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Australia’s Best Kids Mattress of 2022

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Eager to secure a better night’s sleep for your little one? Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your toddler from a top-notch crib to their very first bed. Whatever the case, you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing right by your child by getting a high-quality mattress that suits their needs, keeping them cool, comfortable and relaxed for the long, often sweltering Australian nights. The quality of your child’s sleep in their formative years is absolutely crucial; it informs their development and helps equip them for all the learning, growing and discovering in the days ahead.

Want to ensure that your child gets the restful, refreshing sleep that they need? We’ve had our noses in books, researching all the best kids mattresses available in Australia for you. How many did we find? Five. That’s five top-quality mattresses available in Australia, purpose-built to support your child’s rest as well as their development. 

Ready to jump in? Let’s get going!

Best Mattresses for Kids in Australia: Reviewed




Ecosa Mattress

Editor’s Pick



Across 13,322 user reviews

Single: $799 $599

Emma Mattress

Best Supportive



Across 7,209 user reviews

Single: $699 $365

Eco Kids Mattress

Best Organic (Made in Australia)



Across 561 user reviews

Noa Mattress

Best Value (Hypoallergenic)



Across 1,295 user reviews

Single: $799 $449

Zinus iCoil Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress

Best Budget



Across 85 user reviews

Double: $315 (+$45 shipping)

Factors to Consider while buying a mattress for kids

As with most things in life, mattresses won’t always suit children and adults in the same way. There are several factors that you’ll want to consider when shopping for your child’s mattress, some of which you wouldn’t even consider if buying a mattress for yourself.

1) Allergies

Does your child suffer from allergies? You’ll want to ensure that any mattress you buy for them boasts hypoallergenic materials. It may not matter to you, but it could be the difference between a restful period or a patch of insomnia for your young one. What’s more, there are a bevy of top hypoallergenic mattresses available in Australia! Synthetic mattresses are almost always a safe bet for kids with allergies, but if you want to go for natural materials, silk, cotton, pure wool or natural latex will also fit the bill.

2) Fidgeting

Perhaps you’ve got a kid who tosses and turns like they’re on a hot frying pan during the night. If that’s the case, you might want to consider investing in a memory foam mattress which contours to their body and helps ease their restless fidgeting. As a bonus, memory foam is also naturally hypoallergenic. You could hit two birds with one stone with memory foam!

3) Firmness

Youngsters generally transition from the cot to the bed between 18 and 40 months. When they do, it’s typically advised that they dip their toe in the mattress waters with a medium-firm or firm mattress. This will give them the support that they need when transitioning—particularly if they sleep on their back or front. Of course, you should also make sure to consult with your child, letting them test out the mattress and gauging their preferences. Kids are no different from anyone else in this respect; there are guidelines, but personal preference dominates all.

4) Bedwetting

Sure, bedwetting is a normal part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t account for it with your child’s mattress. You’ll want to look out for mattresses with waterproof qualities, for obvious reasons. These will be far easier to clean in the event that your child has an accident. It’s worth noting that you can also invest in water-resistant mattress protectors too, if you wanted to give your child’s mattress another layer of moisture protection.


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Australia’s Top Rated Kids Mattresses Reviewed

These are some of the factors we used to determine which mattress would best suit the youngsters of Australia, and you can use those same criteria to make choices for your child. What did we find, though? What are our top mattress picks for the little sleepers of Australia? 

Well, without further ado, let’s jump into our choices!

1. Ecosa Mattress – Editor’s Pick

The Ecosa Mattress’ adjustable firmness and waterproof features make it a top choice for almost any child under the sun. Available in a range of sizes, including a child-friendly Single, it’s no surprise that this is the mattress our editor has singled out.

By unzipping the mattress’ waterproof cover, you can swap the order of Ecosa’s three foam layers to adjust its firmness. Medium? Medium-firm? Firm? Whichever one best suits your child, you can adjust the Ecosa Mattress to meet their preferences. This is valuable for adults, but it’s an outright miracle for little ones. When they’re transitioning from cot to bed between the ages of 1 and 4, their comfort requirements are liable to change at a moment’s notice. By investing in a high-quality adjustable bed like this, you can swap firmness as often as you need.

The waterproof inner cover, as mentioned earlier, is also ideal for helping children through the all-too common bedwetting phase without unnecessary embarrassment. Of course, it also helps prevent sweat from soaking into the mattress, keeping it clean and fresh for longer. With that said, your child may not suffer from overheating with the Ecosa Mattress at all, even in the height of the Australian summer. Why? Well, gel-infused memory foam (designed to prevent the heat-trapping effects of memory foam) and an open cell latex layer come together to ensure that the Ecosa Mattress stands proud as one cool and breathable sleeping surface.

Final Verdict: Ecosa may not have made its mattress specifically with children in mind, but regardless of that, the company has made one that perfectly suits the little tykes. Not only is the Ecosa Mattress hypoallergenic, but its adjustable firmness, breathable materials and waterproof features make it a top pick for almost any child, and our editor wants to put a big old spotlight on it for those very reasons!

2. Eco Kids Mattress – Best Organic (Made in Australia)

Unlike many of the other mattresses on this list, the Eco Kids Mattress, as the name suggests, is a hybrid foam and spring mattress designed specifically for kids. With a 100% natural cotton fibre cover nestled underneath a bamboo fabric cover—both of which are incredibly soft, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic—this mattress is both eco-friendly and child-friendly from the very start.

Things only get better once you dig underneath the surface, both for the mattress’ quality and its environmental conscientiousness. Its layer of HygroFlex foam, made by Joyce Foams, is supportive and sturdy, giving kids the comfort and support they need while being able to withstand the rigours of kids jumping up and down on the bed (which, let’s face it, is an inevitability). Furthermore, the foam, which is made using environmentally-friendly Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology and certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), exists as a model of eco-consciousness.

The Eco Kids Mattress brings an element of comfort thanks to its HD Dunlop Enduro Support Medium foam, helping youngsters stay comfortable as their bodies grow and develop at a rapid pace. Just like the HygroFlex, this layer is GECA certified and approved by the National Asthma Council’s “Sensitive Choice” program, guaranteeing the mattress’ ability to help those suffering from asthma or allergies.

As the icing on the cake that is the Eco Kids Mattress are the heat-treated Chiro Flex ES springs, capable of keeping the mattress breathable while providing outstanding support and reactivity to kids throughout the night.

Final Verdict: This hybrid mattress delivers as much in performance, comfort and support as it does in environmental friendliness. Resilient HygroFlex foam, comfortable Dunlop Enduro foam and heat-treated Chiro Flex ES springs come together to make a fully-featured sleeping experience fit for just about any child. If you’re in the market for a mattress that’s eco-friendly and child-friendly, this is the one for you.

3. Noa Mattress – Best Value (Hypoallergenic)

Another hybrid mattress now, and this one offers superb value for money. With four unique layers—each providing a distinct benefit for your child—topped with a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic hand-tufted cover, there’s not much else out there which can provide the same level of all-encompassing support, comfort and luxury from as little as $799 (which, for a spring and foam hybrid mattress, isn’t a bad price at all).

From the bouncy, open-cell latex to the pressure-relieving cooling gel memory foam, the upper layers of the Noa mattress provide a perfect balance of reactivity, support and heat regulation. As you venture deeper down into its bottom layers, you’ll find its adaptive transition foam and thick-gauge steel pocket spring base work together to prevent motion transfer while maintaining a level of bounce and durability. For your child, this means that the Noa Mattress will meet their every need. Are they a fidgeter? Not any more with the contouring effects of the memory foam keeping their tossing and turning to a minimum. 

Do they run afoul of the hot Australian nights? Not with the open cell latex, breathable pocket springs and cooling gel memory foam they won’t. What about rolling off the edge during the night? Does your child need the edge support to keep them safely within the comforting confines of the mattress? With the 9cm high-density foam perimeter, Noa’s even got the edge support covered!

Final Verdict: Noa has ticked every box that can be ticked with this spring, memory foam and latex hybrid mattress. It’s not cheap in comparison to more basic mattress offerings, but in terms of the quality and unique features to price ratio, this is an undisputed bargain!

4. Emma Mattress – Best Supportive

In that crucial age in which young ‘uns typically transition from the cot to the bed (between 18 and 40 months), it’s incredibly common to see them craving a strong element of support to see them through the night. That’s where the Emma Mattress comes to the rescue! Boasting a pressure-relieving 7-zone foam as its “marvel in the middle”, the Emma Mattress’ dominant high resilience layer works to distribute pressure and adapt to the seven different regions of the body (head, shoulders, upper back, lower back, buttocks, legs and feet). This is perfect for helping kids fend off the discomfort that often comes from venturing into the realm of the ‘proper’ bed for the first time.

The 7-zone foam, this mattress’ shining star, is supported on either side by a different variety of foam intended to balance out the supportive middle layer. On top is a breathable eco-friendly foam, which offers bounce, motion isolation technology and moisture-wicking capabilities. This is ideal for keeping your child cool and comfortable throughout their formative nights. On the bottom is a supportive point-elastic foam layer, intended to stabilise the lower back and aid spinal alignment. This is important for adults, but it’s absolutely crucial for the proper development of kids.

What’s more, each layer of the Emma Mattress is OEKO TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1 certified, meaning that its materials are 100% safe for your child to sleep on night after night after night.

Final Verdict: The Emma Mattress may not have the same hybrid identity as several others on this list, but what it does, it does amazingly—and its numerous awards only go to prove that fact. For a mattress that provides all-round support to your child’s hips, back, spine and shoulders, you’d struggle to find a better all-foam mattress on the market. And as for that high-resilience 7 zone foam? Emma calls it the “marvel in the middle”, and we’re inclined to agree!

5. Zinus 30cm iCoil Pocket Spring Foam Euro Top Mattress – Best Budget

Buying a low-priced mattress doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will be getting a poor quality sleeping experience. Just look at the Zinus Queen Mattress for an example of great things coming from low prices. At a RRP of $359, this hybrid mattress combines three distinct CertiPUR-US Certified foam layers atop a pocket spring base. Together, they create a firm to medium-firm product that caters for almost any child’s comfort requirements.

With the top, high-density foam layer, your child will enjoy an all-important element of support, crucial for helping them transition from the cot to the bed. The next layer, a comfort foam intended to provide an element of ‘give’ in the mattress, will keep your child sleeping soundly while the other layers work their magic. Finally, the last foam layer, a thin high-density foam, is designed to prevent the feeling that your child is sinking to the pocket spring base. Of course that brings us to the springs themselves; these individually wrapped tempered steel coils contour to your child’s body, providing support where it’s needed while (thanks to the high-density foam) not succumbing to the feeling of ‘collapsing’ into the springs.

It’s an outstanding mattress—almost unbelievable when you look at the price.

Final Verdict: Zinus has once again proven itself capable of working miracles with this budget-priced spring and foam hybrid mattress. It may not have the absolute highest quality materials on the market, but for the price, you really can’t get much better than this.


Do you like what you see? We hope so! Our team has worked tirelessly to find the top five Australian mattresses for youngsters. The importance of a good mattress is often overlooked when it comes to kids, but by picking one of these five choices (or by shopping around for yourself), you’ll be setting your child up for a bright future, both in the long and short-term.

Got any questions about mattresses? Get in touch! Whether it’s about you, your partner or your child, we’ll be happy to point you in the direction of the information you need!

ecosa mattress review

Ecosa Mattress

Our Top Pick!

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