Ergoflex 5G Mattress Review - Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy?

Meet the Ergoflex 5G mattress, the mattress-in-a-box that’s looking to take on Australia’s premium brand, Tempur, and its own ‘Contour Supreme’ memory foam mattress. How? Well, simply by offering the same best-in-class materials and high-end craftsmanship at half the price of Tempur. It’s a true David and Goliath story, but does the Ergoflex 5G deliver on its promise of matching Tempur in comfort, support and chronic pain relief?

ergoflex 5g mattress review

We got to work picking the mattress apart with a fine-tooth comb (not literally), assessing its construction, comfort, sleep position suitability, temperature neutrality, motion isolation, edge support as well as Ergoflex’s customer support. What did we make of the fifth iteration of Ergoflex’s mattress technology? 

Let’s find out:

Ergoflex 5g Memory Foam Mattress: Quick Summary of the Ratings

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Verdict: Offering high-grade materials at a mid-range price, the Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress is a superb all-rounder for nearly every type of sleeper. Those suffering from chronic back and joint pain, however, will feel exceptionally catered-for with this mattress thanks to the gentle contouring effect of its proprietary high-density ACPT memory foam and its supportive, impact resistant base layer.

Thanks to the excellent pressure-relieving orthopedic support, Ergoflex is the mattress of choice of Olympic athletes such as Jessica FoxDane Bird-Smith, and Annette Edmundson, to name a few.

Also, unlike newer brands like Sleeping duckEcosa or Koala, Ergoflex has been in the Australian market for well over a decade, and its mattress has a proven track record of reliability, durability and stellar customer satisfaction. All in all, we believe you can’t go wrong with this mattress and with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Table of Contents

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About the Brand

Established all the way back in 2006 over in the UK (2010 in Australia), Ergoflex were one of the first ever bed-in-a-box companies; they pioneered many of the standard practices that define the modern mattress industry such as intentionally limited product ranges and the try-at-home risk-free trial. They’re also the only Australian bed-in-a-box company to have been trading longer than their 10-year warranty period. Why does this matter? It means they’re the only modern Australian mattress brand to have had their warranty fully put to the test.

Over its 10+ years in the mattress game, Ergoflex has earned numerous awards including a “GOLD Trusted Merchant” accreditation from Feefo, Which? “Best Buy” award for 2020 and ProductReview 2020 Mattress Award Winner. There’s no two ways about it, Ergoflex is a name you can trust. What about this mattress in particular, though? Does it stay true to the company’s long standing stellar reputation?


ergoflex construction

Ergoflex has cut absolutely no corners in the construction of this mattress. Featuring a 9cm-thick (three times most other brands) layer of Ergoflex’s own 5th Gen True HD ACPT memory foam, it offers an outstanding level of support and pain-relief at a remarkably reasonable price. 

While the high-density memory foam is the star of this show, there are still four other layers that help the Ergoflex 5G shine. Together, they make up the Ergoflex 5-layer sleep system:

  • TENCEL Removable Outer CoverBreathable, washable and hypoallergenic. TENCEL is a long-lasting fabric, made from sustainably sourced raw wood, that’s comfortable, moisture-wicking and naturally anti-bacterial. It’s a great fit for this mattress, and its mesh design only improves the mattress’ breathability and overall sleeping experience.
  • Micro-Fine Protective LayerThis works to protect the all-important inner layers.
  • 9cm HD ACPT memory foamHere’s the aforementioned high-density memory foam layer, and the aspect of this mattress which truly stands up to the might of Tempur. With an open-cell structure that helps keep things cool and breathable, combined with long-lasting hospital-grade materials, this foam layer contours to and supports the body, relieving pressure on the back and joints throughout the night.
  • 5cm Cool-Sleep airflow systemThis memory foam layer specialises in encouraging adequate airflow and regulating temperatures, especially valuable in the hot and humid Australian nights. It works by dissipating heat from inside the mattress to the surrounding air, keeping the mattress cool as a result.
  • 9cm High-Resilience impact resistant base layerAll good things are built upon a strong foundation, and the Ergoflex mattress is no different. This final foam layer ensures the longevity of the entire mattress and keeps everything else (including you) supported.

The top-quality materials and focus on firmness mean that the Ergoflex 5G is a durable and hard-wearing competitor in the mattress market. This isn’t just a well-made mattress, however, it’s also an ethically-made one too thanks to its CertiPur-US certified foams and OKEO-TEX® 100 certified fabrics (which mean they’re produced in a non-volatile environment, free from harmful chemicals).

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Comfort, Firmness & Feel

At a 6/10 (medium-firm) on the standard Australian mattress firmness rating, the Ergoflex 5G mattress is a real crowd-pleaser in terms of firmness and feel, able to provide comfort and solid support for a range of sleepers. Of course, comfort is a purely subjective thing, and while ratings can provide a useful indicator for a mattress’ feel, there’s no comparison for trying it out yourself. Thankfully, Ergoflex offers a 30-night risk-free trial, so you can try it out with zero worries; if you don’t get on with the mattress , they’ll pick it up at zero cost to you.

Unlike with some memory foams, you won’t be ‘sinking’ into the Ergoflex’s proprietary visco-elastic foam, instead it’ll gently contour to your body’s shape throughout the night. If you’re known to suffer pain in your back and joints, this contouring and its pressure-relieving effect could be a godsend. Ergoflex proudly states that the mattress is perfectly suited for those with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia as well as general back and joint stiffness. 

With that said, if you are suffering severe back, hip or joint pain, it’s always best to seek out the aid of a doctor too. Mattresses can form part of a successful pain treatment plan, but they aren’t a replacement for real medical support.

Ergoflex also provides a ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) rating of 13-15. While this may sound meaningless at first, it is a rather useful reference for the mattress’ firmness once you understand it. Put simply, the rating means that it will take 13-15lbs of pressure to make a 25% indentation on a 4-inch thick layer of memory foam. It’s a very specific piece of information, granted, but as they say: information is power.

ergoflex 5g mattress firmness scale

Sleep Position Ratings

At a medium-firm rating, Ergoflex claims that its mattress offers “clinically correct support for all”, and we’re inclined to agree. Personal preference is always a factor, but on paper, the Ergoflex 5G suits all sleepers: side snoozers, front slumpers, back slumberers and the ever-indecisive combination sleepers too.

Although this isn’t a particularly plush mattress, side sleepers will enjoy just enough cushioning here to keep the pressure off their shoulders and hips. Front sleepers, on the other hand, will enjoy how the medium-firmness keeps their spine aligned without putting too much pressure on their core. Finally, back sleepers will find their bodies perfectly matched to the mattress as the foam contours around them, keeping their joints and spine aligned during the night.

No group will see more benefit from this mattress than those poor souls suffering from persistent pain, whether on the back, joints or anywhere else. The memory foam cradles the body, keeping the hips and spine in alignment while distributing weight evenly throughout the mattress. The Ergoflex 5G has even received endorsements from medical professionals for its effectiveness in relieving chronic back and joint pain, and it’s genuinely easy to see why.

One caveat may arise for a certain subset of combination sleepers. Due to the nature of memory foam, people who change position frequently throughout the night may find themselves fighting against the mattress to adopt their new sleeping position.

Overall, the Ergoflex 5G mattress is a strong choice for any style of sleeper; it’s just a matter of trying it out for yourself to see if it’s truly the mattress of your dreams.

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Temperature Neutrality

This is clearly a product that has been designed with cooling in mind from the very start. As heat builds up in the high-density top layer, the middle layer (thanks to the Cool-Sleep system) works to disperse the heat away from the mattress, a feature that’s aided by the high-density foam’s open-cell structure and the breathable mesh TENCEL cover. With all of these features working in unison, the Ergoflex 5G mattress is a undeniably cool and collected champion.

Edge Support

The nature of memory foam makes edge support in the form of steel supports or heavy gauge coils an impossibility, so it’s never going to win any awards in the edge support department (it’s probably got enough already). Despite this, the foam layers are dense enough to provide adequate edge support anyway. You may sink a little bit when approaching the edge, but you shouldn’t struggle to get out of bed, and you needn’t worry about falling off the bed during the night.

Motion Transfer

With firmness and density at the forefront of this memory foam mattress’ design, it should, by all accounts, triumph when it comes to motion isolation. Thankfully, we can confirm that Ergoflex hasn’t let us down. The high-density ACPT memory foam works in conjunction with the impact resistant base layer to prevent motion transfer from even the most restless of sleepers. If you struggle to drift off peacefully because of your fidgety partner (or vice versa), the Ergoflex 5G could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Packaging and Delivery

Ergoflex offers fast 24-hour delivery Australia-wide from $19.99 ($89.99 for Saturday or after-hours delivery). While delivery isn’t free, returns are. $19.99 delivery may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but when most competitors offer free delivery to Australian metropolitan areas, it’s worth questioning why Ergoflex do not.

When it arrives, you’ll find the mattress in a compact box, wrapped in plastic. Once removed from the box, it will take roughly 4 hours to unfurl and take shape. Once it’s fully unfurled, you can place it on your bed base or frame of choice (Ergoflex strongly discourages placing the mattress on the floor or on platform surfaces).

Size Dimensions
Single 92cm x 187cm x 23cm
King Single 92cm x 203cm x 23cm
Double 106cm x 203cm x 23cm
Queen 152cm x 203cm x 23cm
King 183cm x 203cm x 23cm

Warranty & Terms of Sale

Ergoflex may have pioneered the risk-free mattress trial, but the company doesn’t offer the most generous trial in today’s market. Upon purchase, you’ll have 30 nights to decide if the 5G memory foam mattress suits your needs, although you’ll only be able to return it after night 21 (due to the adjustment period most people endure when changing mattresses). All of this may seem a little off-putting, but reports indicate that Ergoflex is more than happy to extend the trial period if asked. It’s still no challenger for, say, Sleeping Duck’s 100-night trial, but 30 nights (with a potential for an extension) is better than nothing.

When it comes to warranty, Ergoflex boasts the unique position of being the only Australian bed-in-a-box company that has proven the validity of its 10-year warranty (having existed in Australia for just over 10 years). Needless to say, the company hasn’t left any customers disappointed: they’re genuinely willing to replace or repair any sag in the high-density memory foam beyond 1 inch, within 10 years of purchase (subject to registering the mattress within 30 days of receiving it). Furthermore, the removable cover is protected by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects.


Ergoflex makes its strongest case when it comes to the bottom line: pricing. With outstanding quality materials and a medically-approved level of bodily support, the Ergoflex 5G mattress would have been hard to ignore regardless of the price. When you factor in how Ergoflex is asking for a fraction of what its competitor Tempur demands, however, it becomes nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from the 5G. Starting at $929 for the single and maxing-out at $1,749 for the King-Size, this mattress is a bargain no matter what size you opt for.

Take a look at the full price list below:

Long Single$979
King Single$999

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Buyer Feedback

It’s true what they say: the customer is always right. That’s why we assessed over 250 genuine customer reviews in an effort to gauge how real Australian customers felt about the Ergoflex 5G mattress. How did they feel? Pretty good, it seems! The consensus is positive across the board…

94% of customers asked found that the mattress caused no discomfort. This makes sense, considering that Ergoflex designed the mattress to provide “clinically correct support for all”; it seems they succeeded. An overwhelming 98% of customers reported absolutely zero sagging in their experience with the mattress. Again, this feedback aligns with the mattress’ high-density foam and the “best-in-class”, hospital-grade materials used in its construction. 79% of cool customers claimed to experience no heat retention in the mattress. This is especially significant considering how memory foam mattresses are infamous for retaining heat; clearly the Cool-Sleep system does its job. Finally, a surprising 83% of customers reported adjusting to the mattress in a matter of days, with another 10% adjusting in the following weeks. Ergoflex requires that customers wait at least 21 days before claiming on their risk-free return, but it seems that 21 days isn’t necessary for most customers!

Customers praise the supporting and pain-relieving qualities of the bed, with one customer claiming to have “purchased three, one for each room”. They elaborate, saying “they are so supportive especially for back, hip, neck problems”. Another Australian customer agrees: “I suffer with a bad back and find it very hard to get a comfortable mattress. This memory foam mattress gives me the best sleep I have had for 25 years. Only took 2 nights to realize this. Just brilliant.”

Ergoflex’s customer service also receives its time in the limelight within customer reviews. One customer, who fell victim to delivery issues, praised Ergoflex for keeping them informed and reported how the company “always answered emails and phone calls quickly”.

One customer, while pleased with the bed, warns against sitting on the edge in the same spot; they claim it “may affect firmness”, although this concern isn’t shared by the vast majority of consumers.

Final Verdict

The Ergoflex memory foam mattress is a top-tier mattress at a price you’d struggle to believe if it weren’t coming from such a reputable company. Ergoflex deserves serious praise for offering premium comfort, support and materials without the premium price tag. Factor in its cooling and motion isolation features, and you’ve got one beast of a mattress. For our money, we’d invest in Ergoflex over any number of costlier alternatives any day.

We’re blown away by Ergoflex’s latest offering. What are your thoughts? Please let us know!

Ergoflex 5G Mattress


  •    Type: All foam
  •    Medium-firm
  •    30-night sleep trial
  •    10-year warranty
  •    Free shipping
  •    Zip money financing


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