Koala Pillow Review 2021 - Buy or Avoid?

Eyeing up the Koala Pillow as the next addition to your sleep setup? It’s not hard to see why: we’ve been advocates for the socially conscious Australian brand and its supremely comfortable products for years now, and judging by the wealth of glowing reviews out there it seems the rest of Australia agrees with our verdict.

Despite the Koala Pillow’s place as our Editor’s Pick for Australian pillows, we’ve never actually dedicated a review towards it. That is, until now. We’ve been busy bees, observing the Koala Pillow under a (figurative) microscope, testing its design, comfort, construction and the company’s customer service support too. What did we find? Did the pillow crumble under close observation? Or did its lofty reputation hold true? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Koala Pillow Review

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Verdict: There are undoubtedly some eye-catching features to list off with the Australian-made Koala Pillow, not the least of which is its flippable design and gel-infused memory foam. But this pillow is more than a list of features: it’s an outstanding pillow in its own right that’s as good for your comfort and quest for pain relief as it is for the environment.

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Construction & Design

Koala Pillow Construction

With its baby blue colour and rubbery, hole-laden look, the Koala Pillow without its removable Tencel cover may look more like a piece of yoga equipment than something you’d sleep on, but looks can be deceiving. Made from 100% polyurethane foam infused with cooling gel, this double-sided pillow can be flipped to provide either a ‘soft’ or ‘firm’ feel (more on that later). As for those holes, they’re purpose-built to work alongside the cooling gel in keeping you cool throughout the hot Aussie summers. Additionally, Koala has provided a firmer rim around the edge of the pillow, designed to support your neck without subjecting your head to unnecessary punishment.

Moving onto the removable cover itself, Koala has opted for a blend of 66% polyester and 34% TENCEL Lyocell. This is a perfect fit for the company’s eco-conscious vision (which includes donating 1% of its revenue to charity) as TENCEL fibres are both recyclable and produced from sustainable wood sources.

We know that TENCEL is inherently eco-friendly, safe and hypoallergenic, but what about that polyurethane foam? How can we be sure it meets Koala’s high standards for safety and sustainability? Thankfully, respected regulatory organisation CertiPUR-US has certified this pillow’s foam, ensuring that it contains no harmful substances, is durable and involves minimal ozone-depleting emissions in its production process.

It’s obvious that Koala’s designers know their stuff. This pillow has been precisely designed to be firm in all the right places, soft (or softer) in all the right places and cool where it counts, all without placing too much of a burden on the environment.

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

Whether you’re a pain sufferer or a fidgeter, a front sleeper or back, the Koala Pillow will see you through the night in unparalleled comfort. Front sleepers will find their sweet spot on this pillow’s ‘soft’ side, while back and side sleepers will likely prefer the ‘firm’ side of things. Of course, if you’re a toss-and-turner, there’s nothing stopping you from flipping the pillow to account for it!

Those suffering from pain will find the Koala Pillow a treat too. The inherent contouring nature of memory foam means that any unfortunate sleeper suffering from neck pain will find the pillow instantly working to correct the neck’s position in relation to the spine, keeping it in place and alleviating pressure. This effect is reinforced by the firm perimeter of the pillow—in effect on both sides—which keeps the neck supported while creating a ‘floating’ feeling for the head.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Aussie-designed pillow without stellar cooling features, and the aforementioned cooling gel and airhole combo fits the bill nicely. The two act like a heatsink, drawing heat away from the head and ventilating it out through the underside of the pillow. It works like a dream, keeping your noggin cool and collected, despite the heat-retention reputation of memory foam.

Finally, the removable TENCEL cover deserves recognition for being nearly unbelievably soft to the touch and breathable to boot. Plus, maintenance is no issue at all: you can throw the cover straight in the washing machine. This award-winning material really is something special. As Koala states, it’s “more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen”, all while being eco-friendly!

Overall, there are incredibly few people who won’t find sanctuary in the Koala Pillow. Its versatility means that front, back, side or combo sleepers can come together under its eco-friendly and heat-dissipating design.

Warranty, Terms of Sale & Pricing

Koala has been leading the way for other mattress-in-a-box brands in superb customer support for years, and its offering around this pillow is no different, starting with free delivery within four hours to Australian metro areas (within 1 – 10 days everywhere else in the country).

On top of that, with a 120-night risk-free trial you’ll have ample time to decide whether the pillow’s features are a good match before you commit for good. Should you decide to return it, you’ll receive a full refund and the unwanted product will either be recycled or donated to charity.

Finally, a five-year warranty on the pillow’s foam core means that you don’t have to worry about any manufacturing defects whatsoever. 

Buyer Reviews

With an aggregated rating of 4.7 stars on ProductReview.com.au, the Koala Pillow is so close to perfect that it hurts. Such a high rating isn’t unwarranted, though. When you read the buyer reviews, a clear image of excellence soon shines through. Even buyers who were sceptical about the $150 price tag were quickly made Koala converts. Take the verdict of Andrea V. from South East Queensland, for example:

“This has to be the most supportive pillow I have ever used. It supports your neck so well allowing you to sleep in the best posture. I love how it has both the firm and soft side. I was a little apprehensive about the price but believe me it is well worth it! So much more comfortable than any other pillow I have ever used. Will only use Koala pillows from now on :)”

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Final Verdict

Versatility and cooling are the name of the game with the Koala Pillow. $150 is no bargain-bin buy, we admit, but there is little else quite like it on the market. Are you a fidgeter? The Koala Pillow can flip and adapt to your needs on the fly. Do you sleep hot? Not with the pillow’s cooling gel-infused foam and ventilation holes you don’t. What about chronic pain? Alongside proper medical support, this memory foam pillow can help ease that too.

It’s adaptable, comfortable and eco-friendly! The Koala Pillow is everything a pillow should be and more. It absolutely gets our stamp of approval.

Koala Pillow


  •    Material: Memory foam core with TENCEL™ Lyocell cover
  •   Firmness: Soft/Firm (Flippable)
  •    Gel-infused ventilated memory foam for cooling effect
  •    120-night sleep trial
  •    5 Year Koala warranty on foam core.
  •    Free Shipping


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