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Best Mattress to Buy with Afterpay in Australia

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There are mattresses at all price points in the Australian market but when the cash flow is tight, swiping even $300 can seem too much. But why let budget constraints come in way of good sleep when you have the option to buy now and pay later? 

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can buy the top 5 mattresses of Australia using Afterpay, a payment method that lets you order the product immediately and pay for it in four equal instalments every fortnight. We’ve also included a couple of mattresses that you can buy using zipMoney. For those who don’t know, zipMoney is a service similar to Afterpay that offers more flexible payment options. 

Top 5 Mattresses you can buy with Afterpay in Australia



Koala Mattress

Editor's Choice



Across 25,301 user reviews

Ecosa Mattress

Adjustable Firmness



Across 13,078 user reviews

Emma Mattress

Exceptional Value



Across 451 user reviews

Ergoflex 5g Mattress

Great for bad backs



Across 8,258 user reviews

Sleeping Duck Mattress

Most customisable



Across 7,491 user reviews


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How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay allows users to pay for their online order in four fortnightly instalments for products costing $35 to $2,000. The advantage being, Afterpay purchases do not attract interest fees as credit cards or loans do.  It makes money from retailers – not by charging you a  percentage on each purchase. To make an Afterpay payment, sign up and provide credit card or banking details on the platform. Post your purchase, the vendor will deduct the instalment when it is due and issue a unique identifier (like a barcode) to confirm the transaction. Afterpay is a handy option when you need to replace your mattress urgently or get a spare bed for guests coming over or make a thoughtful present during housewarming parties.

More about Afterpay

  • You must be an Australian citizen, be over 18 years old and be the authorised holder of a debit or credit card to qualify to use Afterpay.
  • Should you have overdue payments or have zero balance in your bank account, Afterpay will not be available to you. 
  • Afterpay may levy a fee for late payments.
  • A slight disadvantage is that the instalment amount is fixed – 1/4th of the total bill and this where zipMoney comes in.

zipMoney- Similar perks with added flexibility

zipMoney is another buy now, pay later service which seems to be getting traction in Australia. The main USP of zipMoney is that you have the flexibility to choose longer payment tenure and pay instalment amount as you like. Typically, you get zero percent interest for the first 6 months, unlike Afterpay which offers just 4 months. For these reasons, more and more mattress brands are preferring to use zipMoney over Afterpay. And the best part is that the approval process of zipMoney is similar to Afterpay. So, if you’re approved with Afterpay, you would most likely get approved with zipMoney as well.

Detailed Product Reviews

Now that you have an easy to and interest-free payment method such as Afterpay (and Zip pay) to fall back on, there’s no excuse to compromise on the quality of your mattress and sleep. Read on our reviews of the top 5 mattresses in Australia that can buy with Afterpay.

1. Koala Mattress – Best Overall

Few mattress brands offer award-winning sleep quality, respect the environment, support local economy, are reasonably priced and come in a box. Koala does these and more and that’s why it is our Best Overall Mattress pick.

Made in Australia with home-grown material, Koala is not too firm, not too soft. Its patented Kloudcell foam layer on the top, latex in the middle and Ecofoam at the base provide a mattress experience that conforms to your body, responds to your weight and keeps you cool.

The unique construction makes Koala a crowd-pleaser, suiting stomach, back and side sleepers alike. However, Koala might not do justice to heavier folks or those looking to ease their bad back.

This blip aside, you can’t go wrong with Koala as the 3,489 reviews seem to suggest on Productreview. It comes in five sizes, offers a 120-night risk-free trial, a 10-year warranty (covering sag of 1 inch or more) and same-day delivery within metropolitan areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide).


Koala has all the makings of a premium product but it doesn’t cost a premium. Try shopping it with Afterpay and you won’t feel a pinch.

SizeTotal CostAfterpay Instalment
King Single$722.50$180.62

2. Ecosa Mattress – Adjustable Firmness

Want a bed whose firmness you can adjust from time to time – at no extra cost? Ecosa makes that possible with its three-layer foam construction, where each layer offers a different feel -medium, medium-firm and firm. Unzip the cover of the mattress, choose the firmness layer you’d like to sleep on and shuffle it on top of the rest two. Place the ‘medium’ G-7 Memory Foam layer on top for a soft and cool sleep-in, the ‘medium-firm’ ECO-Tex layer for a bouncy feel and the ‘firm’ High-Density Ergonomic Support Foam if you need extra support for your spine and pressure points.

Reviews for the Ecosa mattress on Productreview are glowingly positive, with the majority of buyers recommending the product for side sleepers more so than back or front sleepers. Being waterproof and dust mite-free, sweaty sleepers can also count on this.

A 100-night risk-free trial, a whopping 15-year warranty covering sag of 2cm (0.8 inches) or more,  and free same-day delivery to metropolitan areas get big ticks from us.


Ecosa has been spreading the joy of personalised sleep since 2015 and now you can have it too with an attractive finance plan.

SizeTotal CostAfterpay Instalment
Long Single$679.20$169.8
King Single$719.20$179.8
Super King$1,199.20$299.8

3. Emma Mattress – Exceptional Value

Is it possible to have a cloud-like mattress on a budget? Given the 4.4 ratings Emma has received from 596 users on Productreview, looks like, it’s possible.

An award-winning product, Emma’s three-layer foam construction creates a medium-firm sleep experience to suit every body type and all sleeping positions. Furthermore, the foams bring pressure-relief, coolness and gentle bounce to your night’s rest and ensure motion isolation for couples who have different sleeping habits. It’s also impressive that the product is OEKO TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1 certified, meaning it’s free of harmful substances.

If you are waiting to hear about its shortcomings, we haven’t found any, except that you must give a few days to adjust to it, which is not an unfair ask.  A 100-night risk-free trial, a 10-year warranty that covers sagging of 1-inch or more, free Australia-wide delivery within three to four days, and six sizes – Emma offers all the same bed-in-a-box company staples but costs many times less.


Emma is already on a budget but you can make it more wallet-friendly with Afterpay.

SizeTotal CostzipMoney (6 months)
King Single$699$53
Super King$1,099$78

4. Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam mattress – Great for bad backs

With 4.8-star ratings from users on Productreview and a thumbs-up from chiropractors in Australia, Ergoflex has become the go-to mattress for people suffering from chronic back pain and orthopaedic issues.

These accolades come down to its 5-layer design, which makes use of hospital-grade and high-density open-cell memory foam. With high-quality materials and an outstanding build, Ergoflex provides a sleep surface that relieves the pressure points, supports the spine,  minimises motion transfer and is anti-allergenic. In terms of feel, it’s medium-firm and suitable for a range of sleeping styles. Hot sleepers may desire it because the vented 3D mesh panels at each end of the cover prevents heat retention and keeps the bed cool.

Ergoflex is a good mattress but falls short of being excellent for reasons such as these: It doesn’t offer free delivery but promises a 24-hour Australia-wide speedy shipping for a cost of $19.99. It skimps on the home trial too, giving only 30-nights to try and return the mattress. What’s more, you can only ‘cash-in’ on the return after the first 21 nights (due to the expected 3-week mattress adjustment period). Thankfully, it doesn’t take the warranty lightly, offering a 10-year-window to cover sag of 1 inch or more.


Ergoflex is on the expensive side but more affordable than its rivals such as Tempur.

SizeTotal Cost*zipMoney (6 months)
Long Single$685.30$51/month
King Single$699.30$52/month

*the instalment amount may vary based on customer profile

5. Sleeping Duck Mattress – Most customisable

Won’t it be nice if you can customise your mattress from head till toe? You know, have it extra firm along the spine and more cushiony under the hips. And won’t it be nicer if your partner can also personalise her side of the mattress? With Sleeping Duck,  segment-wise customisation is effectively possible as evidenced by the 4.8-star ratings it has clocked on Productreview.

Inside the mattress are 12 discrete segments (six for each side), which can be picked, shuffled and replaced until every inch of your sleeping body reaches a state of bliss. Please note that the customisation can be availed free of cost only during the trial period, which lasts for 100 nights from the time of purchase. 

The mattress is built of two foam layers and a 5-zone pocket spring base, which is thoughtfully designed to put head and shoulders, back and spine, hips and lower back, legs and knees, and feet and ankles at ease. And if you tend to sleep on the edge, go on, do it without the fear of falling off because the edges are reinforced with heavy-gauge coil springs. Happy customers report that it is durable and holds its shape and firmness all along. 

With free delivery, returns and customisations within the 100-night home trial, and a 10-year warranty covering sag of 3cm or more, Sleeping Duck is a blessing for bed buddies.


The Sleeping Duck mattress is slightly premium but when you look at the pressure-relieving property of memory foam, the buoyancy of latex, the zero-partner disturbance technology and firmness customisation it has to offer, it makes sense. Better still, sign up with zipMoney.

SizeTotal CostzipMoney (Flexible time)
King Single$899$154.00/month

Wrapping Up

Any time is the right time to buy a  high-quality mattress and Afterpay is one smart way of going about it. For more details, visit Afterpay

Koala mattress review

Our Top Pick

Koala Mattress - From $159/month
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