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Australia’s Best Bed Frames & Bases of 2022

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It’s a fact of life: all good things are built upon a solid foundation. When it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep, the exact same thing applies. Mattressesquiltstoppers and pillows are all mega important, but without a high-quality bed frame or base, you’ll only be doing your slumber a disservice. You need something that will compliment your mattress, provide the support you (and your partner) deserve and fit the design aesthetic of your room. The right bed frame can provide all this and more, but the question is: what is the right bed frame?

Never fear! We’ve searched high and low, in every corner of Australia and abroad. Through our hard work, we’ve compiled a list of bed frames and bases for every budget, need and preference. It wasn’t easy, but we won’t rest until every Aussie gets the good night’s sleep they deserve.

Discover Our Picks: Australia's top-rated bed frames



Koala Timber Base

Editor’s Pick (ease of assembly)



Across 8,412 user reviews

Zinus Suzanne Bed Frame

Best Budget



Across 360 user reviews

Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Fabric Bed Frame

Budget Upholstered Frame with headboard



Across 289 user reviews

Zinus Modern Steel Platform Bed Frame

Bargain Pick (Metal)



Across 95 user reviews

Noa Venice Bed

Best Upholstered (Includes headboard)



Across 53 user reviews

Queen: $1,199 $999

Ergoflex Premium Bed

Best Splurge (Custom made)



Across 25 user reviews

Starts from $1,500

Noa Sunset Frame

Best Minimalist



Across 12 user reviews

Queen: $1,249 $899

Last Updated: 25th Feb 2022. All Prices in AUD.


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Detailed Product Reviews

How We Picked: We assessed a number of frames and bases—spanning various styles, purposes and price ranges—and came back with eight that, frankly, blew us away each for their own unique reasons. No matter your taste, budget or lifestyle, you’ll be sure to find something here that suits your needs to a tee.

Here’s our eight champions, all available in Australia and ALL outstanding. Let’s find out what makes them shine…

1. Ergoflex Premium Bed  – Best Splurge (Most Customisable)


Ready to unleash your inner interior designer while splashing out on the ultimate bed? Look no further than the Ergoflex Premium bed. Every detail of this bed can be tailored to your exact preference: size, foundation style (high or low), headboard, upholstery material and colour. All in all, there are over 3,200 potential combinations when crafting your dream Ergoflex Premium Bed, and every component is made and packaged right here in Australia too!

With prices starting at $1,699, this is certainly not one for buyers on a budget, but the high-quality materials used, superb build quality and unprecedented levels of customisation more than justify the price. And “High-quality materials” is really no exaggeration, with the premium Australian wood (either Victorian Ash hardwood or heat-treated pine) coming from sustainable sources and the bed itself hand-upholstered with finest Warwick fabrics, this is a step—or several—above the flat pack affair found in most modern homes. Plus, with a five-year warranty, Ergoflex is clearly confident in the longevity of this product, and you should be too.

Due to its customisable nature, this bed can suit any room of any style. Reviews are unanimously positive with many owners praising the ease-of-assembly, build-quality and (of course) the wealth of customisation options. One user recommended the high foundation option for sleepers suffering from back issues, and many highlighted the superb service of Ergoflex with their specialised “White-Glove” delivery service (available upon request).

One particularly glowing review was delighted at the squeak-free sleeping experience:

“Absolutely love this bed frame, first I’ve bought for over 10 years and I love it. Easy to assemble, solid construction and materials and being able to pick them a really great option. NO SQUEAKING! And allows a lot more room under the bed, but is still nice and high for the mattress. Looks lovely, would recommend.”

Final Verdict: We love the freedom of choice offered by the Ergoflex Premium Bed. Colour, height, headboard style and even materials are 100% up to you. And no matter what design you go for, the quality and sustainability of materials are guaranteed. 

If you’ve got the cash to spare, Ergoflex can make the bed of your dreams that won’t be a nightmare to assemble.

2. Koala Timber Base – Editor’s Choice (Ease of Assembly)


Want stylish, and want it fast? Well, the Koala Timber Base is here for you! This base has a lot to offer, starting with the company’s lightning-fast (and free!) 4-hour delivery to major cities all over Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide) and an even faster 4-minute construction time. Made with natural cotton plywood and featuring a honeycomb-style core, this base is sturdy, supportive and built to withstand the test of time. Prices start from $800 for the Queen size and max-out at $1,000 for the King size with 100% free delivery and a 120-night “risk-free” trial period.

So it’s easy to assemble, but it’d be a crime to neglect mentioning the minimalist style of the Koala Timber Base. Drawn up in Australia over the course of two years, the award-winning design gives the appearance that your mattress is ‘floating’ in mid-air. Plus, behind-headboard storage and cable management slots make for fantastic finishing touches that aid in the minimalist style of any bedroom. The light-coloured, natural wood platform is truly a sleek sight, and with gaps in each panel of the “precisely cut timber”, the mattress is given room to breathe—great for its longevity and overall airflow.

Despite its low-key design, this mattress is undoubtedly sturdy, supporting weights up to 600kg for years and years. It’s also water-resistant and easy to maintain, perfect for one reviewer whose home played host to a number of animals. In the unlikely event that the bed does succumb to wear and tear before its time, Koala offers a five-year limited warranty.

One reviewer noted the base’s ability to rejuvenate an old mattress:

“This is the best bed base we have ever owned. So simple and beautiful in design and a pleasure to put together. We wish all our furniture was as easy to assemble as the Koala bed base. The bed base has renewed our old conventional mattress and we are sleeping better than ever! Thank you Koala!!!”

Final Verdict: As Koala themselves put it, this base is made with both “beauty and brains”. It’s somehow stylish, sturdy and almost unbelievably easy to put together. At $800, this bed makes a fantastic and affordable focal-point of any bedroom outfitted with a discreet, minimalist style.

You can check our in-depth review of Koala bed base here.

3. Noa Venice Bed – Best Upholstered (Includes Headboard)


From top to bottom, the Noa Venice Bed channels modern comfort with a retro twist. Featuring a choice of charcoal or beige colour, a hand-tufted headboard that’s sheltered at the sides and unique angled steel legs, the bed is distinct without bordering on garish. Inspired by the Italian Modernist designs of the mid-20th century, the bed brings an element of sophistication that’s missing from many bedrooms—with the Venice Bed, you can stay both classy and comfortable.

Coming with a 30-day money-back guarantee and full year’s warranty covering manufacturing faults, there’s some peace of mind with this purchase. With prices starting at $1,249 (for Queen size), however, Noa is falling behind its competitors in the warranty game. Thankfully, they do offer free and speedy 2 to 5 day shipping, so they’re at least staying competitive in that respect.

Still, the reviews for the Noa Venice Bed are almost completely positive. Users recommend pairing the Noa Bed and Mattress for the ultimate ‘Noa night’s sleep’. Plus, the bed’s beauty is clearly blowing customers away—it’s almost a shame; the intention is to close your eyes when using it. Slight issues with assembly appear to mar some customers’ initial experience, although this hardly seems like too much of a concern when faced with the potential for years of stylish comfort. 

One user, based in Australia, left a positively glowing piece of feedback for the folks at Noa and prospective buyers:

“Been shopping online for a new bed similar to Venice for some time now. I can honestly say nothing comes close in terms of quality of product and price.”

Depending on your mattress size, Noa warns that the bed’s slats may be visible around the edges. Although this won’t impact the comfort of the bed, it could cause issues depending on your personal aesthetic tastes.

Final Verdict: The Noa Venice Bed is a looker, that’s for sure. With premium upholstery, solid build quality and a luxurious high headboard, there’s no ignoring this bed when it’s in the room. Some minor assembly difficulties and potential aesthetic niggles might raise the eyebrows of some shoppers, but in the grand scheme of things, this is still a top-notch bed.

4. Zinus Suzanne Metal & Pine Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard  – Best Value


It’s probably best not to ask too many questions when it comes to this stylish and unbelievably cheap steel and pine wood hybrid bed. How Zinus can afford to offer such a superb product at the low price of $229 is, frankly, beyond us. Could it be magic? Possibly, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised. This bed also makes use of wooden slats secured by non-slip tape and intelligently-placed foam tape to prevent the steel frame from squeaking.

Available in single, double, Queen size and King size—with prices ranging from $229 to $359—this affordable bed will suit a variety of mattress sizes and lifestyles. Plus, with a five-year “worry-free” warranty, you’ll be covered from any unfortunate breakages or premature wear and tear.

The clean, industrial design of this bed would work a treat in any bedroom that boasts a neat or minimalist aesthetic style. Lack of colour choice is a shame, but the dark steel and pine colours do compliment each other nicely. Zinus is also proud of their one-box policy and the ease-of-assembly offered by this bed—a fact that the numerous buyer reviews are inclined to agree with. One user claims that assembly is “easier than Ikea”, while another refers to the packaging style (with individually-wrapped components) as “perfect”.

A pleased Amazon reviewer shared her thoughts:

“The bed frame and mattress arrived separately but in excellent time with no hassles. Easy for me to assemble on my own and excellent quality for the affordable price. I have never purchased furniture online before, but have already recommended Zinus to a few friends. Carefully packaged with everything needed to put it all together. Looks great!”

Final verdict: The Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed proves that you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to get yourself a stylish bed. The dark pine wood and steel combination aids the product’s sturdiness while making it sleek and attractive. The ease-of-assembly and efficient packaging is a big ‘plus’ too, with several reviewers even urging Ikea to take a few pointers from Zinus! For a cheap bed that doesn’t skimp on quality, there’s far worse choices than this one.

5. Noa Sunset Frame – Best Minimalist


Another Noa frame makes the cut. Unlike the luxury of the upholstered Venice frame, however, this one caught our attention for its ultra-minimalist low platform design. Available in double, Queen size or King size, the Sunset Frame is so sleek it’ll make your mattress appear as if it’s “floating” in mid-air. Looking to convince guests that you’re a genie who can ‘levitate’ on a floating mattress? This (might) be the bed that’ll do the job…

Made from sustainably sourced American Walnut MDF, the Sunset Frame starts at $949, comes with a full year’s warranty and ships for free within 2 to 5 business days. It’s perfect for those who want to avoid the all-too common tendency for the bed to dominate a bedroom’s furniture. (It already dominates the word “bedroom”, is that not enough?) Previous buyers, when discussing their purchase, praised the dark wood finish and ease of assembly; one Australian buyer recommends pairing this bed and the Noa mattress in his review:

“Purchased a Sunset bed and Noa mattress bundle. Very happy with both products - both delivered quickly to Adelaide within a couple of days. Never slept better on the Noa mattress.”

One point to remain mindful of comes with the bed’s height, or rather, the lack of it. At only 30CM, this is most definitely not a bed frame suited to those who struggle to get into and out of bed. Additionally, the Sunset Frame also does away with any sort of headboard. While this helps complete its sleek design, you may want to take this into consideration if you’re the sort who lounges in bed—talking, reading or watching TV.

Final Verdict: More than any other bed we assessed, the Noa Sunset Frame fully embodies the minimalist philosophy: from the right angles, it’s not even visible! While sacrifices to comfort have been made to achieve this sleek impression, it’s undoubtedly worth it if you’re truly looking for that perfect minimalist sleeping space.

6. Sleep Republic Pro Base – Best Platform


Support is the name of the game with the Sleep Republic Pro Base—in the bed itself and also with the company’s superb customer service. With sizes ranging from Single to King size, this low platform bed starts at the affordable price of $379 (with free Australia-wide shipping) and comes with a full five-year warranty. Plus, Sleep Republic also offers a 100-night risk-free trial. That means, if after three months the bed just isn’t sending you to a land of slumberous delight, you can return it at absolutely zero financial cost!

What about the bed itself? Well Sleep Republic has pulled out all the stops to ensure that this base is sturdier and more supportive than its competitors. Rather than the standard 10-12 slats found in most beds, the Pro Base boasts 14; they’re chunkier too, around 50% thicker than most typical beds. This strength prevents the bed from sagging after years of use, and the support is perfect for heavier sleepers.

It may be functional, but make no mistake, the Pro Base is stylish too! Available in “Moonlight Black” and “Storm Grey”, the bed sits at a low-profile 29CM off the ground and offers a simple-but-attractive design that’ll fit nicely into almost any bedroom aesthetic. Continuing the theme of simplicity, Sleep Republic claims a speedy 10-minute, tool-free construction for the base. This, admittedly, does seem a little ambitious, but the demonstration video on the company’s website does indeed make construction look easy enough for even a toddler to handle.

Final Verdict: The Pro Base is strong, stylish and affordable. Sleepers who prefer a little ‘give’ in their bedding might want to steer clear: this bed is solid as a—particularly comfortable—rock, but those after a firmer sleeping arrangement will be well-served here. Plus, with Sleep Republic’s 100-night trial and a five-year warranty, you’ll sleep even easier!

7. Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Fabric Bed Frame  – Budget Upholstered Frame with Headboard


Zinus is making a name for itself with quality and convenience at incredibly low prices. This upholstered bed frame combines a solid metal frame with an attractive navy blue covering to create an understated aesthetically pleasing design. At $289, this Queen size bed really does make the best of both modern and classic design sensibilities. Oh, and it comes with Zinus’ generous five-year “worry-free” global warranty—Zinus is serious about providing a quality product.

Shipping in one convenient box with no additional tools required, unpacking and constructing this bed won’t be a monumental task. You can put away the toolbox! Reviewers all agreed that assembly was incredibly simple, and one buyer highlighted the slip-free velcro secured slats as a fantastic feature. Another reviewer saw fit to compare the Zinus Omkaram to bed frames costing “thousands of dollars”:

“I really don’t understand why people would spend thousands of dollars on a bedframe, especially when there’s great quality like this on the market. It was super simple to set up, sturdy, and looks really nice. Great purchase overall.”

Upholstered beds are ideal for people who sit up and use their bed for relaxing, not just sleeping: their padded headboards provide cushioning for the back, neck and head. This bed is no different and can provide outstanding comfort to bedtime book readers, screen watchers and web surfers alike.

Final Verdict: Zinus has done it again with another high-quality product at an unbelievable low price. The navy blue colour might not suit every bedroom’s colour palette, but the comfort, convenience and fantastic post-purchase support offered by Zinus (gotta’ love that five-year warranty) makes it a no-brainer for most folks after an upholstered bed with a soft and comfortable headboard.

8. Zinus Black Modern Metal Steel Platform – Bargain Pick (Metal)


Bargains have never looked so good. The Zinus Black Modern Metal Steel Platform makes a bold impression with its black lines, clear-cut right angles and overall crisp appearance. Although it’s available in double, Queen size and King size for (slightly) higher prices, this bed starts at a jaw-droppingly low $139 for the single. And being a Zinus product, it comes with the company’s standard five-year “worry-free” warranty.

Intelligent design choices are found in every corner of this discreet looking product. It comes packaged neatly in a single efficient box thanks to Zinus’ patented packing methods, foam tape is placed strategically to prevent the frame from squeaking and non-slip tape keeps the bed’s sturdy wooden slats in place. That’s not all: 30CM of clearance underneath the bed allows for plenty of unobtrusive storage room and hidden plastic feet blend in with the metal and protect your floor from unwanted scratches.

Even despite its simplicity, there’s a lot to praise with the Black Modern Steel Platform and online buyers aren’t shy about expressing their adoration. The storage space, sturdiness and ease of construction were regular features of this bed’s many positive reviews. One reviewer sought to praise the bed alongside Zinus as an entire company:

“Zinus isn’t a place for cheap furniture, they do very high quality furniture at a very affordable price. With clear instructions, well-organised components and included multi tool, it was an absolute breeze to set up. The bed is strong like a tank, but light enough to move around the room. I could not be happier with Zinus and highly recommend their products.”

Final Verdict: The Zinus Black Modern Metal Steel Platform may be cheap, but it avoids all of the negative associations that come along with that word. This bed is good-looking, smartly designed, efficiently packaged and comes with Zinus’ fantastic post-purchase support. We tried, we really did, but we could not find a single bed that offered better value-for-money than this one. It earns our ‘Bargain Pick’ and deserves the attention of any budget-conscious bed buyer.

Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need to Consider While Shopping for a Bed Frame

You’ve seen our picks, but we understand that you’re a discerning buyer and want the power to make your own purchasing choices. That’s why we’ve assembled a useful Buyer’s Guide to show you the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the Aussie bed-buying game.

Sizing Up

When choosing a bed, its size plays a couple of important roles.

 How big is your mattress?

Single, double, Queen, King—you’ll have to make sure that your bed matches your existing mattress size, or you’ll be met with a nasty nighttime surprise! It’s also worth noting that many beds don’t accommodate every mattress size.

How big is your room?

Extravagant beds may be attractive, but they can easily dominate a modestly sized room. Likewise, a minimalist bed can seem a little… meagre when placed in a large or heavily furnished bedroom. It’s important to match your bed’s size and boldness to your room’s existing style.

It’s a Material World

The primary material of your bed frame or base can make a huge difference in determining your sleeping experience and the aesthetic of your entire room.

Wood: Beds made primarily of wood, while generally more expensive than metal, are also sturdier, quieter and possess a versatile charm. Wood can be rustic or modern; grand or minimalist; and delicate or sturdy.

Metal: Metallic beds are among the easiest to maintain and are often the cheapest. However, they can be prone to squeaking (as the metal parts rub against each other) and look particularly unattractive if poorly designed.

Upholstered: Upholstered beds tend to cost more than their wooden or metal counterparts and require more upkeep, but they have an undeniably appealing style and can greatly enhance a bed’s comfort. After all, sitting up and relaxing in bed is far more pleasant when resting against an upholstered headboard.

Watch Those Slats

Bed slats aren’t all made equal, far from it. There are factors to consider when it comes to the slats in your (potential) new bed.


Slats that are spaced widely apart (around 2.5 inches or more) will provide less support, putting more strain on the mattress over years of use. Fewer slats also make it more likely that a bed will break under weight, although it’s still important for spaces to exist to promote airflow underneath the mattress.

Curved or Flat?

Curved slats provide more ‘bounce’, making for a lighter sleeping experience. Alternatively, flat slats have less ‘give’, perfect for sleepers who like a little extra support.

Further reading: Platform vs Box Spring vs Foundation: What’s the Difference?


Too high or too low? If your bed is the wrong height it can ruin an otherwise good night’s sleep. People who struggle to get out of bed—due to age, poor joints or any other reason—will find a low bed nightmarish. On the other hand, small sleepers may find it a chore to climb up into bed each night.

High beds can also leave more room for under-bed storage space, a handy feature for people with limited space.

Further reading: What Is The Standard Bed Height & Why Does It Matter?

Wrapping Up

It may not get as much attention as mattresses, bed sheets or duvets, but a bed frame can be the decider between a restful night’s sleep and a waking nightmare. Plus, the bed frame acts as a focal point for the entire bedroom. Pick a bad bed and the whole room’s look is ruined.

There’s a lot to learn about crafting the perfect sleeping setup. Take it slow, learn what you can and don’t feel the need to rush. There’s a lot of choices when it comes to dozing off here in Australia; make sure you’ve found the bed that’s right for you.

 If you’ve got any questions, queries or thoughts, leave a comment below—we’d love to hear from you.

James Lee

James Lee

James is the content director at WhatASleep, a certified sleep science coach from Spencer Institute and our in-house sleep product expert. Over three years, he's personally tested hundreds of mattresses. He likes to keep his reviews simple, objective, and straightforward so that the readers don't have to go through decision fatigue which is often the case while shopping for sleep products.

He hails from Sydney and has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Koala Timber Bed Base Review Australia

Koala Bed Base

Our Top Pick!

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