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Australia’s Best Earplugs for Sleeping

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Do you find yourself struggling to sleep while the rest of your house is awake? Do you have a sleeping partner whose snore could wake the dead? If keeping all outside disturbances out of earshot is an absolute must for your sleep schedule, a traditional white noise machine might not be potent enough. You may want to consider switching to full-blown earplugs for sleeping.

Earplugs with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) between 27 to 32 can help you get the elusive night’s sleep you need. They’ll block out annoying sounds while still letting you hear your alarm clock or a late-night emergency call. Our guide is here to help Aussies find the absolute best earplugs for sleeping, from high-end noise-cancelling electronic ones,  easy-to-use earplugs, to block out snoring to low-profile options for side sleepers.

If you’re not so familiar with the types of earplugs that exist today, scroll down to our Buyer’s Guide for a quick breakdown of the key features you should be evaluating. Then head back up here to review our top picks.

Discover our picks: Australia’s top-rated Earplugs for Sleeping


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1. Bose 841013-0010 Sleepbuds II – Best Multifunctional 


Are you looking for something a little more sophisticated than two chunks of foam or silicone? The Bose Sleepbuds II are a pair of comfortable, electronic earplugs that used their renowned noise-masking technology to help you better fall asleep and stay that way. This slick digital solution is combined with a form fitting design that comfortably seals itself within your ears, creating an added passive sound blocking layer.

The Bose Sleepbuds II also comes with a companion app for your smartphone that allows you to add an array of peaceful soundscapes to help you relax as you fall asleep. They offer everything from the rainforest’s peaceful ambience to more abstract sounds like colour noise and abstract tones. You can also set the alarm right within the Bose app that will play your wakeup call through your Sleepbuds, so there’s no risk of not hearing your morning alarm.

These high-tech earplug alternatives are currently sitting at 4.1 stars out of 1,300+ reviews on Amazon. Although many purchasers credit them with dramatically improving the way they sleep, some have mentioned them being less comfortable for frequent side sleepers. 

We felt Mr. Almar has a very helpful customer experience to share:

These Sleepbuds are extremely comfortable and light!. Even for people that sleep on their sides. The sound they put out is unbelievable, very much surround sound. I am a very light sleeper and these keep me asleep all night!!

You can get your own Bose Sleepbuds II from Amazon for A$249.99, with the option to return them if they aren’t helping you get better sleep. Bose promises they will last up to 10 hours per charge, and most reviewers said they had no issue with the batteries lasting through the night.

Final Verdict: The price tag may be a lot to swallow if you initially came here for traditional earplugs. Even so, we think the Sleepbuds II will last you much longer and offer a lot of added sleep benefits besides blocking out the snoring and high-pitch noises. They’re a great hybrid solution if you like the idea of a white noise machine or ambient music but need something with more noise-blocking power.

2. Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs (50 Pair) – Best Overall


For Aussies who came to this article looking for the best model of the classic foam earplugs, look no further. Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs have perfected the design with a soft, flexible material that will stay comfortable and sealed all night. They hold an NRR of 33db, which should be more than sufficient to block out even the heaviest of snorers! Add to that the softer foam material and smaller stem makes it suitable for side sleepers or the ones with smaller ear canal.

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs are perhaps the most tried and true options on the market, with a staggering 4.5-star rating across 21,000+ reviews. Although the vast majority of purchasers found them comfortable and practical, we found a few people who thought they were just a little too short to be effective. 

Here’s what Eleanor N. had to say about her earplugs:

Tried so many earplugs but these are the best and softest! I live in a city townhouse that has a tram track right outside, 4 train lines and a lot of drunk people. It muffled them all out and does not eliminate the noises completely which it shouldn’t because that doesn’t exist.

You can get a tub of 50 pairs for about $23, which should come out to just shy of a two-month supply if used every night. If you’re not thrilled after using your first pair, you do have the option to send them back via Amazon’s 14-day return policy.

Final Verdict: As the old expression goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. We could say nothing more accurate for these simple but highly effective noise-cancelling foam earplugs. At just under $0.50 a pair, they provide an exceptional value to boot!

3. Earplugs for Sleeping by Deep Sleeps – Best Moldable


Does the expanding sensation of foam earplugs bother you? You may consider making a switch to these reusable silicone ones from Deep Sleeps. Their soft, moldable material conforms to the natural shape of your ear with just a little bit of rolling and pinching. Many earplug users, especially side sleepers prefer silicone because of its less noticeable presence and ability to be reused multiple times with only minimal cleaning each morning.

These might be rated slightly lower at an NRR of 27db, but the consensus from Amazon is they do a great job of noise cancelling.  Although Deep Sleeps’ earplugs only hold a 3.8-star rating, most negative reviews were simply from purchasers who found out they prefer other types of earplugs. 

Nearly half of the reviewers are 5-star, with many of them sounding like this:

I use them every night since I received them. Warm soap water clean in the morning. Experienced much better and deeper sleep since I use it. I have been using the foam type ear plugs for more than 10 years. But the problem of them is always drop out of ears during the sleep.

You’ll get six pairs of earplugs with your order in a small, plastic carrying case. With a little maintenance, you should get a lot of mileage out of your purchase! And should you decide you’re in the anti-silicone crowd after your first few nights, Deep Sleeps offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on your investment.

Final Verdict: The most significant advantage of silicone earplugs over foam is their ability to create a perfect seal without any constant sense of pressure. They’re also even less likely to fall out during the night and do not stick out the ear. If you’re on the fence, the 60-day guarantee makes this a safe bet.

4. Alpine Sleep Soft Reusable Earplugs – Best Reusable 


If you’re keen on the idea of blocking out unwanted noise but get anxious at the thought of not being able to hear something important, you should check out these reusable earplugs from Alpine Sleep. They take a more targeted approach to noise reduction by utilising a patented, alpine acoustic material. This unique filter reduces ambient sounds like traffic or snoring without blocking more high-pitched sounds like alarms or crying babies.

They also get high marks for their overall comfort and durability. Coming in at 3.8-stars based on nearly 2000 reviews, the main tipping point for customers seems to be if the acoustic filters blocked their specific noise problems. Those who found success with the Alpine Sleep Soft Reusable Earplugs have great things to say. 

Here’s a short but sweet example:

Pricey but really work. Reduce unwanted noise but can still hear alarm. Quality product☺ – John Sak

You can get your own pair for only $19.50, with Alpine promising 100 nights of use or more before you’ll have to replace them. Should not be a good fit for your ears or your environment, you can take advantage of Amazon’s 14-day return policy.

Final Verdict: On paper, these are the perfect solution for any Aussie needing a reusable earplug offering quieter night’s sleep without completely losing touch with reality. The only deciding factor is if their unique audio filters will cut out the noise you don’t want to hear or not. If your gut says yes, the customer reviews give us a good feeling.

5. Earjobs™ Silicone Putty Ear Plugs – Best Budget


You might not be able to put a price on quality sleep, but $.50 a night for disposable foam earplugs ads up over time. Whether you’re looking for a more economical solution, or just don’t want to invest a lot on your first pair of earplugs for sleeping, the Earjobs™ Silicone Putty Ear Plugs offer an excellent price for performance. While their SNR 22 rating puts them at the lowest noise reduction level on our list, it should be a meaningful improvement for most. As a fair comparison, 22db is the equivalent reduction of turning down a pair of earbuds from max volume to about 70%.

Despite the eyebrow-furrowing name, Earjobs holds a 4.2-star rating from over 20 customer reviews. The only reviews below the 4-star remark seem to come from users trying to use them while swimming. 

Those using them to get a better sleep report excellent performance:

Bought these to use while sleeping. Excellent product. Never falls out even when i toss and turn. Wash them to clean works perfectly. My only negative is to have another colour. Not a fan of teal. – Raf Fez 

We just want to know who’s judging Raf’s taste in fashion accessories in the middle of the night. Earjobs does not offer any money-back guarantee on their budget earplugs, but at this price, we think the risk is quite low.

Final Verdict: Earjobs are a no-frills, good-quality option for an Aussie who needs some quiet without a lot of expense. We think anyone willing to go with silicone earplugs will be pleasantly surprised by this 3-pack!

Buyer’s Guide - How to Choose the Right Ear Plugs

Of all the items we’ve covered here on our site, earplugs are perhaps some of the most straightforward. However, there are still a few things you might want to consider before heading to checkout.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

Nearly all earplugs have a noise reduction rating that measures the effective sound reduction they provide in decibels.  20 Decibels is typically the lowest reduction, while 32 tends to be the highest you can get.

While everyone has different sensitivities to noises while sleeping, the consensus seems that noise ratings below 27 NRR are only best for shutting out soft (but still annoying) sounds. At 30 to 32 NRR, the earplugs usually block out most common noises including partner’s snoring, human speech, barking dog, noisy neighbour and more! 


Although there are a few exceptions, most earplugs come in either a moldable silicone or a squishy foam so they can conform to the shape of your ear canal. Silicone tends to be meant for multiple uses while foam earplugs are one-time use. 

Side sleepers require earplugs with smaller stem size that do not protrude much out of the ear because while side sleeping the earplug may rub against the pillow and may come off the ear. Softer foam or silicone putty usually works better for side sleepers.

A quick note on reusable earplugs: to keep your ears clean and healthy, it is recommended that you wash them in warm, soapy water or alcohol and let them dry between uses.


A lot of foam earplugs come in plastic tubs about the size of a large can of soup. Meanwhile, silicone earplugs often include small plastic cases that can easily fit in a skinny nightstand drawer.


Whether you’re splitting a pack with someone else, leaving some in a few locations, or just prone to losing small objects, make sure you’re ordering enough to tide you over for a while!

Wrapping Up

Before buying a big tub of earplugs (or the swanky Sleepbuds II from Bose), we recommend taking stock of your personal needs and preferences. Will the sensation of foam expanding in your ears become a point of fixation that keeps you up? Do you just need to block out some occasional rumble from passing traffic, or do you have chatty roommates you need to block out? 

Making a quick list of your most significant needs can help you narrow down your options before committing your wallet. When you’re ready to start shopping, check back here for Australia’s best sleeping earplugs.

Have questions? Drop us a line below.

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