How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows

How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows: 3 Easy Ways

Ever felt frustrated at your flat pillow and wanted to know how to re-fluff flat pillows? A fluffy pillow can make all the difference in the world between a restful night of sleep and feeling like you have barely slept. Good pillows and mattresses are essential for a restful night.

What do you do if your pillow feels flat and loses its fluffiness?

We decided to do our own research to discover the best way to fluff up a pillow. We tested a number of methods, some we found online and others we devised ourselves to find out which worked.

What did we discover? The majority of methods worked – some were quicker than others but the results varied greatly depending on the type and size of the pillow. We will now discuss the best ways to fluff up different types of pillows.

How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows & Why They Go Flat

Pillows can flatten for a variety of reasons, but the most common is daily use. The stuffing of your pillow gets compressed every time you lay down on it. As you use your pillow more, it will flatten and become more compressed.

Other reasons for

  • Do not fluff or air out your pillow regularly.
  • Washing the pillow frequently is not recommended.
  • The pillow is not washed properly.
  • Moisture damage.
  • Storing it in a manner that prevents its shape from being retained (e.g. Folding or storing the pillow under heavy objects.

By fluffing and re-fluffing a flat pillow, you can help expand it by pushing air between the compressed materials. You can fluff a latex or memory foam pillow. Make sure to follow the wash and drying instructions. We’ll discuss the various methods of fluffing flat pillows in the sections below.

Four Pillows On Comfy Looking Bed
Four Pillows On Comfy Looking Bed

How often should you fluff your pillow?

Consider fluffing your pillow by hand every two or three days. This is a simple task that will help you to prolong the life of your pillows and keep them in great shape. It’s also a good idea every month to throw the pillows in a dryer and to air them out.

What types of pillows can be fluffed?

You can fluff some pillows easier than others. Some can be re-fluffed more effectively, and there are some you should not even try to fluff. We’ve listed them in order of easiest to most difficult to fluff.

  1. Pillows made of down/goosedown.
  2. Kapok fibre pillow.
  3. Alternative pillow for Down
  4. Memory foam/latex pillow with shredded foam.
  5. Pillows made of polyester / microfiber (to some extent).

What type of pillows do not fluff well?

  • Memory foam pillow
  • Latex pillows

Note If your memory foam pillow or latex pillows feel flat, this is usually because the inner core of the pillow has become misshapen. It will need to replaced. You can also place the pillow outside in the sun to let it air for a few hours. The moisture in the pillow from everyday use can sometimes cause it to lose its shape.

Kids Having A Pillow Fight
Kids Having A Pillow Fight

How to Fluff your Pillow: A Step-by-Step guide

Three ways to fluff up your pillow will be discussed, along with some additional tips for each.

Method 2: Using a Computer

  • Ideal for: New pillows made of down, polyester or microfiber.
  • Time required: less than one minute
  • How often: Every 2 to 3 days

Hand fluffing a pillow is the traditional way to do it. It is super simple and takes very little time.

Place the pillow first on a flat surface, such as your lap. The pillow can be pushed both horizontally and vertically. Try rolling the pillow from side to side. You can massage the lump with your fingers if you notice it. This will help to loosen the filling and distribute it. You should also occasionally place your pillows in the sunlight to allow the fibres to breathe and expand.

Try the dryer method if re-fluffing the loft by hand doesn’t make much difference.

Additional tips: Avoid over-fluffing a down pillow. Too much fluffing may damage the down feathers and cause the feather quills to start poking out.

Method 2 – Dryer Method

  • All pillows, old or new (more effective in general).
  • Time required: 15 minutes.
  • How often? Monthly

Note: Please confirm with the manufacturer or check the label if you can put your pillow in the dryer. Heat can damage some materials such as latex and memory foam.

There are several ways to fluff up a pillow when it’s in the dryer.

  • If you want to fluff up a pillow, then just put it in the dryer on the lowest setting, say 125degF, and let it work its magic. You don’t always have to leave it in the dryer for the entire cycle.
  • Follow the instructions on the tag to wash your pillows. Dry on low heat.

Method 3: Tennis or Wool Dryer Balls

Add a few clean tennis balls, or wool dryer ball, to the dryer with your pillows. This will make them even fluffier as they tumble. The constant motion will loosen any clumps, and redistribute filling. This method is great for microfiber, kapok and polyester pillows.

The dryer method was the most efficient way to fluff up a pillow. It worked for a microfiber pillow that was almost flat.

How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows Or Replace Them

It’s okay if a pillow cannot be fluffed. should replace pillows once to twice a year, depending on the type. However, some pillows may last up to four years. You can extend the life of your pillows by taking good care.

You may need to replace your pillow if you notice any of these signs:

  • Fold the pillow in half.
  • Even after using different fluffing methods, the pillow still remains flat.
  • The pillow is lumpy, or it has developed ridges.
  • Even after washing the pillow, spots still appear.
  • Pillow is older than two years.

You may not feel comfortable with your pillow anymore. It’s time to replace your pillow if you don’t feel comfortable on it anymore, or it isn’t providing the support that you need.

Choose a pillow that suits your sleeping position, firmness preferences and type of filling. Check out our guide to pillow shopping for more information.

How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows
How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows

How to make your pillow last longer

When pillows are properly cared for, they remain fluffy and last a lot longer. These tips will help you extend the life of your pillow.

  • Use pillow protectors: A pillow protector is an sleeve, or sock, that fits beneath the pillowcase. It provides extra protection from sweat, oils and stains, and extends the life of the pillow.
  • Washing your pillow three to six times a year will help you get rid of dust mites and dead skin cells.
  • Regularly fluff your pillow: Doing so will help to redistribute its filling, and prevent it from becoming flat.
  • Properly store your pillow: Keep your pillow cool and dry when not in use. Avoid storing pillows in plastic bags, as they can trap moister and cause mildew.

Get Rid of Your Old Pillows

Here are some things to consider when you decide to throw away your old pillows:

  • Pillows cannot be donated due to hygiene concerns to charities or shelters.
  • Recycling bins are only eligible for down or feather pillows.
  • Compostable pillows made from down and feathers can be found.
  • Pillows made of memory foam, latex or microfiber are usually not recyclable. They are disposed in landfills.
  • Repurpose an old pillow into a pet bed, or stuff it with a toy.

You can find a detailed guide to how to get rid of old pillows by clicking on the link below.

How To Re-Fluff Flat Pillows Closing Thoughts

When you are wanting to re-fluff flat pillows, a flat or misshapen pillow can cause neck pain and discomfort so you need to get it sorted. Re-fluffing your pillow can bring it to life again and in some cases make it look as good as brand new. This guide is intended to be helpful, and we hope you can restore your pillow’s original glory.

What is your favourite method to re-fluff a pillow? Tell us your tips!

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