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Australia’s Best Travel Pillows of 2022

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Sleep nice and cosy on long haul flights or car journeys with Australia’s best travel pillows.

The pain and discomfort of a long drive or flight is sadly not an unfamiliar feeling to many Australians. We’re sure you can recall the hours of moving around in your seat trying to find that perfect position. And like the rest of us, you probably never found it. Why should you suffer like this when you can get yourself an ergonomically-designed travel pillow?

There are dozens of travel pillows in the Australian market. But which one should you choose? This guide will break down the pros and cons of the best travel pillows on the market and hopefully help you find your perfect pillow! We reviewed the most-talked about products on the basis of comfort, support, size, price and washability, to bring you the top six. 

So tighten your seat belt and read this guide to Australia’s best travel pillows of 2022.

Discover our picks: Australia’s top-rated Travel Pillows



Go-Travel Ultimate Memory Travel Pillow

Best Premium



Across 167 user reviews

$32.95 AUD

Fosmon Travel Neck Pillow

Editor’s Pick



Across 987 user reviews

$16.99 AUD

Glynnis Travel Pillow Neck Support

Best Value



Across 48 user reviews

$18.59 AUD

Huzi - Infinity Pillow

Most Versatile



Across 118 user reviews

$55 AUD

Travelrest All-in-ONE Travel, Neck & Body Pillow

Best Inflatable (Great for side sleepers)



Across 118 user reviews

$48.60 AUD

Flylite Memory Foam Pillow Travel

Best Bargain



Across 2 user review

$12.50 AUD


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Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best travel pillows of the year!

1. Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow – Editors Pick


Cabeau Evolution S3 is an award-winning travel pillow for good reason. An innovative and patented design, the seat strap system allows you to attach the pillow to your seat for maximum comfort. Along with the raised sides, it ensures that your head is supported and less likely to fall to the side as you sleep.

The memory foam used in the pillow is so responsive that some customers say they have been inspired to travel more! The toggles for adjustability allow you to find the perfect fit and keep your head supported while also keeping the pillow in place.

Unlike a lot of other pillows, the Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow comes with a flat back, meaning it will push your head forward. If your head does fall forward, then the pillow can be turned around to offer neck and chin support. 

Another nice feature is the storage pocket, which allows you to keep your phone, keys, or wallet on the side of the pillow. This allows you to travel hands-free and keep your pockets from poking while you sit back and relax

Here’s one of the many satisfied Aussie reviews on TravelGear: “Love it! Put a lot of research into a decent travel pillow and I’m not disappointed. Looking forward to my long haul trip!”

Coming at a price of $43.95 and an option to avail a lifetime replacement warranty on the Cabeau website, it has all the makings of a perfect travel companion.

Final verdict: The Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow is our best all-around pillow and we highly recommend it for comfort, extra features, ease of maintenance, and affordability. We think the frequent flyers will especially benefit from the universal seat strap system. If you are still not convinced, allow us to tell you that it has got countless 5-star reviews on its website.

2. Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Best Luxury


It’s cool and comfortable, a rare combination that puts Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow right on the top luxury pillows.

The thing is most travel pillows on the market have no ventilation and this can get uncomfortable during Australian summers, which can beat you down with heat and sweat. The Cabeau pillow, however, comes equipped with air circulation vents which keeps you cool and calm.

Add to this, the generous amount of memory foam used inside and you are ready for a life of luxury, on the road, at least. In terms of build-up, the pillow consists of a rigid durable base for support and a comfy, dual-density memory foam outer layer that keeps your neck at ease. 

Other perks include an attachable travel bag, free earplugs, a removable washable cover, magnetically-adjustable toggle, and, thankfully, it doesn’t come in the way of your headphones. It’s also available in four vibrant colours such – black, purple, red and blue.

For 65$ and promise of a lifetime warranty, this premium pillow does come at a premium price but is worth it, say the users in their reviews.

Final verdict: Unlike many travel pillows, the Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow will not only keep your neck comfortable but also help you keep cool and relax on long journeys. The only downside to this product is that you cannot return it, but most of the 5-star reviews suggest that you wouldn’t need to.

3. Glynnis Travel Pillow Neck Support – Best Budget


At $19.99, it might be the cheapest travel pillow on our list but it does not disappoint. It can, in fact, hold its own against some of the pricier alternatives on the market.

The Glymnis travel pillow is a packable U-shaped pillow made from memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. The product also comes with free accessories such as an eye mask, earplugs, and a travel bag to enhance your travelling experience further. It also comes with a removable washable cover to keep your pillow nice and tidy for the next trip.

It gets a big thumbs-up from us for the fact that it is almost as compact as an inflatable pillow and as comfy as some of the luxury pillows at just $19.99. It hasn’t cut vital corners either. It offers a 24-month free replacement and a 3-month moneyback.

Here is one of the amazing reviews on Amazon: “Bought this to see if it’s any better than the ones you can get from Kmart or Target, and the answer is a big YES. This cushion is far superior and worth the money. It feels exquisite, the materials are excellent, and the rubber is very supportive.”

Final verdict: We often tend to associate cheap price with low quality but that’s the case with Glynnis Travel Pillow. It’s a fully-functional pillow neck support. It’s soft, compact, lightweight, portable and comes with some nice extras for free. We recommend this to anyone to travellers on a budget or those on a budget who hit the road infrequently.

4. Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow – Best for side sleepers


Many of you who sleep on your side may be feeling a little left out. No, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. The Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow is a boon for all  side sleepers, which according to estimates, comprise a whopping 74% of us! 

Side sleepers usually don’t find comfort in a traditional U-shaped travel pillow but the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow can be attached to airline and car seats while it can also be worn over the shoulder like a bag. The patented design helps you sleep and relax if you are sleeping on your side.

The pillow is compact and portable and can be inflated in just three or four puffs.  And guess what? It can also be attached to your luggage for even better manoeuvrability. All this for $39.90.

Final verdict: The Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow is great for side sleepers and those frequent flyers who don’t do too well on the traditional U-shaped pillow. The ability to wear the pillow over your shoulder offers it versatility and the fact that it’s compact and easily inflatable makes it a true-blue pillow-on-the-go. 

5. Cabeau Air Evolution – Inflatable Compact Travel Pillow – Best Lightweight & Compact


The Cabeau Air Evolution can fit into space the size of a soda can! No, we aren’t making this up. It is a light and compact solution for travellers who don’t have much space in their bags. Given how small it can fold into, this pillow can be attached on to your bag or carried in your purse. 

Some people may be sceptical of the product as it may appear sacrificing comfort. However, over 13 thousand, 5-star reviews suggest otherwise. 

The Cabeau Air Evolution pillow also comes with adjustable toggles so you can customise the comfort around your neck even further. Unlike other pillows on this list, it also offers raised side supports to check your head from falling sideways. And if your head tends to fall forward, it can also be turned around to support the chin and neck. 

With a price tag of $24.88 and a lifetime warranty, the pillow additionally comes with a media pouch to hold your phone so that you can listen to music hands-free.

Final verdict: The Cabeau Air Evolution – Inflatable Compact Travel Pillow solves the issue of space like none other. It’s a great option for light travellers and backpackers. It’s true that the pillow doesn’t have the extra features that some of the other pillows on this list have but it makes up for its compactness and comfort.

6. BCOZZY Kids- Travel Pillow – Best for kids


For any parent, the quality of their child’s sleep is non-negotiable. At home, in the nursery, during travel, everywhere. The BCOZZY Kids travel pillow comes with a patented design that stops a child’s head from falling forward by offering chin/neck support.

Furthermore, it is soft and comfortable with overlapping arms so that it can be adjusted to fit your child’s neck. Thanks to this feature, your child can keep the same pillow as he/she grows up. 

The BCOZZY can be used on flights and also on car seats. For $29.99 and a full guarantee, BCOZZY will definitely make travelling with your kids a joyous experience.  

Evidence is the 1,425 reviews on Amazon that rate this pillow with 4.7 stars on an average. One such happy parent writes: “My toddler knew exactly what to do with this pillow. She was thrilled (and we were, too!) It is ridiculously soft. It fits well and doesn’t hinder her in the car seat. She is currently using it most of the day and not even in the car. She loves her car pillow; and we are more comfortable when she falls asleep in the car seat. I am more impressed than I thought I would be. Worth the value – hands down!”.

Final verdict: The BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow’s design makes it safe and comfy to use. The adjustability feature is a value-addition as you don’t need to worry about buying a new pillow every year as your child grows. That’s not that. It’s quite appealing in looks as it comes in a range of vibrant colours for your kid(s) to choose from. And if you have any doubts at all, remember that it offers a full guarantee!

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a travel pillow

Australian market is teeming with travel pillows, with each brand making one attractive claim over another. That’s why we have listed out a cheat sheet of factors you must consider while shopping for a travel pillow that fits you.


The main aim of a travel pillow is to increase your comfort, so this parameter is non-negotiable! Having said that, comfort is subjective, so make sure you look for features like adjustable toggles to fine-tune the fit.

A lot of factors can make or break the comfort: From the shape and size of the pillow to the material used inside it. For example, side sleepers may not find comfort on a regular U-shape pillow, however, they might do better on something like the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow. Then, a memory foam pillow is likely to be comfier than an inflatable pillow, however, the inflatable pillow may be more space-efficient. You will have to take a call on this trade-off.


A comfortable pillow is not always a supportive pillow. So if support is your prime concern, find a pillow that cradles your head to avoid back and neck pain.

Many of the pillows listed above have been designed to keep the head steady as your doze off. If your head tends to fall forward, get a pillow with a chin and neck support. If your head falls to the side, look for a pillow with raised sides to offer extra support to the head.

Another way to make sure your head is well-supported is to look for a pillow with adjustability features, giving you the power to personalise it to your liking.


Travelling comes with a lot of baggage, literally. On top of this, a pillow might look like a bit too much to carry. If you are a light traveller or backpacker, inflatable pillows are an easy way to save space. But there’s a catch. Inflatable pillows aren’t as comfortable as non-inflatable memory foam pillows. So choose a pillow depending on how much you want to carry on your future road trips and treks.


If you travel often or if you are particular about hygiene, pick up a washable travel pillow. What we mean is some pillows come with removable covers that can be laundered easily in the machine. This may seem like a small feature but will keep  your pillow nice and tidy for long-term use.


Of course, this is a deal-breaker. If the price is a problem, go for budget pillows, but if you decide to invest a little more, the world of travel pillows is yours.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our Australia’s best travel pillow guide. Remember to consider all these points when choosing your pillow because if you make the right choice today, your future self will thank you. 

If you’ve any further questions, feel free to comment below.

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