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Australia’s Best Silk Pillowcases of 2022

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Sleep luxuriously, fight wrinkles and keep frizzy hair at bay with Australia’s best silk pillowcases.

If you’re tired of waking up with a serious bedhead, lines on your face and a general feeling of dishevelment, then you need a silk pillowcase in your life. It may come with a bigger price tag than your standard pillowcase but it’s as good as taking expensive hair and skin treatments. Yes!

Are you sold on yet? Can we now tell you the options you have in the market?

To understand what makes a good silk pillowcase, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see our buyer’s guide. Or skip that and check out our Top 5 picks of best silk pillowcases in Australia right below.

Discover our picks: Australia’s top-rated Silk Pillowcases



Ecosa Silk Pillowcase

Editor’s Pick



Across 5,870 user reviews

Home Republic Pure Silk Eucalyptus Pillowcase

Best Cooling



Across 24 user reviews

Available on Adairs


Gioia Casa Two-Sided 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Best Budget



Across 82 user reviews

Available on Amazon


Slip Silk Pillowcase

Luxury Pick



Across 10,498 user reviews

Royal Comfort Silk Pillowcase (Set of Two)

Best Steal



Across 14 user reviews

Available on Zanui



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Silk Pillowcases – Are they worth it?

Silk pillowcases are known for leaving your hair feeling smooth and preventing the fine lines you get on your face from sleeping with a cotton pillowcase. They also won’t absorb the cream and serum that you apply to your face before you hit the hay. Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, meaning you can say bye-bye to morning sniffles and they’re great heat regulators too, so you’ll always feel like you’re lying on the cool side of the pillow.

Sleep is a $70 billion industry, so there are a lot of silk pillowcases to choose from. From the dreamy to the not-so-good, we’ve scoured the corner of the internet reserved for pillowcases to find the best of the best for Australians – from reviewing manufacturers to customer reviews.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best silk pillowcases of the year!

1. Ecosa Silk Pillowcase – Editor’s Pick


Coming from the makers of Ecosa, a brand that’s on a mission to rid the world of bad sleep, this mulberry silk pillowcase is a winner.

The Ecosa Silk Pillowcase’s major selling point is that it’s made out of 25 momme silk – the highest density silk on the market. To help put this into context, a silk pillowcase with a 25 momme count is equivalent to the quality of the Egyptian cotton used in cotton-based bedding. You’ll find this pillowcase to be as smooth as can be and, thanks to its long fibres, it can hold up during more washes than pillowcases with a lower momme count.

So far, so good. This pillowcase also boasts all the features you would expect, including the hypoallergenic qualities that make silk pillowcases perfect for people with allergies and asthma. On Ecosa’s website, customers also rave about how good it makes their hair feel:

‘This silk pillowcase is doing amazing things for my fine long hair! I toss and turn during my sleep so I often wake up with Hagrid-like hair. But with this pillowcase, my hair doesn’t frizz and tangle to the same extent and I can easily brush whatever loose knots out with my fingers.’

The only downsides we can see to the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase is that it will set you back by $71.20. Yes, it’s much less than our luxury pick but a lot more than other silk pillowcases on the market. You also cannot return the pillowcase if you change your mind, but for defects, there is a 45-day warranty.

Final verdict: The Ecosa Silk Pillowcase offers the highest rated 25 momme silk, making it the ideal option for a buyer whose priority is quality and durability. While it is pricey, we think that the quality of the pillowcase outweighs the price tag.

2. Slip Silk Pillowcase – Best Splurge


Not had much success with traditional skin and hair-care techniques? These silky, celebrity-endorsed pillowcases claim to be the beauty secret that you’ve been searching for. Their 22 momme, long fibre, mulberry silk has been refined over ten years to provide the ultimate shine, thickness, softness and durability. After eight hours of sleeping on your silky cloud, hair-frizz should feel more under control and skin should feel as moisturised as it did when you applied your face products the night before.

One joyous sleeper wrote on Cultbeauty:

‘Believe the reviews, the secret is out, I bought this and have never looked back. Goodbye to bed head, goodbye to wrinkly puffy face – definitely worth the investment!’

Another happy customer reported that Slip Silk Pillowcase is ‘the Rolls Royce of Pillow Cases.’ With a variety of beautiful shades guaranteed to compliment any Aussie bedroom colour scheme, the Slip Silk Pillowcases do scream luxury.

Slip’s generous 60-day returns policy means that you have plenty of time to change your mind, the only catch is that the product must be returned unused. But with no try-before-you-buy option, $115 can be a hefty price to pay if you find that the Slip Silk Pillowcase isn’t for you.

Final verdict: This is a truly luxurious pillowcase and if it’s within your budget, it’s sure to benefit your beauty routine just as much as your sleep. A Slip Silk Pillowcase is for the buyer looking to add a sense of je ne se quoi to their bedroom. If the gorgeous colour options weren’t enough, for an additional $25, you can even embroider your name or initials onto the pillowcase! The cons are the $115 price-point and the fact that you cannot return the item once it is opened. If you can overlook that, Slip Silk Pillowcase is the best gift you can give to your night-time beauty routine.

3. Gioia Casa Two-Sided 100% Mulberry Silk Hypoallergenic Pillowcase – Best Budget


If you’re new to the concept of silk pillowcases or if you are on a tight budget, the Gioia Casa Silk Pillowcase is not to be sniffed at.

Its 16 momme count is lower than the other silk pillowcases on this list, but its online review ratings show that Aussie customers on Amazon are still incredibly happy with their purchase – even when compared to other silk pillowcase brands:

‘I have tried all different brands of silk pillowcases and I can safely say the Gioia Casa one is excellent! Real silk on both sides and is super super soft on the face. If you are looking for a silk pillowcase, don’t go any further. Highly recommended to all!’

There is an array of colour options to fit it in any bedroom, making these pillowcases the perfect gift too. What’s more, with a price tag of $39.95, you can gift a friend or family member a luxurious item without spending copiously.

Also, in case you or your giftees don’t enjoy this mulberry-soft pillowcase, it can be returned on Amazon within 30 days.

So, what’s the downside? Since the momme count is low, the durability won’t be as great as a pillowcase with a higher momme count. Also, the momme count actually isn’t advertised on a lot of stockist sites, which is disappointing because brand-consumer transparency is key to building a lasting relationship.

Final verdict: We like the Gioia Casa Silk Pillowcase’s low-price tag. The low momme count is only a problem if you’re looking for an upgrade on your current silk pillowcase, or if you’re specifically looking for a high-end purchase. Otherwise, for silk pillowcase newbies and buyers on a budget, you only have to look at the reviews to see that this pillowcase is a steal.

4. Silk Sleeping Beauty Set – Best Combo


Feel like a princess with the Silk Sleeping Beauty Set. Complete with a pillowcase, a sleeping cap, an eye mask and the luxurious silk cocoons, this set would make a generous gift, but we think you should keep it all for yourself.

We’ll focus on the pillowcase as that’s what we’re here for, but this bundle overall is great value. The 19 momme count of the pillowcase is mid-range and  nothing to complain about.

The swatches of the pillowcases aren’t as diverse as some of the other options we’ve looked at, but they definitely look as premium as some of their more expensive competitors.

Again, the reviews on Lily Silk are really positive, with many along the lines of:

‘I love this beauty set so much, as it improves my sleep and skin.’

In terms of cons, the price point of $94.39 is a touch too high but hey! It comes with other goodies, and if you purchase from Lily Silk, their 45-day return policy is reassuring. But if you are not interested in the additional items, skip this one.

Final verdict: This package is of great value if you are interested in all the extra pieces that come with the pillowcase. If, however, you only want the pillowcase, you’re probably better off choosing other products.

5. Royal Comfort Silk Pillowcase (Set of Two) – Best Steal


Two silk pillowcases for $47.95 and with a 30-day return policy?! Yes, Royal Comfort Silk Pillowcase is a steal deal from the word go.

These pillowcases are perfect for a buyer on a budget and someone who wants a matching set of pillowcases for their Aussie bed. As we have seen from some of the other price points above, buying two silk pillowcases can be an eye-wateringly expensive investment but Royal Comfort Silk Pillowcase does well.

However, we were let down by the fact that it was difficult to source a stockist that detailed the momme count of these pillowcases. Eventually, we found one which noted the momme count as 16, making the quality level low to mid-range.

After scouring the reviews, we realised these pillowcases are only silk on one side, which explains the price point. However, customers on Catch still seem to be happy: ‘Lovely to sleep on, gentle on my face and hair which primarily was the reason for this purchase.’

Final verdict: If you’re looking for a set of matching silk pillowcases and don’t mind the fact that they are only silk on one side, then go, grab the Royal Comfort Silk Pillowcase. We don’t think the one-sided silk should put you off as chances are you’d only use the one side anyway.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcase shopping can feel like walking in a minefield. That’s why we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to arm you with the right information and help you make the best choice for you.

Momme Count

A silk pillowcase’s momme count refers to the density of the silk and thus the quality of the pillowcase. Just like a thread count, the higher the momme count, the more luxurious the product. A count of around 19 mommes is fine for a mid-range pillowcase, but if you truly want the best of the best, opt for pillowcase with a count of 22 to 25 mommes.


When shopping for silk pillowcases, look for products made with mulberry silk. This special kind of silk is made from silkworms and is nourished by leaves from mulberry trees. It’s 100% natural and has a whole host of hypoallergenic and beauty benefits compared to synthetic varieties.


No surprises here but silk pillowcases are much pricier than your average cotton pillowcases. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a lower momme count – you’ll still receive the beauty benefits, but your pillowcase won’t be as durable. 

Wrapping Up

Who knew your pillowcase could count as a part of your beauty routine?! Armed with your new knowledge, hopefully, you now feel excited to make a purchase. And while you’re at it, why not pick one up for a friend or family member as a thoughtful birthday gift.

Once you’ve sorted your new pillowcase, perhaps you’d need new pillows too? Explore our guide for the ultimate lowdown on Australia’s best pillows of 2022.

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