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Best Mattress In Australia: Top 10 Reviewed

Looking for the best mattress in Australia? The perfect bed can be found. It cannot be too hard or too soft. The mattress must be able to keep you cool during the hot Australian summers, but also remain durable enough to last for many years. You don’t want a mattress that you will regret for months or years to come.

There are so many great mattresses on the market that Aussies feel overwhelmed by their choice. We feel your pain. We’ve compiled a list of ten of Best Mattress Australia that you can purchase right now. Tired of mattress shopping? It won’t take long for you to find a new mattress!

Best Mattress In Australia Compared

We consulted only the most reliable user reviews and drew on our collective experience and knowledge to make the decision. We compiled a list of ten top mattresses from leading brands, based on price, comfort, and innovation. Our team, as well as Australia, were delighted with the results. We are excited to share these with you.

Best Mattress In Australia Buying guide

Only you can decide what mattress is right for you. We are here to help with reviews and advice. You are that person! What are the things you should consider when buying a mattress that will last a lifetime?

Types of Mattresses

There are many different types of mattresses that use different materials and designs to provide their own comfort. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Memory Foam– Supportive and pressure-relieving. Memory Foam Mattresses are known for their’sinking feeling’ that is caused by the material conforming to your body. Memory foam is known to absorb heat from the body, which can lead to an uncomfortable night’s rest. Memory foam is used in many modern mattresses because it helps to relieve pain and align the body.
  • Latex foam– More responsive and bouncy than memory foam. Latex-dominant Mattresses have a cloud-like feel, rather than the sinking characteristic of memory foam. These mattresses are also cooler and more breathable.
  • Innerspring — Sometimes classics remain classics for good reason. Innerspring mattresses make use of hundreds (often thousands) of individually-pocketed coils to provide a bouncy, breathable sleep experience. Due to the coils’ individually-pocketed nature, they don’t impact each other, making for superb edge support and natural motion isolation.
  • Hybrid– Hybrid mattresses combine the best of different mattress types to create a ‘super bed’. A memory foam layer on top of an innerspring base, for example, would relieve pressure (just like memory foam), while absorbing less warmth than typical memory foam.

Position of Sleep and Firmness

How firm a mattress you choose will depend on the position you take during sleep.

  • Due to the lack natural cushioning at the hips and shoulders of side sleepers, they will need a mattress that is softer.
  • A firmer mattress will help back sleepers keep their spine in alignment during the night.
  • Finally, those who sleep on their fronts will also benefit from a mattress that is firmer. This will help keep the body in good shape.

Personal preference is always a factor in determining the level of firmness that’s right for you. Also, you will need to consider your weight: heavier people tend to require a firmer bed while lighter people would benefit from more padding.

Best Mattress In Australia & Company Support

The majority of Australian mattresses, particularly those that operate online offer a variety of customer service features. If you want to get the best support, make sure you purchase a mattress that has these features.

  • Free Australia wide delivery Most online mattress brands provide free delivery across the country. Some even offer delivery within 24 hours (or faster) to metro areas.
  • A 100-night trial without risk Some companies might call it something else or change the period (for example, 120 nights), but this is a standard industry practice. The company will take your mattress back for free if you decide to change your mind during that time period. You’ll also receive a refund.
  • Warranty – Although the warranty details may vary depending on the company, the length of the warranty and the circumstances which justify it (read the terms and conditions of the company for more information), it is rare for companies to provide no warranty at all. Be very worried if there is no mention of warranty.

Review of Best Mattress In Australia Brands

You know the qualities of a great mattress. But do you really know what makes them so special? Find out!

1. Editor’s Choice: The New Koala Mattress

Want a mattress that has as little mileage as possible? You can rest easy with the award winning Koala Mattress, designed in Australia. Created using high-quality and environmental-friendly materials and with 1% of all of its revenue donated to charities, the all new Koala mattress ticks most boxes of a good bed.

The firm has a new Koala Mattress that is more flexible than the previous “one size fits all” approach. Koala’s mattress line now includes three models: The New Koala (also known as The New Calm), The New Soul Mate, and the New Koala.

The new design features a Kloudcel comfort layers that allows sleepers to select between a medium-firm (6/10) or firm (7/10). We think the customisable firmness makes this mattress an excellent choice for many people. Koala Mattress is also a good choice because of its free delivery within 4 hours in metros, 120 day sleep trial, and after-sale service.

The new Koala Mattress is built well, but is it comfortable and, most importantly, right for you. Let’s see.


The top comfort layer consists of double-sided Kloudcell Foam that is 7cm thick. It can be flipped to select between the medium-firm or firm side. Koala’s Kloudcell blend combines memory foam sinking with responsiveness and breathability from latex. This layer is followed by a zoned support core, which works in conjunction with Kloudcell to help distribute weight and isolate motion.

Comfort and Feel:

The medium side is rated 6 on the scale of firmness, where 1 is extremely soft and 10 is extremely firm. The medium side is the best choice for side sleepers who are light to average in weight. It offers good pressure relief at the hips and shoulders.

Light to average-weight back sleepers can feel comfortable either way, depending on their preference. They should feel good support and have a proper spinal alignment.

The firmer configuration is close to 7/10 in the firmness scale. It should be suitable for stomach and back sleepers who are light to medium weight. Stomach sleepers should choose a firmer mattress to avoid the spine sinking into the bed and tension building in the lower back.

The new Koala Mattress should be suitable for most sleepers, whether they are on their backs, sides or stomachs. The mattress is also temperature neutral and doesn’t trap heat. heavier people (above the 105kg mark) might not feel supported by this mattress. They may prefer a hybrid innerspring bed.

The Koala does have memory foam properties, but they are not as body-conforming and pain-relieving as dedicated memory foam. Many reviews still mention the impressive pain-relieving properties of this mattress.

The Koala mattress starts at just $750. If you are still hesitant, you can give it a try with a 120 night risk-free trial, and a 10 year warranty, which covers sags of at least 1 inch.

Jackie from, who is a devoted fan of the brand, has given a nearly unanimous positive review for the Koala Mattress:

“Will never buy anything but a Koala mattress. It’s the third mattress I’ve bought from Koala. (second one for me after upgrading) They deliver every time. After my body has become accustomed to this type of mattress, which is probably a little firmer that most, I would never want to go back to a mattress with springs .”

Final Verdict

In its latest iteration Koala took the feedback from customers seriously and created a mattress which is both comfortable and versatile. The new Koala Mattress is our pick for the best option of mattress in Australia.

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2. Peacelily Latex mattress – Best latex

Peacelily (formerly fern earth) is a firm believer in making mattresses the right way, with environmentally-friendly production processes and the use of sustainable materials. You don’t want your mattress to arrive at your doorstep after being produced with harsh chemicals, heavy labour and pollutants. We can’t fault you. That’s why the Peacelily Latex Mattress is a hand-made organic latex mattress with unique features, including adjustable firmness.


Peacelily’s Dunlop latex comes from Sri-Lanka and is eco-INSTITUT, Oeko-Tex class 1 certified. This means that the product contains no harmful chemicals or pollutants. All of the materials in the mattress, from the latex to the glue, and the soft cotton covering, are hypoallergenic, 100% natural and assembled by Peacelily. Cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard certified (GOTS), meaning it’s nontoxic and produced under strict social and environment standards.

Comfort & Feel

It’s clear that the Latex Peacelily mattress is free from guilt and health concerns. But how comfortable is it really? This product really shines with its adjustable firmness options and supportive, open cell latex. The mattress can be placed one way for a medium firmness. You can also flip it over to enjoy a firmer night of sleep. This dynamic mattress will cater to a wide range of sleepers, not only because it is adjustable in firmness. Latex is also naturally supportive and can be used for different sleeping styles.

Impressed? We’re not finished yet. Peacelily mattresses come with an incredible 25-year warranty in addition to the 100-night trial period and free shipping. Peacelily mattresses come with a 25-year warranty, which includes a 100-night risk-free trial and free shipping.

Peacelily has a lot to offer, so we are not surprised that there is a wide range of reviews that reflect this. Customers praise the product for its pain-relieving properties and hypoallergenic qualities.

M.Widmer, from, agrees and states the following:

“For many years, my wife and I have woken in the morning with hip and back pain. We both thought that our age was the main cause of our pain, and never questioned the old mattress.

Most of the pain has gone after only two nights on our new Peacelily King Size mattress. In the morning, we feel relaxed and free of pain. We haven’t even installed the top yet, as it’s on backorder. This product is fantastic. Thanks”

Final Verdict: The 100% organic latex bed does more than just support the environment by using natural materials and production methods that are completely handmade; it also supports you! The Peacelily mattress is available in medium or firm. (A soft option can be purchased by adding an additional topper). We think it’s the best latex bed in Australia and highly recommend it.

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2. Noa Luxe Mattress: Best Splurge

The word “Luxe”, while a shortening for “luxury”, does not detract from the luxurious five-star experience that this mattress provides. The Luxe mattress was designed by Noa to mimic the unforgettable ‘hotel sleep experience’. It is our Editor’s Pick for its feature-packed, eco-friendly product and exceptional comfort.


Each Luxe mattress is made up of a staggering array of components. The breathable Tencel fabric is hand-tufted and anti-bacterial. The cover will not bunch up or wrinkle with time. The next layer is a cooling memory foam that helps to keep unwanted aches at bay and also the Australian heat. Bamboo charcoal latex is placed below the memory foam. It is hypoallergenic, odourless and has an open-cell structure. Noa’s micro-coils are 3cm springs which adapt to your body weight and movement, offering comfort and support. The final layer is a motion-isolating cushion, which sits on top of a 5-zone pocket spring foundation. This base helps to align your hips, spine, and lower back throughout the night.

The Luxe mattress is also certified eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals and has undergone extensive testing. It is OEKOTEX certified and REACH certified (the EU’s equivalent to the CertiPur US certification). It’s both good for you and the planet. What’s not love about it?

Comfort & Feel

Noa says that “nearly 80 percent” of their customers prefer a medium firm sleeping experience. This mattress has a pressure-relieving layer of memory foam, and ergonomic zones of support from the pocket springs. It is perfect for all types of sleepers. However, anyone with aches and pains can benefit more than others.

Prices for the single-size mattress start at $1099, which is a very reasonable price, considering how much Noa packed into it. Noa also offers free delivery in metropolitan areas of Australia within two to four days. If you decide (somehow), that the Luxe mattress isn’t right for you, you have 100 days to return it and get a refund. Noa, on the other hand, is confident that you will be satisfied with your mattress and offers an impressive 15-year guarantee (covering any sag greater than 1 inch).

Tony Nghiem is a user of who left a glowing testimonial praising the Luxe Mattress’ pain-relieving properties:

“Super supportive. This mattress is so much better than my old mattress, which had a sinking middle. I have two herniated discs. My neck and back have definitely improved. “Highly recommended.”

Final Verdict: Noa Luxe mattress is an impressive collection of features, and it’s also very comfortable. The hybrid design offers a wide range of features, including memory foam to keep the spine and joints in the right place, water-based adhesives and open-cell latex that allow airflow while keeping even the most hot sleepers cool. Micro-coils and pocket springs provide the bounce and responsiveness that is otherwise lacking. The Luxe mattress has a bit of everything, making it one the best mattresses available.

The reviews are unanimous. Our Editor’s choice is the Noa Luxe Mattress. We’re confident you’ll understand why.

3. Emma Comfort Mattress – Best Budget

Budget is often associated with negative connotations. You might be tempted to look for online reviews that detail “inevitable shortcomings” in the design, construction, or customer service of the Emma Mattress with prices starting at just $599. We think you will struggle. Emma is an outstanding mattress that happens to be incredibly affordable. The company offers all the usual mattress-in a-box staples, including a 100-night trial with no risk, a generous guarantee, free shipping, and (of course), a beautifully designed product at an affordable price.


Emma’s three foam layers create a medium firm sleep experience. The mattress is designed to “suit all body types and sleeping positions”, as Emma says. The product’s materials are all OEKO TEX (r) Standard 100 – Class 1 certified. This means that they are free of harmful substances for humans.

The top layer is made of eco-friendly Hyperfoam. It provides a bounce and breathability, as well as a dedicated motion isolation system. The thick layer of pressure-relieving Polyether foam is sandwiched between the two. The dense foam conforms to the body and distributes weight evenly over its seven discrete zones. It is this layer’s adaptability which makes the product suitable for a variety of sleepers. The supportive point-elastic layer is last (but not least), which offers much-needed back support, easing aches and discomforts while increasing the product’s impressive motion isolation capabilities. This team of foam is wrapped in a breathable and moisture-wicking polyester/elastane cover. It can be easily removed and cleaned, extending the life expectancy of the mattress.

Comfort & Feel

What does this all mean for you? The Emma mattress will make you feel cool, comfortable, and unbothered in Australia. Your bank account will remain intact! That’s right. This is an inexpensive mattress without any nasty hidden costs. Emma offers free shipping across Australia, a 100-night free trial and free returns. It also has a 10-year warranty that covers sagging of at least 1 inch. Emma offers everything you would expect from less budget-friendly companies. How do they manage it? Although we don’t understand, we appreciate it.

The Emma mattress is a winner in our book. And it appears that customers agree, as evidenced by the many glowing reviews and awards on the internet. After a short ‘teething’ period, customers have reported a feeling of elation at night. Anne from Melbourne gave this product five stars at She stated:

It took a few nights to adjust but I’m very satisfied with the sleep. The husband no longer wakes up in the middle of the night sweating. This is definitely a positive.

Emma’s mattress is a quality product. Except for the price. The dynamic three-layer construction of the mattress gives it qualities that are suitable for all types of sleepers, whether they’re on their backs, sides or fronts. Its motion-isolating features also stop partners from driving one another crazy at night. With the Emma’s 100-night test and 10-year warranty you won’t have to worry about buying regrets. We can’t imagine a better option for buyers on a tight budget!

4. Sleeping Duck – Best mattress for customisation


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Your body is unique and so are your comfort needs. You might find that the design of most mattresses is too rigid, with only one firmness level across their entire surface.

The Sleeping Duck Mattress provides exactly that.

The Sleeping Duck Mattress can be customized to meet your sleep needs. It can be firmer or more supportive in certain areas, and softer and more bouncier in others. Sleeping Duck allows customers to choose and replace up to 12 distinct’modules,’ (6 modules per partner) on their mattress. This gives them control over the firmness of every segment. There will be no more arguments over comfort between couples, no more deciding between a cushioned spine and hips or between a spine supported with a pillow. And no more sleepless nights. You and your partner can customize the hybrid mattress to your hearts content (within 100 nights), until your entire body is supported.


The mattress is made up of two foam layers that sit atop a five-zone pocket spring base. The first layer of foam (not the one that can be customized) combines the bounce of latex and the support of memory foam. The foam is also pressure-expanded, which makes it eight times more breathable compared to foams that are expanded by the traditional chemical method. You can choose between a medium-firm, firm or a combination (or both) foam layers made from polyurethane. The pocket spring base gives this hybrid mattress a reactivity element, with each spring nestled into its own pocket. The springs are also positioned to support each of the five zones that the body sleeps in: the head and shoulders, back and spine, hips and lower-back, legs and knees, and feet and ankles.

This is the perfect choice for couples with different sleeping preferences. You can be as granular or as general with your mattress customization. This mattress is perfect for those who suffer from back problems and require a firmer mattress while their partner prefers a softer surface. With edges reinforced by heavy gauge coil springs you can also sleep up to the edge. There’s no danger of falling or unwanted drooping during the night.

The Sleeping Duck mattress, which starts at $799 and includes free shipping, returns, and customizations in the first 100 days is not outrageously expensive for its innovative design. Sleeping Duck offers the same 100-night trial as its competitors. This is also when customers can customize their mattress. You must remember that after the first 100 nights you will not be able further customise your bed. Sleeping Duck offers a 10-year guarantee that covers sags of at least 3cm.

Customer Reviews

We spend a lot of time reading reviews and are happy to say that most reviewers of the Sleeping Duck mattresses have nothing but praise for their product and customer service. The most serious complaint we heard was that some buyers complained of an odor in the mattress.

Robyn Davis, from praised the mattress’ pain relieving properties in her product review. She said: “We selected a firm mattress, and it’s ideal for our ailments, such as. Lower back pain, shoulders pain, and knee pain. Both of us have had surgery: shoulder (myself), and knee (my husband). Since getting the Sleeping Duck mattress, we’ve slept uninterrupted. It is so comfortable. It appears durable and it has kept its shape. “No sagging is to be reported.”

Sleeping Duck’s mattress can be customized to fit every individual. Sleeping Duck has a mattress that is perfect for everyone, whether we want something firm or a little soft, or a combination of both. With a 100 day customisation period, you have plenty of time for finding the perfect setup. This is the perfect choice for picky (or partner-picky) sleepers. It combines support, bounce and reactivity with breathability, all in a dynamic hybrid mattress designed by Australians.

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5. Ecosa Mattresses – Adjustable Firmness


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A good mattress will easily outlast your sleeping preferences. What happens when your soft mattress becomes a nightmare because of a lower-back issue? Do you spend hundreds (or even thousands) on a brand-new mattress to solve your problem? Ecosa mattresses can be adjusted to meet your changing needs. That’s right! You can control your sleeping experience with the Ecosa’s shuffleable layers of foam.


The Ecosa Mattress has a variety of properties, depending on the foam layer you choose to place on top. The’medium-firm’ G-7 Memory Foam will provide a more comfortable sleeping experience, while the gel particles in the foam will keep you cool. The ECO-Tex’medium firm’ layer will give you properties similar to latex, such as being durable and bouncy. The ‘firm’ High Density Ergonomic Foam layer is placed on top to support your spine and align pressure points.

Ecosa mattresses start at $799 and include free delivery the same day to metropolitan areas in Australia. Ecosa offers the same 100-night trial as its competitors. If you’re not happy, they will pick up your mattress for free and refund the entire cost. Ecosa offers a warranty that is 15 years long and covers sagging of at least 2cm (0.88 inches). This is a generous warranty, which shows how confident Ecosa is in their product.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for the Ecosa are positive. Most buyers recommend the mattress for side sleepers, rather than for back or front sleepers. Penny, a customer and Ecosa mattress user, wrote a review that highlighted the fact that her old mattress was not supportive.

This mattress is extremely supportive and comfortable. We are both sleeping very well, and I have only just realised how uncomfortable our old mattress had been. “We are very happy with the mattress and it was a good price.”

Final Verdict: The adjustable Ecosa mattresses are flexible enough to allow you to choose the firmness that suits you. Ecosa, an Australian company founded in 2015, has spread its products around the globe, winning accolades and providing the gift of good rest wherever it goes. The mattress is a continuation of Ecosa’s success, with its multiple foam layers offering different firmness levels. Ecosa offers a range of firmness options, including soft and breathable or firm and durable.

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6. Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress 5G – Best Memory Foam

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Anyone with chronic pain will tell you. It’s… a pain. You’ll understand if you are a sufferer. Your ache-filled night may be over with the Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress’ 5-layer design uses materials that are CertiPur US and OEKOTEX 100 certified (including Ergoflex 5th Gen True HD AcPT foam). It offers relief for those with chronic pain, fibromyalgia or circulation issues.


The name of the game is luxury and pain relief. Three unique foam layers are encased in the TENCEL removable outer and MicroFine interior covers of the mattress. Each layer has its own unique properties. The High-Density ACPT Memory Foam combines an open cell structure with dense foam to contour around the body and provide unparalleled support and pressure relief. The Cool-Sleep Airflow foam layer is next, which is, as its name implies, designed to maintain temperatures low and allow air to flow freely. The High-Resilience, Impact Resistant, Foam Layer is the final layer. It acts as a solid foundation, and works in conjunction with the ACPT to minimize motion transfer. These layers together form a luxurious and supportive mattress with a medium-firm feel that is suitable for most sleeping styles.

Ergoflex is a high-quality mattress that has a great build quality. However, it’s priced less than its direct competitors. It’s a great deal compared to other mattresses, such as those made by Tempur. Delivery is not free. You will have to pay at least $19.99, but the 24-hour Australia wide shipping makes it worth it. Ergoflex ignores online competitors’ norms when it comes the risk-free, reliable trial. It does offer a 30-night trial, which is much shorter than the usual 100, 120, or 150-night trials. You can also only get your money back after 21 nights, due to the 3-week period of mattress adjustment. It’s understandable that this may cause alarm in your mind. The warranty (10 years, covering sagging of 1 inch or greater) should put your mind at rest, since Ergoflex has been around for so long that it can back up its claims.

Ergoflex mattresses are praised by both professionals and consumers. Grant, a user of, wrote his own glowing review after spending a night in someone else’s mattress that was not Ergoflex.

“I don’t know if I will sleep anywhere else after purchasing our mattress in 2012. Recently, I slept on a spring mattress and woke up every morning with a sore back. It was wonderful to be back in our Ergoflex.”

Final Verdict: This is a luxury, pain-relieving bed with a few pesky numbers shaved off. The Ergoflex Mattress offers three unique layers of foam that work together to provide a medium-firm sleeping experience. It is specifically designed for people with chronic back pain and joint pain.

Ergoflex 5G, all in all, is a great option for anyone searching for a memory-foam mattress. We think it’s the best mattress to relieve back pain in Australia.

8. Sleep Republic Mattresses – Best for Heavier Folks – 100kg+

Finding the perfect sleeping solution can be difficult for heavier people. It is important that the mattress provides support for their most vulnerable areas. The hips and shoulders must be supported by a mattress that is resilient, durable and can distribute weight evenly. What mattress excels in all of these areas? The Sleep Republic mattress is the answer! This hybrid mattress, made of latex, memory foam and pocket springs, supports, cushions and cools equally. Heavier sleepers, you’ve found your match!


The King-size mattress has 2,250 pocket springs that are packed into its base. This allows it to respond to weight changes and movements throughout the night. Thanks to the individually-pocketed nature of these springs, they ‘keep their movements to themselves’, drastically reducing any amount of motion transfer and keeping your partner undisturbed all night long. On top of the springs, a layer of natural latex that regulates airflow and a pressure-relieving gel-infused memory foam are added. The three core layers are encased by a 3D fabric spacer (which promotes airflow) and work together to create a medium firm mattress.

The Single starts at just $629. Free shipping Australia-wide, a risk-free 100-night trial, and a 12-year guarantee covering sags of at least 3.5cm (roughly 1.4 inch) are all compelling reasons to try the Sleep Republic.

Over 20 years in business. Sleep Republic is the company that knows its stuff. We’re not alone in thinking this: online reviews are astonished at what Sleep Republic packed into a comfort-loaded box.

Michelle from says: “I’ve only had my Sleep Republic mattress for two week and I have to say that I am definitely in love with this mattress. I prefer a soft mattress because I sleep on my side or stomach. This mattress has the perfect balance of firmness and softness. It has been a great mattress so far. !”

Final Verdict: Sleep Republic’s mattress isn’t just for heavy sleepers. It is a shining example of how hybrid mattresses should be: responsive, supportive, cool, and sturdy. The company met and exceeded expectations by combining latex, memory foam and springs. This medium-firm bed is not to be overlooked!

9. Macoda Mattress: Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

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You wake up sweaty every morning? The heat of Australia’s summer is not to be blamed. Let us suggest a solution to your overheating problems: the Macoda Mattress. This hybrid mattress is cooled by thousands of cooling beads that are infused into its memory foam layer. When combined with the moisture-wicking and breathable bamboo cover, it will make even the most hot sleepers feel cooler than an Arctic iced coffee.


It’s a mattress hybrid, but what is it a hybrid of? It seems to be a little bit of all! Macoda’s mattress offers the best of all worlds, with its swappable memory foam and latex layers (more about that later), support foam base and innerspring layer. The latex provides bounce, the memory foam relieves pressure, the support foam ensures the longevity of the bed, and the innerspring base provides edge support, prevents movement isolation and distributes weight.

The final trick is that the mattress has swappable layers. You can select between “soft”, “medium”, or “firm” comfort settings by swapping, or flipping, the memory foam and the latex layers. Macoda’s innovative feature caters to all sleeping positions and body types.

The Macoda Mattress starts at $750 and comes with free shipping and returns, a 10-year guarantee covering sags of 3.5cm (1.45 inches) or greater and a risk-free 100-night trial. All the support you need after your purchase.

The cooling and firmness-swapping abilities of this mattress are impressive, and the customer reviews confirm that.

David, from, left a great review. He said: “After sleeping for more than a month on this mattress, it’s truly incredible.” The mattress is very comfortable and supportive, with the perfect level of firmness. It’s about 5.5/10 in terms of firmness. The customer service was excellent and the delivery was fast. “This mattress and company are underrated.”

Final Verdict: Macoda’s mattress combines the best features of memory foam, innerspring and latex mattresses without the major drawbacks of each component (particularly the heat retention properties of memory foam). This is a cool mattress in every sense. It comes from an “underrated” manufacturer.

10. Zinus iCoil pocket spring foam mattress – Bargain pick

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Mattresses can be expensive investments. They could cost thousands of dollars. But just because they are expensive doesn’t mean that they must be. Zinus mattresses, which start at $239 for a single mattress, are a great example. You’ll receive a hybrid mattress with three CertiPUR US Certified foam layers on top of an innerspring base for that low price. Zinus may have more expensive mattresses with premium materials or luxurious features. But Zinus’ offer isn’t to be sniffed, especially for its price.


Three foam layers, one comfort foam sandwiched in between two high density foams, work together to produce a “medium firmness” that should be suitable for most sleepers. The innerspring base springs also work independently, allowing them to respond to your body and prevent movement transfer. This ensures solid edge support. It’s not a fancy bed, but this mattress is not lacking in important features.

Zinus offers a 10-year warranty on sags greater than 1.5 inches and free delivery. This reassures customers that Zinus, despite its low price, provides the same quality of service as other companies with higher prices. Only US customers who purchase directly from Zinus can benefit from the risk-free trial. You’re left at the mercy to your retailer’s returns policy if you decide to change your mind.

Gregg from was blown away by his Zinus mattress. He compared it favorably with far more expensive alternatives: “I cannot believe how inexpensive it was. This mattress is much better than our previous name-brand mattress, which cost nearly 10 times more. It also has “motion separation”, so that my wife won’t be disturbed when I roll around in the night.”

Final Verdict: For the price, Zinus is a serious contender for hybrid mattresses, providing a “medium firmness” experience. This Zinus mattress is a budget-friendly mattress that’s worth considering if you don’t mind giving up a 100-night trial.

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Wrapping Up The Best Mattress In Australia

The mattress is the core of every sleep setup. It’s important to choose yours wisely, whether it is the frame or pillow. The reviews and we agree that these ten mattresses are the best available in Australia today.

When searching for the best mattress in Australia, there’s nothing wrong with shopping around to find the one that makes you feel like you’re floating on a lavender cloud. Are you looking forward to your search for the perfect perfume? Look forward to your search! You’re in for some restful nights!

Best Mattress In Australia Reviewed
Best Mattress In Australia Reviewed

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