10 Key Coffee Statistics Australia Needs to Know


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It is a well-known fact that caffeine can interfere with our sleep, and that coffee consumption even 6 hours before bed can result in a less fulfilling rest, but despite this, it is clear that coffee in Australia is here to stay!

Australia’s love of coffee, much like its golden sand beach strips and the endless expanses of outback, is to put it simply, legendary.

Nearly 19 million Australians consume at least one cup of coffee a day and 23% of those choose to start their day with a wake-up commuter coffee to shake that post-sleep dreariness!

Since its arrival to Australia’s shores, the amount of coffee consumed by Aussies has skyrocketed with the average Australian consuming an astonishing 1.92 kilograms of coffee every year! That means that Aussies as a nation consume 37 million kilograms of coffee a year!

So with a craving for coffee that bad, it’s easy to see why coffee culture in Australia is one of the largest and most unique in the world, and its facts like the ones below that show just why Aussies are so coffee crazy!

Coffee Statistics Australia: Key Points

  • Nearly 19 Million Australians drink coffee, that’s 75% of the entire population! Of those, 28% have three or more cups of coffee daily. Aussies as a nation consume 37 million kilograms of coffee a year.
  • Average cost of coffee in Australia is $4.12, which happens to be third-cheapest coffee in the world, keeping coffee-obsessed Aussies happier!
  • Aussies spend a whopping 3 billion dollars on their coffee every year.
  • Average Australian consumers 14 cups of coffee every week.
  • 95% of coffee shops in Australia are independently owned and managed, showing Aussies love for unique coffee!
  • One-third or 33% of coffees sold in Australia are lattes.
  • 23% of coffees ordered in Australia are takeaways, placing Australia in 4th spot in terms of takeaway orders. Japan, the United States and Canada hold the first three positions.
  • Nearly 45 percent of Australians choose to make their coffee at home rather than buying from a café.
  • Around 35 percent of households in Australia now have a personal espresso machine.

10. All kinds of Aussies are saying Hooroo to tea and Good day to coffee

  • With 75% of all Australians (or 19 million Aussies) now drinking coffee once a day there are some divides on what type is best, with the older generations being more likely to prefer a quick and simple cup of instant coffee, whilst younger Aussie generations prefer the Italian imported style Espresso coffee.
  • A 2014 study carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that coffee consumption in Australia is on the rise, with 46% of people drinking coffee rather than the 38% who stated they preferred tea.
  • Before the arrival of the Parisian style coffee that built the coffee culture in Australia, many Aussies started on tea, having imported the culture from their British ancestors, in the years before the coffee culture boom of the 1960s the average Australian drank at least one cup of tea a day, but as many Australians make the switch to coffee, that number has fallen faster and faster by the decade with 55% of Aussies now only having one cup of tea in a week!
Number of Australian Coffee Drinkers by population

Source: Insidesmallbusiness.com.au

9. The science is in and coffee is healthy!

  • Research has shown that coffee contains a far greater number of antioxidants than tea, particularly a type of disease-fighting antioxidant known as quinine that becomes more potent after roasting. Fun fact quinine also gives coffee its distinct bitter flavour
  • As coffee becomes more a part of every Aussies, daily diet so too has the research into its benefits grown, with studies indicating that consuming coffee regularly may decrease your risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes, and even help reduce the symptoms of asthma.
  • Coffee’s power to help fight tiredness is well known the world over, but this is actually due to a complex chemical brain reaction caused by the caffeine, which when consumed goes on to block an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain, which causes a stimulant effect. This improves energy levels, mood, and various aspects of brain function.

Source: Healthline.com

8. Coffee is one of Australia’s biggest businesses, with humble roots

  • With the Australian café industry being valued as worth around $8 billion, and coffee and cafe sales reaching a revenue intake of nearly 5 billion Australian dollars it is easy to see why coffee in Australia is king! However, Aussies have said no to the corporate expansion of American companies like Starbucks and worked to grow a local scene for all kinds of coffee enthusiasts!
  • This is achieved due to the fact that 95% of ALL coffee shops in Australia are independently owned and managed, and its this Aussie love for the local style café that lead to Starbucks closing more than 70% of their shops just after 8 years of opening in the country!
  • The café sector in Australia is also one of the largest employers and provides jobs to countless communities and areas throughout the nation, with over 96,000 Australians being employed within the sector.
  • However, it’s not all café life as 45% of Aussies make their coffee at home rather than buying from a café while one in three Australians say they will go out of their way to buy the coffee they like and a further 7% of Aussies only purchase their coffee beans online.
Percentage of total cups of coffee sold in bars and Cafes by state

Source: Statista

7. Aussies love Lattes, and that’s a Stat!

  • Even though Aussies invented the world-renowned flat white, this being a double shot of bean roasted espresso with a light layering of micro foamed milk, this is only the second most popular coffee-based drink, making up just 22% of all coffee sales a year in Australia!
  • Comparing that to the Latte which makes up nearly 33% of all coffees bought in Australia and it’s easy to see which is king down under!
  • In the state of South Australia, the Latte is so preferred that it makes up a whopping 66% of all coffee drinks purchased within that state! That means an unbelievable 1.2 million of the state’s residents prefer their energy inducing drink to be served long and with a lot of milk!

Source: Insidesmallbusiness.com.au

6. Australian coffee farms are growing!

  • Certain parts of Australia provide the perfect climate to grow the beans required to support Aussies unending love for coffee and many farmers have grasped onto this growing market by planting and tending large coffee plantations
  • In Australia, coffee is grown in tropical conditions along the Atherton Tableland, based in far north Queensland as well as in subtropical conditions in south-east Queensland and New South Wales.
  • The lack of disease and pests natural to the coffee plant means that the industry is booming, with Aussie coffee growers producing nearly 600,000 coffee trees with a potential production of nearly 300 000 Kilos of coffee a year!

Source: Australianspecialtycoffee.com.au

5. Its coffee time all the time!

  • It turns out caffeine is not just a morning necessity for many Australian as sales of the nation’s favourite coffee-based drinks peak at different times through the day!
  • The morning rush sees Aussies consume stronger lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos with sales peaking at 9 am as they ready for the workday before another lunchtime spike at 1 pm to help shake that large lunch drowsiness!
  • A Rise & Grind survey conducted by Harris and Galaxy found that 3.5 million Aussie coffee drinkers admit they start their day disgruntled if they don’t get their morning hit.
  • Harris and Galaxy survey also noted that the average Australian drinks 14 cups every week! That means the average Aussie drinks 728 cups a year!
  • Aussies are also big fans of flavoured caffeine brews, with chai sales hitting their peak at 11 am and matcha coffee sales peaking at around 3 pm.

Source: Dailytelegraph.com.au

4. Aussies make art, not just coffee!

  • In Australia, Baristas receive a much lengthier and higher-quality period of training with a lot more Aussie coffee specialists focusing on perfecting the right level of bean roast and the perfect latte art serve.
  • In fact, the Australian company Barista Basics offers a variety of courses that help Baristas become master craftsmen in the art of coffee and is a hallmark of just how much Aussies love their coffee!
  • Australians love their beans so much that they even rank the nation’s top baristas with the Bean Scene Magazines compiling lists every year, giving the perfect round-up of the who’s who in the coffee scene!

3. Beans are going green!

  • A sad reality of any popular service is that it will often produce a lot of waste that heads straight to our landfills and then onwards into our environment, and the coffee café industry is much the same, leading to nearly 2.7 million disposable cups dumped a day in 2019 alone!
  • However, the coffee scene, like many others, is doing its best to fight back, stopping waste by investing in circular sharing schemes as well as encouraging patrons to bring in their own cups!
  • Even Australian television is getting behind the movement with tv channel ABC’s War on Waste dedicating an entire episode to raise awareness on the issue of reducing coffee cup waste!

2. Coffee and cost, Australia exceeds

  • Having such a strongly entrenched coffee culture is perhaps why Australia is one of the nations of the world where your daily caffeine fix will not hurt your wallet! Ranking third on the 2019 US Starbucks index, Australia has cheaper coffee than both the United States and the UK!
  • Coffee in Australia is only outpriced by Turkey and the world’s biggest coffee producer Brazil, meaning for a nation with only a small local coffee-growing industry you are always guaranteed a bargain!
  • In fact, Aussies pricing is so competitive when you look at other coffee-loving nation’s of the world, with your average Latte in Melbourne costing $4 Aussie dollars this is a far cry from the world’s most expensive cups in Denmark, which would cost the buyer nearly $10!
  • However, despite the price being so cheap research by Canstar Blue found 68% of coffee-obsessed Australians say they saved a fortune on reducing cafe-bought coffees by purchasing their own machine.
  • This has led to almost 35 percent of households in Australia now having an espresso machine!
The Price of Coffee Around the World in US Dollars

Source: Finder.com

1. While coffee won’t help you sleep, it will help you power through

  • Research has found that caffeine intake, specifically the caffeine found in coffee, can help improve not only an individual’s mood and focus but also can fight off the effect of drowsiness inducing conditions like jet lag.
  • Coffee is also a useful tool in fighting off driver fatigue and research by the European Commission has found that a person who drives after being awake for 17 hours doubles their risk of crashing, but that a combination of coffee with a short nap is effective at reducing driver sleepiness.
  • Coffee is also perfect for your next workout, as research suggests that caffeine may help to improve physical performance during both endurance and high-intensity exercise as well as lead to a reduction in the rated perceived effort or exertion during exercise.

Source: Coffeeandhealth.org

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