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Australia’s Best Dog Beds of 2022

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Looking for a new dog bed? From durable beds to orthopedic options, we’ve picked Australia’s best dog beds for every type of dog.

We’ve been bringing you handy information about bedding for humans for a while, but we decided to shake things up a bit. Just like we need a comfy mattress to get a great night’s sleep possible, our four-legged friends do too! Although your pup may love snuggling in your bed, pooch should have the option of dozing in his or her own bed. 

Just like humans, each dog has its individual needs and preferences. Some dogs like to be surrounded by cozy padding in a cave bed while they sleep, some like sprawling out on a rectangular bed, and some need an orthopedic bed.

We’ve searched far and wide for the best dog beds available on the Australian market in 2022, and we’re presenting them to you in this guide to choosing the perfect bed for your doggo. So sit back, relax, and read on to learn all about the year’s best dog beds!

Discover our picks: Australia’s top-rated dog beds



Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Bed

Best Splurge



Across 38 user reviews

$154 to $279

Pet Terrain - Luxury Dog Bed

Editor’s Pick



Across 26 user reviews

$59 to $81

Its Bed Time Plush Dozer Rectangle Dog Bed

Best Value



Across 50 user reviews

$30 to $63

Sealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology

Best Orthopedic



Across 1,001 user reviews

$146 to $226

Zenify Pets Calming Dog Bed

Best Anxiety Reducing Dog Bed



Across 58user reviews

$39 to $45

LaiFug Jumbo Memory Foam Pet/Dog Bed

Best for large/older dogs



Across 2,376 user reviews

$145 to $189

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Best for Outdoors



Across 32,468 user reviews

$45 to $87


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How We Picked THE BEST for You

There’s tons of dog beds on the market, and we know it can be hard to pick the best one for your dog.

We reviewed dozens of dog beds and narrowed it down to the top seven. The dog beds included in this article are the best of the best. We made sure to include something for everyone, every budget, and every pooch.

We read customer feedback, researched the beds’ manufacturers, and learned everything we could about each of these dog beds. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best dog beds of the year!

1. Sleeping Duck Dog Bed – Editor’s Choice


Sleeping Duck prides itself on making dog beds just as comfortable as their mattress for human Aussies.

The Sleeping Duck Dog Bed is made with the same Hyper-Adaptive foam that the brand uses in their mattress. The Hyper-Adaptive foam combines the best of memory foam and latex mattresses. It feels just as light and airy as latex mattresses while having all of the pressure and pain-relieving properties of memory foam mattresses.

The hyper-adaptive foam makes this dog bed super breathable, which helps keep your dog cool while sleeping and also makes it harder for dust and dust mites to accumulate on the dog bed.

The Sleeping Duck Dog Bed starts at $200 and comes in three sizes: small (66 x 48 x 15 cm), medium (84 x 64 x 15 cm), and large (115 x 90 x 15 cm). With these three sizes, it’ll be easy to find a Sleeping Duck model that’s perfect for your four-legged Aussie.

The inner lining of this dog bed is 100% liquid resistant. Whether it gets left out in the rain, someone spills on it, or your dog wets the bed, the mess will be easy to clean.

The bed’s cover is easy to wash, which means cleaning up any mess is a breeze. All you’ve got to do is unzip the cover from the bed’s core, hand wash it, and leave it out to dry.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for the ultimate comfortable dog bed for your best furry Australian pal, the Sleeping Duck Dog Bed just might be your best bet. The fact that this bed is made with the same Hyper-Adaptive foam that Sleeping Duck uses in their mattress that’s designed for humans means that this dog bed gives your doggo all the comfort that your mattress gives to you. 

And the ease of cleaning makes the bed nearly as enjoyable for you as it is for your pet. With this dog bed, you’ll never have to worry about the bed being ruined by any puppy accidents!

2. Pet Terrain – Luxury Dog Bed – Best Value


This dog bed delivers plenty of comfort and customisation options in one value-priced package!

This luxurious dog bed comes in sizes medium (80 x 65 x 21 cm) and large (90 x 75 x 23 cm), so it’ll be able to accommodate your Aussie pooch no matter his or her size.

The Pet Terrain––Luxury Dog Bed has a reversible cushion, which gives your dog the best of both worlds. The velvet side keeps your furry friend cosy during the winter, and the reverse side is made with ultra-breathable fabric to keep your doggo cool during balmy Australian summers.

This dog bed is super plush and provides tons of comfort for your dog. It’s got plenty of padding and the sides of the bed are raised, which means that your dog can sleep comfortably in many different positions while being surrounded by tons of soft surfaces to lay his or her head.

The raised sides can also be folded down to transform the bed into a flat pillow. The cover is liquid and hair resistant, so messes are easy to spot clean. The cover’s also machine washable, making cleaning bigger messes a breeze.

Sounds like this bed should be at least a couple hundred bucks, right? Wrong! Even with all of these features, this dog bed costs just $88.45!

One satisfied buyer left a review on Amazon stating that this bed is very soft and well-padded. This customer loves that the cover can be taken off for washing and says that his or her dog loves the bed.

Final Verdict: At a price of $88.45, the value of this dog bed’s hard to beat. The reversible cushion and the option to fold down the bed’s sides makes it easy (and affordable!) to create a truly customised sleeping environment for your pet. This dog bed is protected from any manufacturing defects by a hassle-free warranty, but it’s unclear how long the warranty lasts.

3. Snooza Orthobed Plush Grey (Small/Large) – Best Orthopedic


This dog bed is great for older dogs and dogs with mobility issues or arthritis. Its price ranges from $89.99-$111.99, and it’s available in small (87 x 60 x 7 cm) and large (120 x 87 x 7).

The Snooza Orthobed has a low-profile design and lays completely flat on the floor. Your dog won’t have to climb over raised sides, which makes getting into bed a breeze for even the least mobile of pooches.

Once your dog climbs into bed, he or she will be nice and cosy on the convoluted foam mattress. The mattress helps to support your dogs’ bones and joints, helping your pet stay pain-free.

The mock lambswool zip-up cover comes off easily and you can toss it in the wash to clean it.

One customer left a 5-star review on Pet House’s website stating that the bed is durable and her dog loves laying on it.

Snooza does not offer a warranty, but they’re happy to repair or replace items with manufacturing errors.

Final Verdict: If your furry mate has trouble getting around or is getting older, this orthopedic dog bed may be the right choice. Your dog won’t have to climb into bed, which can help make going to sleep convenient and as pain-free as possible.

4. Snooza Big Dog Bed Chinchilla – Best For Large/Older Dogs


The Snooza Big Dog Bed was specially designed for large dogs. The bed’s dimensions are 130 cm x 88 cm x 19 cm.

It’s made of memory foam that follows the contours of your dog’s body, which provides firm support and maximum comfort. Big dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and other skeletal issues, so they need beds that provide them with proper support for their bones and joints.

The memory foam mattress makes the Snooze Big Dog Bed perfect for older dogs, too. The memory foam provides heaps of cushion for your older pet’s achy joints.

This bed doesn’t have any raised sides and lays flat on the floor, so your dog won’t have any trouble climbing into bed and dozing off.

The Snooza Big Dog Bed’s cover zips off for easy washing, and the bed is liquid-resistant.

Again, Snooza doesn’t offer a warranty, but they’ll replace or repair items with manufacturing errors.

One satisfied customer left a review on MyPetWarehouse website stating that the bed’s soft and comfortable. This anonymous reviewer has a Rottweiler and a Bull Mastiff, and they both love the bed!

Final Verdict: This bed is an excellent choice for pet owners with large dogs because of it its large dimensions and extra-supportive cushioning. Older dogs also need right bone and joint support, so this dog bed is a great choice for them, too!

5. Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed – Best for Outdoors


If your best furry mate spends most of his or her time outside, the Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed is right for you!

Unlike the other beds included in this article, this bed is elevated and doesn’t lay flat on the ground. Your dog won’t have to sleep on the hot ground and can relax in his or her own little hammock.

This dog bed comes in three sizes: small (47 x 75 x 15 cm), medium (63 x 107 x 15 cm), and large (76 x 114 x 15 cm). Its prices are $34.95 for small, $43.95 for medium, and $54.95 for large.

Like the name suggests, this bed’s design is inspired by trampolines. The breathable nylon sleeping surface is supported by a powder-coated steel frame.

The nylon is optimised for outdoor use. It won’t rot or mould, so no worries if it gets caught in the rain once in a while. Additionally, the woven nylon keeps fleas and ticks from breeding in the cover.

The Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed is protected by a 5-year fabric warranty. The warranty covers UV degradation. If the nylon wears out or cracks over time as a result of sun exposure, you’ll be able to receive a replacement cover.

Final Verdict: This is a solid outdoor bed for dogs. The mould resistant cover means you won’t have to replace the bed if it gets caught in the rain every now and then. Plus, fleas and ticks can’t breed in the cover, which keeps your outdoor doggo itch-free.

The 5-year warranty shows that the makers of the Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed recognise how the hot Australian sun can take its toll on the cover even if you’re extremely cautious about sun damage.

6. Cuddler Silver Fox – Best calming dog bed


Is your dog anxious? Does he or she crave the feeling of safety? If so, Snooza’s Cuddler Silver Fox dog bed could be right for your pup!

This bed has a deep sleeping surface, so that anxious pets can sink into the ultra-plush, long pile faux fur. The slightly raised outer edges of the bed also help to create a sense of security for your dog.

Snooza recognizes that anxious pets come in all sizes, so they’ve done their best to make this bed available to dogs both big and small. This dog bed comes in 4 sizes: small (30 x 50 cm), medium (45 x 70 cm), large (60 x 90 cm), and extra large (70 x 110). Its prices are $89.90 for small, $109.90 for medium, $179.90 for large, and $229.90 for extra large.

This bed is fully machine washable, so you can wash the outer covers and the bed’s filling.

Just like with their other products included in this list, Snooza does not offer a warranty but will repair or replace items with manufacturing errors.

One satisfied buyer left a review on Snooza’s website stating that her 2 golden retrievers used to sleep on the floor instead of on any of the other dog beds they tried, but her dogs love relaxing in their Cuddler Silver Fox beds.

Final Verdict: If your dog is a shy rescue or prone to anxiety, the Cuddler Silver Fox could be the right pick. The bed is designed to make dogs feel secure, so your pet will be able to rest easy in it. This dog bed being fully machine washable is a huge plus, too.

7. Snooza D1000 Dog Bed – Best for chewers


If your dog’s a chewer, you might’ve gone through a few dog beds before entirely giving up hope on finding a bed that your pup won’t rip to shreds. Well, the Snooza D1000 Dog Bed might be your new best friend!

This dog bed is made with rugged denier fabric, which prevents tears. It even has a Teflon coating! Even though this bed is built tough, it’s still comfy enough for your dog to rest comfortably.

The Snooza D1000 costs $196.99 and its dimensions are 120 cm x 95 cm.

This bed’s cover is completely washable, so it’s easy to clean any messes.

Whether your little chewer sleeps indoors or outdoors, this bed can work for him or her. This dog bed is built to resist UV rays, repels water, and its denier fabric keeps flea infestations at bay.

There’s no warranty on this bed, but Snooza will repair or replace defective products.

One satisfied customer left a review on My Pet Warehouse’s site stating that she bought 2 of these beds 13 years ago, and they’re still going strong! The beds survived 2 Labrador puppies who loved to chew and multiple washes haven’t made the bed any less tough. This reviewer even said that the Snooza D1000 is the best dog bed!

Final Verdict: This bed is great for dogs who chew. The tough fabric keeps the bed looking brand new long after purchase, and it’s great that the bed can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when buying a dog bed

You can’t exactly ask your dog what kind of bed he or she wants, so how are you supposed to know which one to pick?

Read on for tips on picking a bed that your dog will love. Keep the following factors in mind while shopping for dog beds:


You wouldn’t make a German Shepherd sleep in a poodle-sized bed, right? Right! As you shop for your dog’s new bed, be mindful of your pet’s size. For example, your pug will be comfortable on a 30 x 50 cm bed, while your lab will be perfectly content with a 70 x 110 cm bed. Check the dimensions of each bed you’re considering and compare it to your dog’s current size and the max size for his or her breed if your pet has a bit more growing to do.


Dogs like being comfortable and cosy just as much as we do. However, you’ve got to consider all of your dog’s needs when selecting his or her bed. If your dog is a chewer, you’ll need a tough material that doesn’t rip easily. And if your pet sleeps outside, you’ll want a bed made with weather-resistant fabric. 

Your dog’s age

If your dog is getting up there in age, going with an orthopedic mattress may be your best bet. Getting a dog bed with firm support will help protect your older pet’s bones and joints, and a bed that lays flat on the floor will make it easy for your dog to get into bed.

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot to consider when buying a dog bed, but taking the information in this article into consideration will help you make an informed purchase.

If you have any further questions, leave a comment down below.

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