you find the mattress firm to your liking, customer support sends out a free topper which should help soften the mattress a bit.

emma comfort box packaging

Shipping and Delivery

Emma ships its mattresses across Australia free of charge. However, the shipping is on the slower side. The mattress was delivered to our Sydney address in 8 days. In comparison, the Koala and Ecosa mattresses were delivered to us in a day.

It arrives at your door vacuum-packed into a 38x38x110cm box (45x45x110cm for the Queen and King sizes). You simply need to unpack it, let it “inflate” for a couple of hours and you’re all good to go!

Return Policy

Returns are also free, so you don’t need to worry about getting stung by unexpected charges should you change your mind within the risk-free trial.

Emma comfort vs. Koala vs. Ecosa

How does the Emma comfort fare up against the two top mattresses in Australia – the Koala and Ecosa

Before we get to the comparison, let’s just say that all three of these mattresses are great options in their own right – it really just comes down to personal preferences.

Objective differences:

  • Both Ecosa (6,6.5 and 8) and Koala (6 and 7) have adjustable firmness options, while Emma comfort comes with just one firmness option (7). However, Emma does send out a free topper for those who find the mattress too firm.
  • All three mattresses come with a 100-night trial period and free returns.
  • In terms of pricing, the Emma comfort is about $500 cheaper than Koala and roughly $300 cheaper than Ecosa.
  • The shipping is on the slower side for Emma comfort as it takes about a week for the mattress to be delivered, while Koala and Ecosa take just a few days to metro locations.
  • Many users have reported that Emma customer support is slow to respond, but we didn’t face any issues. Ecosa and Koala, on the other hand, have excellent customer support.

Differences in feel:

  • Side sleepers who enjoy extra pressure relief, or someone looking for a mattress with a softer feel may want to consider Koala (softest setting).
  • Ecosa is a good option for those who want maximum adjustability and are willing to pay a bit more. Ecosa, in its firmest configuration (8/10), may just be the right pick for those who prefer a firm mattress.
  • Emma comfort has a middle of the road feel somewhere between Koala and Ecosa, and this is why it should work with a wide range of sleepers. It’s a good all-rounder mattress at an affordable price.

Buyer Feedback & Complaints

We scanned through hundreds of reviews online and here’s what we found:

  • Many users complained about the slow shipping and customer support issues.
  • 131 reviewers (92% of the sample) rated Emma comfort as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.
  • 7 reviewers (5% of the sample) found the mattress firm, but this was mostly from side sleepers. Firmness is subjective and depends on the person’s weight as well. That said, Emma is a little firmer than a medium-firm mattress.
  • A few reviewers (1% of the sample) mentioned that the mattress was too soft.
  • 28% of the reviewers explicitly mentioned that the mattress slept cool.
  • Some users mentioned that the mattress had a bit of an initial smell.


The Emma comfort is perhaps the best value for money mattress in Australia. It’s a durable and comfortable mattress that will accommodate a wide range of sleepers, and will work especially well for those who’re after a supportive mattress.

What do you think of our Emma comfort mattress review? Have you tried the Emma comfort mattress? Your opinion matters to us, so please leave a comment below!

Emma Comfort

Emma comfort offers a good bang for bucks is accommodating enough for most average people. Click the button to save up to 55% on your purchase.

James Lee

James Lee

James is the content director at WhatASleep, a certified sleep science coach from Spencer Institute and our in-house sleep product expert. Over three years, he's personally tested hundreds of mattresses. He likes to keep his reviews simple, objective, and straightforward so that the readers don't have to go through decision fatigue which is often the case while shopping for sleep products.

He hails from Sydney and has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Emma Comfort



WhatASleep Score

Support: 4.4/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Durability: 4.6/5
Trial Period: 4.5/5
Warranty: 4.5/5

Up to 55% OFF

4 thoughts on “Emma Comfort Mattress Review”

  1. The mattress looks excellent, arrived quickly, wrong size though! Customer service took three weeks to “approve” the replacement after numerous photos and emails. Customer service is quite slow and only via email.

    1. Hey Andy,

      Yes, the Emma support is on the slower side which many users have reported. What did you make out of the mattress? How was your experience?


    1. Hello Peter,

      In our testing, we found the Emma comfort mattress to be slightly firmer than a medium-firm but firmness can be a highly subjective number. You can request a free topper if the mattress feels firm. And yes, the support is on the slower side as many users have reported.


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