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PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Review (2022) – The Perfect Match?

If you are pregnant, then you know that finding a good night’s sleep can be difficult. This is especially true in the later months of your pregnancy. With your body changing drastically over the nine months of pregnancy, uninterrupted and comfortable sleep becomes a priority. Your bed may have been a relaxing and comfortable spot before, but suddenly you’re in need of back, hip, and spinal support to relieve the pain that pregnancy can present.

Opting for multiple pillows can help but can become hot and frustrating when you’re tossing and turning so much to settle in. A pregnancy pillow can make all the difference in the world.

The PharMeDoc C-shape pregnancy pillow (or the CeeCee pillow) replaces the need for multiple bed pillows while claiming to support your back, knees, neck, and head. 

Read my full review to find out if it’s the right fit for you!

pharmedoc pregnancy pillow review

General Overview

The Pharmedoc pillow is certainly not your normal pillow. The C-shaped design allows for a range of positions that helps to cradle and support your body and your growing bump. The pillow can be adjusted into tighter shapes for reading to be able to sit up or take the pressure off your knees. It can also be laid out to fit your entire body within it for a restful sleep.

The semi-circular design (or the C-Shaped) wraps around the pregnant person, supporting the head, spine and bump and knee for an even spinal alignment. Keeping the spine neutrally aligned is very crucial during pregnancy as it’s mainly the cause of discomfort and aches. The adjustable polyfill core adapts to your body and back for sleeping, reading, nursing, or watching TV.

It’s more than just a maternity pillow; It’s a great pillow for anyone recovering from surgery or for anyone wanting to support not only their neck and head, but their knees and back too.

pharmedoc positions

Who may love the pillow:

Who may not like the pillow:

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Key Features

  • In certain geographies, the pillow also goes by the name CeeCee pillow. 
  • Price: $64.95.
  • Material: 45% Polyester, 45% Cooling Nylon, 10% Spandex Jersey Fabric.
  • Colours: Grey Jersey
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 63 x 29 x 7 inches.
  • Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Cover: Dark Grey Cooling Cover
  • Shape: Semicircular C – Shape.
  • Covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The pillow is double stitched all the way around for extra durability.
  • The cover is removable for machine washing and the material is said to dissipate heat for a sweat-free sleep.

My Experience

I am 152cm tall and am currently 34 weeks pregnant. I am usually a stomach sleeper but during pregnancy have been forced to sleep on my sides. Back sleeping is not recommended for pregnant women.

I have been using the PharMeDoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow for nearly a week. My back, knees and hips were extremely sore, and the pillow provided great support providing relief in these areas.

My head felt somewhat cushioned, but my neck was not necessarily braced for ultimate protection due to the cylindrical form of the pillow. I did find it comfortable to lean back against the c-shape pillow, as it provided support for my back and took the weight out of my hips.

I also have a sore shoulder, and while other areas of the body were supported, this area still suffered some pain, causing interrupted sleep most nights. Neck and shoulder support should be naturally aligned while sleeping, and the design of this pillow didn’t allow for this.

While PharMeDoc recommends this pillow for anyone, I feel it’s best suited for pregnant women in Trimester 1 and 2, and those needing extra support in their knees, hips, or lower back. Those with neck issues or who sleep on their stomach may find the pillow not quite to their liking. The design is specifically created for left-side sleepers so for those who alternate between sides, the difference in support is noticeable.

Get Pharmedoc pillow

Pillow Construction & Design

pharmedoc packaging

The PharMeDoc C-Shape pillow comes vacuum-compressed in a medium-size box. Simply open the vacuum seal to decompress the pillow to its original size. It may take up to 48 hrs for the pillow to reach its full volume, so make sure you fluff it up when you receive it.

The pillow comes with a small brochure on different positions for using the pillow.

The inner core material is made from 45% Polyester, 45% Cooling Nylon, and 10% Spandex Jersey Fabric. The super-soft cover promotes a cool feel to the touch fabric, leaving you to feel refreshed while being soft and comfortable. The pillow is double-stitched the entire way around for durability and has a removable zipper cover for machine washing.

pharmedoc zippered cover

Overall Thoughts

Compared to other pregnancy pillows, this pillow may not be as flexible when it comes to shape. However, it did provide relief to the knees, hips, and lower back. The cylindrical form was not as comfortable or supportive being in trimester 3, but this is up to personal preference.

The length allowed for taller body types to fit snugly into the c-shape pillow, however shorter body types may find they need to adjust the pillow to fit securely around them.

Overall, the PharMeDoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow is worth considering. The cover was soft, with hip support being the most supported and the price tag was affordable.

Check out some of the top pregnancy pillow options in Australia and how to go about selecting a pillow on our buyer’s guide page.

Have you ever used a PharMeDoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow? How did you find it? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

pharmedoc pregnancy pillow review

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Michelle Foley

Michelle Foley

Michelle Foley is a Yale student with deep interests in cognitive science, English, and the visual Arts. As an avid psychology enthusiast, she is highly interested in learning about the effects of sleep quality on our behaviors, moods, and health.

She was raised in the United States by a father who possesses a lifelong and near-militaristic focus on getting his nightly nine-plus hours, and now she strives for the same so she can happily paint and explore nature in her free time. In fact, a lot of her artwork is sleep-themed, featuring reclining figures and dreaming characters. She hopes to further explore rest-related topics in her future art and writing.

PharMeDoc Pillow



Overall Rating

Support: 4.6/5
Mouldability: 4.1/5
Conforming: 4.2/5
Durability: 4.3/5
Value for money: 4.6/5

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