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Sleeping Duck MACH II Mattress Review (2022 Update)

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The founders of Sleeping Duck may not have won a deal at Shark tank Australia (back in 2017), but they continued to grow their online mattress-in-a-box empire completely bootstrapped, clocking over A$30 million in sales in FY21.

What an inspiring story! Coming to the actual review, now:

Sleeping Duck Mach II (or SD Mach II) is the new and improved version of the sleeping duck mattress. Much like its predecessor, it boasts a unique, modular design, and offers a hybrid pocket coil with firmness adjustability, which can be adjusted and swapped around at will until you have found the perfect sleeping setup. But is Sleeping Duck’s new mattress spouting a load of “quack”, or is it truly the next-gen, intuitive bed for which Aussies have been waiting?

We set out to answer that question once and for all.

Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress Review.jpg

Mattresses are highly subjective, and what may feel comfortable for one person may not be ideal for another. Besides our internal testing, we also consider real-world user reviews to see what previous buyers had to say regarding the mattress. We feel this is a more holistic approach to assessing a mattress.

Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress Review Summary​

Few bed-in-a-box brands offer hybrid mattresses, and fewer still offer modularity and adjustability. Sleeping Duck is the only brand in Australia that does all three – and they seem to do it well. However, starting at $999, SD Mach II is far from cheap compared to other online mattress brands.

The SD Mach II is a supportive mattress that gives you the feel of sleeping “on” (minimal sinkage) rather than “in” the mattress. It’s a feeling that some people, especially those transitioning from innerspring mattresses, might like, but if you are looking for a mattress to sink into or deep pressure relief, this is not going to be what you’re looking for.

Initially, while ordering, you choose all-firm, all-medium or half-half (one side firm, one side medium). If you’re not happy with the firmness, after a 21 day break-in period, you can request to swap the layers, or choose between an extra firm and a soft layer. The highlight of this mattress is the modular design that allows you to swap out any of the six foam pads on each side and precisely adjust the firmness to your liking.

The medium felt like 6/10 on the firmness scale and the firm felt more like 7.5/10. For reference, the industry standard for medium-firm is 6.5. So the medium option is not too soft, and the firm is not too firm either.

The mattress provides even body support and does an excellent job of reducing pressure points. Sleepers with pain or discomfort around the shoulder, hips or back would appreciate the zoned construction, and may experience pressure relief (consult your GP for more specific advice).

SD Mach II might be a great match for back sleepers, light- and medium-weight stomach sleepers, average-weight side sleepers, and combination sleepers. However, larger side and stomach sleepers may find their hips sink too far in either configuration.

The motion isolation is also quite good, so if you share the bed with a partner, you are unlikely to feel their movements. The edge support is pretty good, so you can sleep or sit on the side of the bed without feeling like you might roll-off. Some sleepers may find the mattress trapping too much heat. Also, the mattress is very heavy (52 kg for a queen), making it difficult to put together, move around, or change the sheets.

SD Mach II comes with a 100-day trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping like any online mattress brand.

Who may love the mattress?

Who may not love the mattress?

Sleeping Duck Mach II Review

Sleeping Duck MACH II

With SD Mach II, you get a range of customisation options. A great mattress for sleepers looking for a supportive bed or who need support in specific areas. 

Firmness & Feel

Let’s look at what all firmness options are available, and how the SD Mach II actually feels in different sleep positions and various body types.

How firm is the SD Mach II mattress?​

In our testing, the medium configuration felt like 6/10, slightly softer than medium-firm. The firm option felt close to 7/10. With the industry average for medium-firm being 6.5 and firm being at 8, the mattress is neither a proper medium, nor an actual firm mattress.

Sleeping duck also offers soft and extra firm pads that you can request for free during the trial, and for $150 after that. Unfortunately, we couldn’t test those as they are not part of the standard mattress.

The top antigravity foam layer is soft and remains the same in either configuration. Next, the transition layer or the componentAdapt foam is firmer, and this is the layer where you can swap out the firmness strip or the individual pads. The bottom layer coil is extremely firm and supportive. Altogether, the mattress offers minimal sinkage and there is a good balance of support and comfort.

Of course, we use the mattress firmness scale as a reference point, but the feel of a mattress is still completely subjective. A 7/10 might feel firm for one person, but another could just as easily describe it as “soft”. These ratings are to be taken as guidelines, not scientific measurements!

Sleeping on the SD Mach II mattress

In the firm configuration, we felt a good balance of support and comfort while sleeping on the back. Our hips sank in slightly on the top layer while the base coil layers offered plenty of lumbar support. Back sleepers may prefer the firm configuration over the medium one.

In the medium configuration, while side sleeping, we felt a bit of pressure around the hips but nothing substantial. Light- and average-weight sleepers would experience better pressure relief around hips and shoulders than heavier sleepers. In general, the firm configuration might not be suitable for side sleepers.

While stomach sleeping, we felt decent support in the firm configuration. However, our heavier tester felt their hips dipping into the mattress in either configuration. So, possibly light and average-weight stomach sleepers might find SD Mach II more suitable than heavier sleepers.

What Does The SD Mach II Feel Like?​

The surface of the Sleeping Mach II has a bouncy and responsive feel. You tend to sleep more “on top” of the mattress as opposed to “in it”, which makes it easy to move around on the bed. The top layer gives the touch of a pillow top feel but nothing too plush.

Average Weight Sleepers (60-100 kg)

We feel the average-weight sleepers would be well catered in different sleeping positions between the two firmness options. Average-weight sleepers would enjoy a pleasant balance of comfort and pressure relief on the mattress. Average-weight side sleepers might prefer the medium side, while back and stomach sleepers may want to opt for the firmer side.

Heavyweight Sleepers – (above 100 kg)

Heavy weight back sleepers may find the mattress a great match for back sleeping. In this weight range, side sleepers may not get the desired pressure relief around hips and shoulders and may feel jammed up. Similarly, heavyweight stomach sleepers may not find the mattress supportive enough and likely find their hips bowing into the mattress.

Lightweight Sleepers (40-60 kg)

Lightweight sleepers in most sleep positions should fare well on the mattress. Side sleepers in this category would provide plenty of pressure relief, back sleepers a good mix of support and comfort, and stomach sleepers a supportive surface.

Under 60 Kg 60 to 100 Kg Above 100 Kg
Side Sleepers Fair Excellent Poor
Back Sleepers Good Excellent Excellent
Stomach Sleepers Good Excellent Poor


Sleeping Duck Mach II Construction

The way Sleeping duck has named the individual layers making up the mattress, it feels no less than a rocket ship! There is an antigravity foam layer, motherboard base layer, componentAdapt transition layer, and yes, the name of the mattress is Mach II. But don’t get overwhelmed. There are tons of customisation options, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Let’s peek inside it, from top to bottom, to see how each layer contributes to the mattress as a whole:

Breathetech cover closeup

Cover (Breathetech)

On top, the SD Mach II features a knitted bamboo fabric cover – it’s soft, stretchy, breathable and promotes airflow. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and sturdy. Its outer cover is zippered, so you can easily unzip and remove it to clean or wash.

antigravity layer

Antigravity foam layer

Fancy name, isn’t it? SD’s antigravity foam layer is a 5 cm thick proprietary blend that offers the softness of memory foam minus the quicksand feeling or heat and bounce and responsiveness similar to latex. The brand claims the layer is breathable, porous and highly sag-resistant

Coming to feel, it has a balanced neutral feel to it – neither too firm nor too soft.

The foam is strong to cushion you in place but flexible in letting you toss and turn without resistance. This layer is GECA approved and manufactured in Australia. The brand also claims the layer is highly sag-resistant.

The layer’s purpose is to offer light contouring and gentle pressure relief before the transition layer kicks in (where the real support comes in).

ComponentAdapt Layer

ComponentAdapt Transition Layer

This is the interchangeable layer that houses the adjustable variable firmness foams. The middle layer comes in a firm, medium or half-half setting and comprises 12 rectangular polyurethane foam pads of different firmness, six for each half of the bed. These can be swapped by unzipping the cover and doing the shuffle as you like. Need things a little firmer around the shoulders?

Sleeping Duck will send you a ‘firm’ panel insert for the shoulder portion of the mattress. That’s just on your side; your partner can choose whichever firmness they like for their shoulders. You can, in fact, order a new half side or new foam pads during the first 100 nights of ownership, just call customer care to request. Swapping the foams has become much easier in SD Mach II compared to its predecessor. Besides the medium-firm and firm pads, you can also request soft and extra firm pads during the trial period, and buy them later on.

Sleeping Duck Mach II Foam Inserts.jpg
Replaceable foam inserts.

Motherboard (Base support layer)

The final layer of pocket springs is what gives the Sleeping Duck mattress its ‘hybrid’ identity. The brand claims that the steel coils used have been tempered twice and are virtually indestructible.

By isolating each steel spring in a pocket, they act independently and react to where you put the most pressure during the night. Furthermore, pocket springs offset some degree of firmness from the foam, making the mattress a better ‘all-rounder’, able to suit the needs of a wide variety of sleepers. Finally, with 5 zone support, the sections of the pocket spring layer are designed to offer customised support for the five sections of the sleeping body (head and shoulders; back and spine; hips and lower back; legs and knees; feet and ankles). The perimeter of the mattress is further reinforced to offer better edge support and prevent you from rolling off.

Mattress Height

The SD Mach II mattress measures 12” or 31 cm in thickness, which is average for a hybrid mattress, and higher than most all-foam beds.

SD Mach II Price & Size Options​

The SD Mach II mattress is undoubtedly a premium product that sits at an appropriately premium price point. Starting at $999 (Single) and reaching $1,999 (King). Remember that the cost of ordering alternative foam panels during the first 100 nights is also included; you don’t pay Sleeping Duck for the replacement panels, and you don’t even have to return the unneeded ones.

Take a look at the full price list below:

Sizes Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Price (MSRP)
Single 188 x 92 x 31 cm 30 kg $999
King Single 203 x 107 x 31 cm 36 kg $1,099
Double 188 x 138 x 31 cm 43 kg $1,349
Queen 203 x 153 x 31 cm 52 kg $1,649
King 203 x 183 x 31 cm 65 kg $1,999

Mattress Performance

Now that we know the range of customisation options available, let’s see how the mattress performs in areas like thermal regulation, edge support, motion isolation, and durability.

Sleep temperature


Generally, hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than foam beds due to the pocket coil layer providing ample room for airflow. However, we felt the mattress did trap a bit of heat due to the thicker comfort and transition layers. If you sleep hot, the SD Mach II might not be a great option.

Motion Isolation for Couples


Surprisingly for a hybrid mattress, the Sleeping Duck did a great job at minimising movement across the surface. We attribute this to the thick comfort and transition layer that does a decent job at localising the motion. That said, the motion transfer was still higher than what you would experience from all-foam mattresses like Emma or Koala.

When we placed a glass of water on one side of the mattress and pressed the mattress, the glass did move a bit but not enough to spill any liquid. Partners might be able to notice movement on the mattress, so keep in mind, especially if you’re a light sleeper.

Edge Support


In our testing, we observed that the Sleeping Duck offers strong edge support all along the perimeter. The reinforced pocket springs do a good job of preventing sinkage and roll-off, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

When you sit or sleep along the edges, you may notice comfort layers slightly caving in, but the base coil layer is very supportive and prevents you from feeling like you’re going to roll off.

Overall, SD Mach II offers better edge support than all-foam beds like Koala, Ecosa or Emma. But compared to hybrid mattresses, it falls a bit short due to the thicker than average comfort and transition layer.



Moving on the mattress, we didn’t notice any squeaks or creaky sounds. While pocket coils are a bit noisier than all-foam beds, the mattress managed to stay pretty quiet, which can be attributed to the thicker comfort and transition layers. That said, with time, the pocket coils may start to make more noise.

Sex Comfort


Couples looking for a good mattress for getting intimate usually want something bouncy, responsive and easy to move around on. Thanks to the hybrid construction and balanced foam feel, sexual partners should find it a great match.



As is the case with most mattress-in-a-box brands, we did notice some initial chemical smell when we first unboxed the Sleeping Duck. However, the scent completely went away 24 hours after letting it air out.



Looking at the foam layers and sturdy steel coils, the Sleeping Mach II seems to be well-built and exceptionally durable. We expect the mattress to last for seven to 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

The brand also simulated a 8-year wear and tear test on the mattress, and it performed pretty well.

Sleeping Duck Mach II Review

Sleeping Duck MACH II

With SD Mach II, you get a range of customisation options. A great mattress for sleepers looking for a supportive bed or who need support in specific areas. 

Company Policies

When buying a new mattress, it’s equally important to fully understand the company’s policies for returning, warranty and shipping. So, let’s see how Sleeping Duck scores in these departments.


SD Mach II comes with a 10-year warranty on each of the individual layers of the mattress (covering sag of 8% or more of each layer). The Sleeping Duck will replace the layer(s) that sag above the tolerance level free of cost.

There are, however, some caveats to the warranty (as is the industry standard). The warranty only covers mattresses placed on adequate bases (i.e. not sprung bases or adjustable bed bases) and photographic evidence is also required to claim the warranty. Also, the warranty is non-transferable. With this in mind, it’s important to treat the Sleeping Duck mattress right to ensure continued support from the company itself.

Sleep Trial:

The Sleeping Duck mattress comes with a 100-night free trial, so you can fully test out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not happy with the firmness, you can request a free swap to the softer or firmer version of the same mattress (after the 21-day break-in period). If you’re still not satisfied, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

Shipping and Delivery:

Sleeping Duck offers free shipping across Australia and next-day delivery in major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. If you live in a remote area, the delivery may take up to eight days.

The box is rather heavy, and it’s a good idea to seek help when opening and setting up the mattress. Once opened, it slowly unfurls and takes shape over the course of a handful of hours.

For an additional, Sleeping Duck also offers white-glove delivery, which includes setting up the mattress in your room and removing the old mattress. The white-glove delivery is available in select areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong and the Surf Coast.

How Does The Sleeping Duck Mach II Compare To Other Mattresses?

Mattress shopping is tricky and that’s why a bit of comparison shopping can always help with the decision making. We pitted the Sleeping Duck II against two of the most well known online mattress brands in Australia – Ecosa and Koala.

Sleeping Duck Mach II vs Ecosa.

The Sleeping Duch Mach II and Ecosa have an entirely different construction. While Ecosa is a foam mattress, the SD Mach II is a hybrid mattress with pocket coils. So it’s not an apple to apple comparison. However, both mattresses have the option to adjust the firmness and have the standard bed-in-a-box terms, like free delivery and return and a 100-day trial.

Ecosa has three different firmness options – soft, medium and firm. All three can be achieved by rearranging the layers. The Sleeping Duck Mach II, on the other hand, comes in only two firmness options – medium and firm, or half-half design.

In terms of feel, Ecosa and SD Mach II are quite similar. Both have that supportive and responsive feel. However, because SD Mach II has a modular design, you can personalise the firmness on the section level (six on each side). Ecosa has only one feel throughout.

That said, unless you’re a larger person, need half-half design or have specific areas where you need unique support (medium or firm), Ecosa could be a great alternative to Sleeping Duck Mach II. Ecosa is also $720 cheaper (Queen size) than the SD Mach II. So, if the price is a constraint, the Ecosa mattress is worth considering.

Sleeping Duck Mach II vs Koala.

Similar to Ecosa, the New Koala is also an all-foam mattress, while the SD Mach II is a hybrid mattress. Both SD Mach II and Koala have the option to adjust firmness between firm and medium. However, only Sleeping Duck Mach II offers a half-half design. The new Koala mattress’s medium and firm sides are softer than that of SD Mach II.

The new Koala is a great option if you seek a relatively plush mattress or need extra pressure relief. Larger folks, couples with different firmness preferences or those looking for a supportive mattress may want to go for SD Mach II.

Like Ecosa, Koala is about $500 cheaper (Queen size) than the SD Mach II.

Buyer Feedback & Complaints

As part of our thorough research process, we scoured the web, assessing over 200 genuine Australian customer reviews, and getting to grips with the true Sleeping Duck customer experience. Across the different platforms, the overall customer feedback stood at 4/5.

  • 82% of the buyers were fully satisfied with the mattress and rated 4.5+ (out of 5).
  • Almost all sleepers were happy with the customer service
  • 5% of the sleepers found the mattress too heavy, making bed making challenging.
  • 8% of users complained that the mattress slept hot.
  • 14% of the users found the mattress firm to their liking.
  • 4% of the users complained the mattress developed sag in the first six months.
  • 6% of the sleepers mentioned quality was not up to the mark considering the price point.

Overall, a good majority of customers are happy with their Sleeping duck mattress, and there are some case-specific complaints.


With SD Mach II, you get customisation options like no other mattress in the Australian market. Yes, there is a bit of two and fro to source the different firmness pads and installing them is not the easiest task, but if you need that extra bit of personalisation in your mattress, it may be worth the extra effort. Of course, all this comes at a premium price compared to most online mattress brands. If you’re on a budget and don’t need the modularity, you can also consider the Ecosa mattress, and if you need something more soft or plush, the New Koala is a decent alternative.

Do you have any experience with Sleeping duck Mach II? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy shopping!

James Lee

James Lee

James is the content director at WhatASleep, a certified sleep science coach from Spencer Institute and our in-house sleep product expert. Over three years, he's personally tested hundreds of mattresses. He likes to keep his reviews simple, objective, and straightforward so that the readers don't have to go through decision fatigue which is often the case while shopping for sleep products.

He hails from Sydney and has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Sleeping Duck MACH II

Sleeping Duck Mach II Review



WhatASleep Score

Support: 4.6/5
Cooling: 4.2/5
Edge Support: 4.5/5
Motion Isolation: 4.2/5
Durability: 4.6/5
Warranty: 4.5/5
Buyers ratings: 4.1/5

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