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Can I Make My Mattress Firmer

Can I Make My Mattress Firmer? Learn How

Ever thought ‘Can I make my mattress firmer? Here are some of our tips how to do it.

You may have chosen a mattress which is softer than you expected or it could be that it has softened with time and no longer provides the same support as it once did. Over the years, your mattress might have lost its firmness and structural integrity. Maybe you’ve gained weight or changed your sleeping position.

Your mattress may feel softer for many reasons.

It is a fact that you have limited options. Most won’t work sadly. There are however ways to soften a mattress. Here we will cover some options that you can use to firm up a mattress.

Can I Make My Mattress Firmer And Why It’s Difficult

You’ll find the most common advice on the internet to firm up your mattress is to use a thick, firm bed topper. This is partially true but it may not work every time.

A mattress topper can’t provide more support than the mattress that’s underneath it. No matter how firm the topper is, if your mattress is soft it will sink into the mattress. If the foundation of the house is weak, installing a new roof won’t help. When you are renovating a house you need to consider quite a lot, just like buying a new mattress.

A thick, firm mattress topper will marginally firmen the mattress but not drastically. A thick and firm topper will not make a difference if your mattress is saggy, or if it has large body imprints.

A mattress topper can make a mattress slightly firmer or give it a placebo effect, but will not change its firmness dramatically.

Can I make my mattress firmer
Can I make my mattress firmer

There are several ways to firm up a softer mattress.

Here are your options if you feel that your mattress is too soft but you do not want to replace it.

If the mattress is still in the trial period, you can check if it’s worth buying.

You may have received a free sleep trial if you purchased your mattress recently. Most brands allow you to test the mattress for at least 100-120 nights and then return it if not satisfied. If you are not happy with the firmness of the mattress, you can return it within this time period.

Check the warranty.

Most mattresses have a warranty of 8-10 years, which covers sagging, material defects, and body impressions (usually between 0.5-1 ”),). You should claim the warranty and ask for a replacement if your mattress has lost its shape and sunken.

Buy new bed slats

If your mattress is a bit softer than what you prefer, we recommend checking your bed slats. We recommend replacing only one or two slats at a time if they are worn out. If not, you should replace them all. If your bed does not use bed slats as frames, then you may need to purchase a new Bed Base.

Add plywood to the bed base

If you want more support, add a layer between the mattress and frame. It is best to leave this option as the plywood can restrict airflow in your mattress.

Cool down your bedroom

The basic physics of a mattress is that it will be firmer if you make it colder. This is particularly true for Memory Foam Mattresses that are designed to conform to your body’s contours by using your body heat. Cooling down the room temperature will help firm your mattress, especially if your mattress is made of foam.

New Thick Mattress On Bed
New Thick Mattress On Bed

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Place your mattress on the ground and test the firmness.

The mattress may feel softer if the slats are too wide or if the box springs are worn out. This can be verified by sleeping on the mattress for a few hours on the floor. If the mattress feels firm or more firm on the floor than it does on the bed then the frame is the culprit.

How to fix it:

  • Place a bunkie board or plywood board the same size as your mattress between the frame of the bed and the mattress.
  • Consider to replace your bed frame by a solid platform.

Rotate the mattress (or flip it in some cases).

It is important to rotate your mattress 180 degrees and see if it makes a difference in firmness. Rotate the Mattress by 180 degrees and check if there is a difference in firmness. You can flip the mattress over if it has two sides.

If your mattress has a one-sided design, such as a memory foam mattress or quilted mattress don’t turn it.

Use a bedding that is tight.

It is also possible to make your mattress feel softer by using loose sheets. Use a fitted sheet, or pull the corners of the sheet and tuck them tightly across the mattress. This may not have much of an impact but it will firm the mattress a little.

Let the mattress air out.

Moisture buildup can make the mattress feel damper and softer. This is not only unhygienic but also affects the feel of your mattress. Remove the sheets and protector, then let the mattress dry naturally, preferably in the sun or near a window.

Buy a mattress topper.

As I mentioned earlier, a mattress topper will only marginally firmen the mattress. It won’t have a drastic impact on its firmness. The best option is to use latex toppers, which are firm and springy. Avoid toppers made of low-density foam as they are not firm enough, and will soften as the temperature rises. A high-density foam topper with an ILD above 30 may be appropriate.

Some toppers come with a trial sleep period, so that you can see if it makes a difference. If not, then you can return it within the trial period.

Couple Sleeping On Soft Mattress
Couple Sleeping On Soft Mattress

If nothing else works, consider investing in a brand new mattress.

All of the above options are temporary and may not be effective in the long term. It’s time to buy a mattress that suits your needs if you’ve tried all the options and none of them have worked. There are many affordable mattress options available online.

Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft can have long-term effects.

A softer mattress would cause your spine to be misaligned because your hips would sink more than your shoulders. This spinal misalignment can cause body pains and discomforts. It may also lead to constant tossing, turning, and disturbed sleep. For side and back sleepers, the strain is more noticeable around the shoulder and hip area.

It can also affect your productivity by affecting the quality and quantity you sleep. It can also lead to long-term health issues.

medium-firm to medium-firm mattress (6 or 7 on the firmness range) is best for most people.

Check out our mattress buying guide for more information about the different types of mattresses.


The wrong mattress will not only cause you to sleep poorly, but it can also lead to long-term health problems or even worsen your back pain. You should get rid of your old mattress and buy a new one. Look for brands which ship compressed mattresses with a sleep-trial. You can test the mattress out without risk, and return it within the trial period if not satisfied.

This guide is intended to be helpful. Do you have any suggestions or other tips? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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