Adjustable Beds: Worth It or A Fad

We have all seen an adjustable bed, be it on TV or in hospitals and wondered, what it would be like to sleep on. 

I mean, it does seem pretty comfortable to go from lying down and then pressing a button to sit up and watch TV in a comfortable position without moving a muscle. Or if you have back pain and want to elevate your head, or when you want to stay up at a certain angle, just press a button, and you can make it all happen without shift. These adjustable beds with customised options sound like the ultimate key to unwinding and relaxation.

adjustable bed worth it

Like the rest of the world, the popularity of adjustable beds is fast rising in Australia due to its claimed health and lifestyle benefits. However, the important question is – Are adjustment beds worth spending a couple of extra grand over a traditional bed? Does it really offer a better sleeping experience? 

Read on to find out.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Here are few a reasons how adjusting your bed alignment can benefit your health and overall sleep experience.

  • Comfort

A comfortable bed enhances your quality of sleep. With an adjustable bed, you are at the luxury of deciding the elevation that suits you best, an option that you won’t have with a normal bed. It also makes it easier to read, watch TV, and surf the internet while in bed. You can change the bed setting to your preferred sleep position when you are tired out and ready to close your eyes.

  • For Back & Side sleepers

If you’re someone who sleeps on their back or side, then an adjustable bed allows you to raise your head and feet slightly up for a pressure-free good night’s sleep. 

Stomach sleepers don’t fare well on the adjustable beds because elevating either neck or legs in this position can put undue pressure on the spine. Stomach sleepers are better off on a traditional bed with a firmer mattress.

  • Prevents Acid Reflux

Quite after, after a heavy dinner, when you hit the bed, you get acid reflux and then it just becomes difficult to fall asleep with that discomforting feeling. An adjustable bed lifts your head higher than the rest of your body, alleviating acid reflux, which may otherwise keep you up all night.

  • In Case of Sprain or Injury

If you are nursing a broken leg or a sprain, an adjustable bed will let you elevate your legs and this improves blood circulation. 

Note: Please consult with your doctor or qualified health professional for specific medical advice in such cases.

  • Zero-gravity Sleep

If you have caught on to the zero-gravity sleep bandwagon to improve your quality of sleep, then an adjustable bed is exactly what you need. This way, you will feel absolutely weightless while sleeping, offering you the rest you need to recharge yourself for the next day.

  • For the Elderly

You must have seen your grandparents struggling to climb in and out of their bed due to muscle pain and weakness caused by old age. An adjustable bed that adjusts with a push of a button will help them comfortably get in and out of bed.

  • For Couples

Adjustable beds with split options allow two people in bed to customise their side of the bed individually. If you wish to raise your head and read a book and your partner prefers to sleep instead, you can use the split option to make changes to your side of the bed.

Disadvantages of Adjustable beds:

Here are a few things to keep in mind before investing in an adjustable bed.

  • Adjustable beds run more expensive than traditional beds.
  • They’re quite heavy (usually 100 kg+), so changing the bed’s position isn’t going to be easy, nor would it be the initial set-up.
  • The bed can also be a bit noisy to operate as the motors tend to make squeaky sounds while operating.
  • It may be incompatible with your existing mattress. Adjustable beds are compatible with most all-foam mattresses like memory foam or latex and do not work with innerspring mattresses.
  • As with any machine with moving parts, adjustable beds require time to time maintenance and have higher chances of a breakdown.
  • Weight limitations. Adjustable beds are rated with the maximum load they can handle, and one needs to buy a bed considering their weight and mattress weight.

What Kind of Mattress Do I Need For an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed needs a mattress that is flexible enough to move along with it. A foam or a hybrid mattress that is a combination of foam and spring work great for this type of bed. The mattress needs to be durable as it often moves with the change in position and the foam mattress would be perfect for such settings.

Do Adjustable Beds Damage The Mattress?​

Most adjustable beds don’t damage the mattress, provided you use the right type of mattress – flexible and lightweight like memory foam or latex.

Innerspring, pocket-coil and some hybrid mattresses aren’t suitable for adjustable beds as they are more rigid. The constant and repeated adjustments can impact the structural integrity of the core. At the same time, innerspring mattresses aren’t flexible enough to conform snuggly to the bed, resulting in an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

How Much Are Adjustable Beds?​

You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,100 to $3,500 for an adjustable bed in Australia. The price varies based on the bed size, quality, features and brand.

Actually, the prices of adjustable beds have come down significantly in the past couple of years, primarily driven by new-age mattress and furniture startups.

How Long Do Adjustable Beds Last?​

On average, adjustable beds last anywhere from 7 to 15 years which is pretty much the same as regular beds. Adjustable beds comprise two main parts: the bed frame and the electric motor for bed adjustment. The frame is usually made of metal and joints that are very hard-wearing and rarely go bad. On the other hand, the electric motor has a predetermined lifespan and has higher chances of failure.

The difference between a high-quality (or pricier adjustable bed) and an average one is the quality of the motor used. So it’s best to look for a bed that comes with a better motor warranty, something in the range of 7 to 10 years at least.

What Features Should I Consider In an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed will have different features depending on the brand, but here are a few must-haves.

  • Remote Control:

Be it an actual move control or an app on your phone, ensure that the adjustable bed takes remote-controlled instructions to adjust bed positions.

  • Anti-slip:

Since the bed often moves with its adjustable settings, there must be an anti-slip material ensuring that the mattress stays in place irrespective of which position you pick. A bar at the bottom of the base, sets a good foundation of support.

  • Lights:

Having lights underneath your bed that illuminate the floor when you get in and out of bed in the dark is quite convenient, as it lights up the path without having to disturb your partner in bed by turning on the bedroom light.

  • Design:

Depending on your bedroom decor, you will find adjustable beds in a variety of styles. A sleek and minimal design that does not disrupt your room’s aesthetic much is generally preferred. 

If you want additional pieces to add to the foundation of your adjustable bed, then you must consider buying them while purchasing the bed and ensure they complement each other. 

Wrapping it Up…

After reading through the many benefits of the adjustable bed and the features it offers, we hope you have got the required information to make an informed decision. 

If you ask my opinion, I definitely think adjustable beds are worth the money and aren’t a fad.

It is, of course, a personal preference to get an adjustable bed if you are a healthy and active individual who enjoys comforting sleep at night. In cases of an injury or other health conditions, it is best to buy one on your doctor’s recommendation. And if you are changing to an adjustable bed from a traditional one, it is advisable to also test out your mattress compatibility with the new bed.

We hope this post helped you make up your mind and equipped you with all the necessary information to determine if adjustable beds are worth purchasing.

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