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Australia’s Best Alarm Clocks of 2022

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Let’s be honest, the shriek of an alarm clock is never going to fill you with joy. We all have one alarm song we set as a child, which makes us physically recoil to this day. But alarm clocks have improved drastically over the years, and waking up isn’t as painful an experience as it used to be.

There are plenty of options in the market, ranging from high-tech to your standard analog alarm clocks. It’s about picking the right alarm clock by deciding which features matter to you the most. Do you want it to be pretty, do you want it to play music, or do you just want it to wake you up from your slumber?

We want you to sleep well, so we’ve gone to the trouble of curating a variety of promising alarm clocks in the market. Whether you want a standard analog alarm, a cheap alarm or a smart alarm with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered.

Best Alarm Clocks in Australia: Ranked & Rated



Best Smart Alarm

Echo Show 5

Best Features (Radio + Wireless Charging)

Soundcore Wakey

$98.99 to $109.99

Best Design

Lbell Wakeup Light

Best Value

Sony Clock Radio

Best Analog

Twin Bell Vintage Alarm Clock

Bargain Pick

Wooden Digital LED Display Table Clock


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Alarm Clock - Is it even required?

But do I need an actual alarm clock when I have my phone? So why are you here?! Jokes apart, there is a very good reason why you should opt for an alarm clock instead of your phone.

It’s common knowledge by now that looking at your phone right before the bedtime messes up your sleep. When you set your alarm just before you go to sleep, do you just do that or do you scroll through social media for five minutes or more? Be honest. Not only do you lose some cherished sleeping time, you awaken your mind with the glow of that blue light. This releases melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for regulating sleep, telling your brain that it is time to be awake.

Detailed Product Reviews

Below, we’ve discussed each of the products in detail highlighting important features and why it may be the right alarm clock for you.

1. Echo Show 5 – Best Smart Alarm

This is our pick for the best smart alarm. It does everything! It has a compact 5.5” display with built-in Alexa, allowing you to control your alarm with your voice. Imagine that! Being a smart display, it will also allow you to watch movies, listen to music and radio, and make voice and video calls to your friends and family. You can even change the clock face or choose a photo for the backdrop.

Reasons to buy: If you already use Alexa in other areas of your life, then it will fit nicely into your Alexa ecosystem along with your phone and Echo Dot. If you’re new to Alexa or Amazon products, this will still make a great addition to your sleeping setup.

The smart alarm allows you to set routines with your alarm. This gives you the ability to turn on actions like music, radio or reminders after the alarm goes off. If you need that bit of extra motivation to get out of bed, schedule Eye of the Tiger to start playing just as you snooze your alarm. The features are endless and top-notch, and that’s evident from the more than 500 positive reviews it’s received on Amazon. Also, the volume is loud enough to wake you up, no matter how much of a heavy sleeper you are.

At $100, it’s a bit on the expensive side but rest be assured you will never miss an interview.

2. Soundcore Wakey – Best Features (Radio + Wireless Charging)

This incredibly sleek alarm clock-cum-bluetooth speaker features a full range of stereo drivers for great sound. The best feature is a hassle-free wireless charger powered by Anker technology. This allows you to charge Qi-compatible devices at up to 10W for Samsung, and 7.5W for iPhone by just placing it on top of the alarm clock. You can also choose from 10 different sounds, including the FM radio to be woken up by.

Reasons to buy: If you haven’t tried a wireless charger yet, this is your chance. Imagine the simplicity of just being able to put your phone down and have it charge throughout the night. It’s also the Number 1 bestseller on Amazon in the category of portable speakers, so it’s safe to say, it’s just as much a speaker as an alarm clock. If you like to sleep with ambient noise, then this alarm clock has you covered. You can choose from 10 different sleep-inducing ambient sounds or compose your own soothing soundscape using the Soundcore App. This all-around great speaker was awarded the Golden Pin Design Award in 2018 and comes at a worthy investment of $98.99.

3. Sony Clock Radio – Best Value

Coming from a famous pedigree and with great features, at under $40, this is our pick for the best value alarm clock. It has a stylish and modern design with minimal buttons for ease of use. It has advanced alarm features that wake you up gently, thanks to the progressive volume and extendable snooze functions. The sleek display allows you to adjust the brightness for comfortable viewing with automatic summertime adjustments. Power cuts causing you to be late for work? Not any more! It has a battery backup that is automatically charged upon the first use.

Reasons to buy: If you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable alarm clock, look no further. Also, its AM and FM radio tuner comes with a sleep timer mode that lets you fall asleep without worrying about turning your music off. It has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon with users attesting to its loudness, brightness and the ability to adjust both with ease.

4. Lbell Wakeup Light – Best Design

This alarm clock gets our vote for the best design as it features lighting that simulates the sunrise and sunset. The ‘wake-up light’ gradually turns from dark red to bright yellow before your alarm goes off, slowly waking you up. The wake-up light has 7 colours and 20 levels of warm light. Because of its size and brightness, it can also be used as a night light or reading light. Likewise, the ‘sleep aid’ gradually dims with music, helps you fall asleep quickly and then turns off automatically. As is the case with most alarm clocks, you are free to set the lighting time, brightness and alarm volume. It features an FM radio, allowing you to save up to 40 channels.


Reasons to buy: It’s big on two features. One, the light settings that mimic the sunrise and sunset, and two, the great design. That aside, it is a solid alarm clock in all aspects. It’s got a radio, dual alarm clock features and even an USB charging port for your phone.

5. Twin Bell Vintage Alarm Clock – Best Analog

This alarm clock is the epitome of classic, vintage and retro. This premium twin bell alarm clock has a small hammer that creates a loud ringing sound. It features a soft backlight, premium glass clock face and soft ticking sound. It operates on just one AA battery, which you need to buy separately.

Reasons to buy: If you are looking for an analog alarm clock, and specifically a vintage/retro one, this is it. It comes in a range of colours and, at under $20, it is value for money. Whether you want to use it as an alarm, for a practical joke or a piece of art on your bookshelf, it will do the trick

6. Wooden Digital LED Display Table Clock – Bargain Pick

If you’re looking for a cheap, sleek and minimal analog clock that’s also reliable, go for this one. It comes in four colours – black, brown, white and bamboo, and is built from plywood and plastic. It gives you the ability to set three alarms, lasting one minute each. It displays both the temperature and time.

Reasons to buy: At under $20, this alarm clock is a bargain if you’re looking for something simple and stylish. The build quality is quite good as well making it an excellent choice for kids. 

And what’s more? It has overwhelmingly positive reviews. With the option to buy more than one at a reduced price, it makes for a thoughtful gift too.


Hopefully, you are now aware of the amazing alarm clock capabilities you had been missing out on all this while. Both the Echo Show 5 and Soundcore Wakey have features that will revolutionise your sleeping experience. We see great value for money in Sony Clock Radio and Lbell Wakeup Light. And for those who just want something so loud to throw you off the bed, basic analog options Twin Bell Vintage Alarm Clock and the Wooden LED Clock will do.

It’s important to do some soul-searching and decide what features are important to you before you take the plunge. It’s also important to research the wellness features of the alarm clocks. For instance, the alarm clocks that allow you to wake up to gradually increasing sound and light will benefit your sleep process directly. Above all, buying a new alarm clock is a great opportunity to improve your night and morning routine, so let us be the first to congratulate you for making the move.

Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

Our Top Pick!

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