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Best Bed Sheets in Australia

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Our beds do more for us than any piece of furniture, and it’s time to give them the recognition that they truly deserve. And by recognition, I mean sheets. The right sheet can enhance your sleep by several notches, so make sure you invest in a good one the next time. From cotton to linen to bamboo, there’s a dream sheet for every discerning sleeper.

Now that you’ve read this far, could you go on with your life knowing that somewhere out there is your perfect bed sheet? Today’s the day to take your sleeping game to the next level.

Take a look at our picks for the top bed sheets in Australia of 2022, and tell your bed that everything’s going to be okay very soon. Life’s too short for a scratchy bed sheet.

Australia’s Best sheets – Ranked & Reviewed



Ecosa Bamboo Bedding

Editor’s Pick



Across 3,521 user reviews

Sheet sets from $144

Koala Sheet Set

Best Cooling (Super Soft)



Across 1,681 user reviews

Sheet sets from $190

Onebed Sheets

Good Value



Across 3,521 user reviews

Sheet sets from $72

Koala Le Linen Sheet Set

Best Flax Linen (All year-round use)



Across 19 user reviews

Sheet sets from $330

Sheridan 1000TC Hotel Luxury Sheet Set

Best Luxury Set



Across 21 user reviews

From $399

500TC Pima World’s Softest Cotton Sheet/Set

Softest Sheets



Across 130 user reviews

From $134

Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set

Best Bamboo Sheets (Great for summer)



Across 489 user reviews

Sheets from $100

Sheet sets from $219

500TC Egyptian Cotton Twill Sheet Set

Best Egyptian Cotton



Across 15 user reviews

Sheets from $179

Sheet Sets from $359

Linen house Flannelette Sheet Set

Best Flannelette Sheets (Great for winter)



Across 117 user reviews

From $55

Last Updated: 25th Feb 2022. All Prices in AUD.


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Individual Product Reviews

A complete guide to Australia’s best sheets that guarantee hotel-like luxury and cloud-like comfort.

Our researchers whittled down a list of over 70 products currently in the Australian market to come up with this comprehensive list. We looked at every factor that consumers consider before making that all-important purchase and looked through a wide range of real customer reviews so you don’t have to.

1. Ecosa Bamboo Bedding – Editor’s Pick


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First off is our editor’s pick. This 100% organic bamboo bedding will send you off to sleep knowing you’re doing the right thing for you, your bed, and the planet. 

Made entirely from bamboo, it’s both odour-resistant and breathable. So it’s a perfect material for sweaty sleepers and those who prefer a cool crisp feel at night. Bear in mind that because it’s a natural fibre you can’t use bleach on them and even Ecosa only recommends a cold machine wash. 

It’s woven into a lustrous sateen weave for superior comfort with a 400 thread count, and the natural properties of bamboo makes it anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Ecosa claims smoothness beyond compare, and the customer reviews do little to make us doubt them. 

Aussies are raving about the beautiful and hotel quality feel of this bedding as well as the extra mile that Ecosa goes for its buyers. With helpful tags to show you which side is which and eleven colours to choose from, it’s clear that this company appreciates the details. Even those customers who are already familiar with bamboo bedding claim that this rises head and shoulders above the rest. Not only is it made with eco-friendly processes, but it also delivers exceptional quality too.

Fitted sheets start at $90 for a single and a set with 1 flat, fitted and 1 pillowcase will cost you $180. The good news is that both are currently on sale for $72 and $144 respectively. There’s a 45-day limited warranty to guard against defects but sadly it doesn’t offer any sleep trial whatsoever.

Final verdict: If smoothness is a key factor for you or if you want to invest in Earth-friendly companies, Ecosa goes the extra mile. No sleep trial is a definite downside, but with great customer service and lots of options to choose from, it more than makes up for it.

2. Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Sheet/Set – Best Linen (All year-round use)


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With its distinct feel and rustic charm, Linen bedding is still a firm favourite for many people. This 100% French flax bedding is made by Bed Threads, a small Australian family business that started in response to the lack of affordable high linen bedding currently in the market. 

A set of 1 flat, 1 fitted and 2 pillowcases will set you back $260, but you can choose to pay it in four fortnightly instalments. You also have the handy option of buying a flat or a fitted sheet separately, which cost $110 and $100 respectively.

Made from the sustainable flax plant, linen is a natural fabric that’s extremely durable. Because of its natural thermo-regulating qualities, it’s a great option for both winter and summer. In line with that same versatility, it comes in an array of 16 colours and patterns, making for a vibrant statement that will truly last. As an added bonus for those who hate ironing, this linen bed set looks better a little creased! To keep your linen in top condition, wash on a cold and gentle cycle.

As far as returns go, the sheets have to be unused for you to get a refund, and you only get two weeks to decide. Given its price tag, we agree it’s not the most generous returns policy.

However, customers are a happy lot. They hail it for its rustic look, durable design and affordability when compared with other 100% French flax linen bed sets. Since this company sells directly to the customer, minus the middleman, you get the feel of premium linen without paying the premium. 

Final Verdict: Classy, timeless, and manufactured with eco-friendly flax that’ll pamper you year-round, it’s a solid choice whatever be the weather. And since its smallest size begins with a double, it’s a good choice for the eco-conscious. However, read its restrictive returns policy before swiping the card. =

3. Koala Sheets – Best Value


These sheets by Koala are our top pick for the best value product. Prices start at $85 for a double flat sheet, and you can get a set of 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases for a lowly $140. But don’t go thinking that this is made from rough-spun sackcloth, because Koala claims this material is the softest on the planet. It’s made from a eucalyptus-based material called TENCEL, which is sourced from sustainable forests with koala-friendly techniques. Much like bamboo, eucalyptus is naturally hypoallergenic and effective for regulating temperature, for a fresh and cool night’s rest. Again, because of the natural fibres, machine wash it on a cold cycle and that too only with a gentle detergent.

The sheets are made with a twill weave for a slightly weightier feel, and the thread count isn’t even mentioned. To Koala, thread count is old hat. The material is spun from eucalyptus pulp into long smooth fibres in a closed-loop production system. This means the majority of the material used for refinement is reused, always keeping nature in mind. Their love for forests is also evident in the aesthetics of the bed sheets as they come in four beautiful, nature-inspired colours.

In addition to its top-quality attention to detail and ethical processes, its advanced delivery system claims to deliver the brand new sheets to your door in just four hours. A 120-day free trial means you have plenty of time to get acquainted and Koala tops it further with a generous 1-year limited warranty.

Aussies seem to love the smooth luxurious texture the bed sheet brings and also the peace of mind that their purchase is doing the world some good. It even comes in a storybook-inspired packaging for an extra charming touch. What’s not to love?

Final Verdict: These sheets may be less in price, but be reassured they do their part well. Eco-friendly manufacture and elegant design together set the bar for both value and quality. The colour range is small but nicely varied, so you’ll likely take a shine to at least one. The smallest size you can get is a double, so make sure you check the size of your bed before making a purchase.

4. Eva Sheets – Best Luxury


Much like Koala, these sheets by Eva are also made from eucalyptus TENCEL fibres and boast of eco-friendly, cutting edge technologies. However, instead of the funkier twill weave of the Koala sheets, this eucalyptus fabric has a plain weave with a thread count of 400 and that lends it a distinctive hotel-like luxurious feel.

Given their ecological ethos, the sheets are Oeko-Tex® standard 100 certified, which means they’re tested by a third party to be guaranteed against harmful chemicals. The natural fibres are also fully biodegradable, so they are safe for humans, koalas, and the planet. Just make sure to machine wash them on a cold cycle with a gentle detergent.

With five refreshingly icy colours and a top layer designed to keep the night sweat at bay, the Eva sheets offer coolness in bucket-loads. The fabric is moisture-wicking and fully breathable.

The sheet comes in a set of 1 flat, 1 fitted and 2 pillowcases, and prices start at $200 for a single. A 2-year warranty and 120-day trial period makes this is a risk-free buy, so you can sleep easy knowing the koalas are running free and take your time to decide if it’s the one for you. 

Final Verdict: This is a 5-star hotel quality luxury sheet that has all the qualities you would expect for a premium price. While it is a bit pricey, it promises the best sleep you’ve had, and you do have the reassurance of a full refund. Its eco-friendly philosophy might also capture people’s imagination.

5. Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set – Best for summer


Summers in Australia can get pretty hot and sticky, and on those nights, a bedding that stays fresh and cool can make the world of difference to your quality of sleep. On that count, the Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set by Ettitude is our Number 1 summer sheet. 

Made from 100% organic bamboo fibre and adept in thermoregulating, it draws moisture from the skin and ensures you stay comfortable all night long. With a 300 thread count made from sustainable lyocell, Ettitude claims it’s as silken as a cotton sheet with a whopping 1,000 thread count. And so, many customers are heaping praises on it for being light, floaty and just the perfect formula to get through an unforgivingly hot night. Along with an Oeko-Tex® certification, Ettitude leaves no stone unturned to make big strides towards eco-friendly and sustainable production. Since it’s a natural fibre, machine wash it on cold and with a gentle detergent.

It comes in a selection of neutral and pastel tones as well as a couple more classic stripe patterns, so your bed can fit into your room’s colour scheme effortlessly.

Prices start from $60 for a twin-sized fitted sheet, and it’s also available in a set of 1 fitted, 1 flat and 2 pillowcases for $138. By giving a 30-day sleep trial and skipping on the warranty, Ettitude does cut corners, however, you do have the option of making your purchase in four separate instalments.

Final Verdict: As sustainable as it gets and with multiple qualities to combat hot Aussie nights, this is a no-brainer when it comes to summer bedding. However, a less generous sleep trial and zero warranty could be an issue for some.

6. Adairs Plain Dyed Silver Flannelette Sheet Set – Best for winter


When summer’s over and cold nights lie ahead, it’s natural to turn to warmer, snugglier sheets. Adair’s Plain Dyed Silver Flannelette Sheet Set is our choice for those cold winter nights. Made from premium cotton flannelette, the feel is weightier and cosier and just what you need to stave off the chills.

If you like a classic, timeless look for your room, Adairs will fit in seamlessly. It comes in five classic colours, and the use of cotton fabric may appeal to those disinterested in the recent trends of alternative fibres. Cotton flannelette lends a flat texture that also feels soft and comforting, and acts as an excellent insulator for some top-quality napping. And since it’s cotton, you can wash on a warm cycle with other similar colours.

The sheet set comes with 1 fitted, 1 flat and standard pillowcases. The price starts at $119.99 for a single, which is now on sale for a meagre $71.99. Sizes go all the way up to the king, and you can buy the sheets separately if you don’t wish to invest in the full set, costing you $74.99.

Gladly, this is also on sale at the moment at $44.99, making it a truly enticing winter option. Adairs also offers a 60-day returns policy for unused items, so you can return it if you change your mind. Bear in mind though, it doesn’t give a sleep trial.

Final Verdict: This cotton set is well-suited for Australian winter and for those who like to sleep warm. With a more classic profile across the material, feel, and colour, it’s an elegant solution to the winter chills. Yes, it’s quite a bummer that it neither offers a sleep trial nor does it mention the thread count. However, the 60-day return policy goes some way in making up for it.

7. Luxor 1000TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set Topper – Best Egyptian Cotton


Don’t worry you Egyptian cotton lovers, we haven’t forgotten you. Egyptian cotton is widely heralded as the crème da le crème of bedding material. This particular bedding comes from Luxor, a luxury online retailer that promises lower prices and round-the-clock support that you will struggle to find in traditional shops. 

This premium fabric is weaved into a beautiful sateen pattern for lustrous sheen, supported by a thread count of 1,000. It’s also breathable, so you can stay dry and fresh all night while indulging in the best of what cotton has to offer. It comes in a range of 11 different colours, from a crisp and timeless white to statement pinks and aquamarine. No matter the look of your room, there’s a Luxor sheet to pair up. You can machine wash these sheets on a cold or warm cycle, but avoid tumble dry at all costs as that will cause it to shrink.

Prices start at $162 for a single sheet set, and sets go all the way up to king size. It’s currently on sale for $65, so you can get the long-lasting premium feel of Egyptian cotton for the price of a budget fabric. If you’d prefer to try before you buy, you’re out of luck. There’s no sleep trial for these sheets, but all of Luxor’s products are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided they’re unopened. 

Final Verdict: Both the look and feel of these sheets is superlative. Without discount, it will certainly pinch the pockets but Egyptian cotton is an investment that will keep on giving for life. So if you’re serious about improving your sleep with Egyptian cotton, you won’t find anything better than Luxor.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing a bed sheet

With so much to choose from, it’s important to know what you’re looking for when it comes to bedding. There are jargons to cut through, new materials popping up all the time, and styles and designs galore. 

Here’s a guide on the key markers to pick up the right bed sheet for you.

Thread Count/Fibre Length

Thread count is perhaps the most commonly used metric for quality, the general rule being, the higher the thread count, the better a bed sheet is. While it’s a good marker to start with, a higher thread count isn’t always a stamp of a premium product. That said, 280-400 thread count is good to have.

A more reliable marker of the quality of a sheet is the length of the fibre. The longer the fibres, the smoother and more durable the fabric is going to be. It’ll last longer and feel better and, you see, thread count doesn’t have much to do with it. Case in point is Egyptian cotton, which is prized for its extra-long fibres.


How the fabric is woven together plays a big part in how it feels. Since you may not know how your current bedding is woven, keep the following cheat sheet handy.

  • Percale weave creates a matte, smooth feel.
  • Sateen weave has a glossier, more slippery feel akin to silk.
  • Twill weave creates a heavier material that drapes over your body. It’s the same weave that your jeans are made of, but much much softer!


This might seem like an obvious one, but always check the dimensions of the bedding you’re buying. People tend to miss the depth of a fitted sheet, which is important considering mattresses drastically differ in depth. Also keep in mind that sheets may shrink after repeated washing, so if a sheet is only just going to fit, consider buying a deeper pocket or a flat sheet with enough extra material.

Trials/Warranties/Return Policy

Most vendors offer some form of a trial scheme for your sheets, but not all of them. Check how much time they will give you to make a decision, because it can range from a few days to a few months. To avoid nasty surprises, look for the type and length of the warranty attached to your purchase, and the criteria for getting a full refund.


Look of the bed sheet is equally important for a good night’s sleep. So take your time to match your bedding to your room and pick a colour you think will send you right off to sleep. Blue, purple, grey, silver, green, and neutrals are all cool colours to sway you into the slumberland, but leave the bright pink sheet with polka dots to your wardrobe, please.

Wrapping Up

Well folks, we’ve reached the end of the guide, and hopefully, you’ve got a fair idea what kind of bed sheet works best for you. Just be sure to pay close attention to the thread count, weave style and material in order to find the perfect bedding.

And that concludes our Australia’s best bed sheets guide. If we’ve missed any of your favourites, please share them in the comments below.

James Lee

James Lee

James is the content director at WhatASleep, a certified sleep science coach from Spencer Institute and our in-house sleep product expert. Over three years, he's personally tested hundreds of mattresses. He likes to keep his reviews simple, objective, and straightforward so that the readers don't have to go through decision fatigue which is often the case while shopping for sleep products.

He hails from Sydney and has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

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