Koala Mattress Review - Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy?

Looking for a ‘home-grown’ mattress that’ll send you on a one-way trip to the land of sweet dreams? You may have guessed from its Aussie-centric name that Koala’s Original Mattress might be just the thing you’re after. The company is proud to declare that its products are “Made in Australia, for Australia”, but as the only mattress in its sleep product lineup, is it one to be proud of?
Koala mattress review

We took it to task, rigorously assessing the ins and outs of the product and finding out everything you’d ever need to know: from the mattress’ construction quality to its feel, materials, temperature regulation ability and a whole lot more. We’re confident in our verdict on the Koala mattress; read on to find out if it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Koala Mattress: Quick Summary of the Ratings

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Verdict: The Koala mattress has been designed to suit a massive range of sleepers. If you do find an issue with the product, however, it’s likely to come from its tendency towards firmness. Thankfully, Koala’s outstandingly fast 4-hour delivery across major Australian metropolitan areas and 120-night trial mean that you’ve got plenty of time to make a decision.

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But wait! Koala is an excellent mattress – no two thoughts about it. But dollar for dollar, we think the Ecosa mattress is a better choice than Koala.

Ecosa offers multiple firmness options, comes with a better warranty and is priced cheaper than Koala. What more, Ecosa also happens to be one of the highest-selling mattress in Australia – so it has plenty of things going its way. We’ve also done an in-depth analysis between Ecosa vs. Koala – here is the link.

However, we think Ecosa Mattress may be a better choice than Koala

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Table of Contents

We’ve split the review up into a number of handy sections to make navigation a breeze.

About the Brand

Founded in 2015, Australian company Koala set out to revolutionise the high-quality mattress market by replacing unnecessary (and cost-inflating) business practices—like inefficient production processes and oversized showrooms—with sustainable and cost-efficient alternatives. Following astounding levels of success, Koala expanded to offer a range of sleep products including an original bed base, pillows and bed sheets. The Koala mattress is packaged neatly in a single, waste-minimising box and made of sustainable, Australian materials. Plus, 1% of the revenue generated from the mattress is donated (appropriately) to charities that help the Koala.

It’s a fantastic company that places customer service and environmental awareness at the forefront of its entire operation. Plus, by only offering one type of mattress (instead of the vast selection of most mattress companies), Koala focuses on making it truly unbeatable in terms of quality. In the company’s own words, “one really good product is better than ten average ones”. This restraint helps the company optimise and control its production process while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint.


Koala mattress construction

Koala clearly isn’t satisfied by the materials used by competing companies, instead seeing fit to create its own: the open-cell foam known as ‘Kloudcell’. As one of two layers forming this mattress’ filling, the patented Kloudcell layer combines properties of both memory foam and latex—discreteness, responsiveness and breathability—to make for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep, aided by an open-cell structure that promotes airflow and prevents temperature retention. The second layer, made of a dense Ecofoam, works in conjunction with the first to provide the support that Kloudcell lacks and prevent body misalignment. It also keeps your partner’s fidgety nighttime movements from disturbing you in those all-important small hours. Together, these layers reach a middle ground of firmness and softness that Koala hopes is “just right” for the majority of sleepers.

Covering this dual-layer mattress filling is a unique covering made from a material called TENCEL. Created from a blend of sustainably sourced eucalyptus fibre and polyester, TENCEL is exceptionally soft and comfortable; free of harsh chemicals and irritants; and it’s breathable too. Plus, it can be removed and washed, so keeping the Koala mattress in tip-top shape is no trouble at all.

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

Let’s be real here. This is a mattress, and when it comes to mattresses—or anything in the sleep market for that matter—comfort is key. How does the Koala mattress fare in the comfort department then? Not bad it seems, not bad at all. With only one mattress in its entire product line, Koala is under a lot of pressure to make this a real crowd-pleaser. 

Sitting at around a 6.5 out of 10 on the standard mattress firmness scale (with the supposed Australian ideal being 6.1), this mattress offers a fair amount of bounce and reactivity, largely thanks to its Kloudcell top layer and even weight distribution thanks to its supportive Ecofoam bottom layer. This is great for a range of sleep styles, but combination sleepers who roll, toss and turn throughout the night will be especially well-served here. Comfort is, however, a subjective thing; despite the standardised mattress firmness ratings, it’s always advisable to try out a mattress for yourself if possible.

Koala Mattress Firmness Rating

While it has properties of memory foam mattresses (pressure-relief and motion isolation), the Koala mattress won’t provide the same kind of spine, hip and shoulder support as pure memory foam, and it’s also missing that distinctive ‘sinking’ feeling that’s synonymous with memory foam too. With the Koala mattress, you sleep ‘on it’ instead of ‘in it’. If you’re solely looking for a mattress to ease a worn-out body, you may want to consider alternatives. As one Australian buyer states, “if you have a sore lower back, this is not the mattress for you”. Other buyers, who felt the mattress was too firm initially, noticed a marked softening after a week or two. This is standard for memory foam mattresses and should be considered when making any first-night judgements on the Koala mattress.

Of course, the feel of a mattress is often dependent on the individual, their preferences and their body composition, but ultimately, Koala is confident that it has found the perfect, majority-pleasing middle ground. Of the few customers that return the mattress, Koala claims that there’s an even split between people who find it too soft and too firm. You can never please everyone, but this can’t be too far off. Remember, if you’re concerned that you and your partner will find yourselves among the unsatisfied minority, Koala’s 120-night trial provides more than enough time to make a completely risk-free decision.

We Recommend: Ecosa > Koala

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Sleep Position Ratings

We’ve touched upon the dynamic nature of the Koala mattress when it comes to ideal sleep positions, but now it’s time to really get down and dirty with who this is—and isn’t—the mattress for. As a universal comfort mattress (5-7 on the mattress firmness scale), sleepers that prefer just about any position can grab themselves a restful night on this mattress. Naturally, this, in turn, makes it ideal for combination sleepers who don’t commit to a single sleep style over the course of a night. Plus, partners who differ in sleeping positions will find a happy compromise with this mattress too.

The supportive ecofoam layer—able to keep hips, spine and the lumbar region aligned—is great for back and stomach sleepers in particular. On the other hand, the bouncier Kloudcell top layer keeps side sleepers from putting unnecessary pressure on their hips and shoulders during the night.

Koala mattress sleep position suitability

Unfortunately, the Koala mattress isn’t a completely ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for sleepers all over Australia: heavy customers (of 105 kg or above) may find the mattress too firm. Instead of the two layers of the mattress working together, their weight will ‘overpower’ the bouncy Kloudcell top layer, leaving the firm Ecofoam layer to take their entire weight. Naturally, this won’t be conducive to an entirely pleasant sleeping experience. Still, for the majority of customers, there’s little to complain about with Koala’s mattress: it’s adaptable to all sleep styles and most body types.

Temperature Neutrality

It’s no secret that being uncomfortably hot or muscle-clenching cold won’t make for a very peaceful night. Irritatingly, partners often struggle to agree on whether any given sleeping arrangement leans too much one way or the other. Some people run hot, requiring mattresses with unique materials, designs or even cooling-gel components; others fight a constant struggle to warm up, needing dense memory foam to trap their body heat and keep the cold at bay.

Continuing the theme of ‘just right’ that Koala has worked to maintain throughout this entire mattress’ design, the temperature levels here can satisfy sleepers in both the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ camps. The mattress’ memory foam qualities may typically be inclined to trap heat, but its unique open-cell structure offsets this and helps keep sleepers from overheating. Overall, this is a great mattress for partners who can’t agree on an ideal night-time temperature or individuals who neither find themselves too hot or cold.

Edge Support

Whether you’re swinging your legs off the side of the bed, ready to jump up and launch into your day; perched on the mattress’ edge while putting your shoes and socks on; or just sat down reading a book on top of the covers, solid edge support can keep a mattress from ‘giving way’ too much around the edges. Plus, if you’re one to toss and turn during the night, poor edge support can cause the mattress to sag, cutting your sleep short by way of an abrupt meeting with the ground.

While the Koala mattress does ‘sink’ a little the closer you approach its edges, we don’t think there’s much of a risk of falling off. The best mattresses in terms of edge support tend to come from innerspring mattresses or ones with similar types of support. Koala’s offering, being a foam mattress, obviously lacks this, but it does a decent job regardless.

Motion Transfer

If you share a bed with someone else—whether that be a partner, pet or baby—there’s a good chance you’re familiar with how irritating fidgeting or rolling around can be, even for the person who isn’t doing the fidgeting. Motion transfer is a term that refers to movement on one part of a mattress transferring to another part. Innerspring mattresses are particularly poor choices for reducing this unwanted effect, while memory foam mattresses can be fantastic for providing solid motion isolation.

Light sleepers, especially those that share the bed with restless or fidgety partners, will love the Koala mattress thanks to its superior motion isolating properties and overall quietness. The firm Ecofoam bottom layer is a significant reason for this, and means that anything short of your partner bouncing up and down on the bed will likely go unnoticed by you.

Warranty & Terms of Sale

Koala puts customer comfort and peace of mind at the centre of everything it does, not just when it comes to bed-time. With an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, Koala covers customers for any flaw, defect or split in their mattress (assuming it’s been handled correctly and bought from an authorised seller). Even the deterioration that naturally occurs in foam mattresses is covered by the warranty if the visible ‘sag’ exceeds 2.5cm. Considering that foam mattresses generally need replacing for this reason after around 8 years, this is an incredibly customer-friendly move on the part of Koala.

Additionally, Koala mattresses (and all Koala products) come with a 120-night risk-free trial. If, within those 120 nights, a customer decides that the mattress isn’t suitable for them, they can return it for a full refund. Koala will even collect it straight from their home, for free, if they’re living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide (with few exceptions). Customers outside these areas will be asked to send the mattress to their nearest depot, and in exceptional cases, they may have to pay the cost of shipping the mattress back. It’s unfortunate, but Australia is a big place and not every customer circumstance can be accounted for.

Buying a mattress is a big financial risk, and without dedicated Koala showrooms, customers are encouraged to buy this mattress solely based on images, videos and reviews—something that, just a few years ago, would have been unthinkable. With that in mind, the 120-night trial is a superb method of quelling customers’ fears while reducing the costs involved with opening and maintaining large showrooms. And of course, those savings are also passed onto the customer.


As touched upon earlier, Koala’s business model—in addition to being environmentally conscious—works to minimise the cost to consumers. No physical showroom, a small, but high-quality product selection and locally-sourced materials help make costs as low as possible on all Koala products—and it shows. Pricing for the Koala mattress is noticeably lower than its similarly-featured competitors, and that’s even without the 20% sales that crop up throughout the year. Take a look at the pricing for all five sizes of the mattress:

  • Single – $750 (Free Delivery)
  • King Single – $850 (Free Delivery)
  • Double – $950 (Free Delivery)
  • Queen – $1,050 (Free Delivery)
  • King – $1,250 (Free Delivery)

Buyer Feedback

Through analysing approximately 650 genuine buyer reviews, it’s clear that Australia is overwhelmingly hot for this pleasantly cool, sustainably-sourced mattress. 81% of buyers gave the mattress a five-star rating (with an average of 4.5 stars) with 77% of users claiming to adjust to its distinct feel in just a matter of days. 83% of buyers noticed absolutely zero sagging in the mattress over time and 78% reported complete comfort for the duration of their night’s sleep.

The highlight of customers’ reviews, however, comes thanks to Koala’s dedication to superb customer service. Free delivery (within 4 hours in major Australian metropolitan areas), a responsive support team, 10-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free trial period are major positives that even the handful of critical reviews couldn’t deny.

The vast majority of buyers, we’re thrilled to report, claim ‘love at first night’ on the Koala Original Mattress. Australia loves the mattress, and we most certainly agree with it. Some customers may have found their mattress too firm, but even those individuals were quick to praise Koala’s unrivalled customer service and the ease-of-return.

Final Verdict

As a bedding company, Koala’s choice to offer just one type of mattress is an incredibly bold move, but their designers have done an outstanding job at creating a single sleeping solution that’s likely to please almost anyone. Made with high-quality, sustainable materials at a surprisingly low price, there are precious few reasons to overlook the Koala Original Mattress. Plus, the company’s standard 120-night trial means that there’s absolutely no risk in giving this a shot.

The Koala Original Mattress gets our seal of approval and Australia’s too.

Koala Mattress


  •    Type: All-foam
  •    120-night trial
  •    Free shipping
  •    10-year warranty


  •    Value for money
  •    Suitable for all range of sleepers
  •    Excellent motion isolation
  •    Good temperature regulation


  •    Might not be supportive enough for heavier folks (above 105 kg)


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