Peacelily Mattress Review - Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy?

Have you heard the news? Australian company Peacelily (formerly Fern Earth) is causing a stir with its natural latex mattress-in-a-box. Featuring adjustable firmness features as well as a range of other benefits, the Peacelily Latex Mattress seeks to undercut its pricey competitors while keeping the durable, breathable and pain-relieving properties latex is renowned for. Well, that’s the company’s promise at least. Does it follow through and bring all the benefits of a naturally produced latex mattress to a considerably lower price bracket? We’ve been working to root out the truth once and for all.

Our team has been testing, assessing and scouring various sources to determine whether the Peacelily Latex Mattress holds up to the rigours of daily use. We’ve assessed its comfort, support capabilities, temperature regulation features, motion isolation and more. So, what did we find? Is the Peacelily Latex Mattress everything it claims to be? Our editor certainly thinks so, but let’s find out for ourselves! 

peacelily latex mattress

Peacelily Latex Mattress: Quick Summary of the Ratings

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Verdict: Peacelily succeeds in both producing an outstanding natural latex mattress and working as a morally upstanding company. It’s certainly not Australia’s cheapest mattress when you compare it to brands using synthetic materials, but compared to other companies offering similar natural luxury products, it’s a clear bargain.

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About the Brand

Formerly known as Fern Earth, Australian Company Peacelily was founded with the intention of promoting good health for all. That means good health for you, for the planet and for your wallet. As well as producing a latex mattress which is purpose-built to improve the quality of your sleep—thereby boosting your immune system—it also strictly uses sustainably-sourced, non-toxic natural materials which are a blessing for the environment. With all that in mind, would you believe it if we told you that the Peacelily Latex Mattress comes in at over $1000 cheaper than competing natural latex brands? 

Well it does. We know, it’s hard for us to believe too.


The Peacelily mattress is made from 100% natural, organic and safe materials. From the three layers of latex foam, all the way to the latex glue and the organic cotton cover, it’s all organic and sustainably sourced. You don’t just have to take the company’s word for it either: the mattress has got the certifications to prove it. The latex is both eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified, which ensures that it’s 100% safe, non-toxic and releases no off-gas. Furthermore, the fabrics are GOTS certified, meaning that Peacelily adheres to the strictest standards of sustainable and ethical production practises.

As if that weren’t enough, the inherent properties of natural Dunlop latex make this mattress incredibly durable, estimated to last up to 25 years. Plus, it’s breathable, dust mite-resistant, bed bug-resistant, mould resistant, flame retardant, antimicrobial and antibacterial. Oh, and thanks to extensive washing and a high-temperature production process known as Vulcanisation, the mattress is stripped of its allergy-causing proteins. This, in conjunction with the protection offered by the GOTS certified organic cotton cover, makes the Peacelily Latex Mattress suitable for most latex allergy sufferers! (Estimated to make up 0.1% of sleepers.)

So let’s dig down and find out exactly what makes up this mattress:

1. A 100% organic cotton cover made with hand-stitched tape edges and carrying handles.
2. 100% cotton wadding to reinforce the cover and give the mattress a luxury finish.
3. 5cm Dunlop latex top comfort layer (medium feel).
4. 10cm Dunlop latex support core.
5. 5cm Dunlop latex bottom comfort layer (firm feel).

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

As a mattress with adjustable firmness options (changed by flipping the mattress over), the Peacelily Latex Mattress has two different comfort “flavours” to speak of—three if you purchase the ultra-plush Peacelily Mattress topper, which makes it as soft as can be.

In its “Medium” setting, you’ll enjoy the full bounce and reactivity of the natural rubber latex. Sitting at around a 5/10 on the mattress firmness scale, the Peacelily mattress is definitely on the softer side of “Medium”. Likewise, the “Firm” setting, coming in at around a 6.5/10 on the mattress firmness scale, is distinctly softer than other firm mattresses. This is likely due to the inherent cloud-like properties of latex, which even the sturdy support core can’t override. Still, there’s no denying that this is one comfortable mattress, and unless you suffer from serious pain or orthopedic issues, this mattress will provide more than enough in the way of support and pain relief. And for a soft luxury-plush feel, you can opt for the mattress topper upgrade (+$469), which is 5cm thick and made from soft natural latex.

As always, we want to remind you that the mattress firmness scale is purely subjective. You’ll need to try it out for yourself to see how you get on with it. After all, there’s a reason the company offers a 100-night risk-free trial to all Australian customers!

Peacelily Mattress with Topper
Peacelily Mattress with Topper

Sleep Position Ratings

We think all sleep styles will be able to find some configuration of the Peacelily Latex Mattress to suit their comfort preferences. There’s something here for all, whether you’re a side sleeper who’ll prefer the “Medium” setting; a back sleeper, who is likely to prefer the added support of the “Firm” setting; or a front sleeper, who will benefit from the added support and plushness of the Peacelily mattress topper (sold separately) in conjunction with either the “Medium” or “Firm” setting (depending on your body type).

Temperature Neutrality

If there’s one thing you can count on natural latex to excel in, it’s temperature regulation. Due to its production process involving whipping up pure latex to make a foam before filling it with miniscule air bubbles, latex mattresses are incredibly airy and breathable. If you’re looking for something to see you through the hot Australian nights, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than the all-natural Peacelily Latex Mattress.

Edge Support

Unfortunately, as the laws of physics state, every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of the Peacelily Latex Mattress, the action is a lightweight, bouncy and intensely breathable mattress. The reaction, though, is an unavoidable lack of solid edge support. While you shouldn’t find yourself falling out of bed on the regular, you may struggle if you have existing issues with physically rising out of bed in the morning.

That said, the edge support of Peacelilly is not as good as pure innerspring mattresses. Still, it’s better than most foam mattresses like Ecosa or Koala and almost equal to hybrid mattresses like Noa or Sleeping Duck Mach II.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is a must-have feature for anyone whose partner fidgets through the night. It prevents the feeling of movement from travelling throughout the mattress and feeling like waves on a stormy ocean. While the mattress doesn’t quite offer the same motion isolation features as top-quality memory foam, it does provide enough in the way of motion isolation to cater for all but the most restless sleepers. Plus, it does that while keeping you feeling buoyant and light all night long. We know, it sounds like such a feat shouldn’t be possible, but that’s the magic of high-quality natural latex for you!

Packaging and Delivery

The Peacelily Latex Mattress, like all mattress-in-a-box brands, comes shipped to your door in an (almost) impossibly compact box. You’ve just got to unbox that bad-boy, remove any superfluous packaging and let it unfurl in its own time. It shouldn’t take too long.

The company offers free Australia-wide shipping, although delivery times do vary by region:

Melbourne 1 – 2 Business Days
Sydney 1 – 2 Business Days
Canberra 1 – 3 Business Days
Brisbane 2 – 5 Business Days
Adelaide 2 – 5 Business Days
Hobart 2 – 5 Business Days
Perth 5 – 9 Business Days
Darwin 6 – 11 Business Days

Warranty & Terms of Sale

Before we dive into the specifics of Peacelily’s post-purchase support, we’d just like to highlight how impressed we are with its 25-year warranty (comprising 10 years of full coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage). In an industry where 15 years of coverage is impressive enough, to have any kind of coverage spanning a quarter of a century is a real selling point.

Full Warranty (Years 1 – 10 of Ownership)

Repairs or replacement at no extra cost.

Limited Warranty (Years 11 – 25 of Ownership)

Mattress replacements at a prorated charge dependent on the duration of ownership.

Risk-Free Trial

100 nights of coverage, returnable after night 30 (free collection by registered partnered charities in some metro areas).

Size & Pricing

Mercifully for our bank balances, the Peacelily Latex Mattress comes in significantly cheaper than other all-natural latex mattresses by upwards of $1000 in some cases.

Long Single$949
King Single$999

Buyer Feedback

While it hasn’t yet earned the acclaim of several hundreds of user reviews quite yet, Peacelily is off to a great start on the user review website

Leah, a verified Peacelily customer, left a glowing review after purchasing an entire sleep setup from the company:

“PeaceLily have been a wonderful company to deal with. Their mattress, topper and pillow are beautiful products – so great to be able to find natural and non-toxic options at an affordable price, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone to try. The customer service is excellent”

Final Verdict

The Peacelily Latex Mattress ticks so many boxes that it’s easy to overlook the minor ways it falls short. Ethically produced, bouncy, breathable and suitable for a range of sleep styles, this mattress has got more to offer than its adjustable firmness features (although they are great too). It gets a “thumbs up” from us, and it seems the Australian public agrees!

Dollar for dollar we think the Peacelily is the best latex mattress brand in Australia. Unless you suffer from severe orthopedic issues or rely on reinforced edge support, this is one mattress you’ll definitely want to check out.

Peacelily Mattress


  •    Type: Latex Mattress
  •    Multiple firmness option
  •    100-night sleep trial
  •    25-year warranty
  •    Free shipping
  •    Zip money financing


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