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The Importance of Our Mission

In our busy lives, we often underestimate the profound impact of sleep. A good night’s rest is more than just a routine; it’s a cornerstone of well-being. Quality sleep revitalises our bodies, empowers us to face daily challenges with confidence, sharpens our memory and concentration, supports heart health, lifts our mood, and even aids in weight management. Recognizing the transformative power of sleep, WhatASleep aims to reignite the conversation about its critical importance. We believe that a life slept well is a life lived well.

Our Mission

At WhatASleep, our mission is to improve the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your life. We meticulously review bedding solutions available in the Australian market, including mattresses, pillows, sheets, and quilts. Our goal is to recommend products that ensure peaceful, uninterrupted, and refreshing sleep, helping you wake up energised and in a better mood.

Our website offers detailed specifications of products, evidence-based buyer’s guides, and categorized lists of the best sleep products. We answer frequently asked questions, explore Australia’s sleep habits, and provide eco-friendly tips for disposing of old mattresses. Additionally, we feature deals and discounts to make quality sleep solutions more accessible. Trust us, you’ve come to the right place for sleeping solutions.

Our Story

The inception of WhatASleep is rooted in a personal journey toward better sleep. I had many years of bad sleep and tried absolutely every supplement and self help app to no avail. The demands of long work hours and a poor sleep routine began to take a toll on my health. Over time, I developed chronic insomnia, gained weight, and found it difficult to sleep for more than an hour at a time.

At WhatASleep, we are dedicated to making your life better by enhancing the quality of your sleep. We strive to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to combat insomnia, boost your energy levels, and help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Together, let’s embark on a journey toward better sleep and a better life.

Lady Going To Sleep With Earplugs
Lady Going To Sleep With Earplugs
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