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Australia’s Best Cot Mattresses of 2022

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Having a kid is stressful. You’ve got to worry about baby names, birthing plans, paint colours for the nursery, and everything in between.

That “everything in between” includes setting up a place for your baby to sleep. Choosing the right cot mattress for your little Aussie-to-be can be extremely difficult. There are tons of factors to consider, like budget, the mattress’ comfort level, and the materials that it’s made of. We’re here to lend you a helping hand to pick the right cot mattress for your little one.

Not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve shortlisted Australia’s top cot mattresses so your baby sleeps like a baby should – safe and comfortably. Read on for tips on buying your baby’s new bed!

Discover Our Picks: Top-rated Baby Cot Mattresses in Australia



Ecosa Cot Mattress

Editor's Pick (Safest)



Across 241 user reviews

From $350

Giselle Bedding Cot Mattress

Best Budget



Across 5 user reviews


Adairs Baby Cot Inner Spring Mattress

Best Supportive



Across 4 user reviews


Newton Baby Cot Mattress And Toddler Bed

Most Comfortable



Across 676 user reviews

Milari Green Baby Mattress

Best Organic



Across 15 user reviews

From $400


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How We Picked THE BEST for You

We put tons of time into reviewing dozens of the cot mattresses available in the Australian marketplace, and it definitely wasn’t an easy undertaking! We’ve narrowed our list down to the top 5 to make it easier for you to choose a mattress for your baby.

We thoroughly researched every manufacturer and scoured the Internet for customer feedback. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top-rated cot mattresses of the year!

Here are our top 5 picks for the baby mattresses in Australia – All outstanding and best in their category. Let’s find out what makes them shine.

1. Numu-Roo Breathable Cot Mattress – Editor’s Choice


Numu-Roo Breathable Cot Mattress
Source: chamellephotography.com

The Numu-Roo is available in a variety of sizes, including the standard size of 130cm x 69cm. Whatever the size of your baby’s cot, there’s a Numu-Roo that’ll fit it!

The Numu-Roo is made of a single mesh layer. Its design allows for maximum breathability, which is especially handy if your kiddo rolls onto his or her stomach while sleeping. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that your baby is sleeping on air while using the Numu-Roo.

The Numu-Roo’s mesh layer  is pulled taut over its frame, which gives your baby a firm and strong sleeping surface.

Plus, the single mesh layer stays cool, even during hot Australian summers. Your baby will sleep sweat-free through the balmy nights, which means more sleep for you too!

The Numu-Roo’s unique design means there isn’t anywhere for dust mites to live or for dust to accumulate on the mattress. This is especially handy for babies who are prone to allergies, asthma, and eczema. The Numu-Roo is even backed by the National Asthma Council of Australia!

This mattress fully complies with the voluntary Australian safety standard, so you can rest assured that your baby will be sleeping safely and soundly on it

The Numu-Roo is super easy to clean. If your baby wets the bed, the liquid seeps through to the bottom of the mattress. All you’ve got to do to clean it up is wipe the mattress and give it a bit of time to dry.

Because it’s so easy to clean and doesn’t accumulate dust mites or dust, the Numu-Roo cot mattress can be passed on from kid to kid. While it’s usually recommended that parents buy a new mattress for each baby, the Numu-Roo’s ultra-hygienic design means that little nasties don’t get passed on from child to child when reusing it! Considering the Numu-Roo only costs $389, this cot mattress packs a huge bang for its buck! 

One satisfied customer left a Google review stating that she’d give the Numu-Roo 6 out of 5 stars! She said that she’s so thankful for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that her child is safe when sleeping on her belly with her face buried in the Numu-Roo cot mattress.

Final Verdict: This mattress is a great choice! It’s perfect for keeping your baby cool during the night. Its unique single mesh layer design is comfy, a breeze to clean, and most importantly safe and hygienic! 

2. Kangaroo Bedding Latex Gold Cot Mattress – Best Value


Like the Numu-Roo, this cot mattress comes in a variety of sizes, including the standard 130cm by 69cm. If your cot doesn’t fit any of the available dimensions, Kangaroo Bedding can work with you on creating a custom-sized mattress.

Don’t let the $240 price tag fool you: Kangaroo Bedding’s Latex Gold Cot mattress does not skimp on helpful features.

This cot mattress is made out of 100% natural latex. Natural latex has antibacterial properties and prevents the buildup of both moisture and dust.

The Latex Gold Cot is constructed with an Australian-made tempered bonel spring (the most popular type of innerspring), so bubs can experience the exact same comfort that millions of adults get from their mattresses! The mattress’ unbleached natural, breathable cotton quilt elevates its comfort level and ensures that your little one will have plenty of comfy nights in the future.

This mattress comes with a 2-year warranty, but there’s no trial period. Still, Kangaroo Bedding is confident that your baby will love his or her Australian-made mattress!

One happy parent left a review on Kangaroo Bedding’s site stating that she loves knowing that Kangaroo Bedding manufactures all of their mattresses in Australia with locally sourced materials. She also said that knowing that her baby is sleeping safely and soundly makes it easy for her to sleep at night, too.

Final Verdict: It would be hard to find a better cot mattress than the Kangaroo Bedding Latex Gold Cot Mattress at this price point. Plus, the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that your baby’s mattress was made in Australia is unbeatable! 

3. Milari Green Baby Mattress – Best Organic


Calling all environmentally-friendly Aussie parents! The Milari Green baby mattress just might be your new best friend.

This cot mattress is available in the standard size, as well as 4 other sizes. Milari Green’s website also lists the names of cots that each mattress fits, which is super handy for choosing the size that’s right for you.

This cot mattress is made with certified organic cotton, coconut fibre, natural latex, and 100% Australian wool! It’s built with a 2-in-1 design. It’s got a latex side for toddlers and a breathable cotton side for infants. This is especially handy for cutting down on costs as your little one grows. Instead of having to buy a completely new mattress, you’ve simply got to flip this cot mattress over as bubs ages!

An organic bamboo outer cover tops off this cot mattress’ design nicely. This cover is designed to function as both a mattress topper and protector. When it’s time to wash it, simply unzip it and put it back on once it’s nice and clean.

The Milari Green Baby Mattress costs $410, which is pretty decent considering its 2-in-1 design and its all-natural materials. The mattress’ core is protected by a 5-year warranty, and the outer cover is protected by a 2-year warranty. The warranties apply to manufacturing errors and defective materials.

One satisfied mama left a raving review on Milari Organics’ website. She said the mattress is so pretty that she did not want to put sheets on it at first! She was happy that the mattress did not have a harsh odour after unboxing, like some non-organic cot mattresses do. This reviewer even said that she’s considering ordering two more of these cot mattresses for her other children.

Final Verdict: If providing your kiddo with a natural surface to sleep on is your top priority, the Milari Green Baby Mattress is a great option. The 2-in-1 design also comes in super handy for when your little one moves from infancy into toddlerhood.

4. Growbright Airnest Cot Mattress – Best Splurge


This mattress comes with a price tag of $399 (for standard size), making it one of the higher-priced ones included on this list.

Even though its price tag is pretty steep, Growbright states that it is safe to pass on to your other children, which helps you to cut down on costs in the long term.

The Growbright Airnest Cot Mattress is 100% washable, which makes it easy for you to keep your baby’s bed free of icky bacteria and allergens.

This particular cot mattress weighs in at about 3kg less than most cot mattresses on the market, so it’s easier to lift in and out of your baby’s bed whenever you need to do so.

Environmentally-conscious Aussies will be super glad to know that the Airnest Cot Mattress’ core is 100% recyclable. After your little one outgrows their cot mattress, none of its foam or springs will go to the landfill!

This cot mattress is designed with Growbright’s Airnest technology, which increases the mattress’ breathability and improves its temperature regulation. This technology significantly reduces the chances of your baby’s airway being obstructed if he or she rolls over while sleeping, and it also reduces the risk of your little one overheating while sleeping. All of this leads to greater comfort for your baby and lessens your night-time worries!

You and your baby can try the Growbright Airnest Cot Mattress risk-free for 30 nights to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

One extremely happy customer from Growbright’s website described this mattress as unbelievably comfy. She said that she and her husband love not having to worry about their baby overheating during the night. They even tested the mattress’ breathability after unboxing it and were thrilled to find that they could feel each others’ breath through the mattress. Clearly, the Airnest Cot Mattress is just as breathable as advertised!

Final Verdict: Although this is one of the pricier options included here, we think that it’s worth every penny! Considering it is 100% washable and safe to pass on from child to child, the Airnest Cot Mattress is a very sound, worthwhile investment.

5. MyBub Cot Mattress – Best Under $100


Budget-conscious parents, this one’s for you! At a price of $99.95, the MyBub Cot Mattress comes in at just under a hundred bucks and is the most affordable cot mattress included in this list.

This mattress is available in the standard size of 130cm x 69cm, as well as 4 other sizes to accommodate smaller cots.

Even though this mattress won’t break the bank, it still comes with many of the helpful features that higher-priced cot mattresses do.

The MyBub Cot Mattress is made out of foam that’s treated with an antimicrobial compound. The antimicrobial compound helps to prevent dust mites, as well as the growth of mould, mildew, and fungi.

The mattress’ foam core is covered by a breathable, washable zip-up cotton cover. If you find that your baby’s mess can’t be spot cleaned, pop the cover in the washer and zip it back on when it’s nice and clean.

You can try the MyBub Cot Mattress risk-free for 30 days and return it if it seems like your baby’s not a fan of this cot mattress. This cot mattress is also protected by a 1-year warranty.

One customer left a review on Clark Rubber’s website stating:

“This product is great, i was afraid it would be too thin for the cot but it was the perfect size. Very comfy, it feels like our mattress but just a smaller version.”

Final Verdict: If you’re on a tight budget, the MyBub Cot Mattress is a great option for you and your little one. The foam core provides both necessary firmness and comfort for your baby, and the washable zip-up cotton cover makes this cot mattress pretty easy to clean. Still, unlike some of the pricier options, it’s probably best not to pass this on to future children. However, the treated foam keeps it hygienic enough to use throughout your little one’s infancy and into his or her toddlerhood.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Cot Mattress for your baby

So now that you know a bit about the top-quality cot mattresses available in the Australian market, it’s time to get to shopping, right?

Well, not just yet. Read on to learn about the factors to consider while shopping for a cot mattress.


Although you might love ultra-plush mattresses, your little one needs to sleep on a firm surface. Manufacturers aren’t required to make sure their cot mattresses meet the firmness standard, so you’ll want to look for those who’ve gone the extra mile and tested their product to meet this standard.

Also, read reviews from other customers to see how firm they say the mattress is. Just because a reviewer says the mattress is firm, however, doesn’t mean it meets the standard. Still, reviews can give you an idea of whether the mattress is worth trying out for yourself.


The perfect cot mattress won’t do you much good if it doesn’t fit your cot, right?

Before picking up or ordering a mattress, make sure you’re absolutely clear on the dimensions of your little Aussie’s bed. And if you’re ordering, make sure you’ve selected the right option before having it delivered. Many cot mattress models come in different sizes, so be sure you’re getting the right one!

Once you bring your new cot mattress home, make sure that it fits snugly in the cot. A gap between the mattress’ edge and the adjacent side of the cot that exceeds 4cm is a suffocation risk.

Trial Period

Consider the materials that the cot mattress is made out of.

You’ll want to go with one that is built out of material that’s breathable while still providing your little one with a firm sleeping surface. Additionally, you’ll want something that’s easy to clean for whenever your kiddo makes a mess on their mattress.

1) Foam and innerspring mattresses are the most common on the market, but there are other options like latex, mesh, and natural fibres.

2) If you go with a foam mattress, be sure to choose one that is dense enough to provide firm support for your delicate little one. However, make sure that it is still breathable just in case your baby turns over while sleeping.

If you decide to go with an innerspring cot mattress, get one with 135-150 coils and a gauge no higher than 15.5. This ensures that the bed has extra stability, which’ll come in handy when your little one starts to walk or jump on his or her bed.

3) Latex is a great option for cutting down on the buildup of bacteria, mildew, mould, and other icky things. If you decide to go with a latex mattress, make sure that your little one doesn’t have any adverse reactions to the latex (FYI: latex sensitivities can develop over time, so be vigilant about this).

These days, lots of cot mattresses are made with natural fibres, which is great for Australian parents who are environmentally-conscious and love all things organic. Mattresses made with natural fibres are known for being breathable, so your baby will be safe if he or she turns over while sleeping. Plus, natural fibre mattresses are really firm!

Cot mattresses made out of a single mesh layer (like the Numu-Roo) are the latest to hit the Australian market. Mesh is the most breathable material available, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is safe in any sleeping position is unbeatable. The mesh is also pulled taut over the mattress’ frame, so it provides a firm sleeping surface for your little one.

Wrapping Up

There’s a whole lot of information in this cot mattress guide, but it is important to consider everything when it comes to your baby’s safety and the quality of his or her sleep.

Take time to discuss this guide with your partner and let the info sink in. If any questions arise after that, leave a comment below!

James Lee

James Lee

James is the content director at WhatASleep, a certified sleep science coach from Spencer Institute and our in-house sleep product expert. Over three years, he's personally tested hundreds of mattresses. He likes to keep his reviews simple, objective, and straightforward so that the readers don't have to go through decision fatigue which is often the case while shopping for sleep products.

He hails from Sydney and has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

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Ecosa Cot Mattress

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