Koala Timber Bed Base Review (Buy or Avoid?)

Like a car without a road or soup without a bowl, a mattress without a bed base isn’t much use to man nor beast. You could spend fortunes on a top-notch mattress perfectly suited to your needs, but without a solid base to support it, enhance it and keep it in good condition, you’ll never see your mattress reach its full potential.

When it comes to bed bases, the Koala Timber Bed Base is undoubtedly one of our favourites, having already been singled-out as our “Top Pick” Australian bed base or frame for 2021. With this in mind, we thought it’d be best to take a closer look at what makes it stand out in terms of construction, design, ease-of-assembly and unique features. And so, that’s exactly what we did! Read on to see, what we make of Koala’s sleek and sturdy bed base.

Koala Timber Bed Base Review Australia
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Verdict: A sleek design, innovative storage features and truly outstanding levels of sturdiness make the Koala Timber Bed Base hard to fault. There are one or two niggles which might raise some eyebrows, but they can be easily fixed with the aid of some cheap and readily-available products.

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About the Brand

Australian bed-in-a-box company Koala has made a strong name for itself with its outstanding products and business practices. By shunning the predatory ways of pre-internet furniture companies, Koala has been able to benefit both consumers and the environment in equal measure. Thanks to this, the company has earned a slew of awards over the years since its founding in 2015, including a “Good Design” award for this very bed base!


Right from the top, it’s worth commending how this bed base is compatible with any mattress type of any size. Whether you’ve got a modern memory foam mattress, a traditional innerspring one, a hybrid or anything else, you can rely on the Koala Bed Base to handle it with ease. It also comes in a range of sizes from Single all the way to King, so any mattress size commonly found in Australia can feel right at home on this base.

Beyond that, Koala’s designers deserve another pat on the back for creating a bed base which channels a stylish minimalist design without sacrificing anything in the way of practicality. Made from cottonwood plywood with a honeycomb core, the Koala Bed Base manages to be both lightweight and strong, able to be moved with ease while also withstanding weights of up to 600kg. This day-to-day strength translates into long-term durability too: the base is designed to remain supportive for years without deterioration.

You may be surprised to discover that, contrasting many bed bases on the market, this one eschews slats in favour of a solid, gap-free platform. Funnily enough, the platform would look remarkably similar to the wooden headboard. That is, if it wasn’t for the indentations on the platform’s surface which allow for air circulation underneath the mattress. At any rate, this solid platform works wonders for the overall stability of the base, even if some customers report minor slipping of their mattress atop it. Still, such an issue is no more than a minor nuisance, as Koala sells non-slip pads which will prevent any unwanted shifting.

Finally, the bed base’s all-wood construction and complete omission of metal screws, nuts and bolts mean that it is a completely squeak-free zone. No matter how old it gets, your Koala Timber Bed Base will remain as quiet as the day you got it—which is very quiet indeed.


Koala Timber Bed Base Review

With curved edges and a light wood colour (called Vanilla Malt by Koala), this bed base gives off understated yet friendly vibes. It’d be a great choice for anyone seeking to make their home stylish and modern without giving it a cold, clinical appearance.

The large “oversized” platform is another superb design choice from Koala. By obscuring the bottom of the bed base, it creates the impression that the mattress is floating, aiding the product’s overall minimalist design and giving any bedroom a striking, modern appearance. In addition, it also serves to reinforce any mattress’ edge support capabilities, meaning that it actively improves any mattress it supports. Not bad, eh?

On top of that—and also in the name of sleekness—the bed base provides hidden storage space behind the headboard for pillowsblankets, stuffed toys, books or anything else you wouldn’t want cluttering up your bedroom. Plus, with cable management holes, the bed base removes the need to have unsightly cables snaking around the floor of your bedroom. Simply stow them neatly away in their purpose-built hidey holes and reach for them whenever they’re needed.


We’ve already touched upon how this bed base does away with squeaky nuts, bolts and screws, so we’d understand if you were wondering quite how you’re meant to build it. The answer is: incredibly easily! The bed’s components arrive in three separate boxes, and they require everything you need to get it built. That’s right: this is a ‘no tools required’ job! Instead, the instructions (found in the box and also available online) will see you assembling a series of simple interlocking components.

The bed can be assembled solo, and Koala reports that—once unpacked—it can be assembled in less than four minutes. While we don’t doubt that claim, we would expect it will take the average person slightly longer than that on their first attempt.

Warranty, Terms of Sale & Pricing

Starting at $600 for the Single size, the Koala Bed Base is definitely a reasonably priced product for the level of quality on offer. The fact remains, however, that it is out of the price range of particularly budget-conscious buyers.

Koala Bed Base Pricing



King Single








We’ve long admired Koala for its devotion to great customer service, and the support offered alongside this product has given us no reason to change that opinion. With free Australia-wide delivery (within four hours to major metropolitan areas), you can be sleeping comfortably on your Koala Bed Base mere hours after clicking “buy now”. Plus, if you happen to change your mind on the product for any reason, you’ll have 120 nights to return it for a full refund. Even beyond that window, you’ll receive the peace of mind that comes with 5 years of warranty coverage covering manufacturing defects.

There are no two ways about it, Koala is a company that treats its customers right.

Buyer Reviews

With an aggregated 4.7 stars on productreview.com.au, the Koala Bed Base has clearly impressed Australia’s consumers. Genuine buyers were eager to shower the product with praise for its ease of assembly, sturdiness and stylishness. One buyer, P. Kowal from Victoria, had nothing but praise for his Koala experience:

“Just wanted an unobtrusive bed base, quality and ease of purchase and delivery were paramount. Koala fitted perfectly. Perfect height, perfect price, perfect online order and delivery system, perfect for ease of put together (and take apart when need be), perfect sizing…just perfect.

Added bonus is stylish modern finish and storage at bed head. Well done, Koala.”

Unfortunately, while most reviews were positive, some expressed concern over how the edges of the base can be somewhat hard, leading to painful bashed shins. More concerningly, some buyers reported squeaking issues despite the lack of metal components. In most cases, this was able to be fixed by applying beeswax (costing around $5) to the base. While none of this can be seen as a complete positive, Koala did manage to turn the situation around, as reported by numerous customers who received tireless post-purchase support from Koala to rectify the issue. In some cases, the company sent out an all-new mattress to customers 12 months after the initial purchase.

If anyone knows how to make lemonade out of lemons, it’s Koala.

Final Verdict

Despite some small, easily fixable issues, the Koala Bed Base is a top-quality product that ticks more boxes than an indecisive student’s multiple choice test. Sleek yet friendly, lightweight yet strong, easy to build yet sturdy—this is a product that can seemingly do it all. In terms of price-to-quality ratio, we can’t imagine it gets much better than the Koala Bed Base.

Koala Bed Base


  •   Sturdy & Durable Construction
  •   4-min easy assembly
  • Free Delivery
  •   120-night trial
  •   5-year Warranty


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