Koala Sofa Review - Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy?

You spend around one-third of your life on your mattress, so it’s important that you get a good one, right? Of course! What about your sofa, though? Particularly in lockdown, have you ever thought about how much of your time you spend on your living room couch cushions? Furthermore, have you ever thought about the impact a poor-quality sofa or couch could be having on your health? Just like with a low-quality mattress, a shoddy sofa can harm your posture or exacerbate existing pain issues. Now that’s not a relaxing thought.

Thankfully, Australian mattress-in-a-box champions Koala, alongside a range of competitors, have set out to bring the same innovations which reinvigorated the mattress market to sofas! By cutting out the sales middleman and removing the need for expensive showrooms, Koala offers a premium-quality sofa at an astoundingly low price.

While the Koala sofa lineup has expanded with many options, wed be primarily focusing on the lounging sofa. As Koala puts it – the sofa that started it all! The rest of the sofas like Cork, Compact, Modern or the Sofa bed follows more or less similar construction and design pattern and mainly vary on the aesthetic front. 

We’ve assessed, tested and researched Koala’s sofa for the good people of Australia. What do we make of it? Let’s find out and dive into this review!

koala lounging sofa with ottoman

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Verdict: By using the same all-foam design principles that make its mattresses such masterpieces, Koala has achieved similar feats of excellence with this sofa. Stylish, sustainable and oh-so comfortable, the Koala lounging sofa really does sit above so many other products in its price range. It fits into all lifestyles and living rooms, providing comfort and support while looking sleek and modern in the process. We love it, and with that superb 120-night trial, you’ve got nothing to risk by finding out if you agree.

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About the Brand

Throughout its years at the heart of the Australian mattress-in-a-box market, Koala has become a name synonymous with good business practises and environmental conscientiousness. By cutting out the costly product showrooms and doing without money-hungry sales middlemen, the company has been able to keep costs to a minimum for the consumer while maximising the quality of its products.

Furthermore, through its use of sustainability-sourced materials and various charitable pursuits—including partnerships with WWF-Australia and the “1% for the planet” scheme—Koala has earned a place as a registered B Corp, meaning that its owners are part of the “global movement of people using business as a force for good”, as B Corp itself states.

From every angle, Koala is a company you can be proud to associate with. This sofa is just one in a long line of Koala products which raise the bar in terms of quality-for-price, sustainability and positive environmental impact.


The Koala Sofa comes in two-seater and three-seater couch configurations, with an ottoman stool also available if you’re in the market for a plush stool to complement your new sofa. All of these products are available in Brushtail Grey or Bunny Doon Blue (light grey or dark blue, essentially). 

While two colour choices may seem restrictive, we feel like these two colours are neutral enough to work with the interior design of most folks’ living rooms.


The frame of this sofa is made from a mixture of pine, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and plywood, a mixture which makes it strong yet cost-effective. The legs, which—unlike the frame—will be on full display, are made from pure beech timber, which make them both attractive and incredibly hardy. 

As a B Corp, it’s only right that Koala’s products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means that it uses wood from sustainably managed forests. Can you hear that? It’s the planet breathing a sigh of relief.

The frame and legs are all well and good, but we know what you really care about, those cushions! They are, after all, the bit you’ll actually be sitting on—or sprawled across; we don’t judge! They’re composed of three foam layers: a polyurethane support layer (CertiPUR-US certified), a polyurethane comfort layer and a hard-wearing Dacron covering made from 70% polyester and 30% acrylic. Whether you’re sitting, laying or comfortably curling up, this sofa has got the chops to keep you supported and comfortable the whole time.

Product Dimensions & Assembly

We’ve all got a few nightmarish memories of trying (and mostly failing) to move furniture from room to room, house to house or—heaven forbid—country to country. It’s one of the worst parts of moving, and it’s made worse by the fact that most furniture isn’t designed to be disassembled. We say “most furniture” because the Koala Sofa, miraculously, is designed to be assembled, disassembled and reassembled with ease! This design choice won’t come in handy all too often, but when it does, it’ll be sure to save you mountains of grief.

As for your initial assembly experience, that should be a cinch too! The three-seater couch comes shipped in three boxes weighing 72kg; the two-seater also comes in three boxes but weighs 63kg; and the ottoman comes in just one box weighing 19kg. You’ll find the dimensions below for both the boxes and the assembled products themselves.

koala lounging sofa 2 seater option

Koala Two-Seater Sofa Dimensions

Seat Frame and Cushions Box

134 × 76.5 × 35 cm weighing 24.2kg

Backrest and Cushions Box

134 × 42 × 53 cm weighing 15.2kg

Armrest Box

42 × 102 × 86 cm weighing 24kg

Assembled Product

169 x 94 x 85 cm

koala lounging sofa 3 seater option

Koala Three-Seater Sofa Dimensions

Seat Frame and Cushions Box

197 × 76.5 × 35 cm weighing 33.85kg

Backrest and Cushions Box

197 × 42 × 53 cm weighing 21.3kg

Armrest Box

57 × 42 × 96 cm weighing 16.95kg

Assembled Product

233 x 94 x 85 cm

koala lounging sofa ottoman option

Koala Ottoman Dimensions

Ottoman Box

100 × 35 × 82 cm weighing 19kg

Assembled Product

90 x 70 x 45 cm

Comfort & Feel

From a company most famous for its mattresses, it’s no surprise to see that this sofa’s cushions are a real feat of comfort-engineering. The time-tested design principle of comfort and support layers means the Koala lounging sofa will keep you just as comfortable whatever you’re doing. Sitting down for a quick five-minute coffee break? No worries! Spending an evening relaxing while the latest Netflix drama unfolds before you? Easy! And what’s more, the support foam of this sofa’s cushions will keep your spine in its correct alignment and prevent you from feeling sore, achy and miserable.

Thanks to its ergonomic support, this sofa may also help ease any existing pain issues you’re dealing with, Of course, it’s no replacement for medical care, but in conjunction with a solid mattress, it can certainly support a strong spinal recovery program.

Warranty, Terms of Sale & Pricing

Now we come to the big question: what’s the price? Well, the two-seater Koala Sofa will take a A$1,000 chunk out of your bank account, and the three-seater will ask for a somewhat larger A$1,250 sum. Want to splash out and get the Koala Ottoman along with that? That’d be an additional A$350 for your troubles. This may sound pricey, and for many buyers, it’d simply be too much money. However, for the quality of this product, the types of materials used and its overall construction, this sofa comes in well under countless Australian competitors. Relatively speaking, this is a bargain.

The price doesn’t just get you a top-quality product either; it also gets you outstanding post-purchase support. The Koala Sofa comes with a 5-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free trial. This second point, the trial period, is truly an anomaly in the Aussie sofa market. In the olden days of showrooms and wallet-clenchingly steep middleman fees, you’d only have a few minutes at most to decide if a sofa was right for you before you took the plunge. Now, with a luxurious 120 nights to make the choice, the pressure is off. Every choice Koala makes appears to be either in favour of the environment or the consumer, and we applaud them for that.

Buyer Reviews

You can read Koala’s marketing speak and listen to our opinions, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like the perspective of a regular buyer, is there? Lucky for you, the comfort-seekers of Australia have already taken to the Koala Sofa, and their thoughts paint a clear image.

With an aggregated 4.5 stars on productreview.com.au, the instant impression is a positive one. Indeed, most of the reviews from genuine Australian buyers reflect this, with genuine customers praising the ease of assembly, pain-relieving qualities and comfort factor of the Koala Sofa.

One buyer, Vic from Perth, left a glowing review on productreview.com.au:

“Being a non-mechanically minded person the thought of putting a sofa together filled me with terror! But I did it! It took nearly an hour and watching the videos in slo-mode 4 times but for a woman by herself I think that was a great achievement. The actual sofa is incredibly comfortable, it has wide seats and is long enough to sleep on with lots of room. I am now sold on Koala products after also buying the Queen bed – fast scheduled delivery, quality products and assembly that requires no tools – what more could you ask?”

Final Verdict

We’re no strangers to being impressed by Koala’s various furniture offerings, but the Koala Sofa has still managed to leave us grinning. The support and comfort foams which are central to countless high-quality mattresses make this sofa a master stroke of relaxation. That’s without even mentioning the sustainably sourced wood or stylish, hard-wearing fabrics. 

With lockdown forcing us into our homes for longer periods than ever before, it’s the perfect time to invest in a sensational sofa, and we’d be more than happy to recommend the Koala Sofa for that very purpose.

Koala Sofa


  •   2-seater, 3-seater & Ottoman
  •   Innovative & Durable
  •   120-night sleep trial
  •   Quick assembly/disassembly
  •   5-year warranty
  •    Free Shipping


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