Sleeping Duck MACH II Mattress Review - Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy?

It may be in the company’s name, but Sleeping Duck isn’t sleeping on the job when it comes to product innovation. It has recently dropped a new model called SD Mach II and it promises to be ‘one giant leap for your sleep’. Quite like its predecessor, it boasts a unique, modular design and offers a hybrid mattress that can be swapped, changed and shuffled around at will until you have found the perfect sleeping setup. But is Sleeping Duck’s new mattress spouting a load of “quack”, or is it truly the next-gen, intuitive bed that Aussies have been waiting for? 

We set out to answer that question once and for all.

Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress

Our team has assessed the all-new SD Mach II mattress from top to bottom, taking into account construction, comfort, coolness, customer service and a lot more. What did we find out?

Well without further ado, let’s glide into the review!

Sleeping Duck MACH II Mattress: Quick Summary of the Ratings

Recommended For​

Not Suitable For​

Alternatives: Sleeping duck would definitely suit sleepers who value customization or have specific sleep needs. But for average sleepers does it make sense to invest $1899 for a queen size? Well, if you ask us – No! 

We think mattress-in-a-box brands like Ecosa or Noa which cost half the price of Sleeping Duck may be better suited for most sleepers without the need to pay the premium.

Summary: SD Mach II mattress, starting at $999, is far from cheap compared to other mattress brands. Its performance, however, more than competes with traditional premium mattresses well out of its price range. 

With a customisable, modular foam layer which can be adjusted in up to 12 separate regions (6 on each half of the bed), Sleeping Duck lets the owner choose a firmness arrangement that suits them – medium or firm overall with soft, medium, firm and extra firm micro-settings. Plus, the natural production process (known as pressure foaming) and Australian-made foams make this a guilt-free mattress on top of a comfortable one.

Sleeping Duck, its maker, has truly gone above and beyond, engineering a mattress that’s ideal for any sleeper—front, side, back or couples with different preferences—and a must-buy for those with specific night-time pressure points. Interested? With a 100-night risk-free trial, you can try out the SD Mach II mattress and, if you’re not impressed, return it at no personal cost.

Table of Contents

We’ve split the review up into a number of handy sections to make navigation a breeze.

About the Brand

Founded in 2014, Sleeping Duck is one of Australia’s leading bed-in-a-box companies and winner of three consecutive annual “CHOICE Recommended” awards plus a “Good Design Australia” award. 

After its two founders, Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan, struggled with the tortuous mattress-buying process, they decided to design their own mattress, the “perfect mattress” (or at least, close enough to it) and spread the magic of a good night’s sleep all over Australia. 

Since then, Sleeping Duck has branched out to produce bases, sheets, pillows and duvets; the company even appeared in the TV show Shark Tank in 2017, although they turned down the proposed $500,000 investment in order to retain greater control of the business.


Sleeping Duck Mach II Construction

Sleeping Duck’s SD Mach II looks high-end and substantial, contrasting dark edges with a crisp, white sleeping surface. Its hybrid design means that the best features of foam and pocket spring mattresses are allowed to shine through. Let’s peek inside it, from top to bottom. 

  • BreatheTech Cover – A mattress cover is the first line of defence against sweat or wine spills and prevents the bedding inside from the daily wear-and-tear. But BreatheTech Cover does more than that, Sleeping Duck claims in its promo video. Moving away from the stiff tufted design that is typical of traditional mattresses, it acts as an interface that connects every part of your body with the layers inside and eliminates pressure points. It’s made from bamboo, which provides unbeatable softness and many benefits. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and breathable. It might look delicate but it’s highly durable as you can unzip it and throw it in the wash when you want.

  • AntiGravity Foam – This proprietary air-grown foam achieves what the common memory foam can’t. Being the top layer, it’s expected to provide cushioning to your body as you lie on it but the memory foam fails to adjust as you make micro-movements in the bed, leaving you with the feeling of getting stuck. But Sleeping Duck’s air-grown foam also displays the properties of latex, namely in its bounciness and responsiveness. The hexacels in the foam are strong to cushion you in place but flexible to let you toss and turn without resistance.

  • Precision Firmness Pads – This is where the real magic happens, which Sleeping Duck likes to call “the life of the mattress”. This middle layer comes in either the firm or medium setting and comprises 12 rectangular polyurethane foam pads of different firmness, six for each half of the bed. These can be swapped by unzipping the cover and doing the shuffle as you like. Need things a little firmer around the shoulders? Sleeping Duck will send you a ‘firm’ panel insert for the shoulder portion of the mattress. That’s just on your side, of course; your partner can choose whichever firmness they like for their shoulders. You can, in fact, order a new half side or new foam pads during the first 100 nights of ownership by calling up the customer care. As compared to its predecessor, swapping the foams has become much easier in SD Mach II.
  • Motherboard – The final layer of pocket springs is what gives the Sleeping Duck mattress its ‘hybrid’ identity and longevity. By isolating each spring in a pocket, they act independently and therefore react to where you put the most pressure during the night. Furthermore, pocket springs offset some degree of firmness from the foam, making the mattress a better ‘all-rounder’, able to suit the needs of a wide variety of sleepers. Finally, with 5 zone support, the sections of the pocket spring layer are designed specifically for the 5 sections of the sleeping body (head and shoulders; back and spine; hips and lower back; legs and knees; feet and ankles). To top it all, the steel coils used have been tempered twice and are indestructible, the makers claim about it durability.  
Measuring in at 31 cm, the SD Mach II mattress is thicker and heavier than other foam mattresses like Koala or Ecosa. This additional thickness is common in hybrid mattresses and results in a mattress that’s supportive and can also be laid on the floor.

The production process behind this Sleeping Duck mattress is worth highlighting too. Not only is it GECA certified (which means that it’s produced in an ethical, environmentally-friendly way), but both foam layers are also expanded using pressure, not unnecessary chemicals. This is a more sustainable method of production that also endows the mattress with additional praiseworthy features (more on that later).

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

Due to its customisable nature, it’s not easy to talk about the precise firmness of the SD Mach II mattress; two different customers could, after all, have two completely different experiences with their respective mattresses. However, those customisation features also mean that we can automatically recommend it to a huge range of sleepers, especially those suffering from pain in specific areas of the body. 

The patented AntiGravity foam carries firm, supportive elements alongside bouncy features that create a lightweight ‘floating’ feeling during the night. This feeling is particularly noticeable with the softer foam. Plus, the pocket springs work to distribute weight evenly and reduce the pressure on heavy or sensitive sleepers.

When it comes to the customisable foam layer or Precision Firmness Pads, the two options for firmness are “medium” (at a 6/10 on the mattress firmness scale) and “firm” (at an 8/10 on the mattress firmness scale). Initially, you’ll be asked to choose one of these two for the whole bed. Alternatively, you can also opt for half-half design – one half firm and the other medium.

After 3 weeks — Sleeping Duck’s recommended adjustment period— you’ll be allowed to request different firmness panels for various portions of the bed or a firmness ‘strip’ for an entire half. Let’s say you need hip support and your partner needs shoulder support. The relevant pieces can be ordered at no extra cost straight from Sleeping Duck, and you don’t even have to return the excess foam panels! It’s worth noting that this customisation window only lasts for the duration of the 100-night trial. After 100 nights with the mattress, you won’t be able to customise the mattress at-will.

Of course, we use the mattress firmness scale as a reference point, but the feel of a mattress is still completely subjective. An 8/10 might feel firm for one person, but another could just as easily describe it as “soft”. These ratings are to be taken as guidelines, not scientific measurements!

Sleep Position Ratings

Firm, soft, medium, medium-firm: what does it all mean for you? Well, if you’re a side sleeper or prefer to drift off on your stomach, the ‘medium’ firmness option will be up your alley. Any firmer than that and the mattress could put pressure on your hips/shoulders (for side sleepers) or internal organs (for stomach sleepers). With the ‘medium’ option, you’ll also receive more of the reactive bounciness of the pocket springs too.

Back sleepers, on the other hand, will be likely to find their ideal match with the ‘firm’ option. The sturdier foam will help keep their hips, spine and shoulders aligned during the night while the springs ease where the pressure is highest.

Heavier sleepers will also enjoy the even weight distribution and offered by the bouncy and supportive pocket spring bottom layer in most sleeping positions.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Sleep Position Suitability
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Regardless of sleeping position, the SD Mach II is an outstanding purchase for people suffering from night-time aches or pains. Sleeping Duck’s own customer analysis shows that most sleepers suffering from sleep-related pain do so in only one body part (shoulders, for example). With Sleeping Duck, a customer could choose firm support in that one area and keep everywhere else nice and soft.

Temperature Neutrality

In these hot Australian nights, keeping cool and dry is a must. Thankfully, every layer of the SD Mach II mattress works to aid coolness and breathability in some way. From the BreatheTech cover which is made of the naturally-cooling bamboo, to the pocket springs which allow for airflow otherwise impossible in a foam mattress.

Most interestingly, the unique method of expansion used by Sleeping Duck on its foams (pressure instead of chemicals) means that the foams form an open cell structure. Compared to chemical-expanded foams, foams produced using pressure are “8 times cooler” (according to Sleeping Duck).

Edge Support

There’ll be absolutely no slipping off the bed during the night and no sagging with this mattress. Want to use it as a seat? Go ahead! The whole family can perch up on the edge. SD Mach II has reinforced the edges of the pocket spring layer with heavy gauge coil springs making this mattress an outstanding performer in the edge support department. Not exactly surprising: for as comfortable as it is, the Sleeping Duck mattress does look incredibly sturdy from the outside.

Motion Transfer

Sleeping Duck has implemented a number of features which should make its rebranded SD Mach II mattress a star when it comes to isolating movement and keeping partner disruption to a minimum during the night. Unfortunately, while it hardly fails at preventing motion transfer, partners of fidgety sleepers still may not enjoy a completely peaceful night. That’s because of this mattress’ spring-loaded bottom layer.

Sleeping Duck claims that this product’s foam layers work in conjunction with the pocket spring layer to “eliminate any form of disturbance”. While the hyper-adaptive AntiGravity and high-density Precision Firmness Pads are indeed perfect for motion isolation (especially if the firmer foam option is in play), the springs don’t actually help matters much at all. If anything, their bounciness introduces a small, albeit unwanted, amount of motion transfer that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

It’s worth highlighting that this product is still no slouch in terms of motion isolation, but due to those bouncy pocket springs, it won’t be found eliminating “any form of disturbance” as Sleeping Duck is proud to declare.

Packaging and Delivery

As part of the mattress-in-a-box market, the SD Mach II mattress ships for free, across Australia in — unsurprisingly — a box. Once opened, it slowly unfurls and takes shape over the course of a handful of hours. Not only is delivery free, but returns and the replacement mattress segments are completely free too. To receive replacement mattress segments, you need only fill in an online form and wait for your delivery.

It delivers the next business day across Australia, with the exception of regions such as Northern Territory and Tasmania, which can take up to 14 business days.

Single188 x 92 x 31cm32 kg
King Single203 x 107 x 31cm35 kg
Double188 x 138 x 31cm41 kg
Queen203 x 153 x 31cm48 kg
King203 x 183 x 31cm60 kg

Warranty & Terms of Sale

Sleeping Duck’s 100-night risk-free trial is both generous and essential to the product’s customisation process. After 21 nights, you’ll be able to begin swapping and customising the elements of the foam mattress; then, you’ll have up to 100 nights to ‘lock-in’ your final mattress setup. Once those first 100 nights pass, you’ll no longer be able to customise the mattress or return it.

On top of that, SD Mach II also offers a 10-year warranty on each of the individual layers of the mattress (covering sag of 3cm or more). There are, however, some caveats to the warranty (as is the industry standard). The warranty only covers mattresses placed on adequate bases (i.e. not sprung bases or adjustable bed bases) and photographic evidence is also required to claim on the warranty. With this in mind, it’s important to treat the Sleeping Duck mattress right to ensure continued support from the company itself.


The SD Mach II mattress is undoubtedly a premium product that sits at an appropriately premium price point. Starting at $999 (Single) and reaching all the way $1,999 (King), this really is a mattress for those who don’t want to settle for second-best. Remember that the cost of ordering alternative foam panels during the first 100 nights is also included in that cost; you don’t pay Sleeping Duck for the replacement panels and you don’t even have to return the unneeded ones.

Take a look at the full price list below:

King Single$1,099

Buyer Feedback

As part of our thorough research process we scoured the web, assessing over 2,000 genuine Australian customer reviews and getting to grips with the true Sleeping Duck customer experience. We weren’t let down: customer feedback for this product is nearly unanimously positive.

78% of customers were kept cool and sweat-free during their nights with the Sleeping Duck. This is clearly thanks to the number of breathable cooling components working together within its construction. 87% of customers adjusted to their new mattress in a matter of days. Sleeping Duck asks that customers wait three weeks for the adjustment process but it seems that, for most customers, that isn’t necessary. 95% of buyers found zero discomfort in their mattress. Not a surprise—considering how customisable it is—but impressive nonetheless. Finally, a whopping 98% of owners saw zero sag in their mattress whatsoever.

Customer reviews champion the Sleeping Duck mattress’ ability to ease longstanding aches and pains; one user states that she’s “no longer sore through (her) back and hips” thanks to the mattress. Another common element of many customer reviews is the outstanding value-for-money. This still isn’t a cheap mattress by any means, but customer reviews view it more favourably than products 2 or 3 times more expensive in the market. One user in particular expresses astonishment at the quality and service offered by the folks at Sleeping Duck: “(they are) as good or better than the top of the range store bought mattresses but they are half the price and have extraordinary after sales service”.

One criticism found cropping up occasionally throughout the customer reviews (and Sleeping Duck’s website does mention this) is the odour that can persist in the mattress for some time after purchase. This is an unavoidable consequence of the natural materials used, but some buyers highlighted it as a real gripe, albeit a minor one.

Overall, buyer feedback for the Sleeping Duck mattress is astoundingly positive; it’s one of the best overall impressions we’ve seen for an Australian mattress-in-a-box product and it absolutely deserves your attention.

Final Verdict

With SD Mach II, you’re in control of your mattress destiny. The interchangeable mattress segments really are an innovation in both personalised comfort and targeted pain reduction. Plus, the product’s outstanding build-quality (especially with its stellar edge support) further reinforces its status as a premium product. Sleeping Duck has earned its top reputation, and with dedicated post-purchase support (including a 100-night risk-free trial) covering the entirety of Australia, the company is going above and beyond the call of duty to make customers feel content with their purchase,

We are pretty stoked about recommending the SD Mach II mattress to you. Do tell us your experience. Happy shopping!

SD MACH II Mattress


  •    Type: Hybrid (Foam+Pocket coil)
  •    Customisable firmness
  •    100-night sleep trial
  •    10-year warranty
  •    Free shipping
  •    Zip money financing


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