Noa Mattress Review - Lite vs. Original vs. Luxe

Known for premium-quality materials, affordable prices and a focus on customer satisfaction, Noa has become a leading name in the mattress-in-a-box game since its founding in 2016. They aim to help “everyone, everywhere” build their dream home, which is why they offer more than one type of mattress; in fact, they’re proud to offer three! 

Each Noa mattress sets out to cater to the needs of customers all over Australia with different budgets, lifestyles and comfort requirements. They are “The Lite”, “The Noa” and “The Luxe”. What differentiates them? Quite a lot, and that’s exactly what we’re here to explore today. The Luxe may be a firm favourite of ours, but there’s plenty on offer with Noa’s other mattresses, certainly enough to warrant your attention. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Noa mattresses!

Noa Mattress: Quick Summary of the Ratings

The Lite

Price starting from: $399

Cost of Queen: $899 $599
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The Original Noa

Price starting from: $499

The Luxe

Price starting from: $799

Verdict: No matter which of Noa’s mattresses you opt for—the affordable “Lite”, the best-selling original “Noa” or the premium “Luxe”—you’ll be getting a product to be proud of. Each one boasts premium OEKO-TEK and REACH certified materials (meaning they’re all 100% safe for human exposure) while offering a bevy of comforting, cooling and supportive features. 

Of course, the list of layers, features and materials grows longer and more impressive the further you climb up the Noa price-ladder, but there’s still a great night’s sleep to be found with even the modestly-priced Lite mattress. There’s no gamble here, no wrong choice; with Noa, you’re a winner every time!

Exclusive: $300 OFF | Use Code: HOPE

Table of Contents

We’ve split the review up into a number of handy sections to make navigation a breeze.

About the Brand

Named after the founder’s son, Noah (literally meaning “rest” and “peace”), Canadian company Noa has become a trusted name in night-time comfort for discerning sleepers in Canada, Australia and beyond. Their mattresses, all of which iterate on the time-tested ‘spring and foam’ blueprint, all come with free delivery, free returns (within the 100-night trial period) and a generous 15-year warranty. If it helps the customer, you can bet your bottom dollar Noa will do it!


The Lite

Due to its low, low price, Noa’s most budget-friendly offering streamlines comfort and support down to its essentials. Its cooling gel memory foam supports and contours to the body, providing pressure relief while avoiding the heat buildup properties of typical non-gel memory foams. Underneath that is a layer of adaptive transition foam, designed to prevent motion transfer and keep midnight disruptions at a minimum. The last active layer, and the factor that gives this mattress its hybrid identity, is the pocket spring layer. Enclosed in their own mesh housing, these thick-gauge steel pocket springs encourage airflow throughout the mattress and work to give it an element of bounce and reactivity. Finally, the layers are surrounded in a high-density foam perimeter to ensure strong edge support, all capped off with a hand-tufted, hypoallergenic pillow-top which promotes airflow and keeps bacteria at bay.

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The Noa Original

Providing the best balance between price and features, The Original Noa mattress expands on The Lite’s offering of cooling gel memory foam, motion isolating support foam and durable pocket springs with one key addition: latex. Appearing just below the hand-tufted pillow-top, this mattresses open-cell latex layer provides a distinctive ‘bouncy’ type of support, all while aiding the mattresses existing cooling properties with its open-cell design. In this mattress, it’s the latex which makes all the difference and makes it a great choice for lasting out the blazing Australian summers.

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The Luxe

If you want the best, you’ll want The Luxe mattress. Not only does it proudly flaunt improved variations of the other two mattresses’ existing layers, The Luxe also adds an exclusive layer of its own. Unlike The Original Noa mattress, The Luxe’s layer of open-cell latex isn’t at the top, but rather below the cooling gel memory foam; it’s also infused with bamboo charcoal, helping to boost its cooling, airflow-promoting and bacteria-fighting capabilities. In another departure from The Original Noa, The Luxe’s pocket springs are segmented into 5 ergonomic zones which are specifically designed to suit the differing support needs of your head, shoulders, spine, lower back and legs. Finally, and exclusively to this mattress, you’ll find a layer of innovative micro-coils between the latex and adaptive transition foam layers. Micro-coils expand and contract in response to the body’s weight and movements, adding a precise level of reactivity to The Luxe not found in its lower priced peers.

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Comfort, Firmness & Feel

Without a layer of bouncy latex, The Lite comes out as the firmest of the three options, sitting at a ‘firm’ 8/10 on the mattress firmness scale. This would best suit back and stomach sleepers who tend to benefit from the head, neck and spinal alignment afforded by such a sleeping surface. Side sleepers, unfortunately, may find The Lite a little too unforgiving on their shoulders and hips, the widest regions of the body which receive no natural cushioning. 

For a softer, more universally-appealing option The Original Noa has you covered. With its open-cell latex, the mattress enjoys a milder ‘medium-firm’ 7/10 position on the mattress firmness scale, suitable for more or less any sleeper regardless of body type or sleeping position. Similarly, The Luxe offers a comparable firmness rating of 7/10, with added reactivity too, courtesy of the innovative micro-coils which react dynamically to the body’s weight and movements.

Of course, it’s always worth highlighting that the mattress firmness rating, while widely used, is still a subjective indicator of a mattress’ overall feel. There’s only one way to know for sure how you’ll react to a mattress: trying it out! The 100-night (give or take) risk-free trial has become an industry standard for this very reason, and you can be sure Noa offers one just like its competitors, complete with free Australia-wide collection if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase.

Noa Mattress Firmness Scale

Sleep Position Ratings

As mentioned, side sleepers may want to be cautious around The Lite mattress: their shoulders and hips may need a little more cushioning and bounce than the foam+pocket spring combo can provide. Thankfully, we’re pleased to report that The Original Noa and The Luxe mattresses are both—in theory—suitable for just about every variety of sleeper. Heavy or light; back, side or front, they’ll all drift off soundly on the latter two mattresses’ combination of premium latex, foam and spring. One caveat may arise for exceptionally light sleepers on The Luxe mattress, however, as their weight (or rather, their lack thereof) may prevent them from fully engaging with the mattress’ bouncy latex and micro-coil layers. Overall, though, the Noa mattress lineup is, above all, a lineup of crowd pleasers; only edge cases are likely to find issues here.

Temperature Neutrality

Staying cool can be tough, especially in the furnace-like heat of the Australian summer. Thankfully, every aspect of Noa’s three mattresses—from their cooling gel memory foam to the airflow-promoting pocket springs—are designed to keep you as cool as possible. As you ascend the Noa mattress totem pole from “Lite“ all the way to “Luxe“, these cooling features stack up and help ensure you’re kept cool and sweat-free.

In The Lite, you’ll notice the cooling effects of the hand-tufted Tencel pillow-top and the heat-wicking design of the cooling gel memory foam. Finally, the pocket springs, found in the base, are inherently conducive to airflow and breathability. The Original Noa mattress can make all the same cooling claims as its Lite counterpart with the added bonus of a breathable latex layer, counteracting any heat-retention suggested by the memory foam layer. 

Unsurprisingly, The Luxe is indisputably superior in the cooling department (as well as every other department, really). Everything you read about the other two mattresses’ cooling features? Well, that all still applies here, but the bonus cooling properties afforded by the natural charcoal bamboo latex and the airflow-promoting micro-coils take it a step beyond the rest in terms of keeping you cool and dispersing the buildup of heat within the mattress. None of these three are bad choices for sleepers that run hot (and in Australia, we know there’s a lot of them), but if you can spare the cash, The Luxe is the best of the bunch.

Edge Support

Strong edge support can do wonders for a mattress’ longevity; the less it sags, the longer it’ll last. It’s also a great boon for those who like to (or need to, due to back pain issues) sit on the edge of their bed. And if you’re one of the unlucky few with a tendency to roll out of your bed during the night? Well strong edge support might be the thing that prevents gravity from cutting your slumber short!

Surprisingly, all three Noa mattresses offer the same great edge support solution:a high-density 9cm foam perimeter encasing the pocket spring base. As Noa states, this is a feature typically found in the beds of five-star hotels, and we can see why; it helps the mattresses feel sturdy and ‘premium’ while dramatically improving the sleeping experience, even for the budget-priced Lite.

Motion Isolation

Ask anyone with a fidgety sleeping partner and they’ll talk your ear off about the benefits of strong motion isolation. By preventing the sensation of your partner’s tossing and turning from travelling through the mattress, motion isolating features help both partners achieve a solid night’s rest and avoid unnecessary arguments.

While pocket springs—which form the base of all three mattresses—are known to isolate motion within their individual pockets, all the Noa mattresses also provide a high-density transition foam layer expressly designed to prevent that unwanted motion transfer sensation. Additionally, the upper layers (just memory foam in The Lite; memory foam and latex in The Original Noa and The Luxe) also offer inherent motion isolation properties due to their density. Finally, The Luxe has an exclusive motion-isolating feature courtesy of its innovative micro-coils, which act just like the pocket springs and help reinforce their motion isolation effects. 

Overall, Noa has taken steps to ensure that restless sleepers won’t cause their partners too much stress and disruption, even on the lowest priced Lite mattress. As is quickly becoming the pattern, however, the more expensive option takes the cake when it comes to providing the best motion-isolation of the lineup.

Packaging and Delivery

Like all mattress-in-a-box brands, all three Noa mattresses come shipped straight to your door in a surprisingly compact box. All you’ve got to do is unbox it and let it unfurl on its own (a process that does take some time). The company offers free Australia-wide shipping within 3-7 business days, with free returns too.

All three mattresses come in five sizes, each with near-identical measurements except for in terms of thickness. The Lite comes in at the thinnest while The Luxe, due to its added layers, is the thickest.

SizeMeasurementsWeight (Lite, Original and Luxe respectively)
Single188 x 92 x 25/28/31cm20/25/31kg 
King Single203 x 107 x 25/28/31cm25/31/37kg
Double188 x 138 x 25/28/31cm31/36/42kg
Queen203 x 153 x 25/28/31cm36.1/44/51kg
King203 x 183 x 25/28/31cm44/55/62kg


With a 100-night risk-free trial (complete with free returns), there’s no need to be wary about trying any Noa mattress out for yourself. Plus, the company offers an impressive 15-year warranty covering sag of 1 inch or more. We’re impressed: this is particularly generous in terms of both warranty duration and sag allowance. Once again, Noa is proving that it puts the customer’s satisfaction above all else.


With a Noa mattress, the potential damage to your bank balance needn’t be too drastic. The Lite is extraordinarily budget-friendly, and even the high-end Luxe is reasonably priced compared to its competitors.

SizeThe LiteThe Original NoaThe Luxe
King Single$749$899$1,199

These are all standard prices. However, Noa runs store-wide promotions throughout the year meaning that you could get your hands on these mattresses at an even lower price!

Buyer Feedback

Our extensive research process wouldn’t be complete without a few hours scouring the web for genuine buyer reviews. With three products to compare, we certainly had our work cut out for us! We’re pleased to report, however, that the overall buyer consensus on Noa’s mattresses (and the company in general) is overwhelmingly positive!

According to aggregated reviews, 94% of customers reported no sagging with their Noa mattress, 89% noticed no discomfort at all and 74% were cool as cucumbers with zero heat-retention.

Amelia V. from the Australian branch of proudly stated that her Noa mattress was the cause of “the best sleeps i’ve had in years”. Sterling H. from Noa’s own review section added to the conversation of praise, claiming that “It greatly alleviates my back pain”. Even a customer who returned their mattress, Angela C, gave Noa a five-star rating for their outstanding customer service and “immediate” response, calling Noa the “best company I have ever dealt with, hands down”.

Final Verdict

Noa isn’t just offering one great mattress to the sleep-seeking folks of Australia; it’s offering three! While the pricier Luxe mattress comes with a slew of premium bells and whistles—charcoal bamboo latex and micro-coils, for example—most customers will still be satisfied with the Original Noa mattress. Even the Lite mattress will adequately cater to a majority of budget-conscious customers’ comfort, support and cooling needs, although its firmness may be a turn-off for some.

If you can afford it, we’d recommend The Luxe in a heartbeat, but the other two Noa mattresses are still more than worth your attention.

Noa Mattress


  •    Type: Foam/Hybrid
  •    Medium/Medium-firm
  •    100-night sleep trial
  •    15-year warranty
  •    Free shipping


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  1. Worst Customer Service ever encountered Purchase a Luxe Mattress – King. the website claimed the item was in stock and delivered 1-10 days. Purchased item to receive an email claiming delay in processing due to 1-7 days due to COVID and you will receive SMS from delivery firm confirming deliver within 1-10 days. Waited 2 weeks and received no SMS or notification from the Noa. Called Noa, on 01FEB22 at 16:26 and was informed that Mattress has shipped to WA the previous week and I should hear from the delivery company in the next few days. Waited Two weeks No Contact. Contacted Noa again on 15/2 to be told initially the item was out of stock and waiting for stock and the item was delayed. When I question this, the staff member reviewed the file and saw previous communication that the item had already shipped and was to investigate and get back to me within 24hours. There was no follow-up call. Left online request for information on to receive the same story as first call item has shipped from Victoria to Perth with for third party delivery contact. Followed up with a phone call, can only get hold of the Singapore office after 1630 WST and Melbourne office line always seem busy and the phone sits on hold for 20 minutes then goes to leave a message to happen 5 times now. Singapore office is unable to confirm anything because they can’t talk to Melbourne

    1. Hey Robert,

      Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I’m not sure if it would help, I’ve emailed you the contact details of the marketing director of Noa mattresses. Probably he can look into it. And thanks for sharing your experience with the WhatASleep community.


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