Spinaleze Pillow Review 2021 - Buy or Avoid?

You may have heard about the Spinaleze pillow on the Ben Fordham 2GB radio show, or maybe one of your friends referred you to this Aussie-made pillow. But you’ve questions – if this pillow is any good, can it help with your back pain and more importantly, is it worth the premium price – Right?

Let’s find out.

Designed and produced in Australia, this pillow has already earned a place in our hearts as our “Best Premium” pillow for neck pain. Since then, we’ve only grown fonder of Spinaleze, and we thought it best to explore exactly what makes this clinically trialled, scientifically designed pillow so special. 

From its materials to its design; how it feels to sleep on to the quality of the customer service experience, we’ve assessed every part of the Spinaleze offering. Want to hear what we made of it? Keep on reading for our top-to-bottom verdict of this Australian pillow!

Spinaleze Pillow: Quick Summary of Ratings

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Verdict: When it comes to pillows, achieving correct spine alignment while still being supportive is the name of the game. And there are not many pillows in Australia which does it better than the Spinaleze.

The aerated visco material filling of the pillow offers optimal neck support, spinal alignment and head positioning, resulting in the feeling of weightlessness while resting. The pillow offers something to cater for sleepers of any age or body type, and it’s exceptionally well-suited for those prone to neck and spine issues. Add to that, the company has pumped over a decade into rigorous, medically-backed research for it, a fact which is evidenced by the product’s outstanding performance.

In all, Spinaleze Pillow gets a double thumbs up from WhatASleep.

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About the Brand

Based in Australia, Spinaleze was founded—and continues to operate—with a distinctly scientific method in mind. Inspired by the Thomas Edison quote, “If there is a way to do it better, Find it”, the company has spent over a decade prototyping, testing and improving its sleep technology to make its products as effective as they can be.

Continuing on their success with the pillows, the company has now expanded into other categories like mattress toppers, pillowcases and even mattresses.


Spinaleze Pillow

While the pillow is available in four varieties—Low Profile, Medium Profile, High Profile and Children’s—the materials used and its construction remains consistent regardless of which one you pick.

Made from a medium-firm aerated visco-elastic foam (that’s memory foam, for us regular folks), the Spinaleze Pillow has been fine-tuned in accordance with the most up-to-date knowledge in orthopaedics, radiology, neurology and musculoskeletal anatomy. It’s so effective as an aid for genuine medical ailments that the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved it as a piece of therapeutic equipment.

The pillow’s patented visco-elastic foam (again, that’s memory foam) is designed to react to your body heat, moulding itself around your head, neck and shoulders. In doing so, the material keeps your body in alignment with your spine, preventing inadvertent twisting throughout the night—a leading cause of aches, pains and more severe spine-related ailments. Aiding this, you’ll find that the pillow slopes up towards the top, helping to support your head without pushing your neck or shoulders up with it. The pillow also provides a recess for the all-important neck, ensuring it is optimally supported. Additionally, ridges running along the length of the pillow’s surface encourage airflow, preventing the buildup of heat which often accompanies memory foam products. Something tells us Spinaleze’s designers have had some experience with the Aussie summer!

Impressed? We’re not done. The production methods Spinaleze has used to manufacture this pillow are just as awe-inspiring: pressurised testing, robotic injection moulding, high frequency sealing, high grade tooling and more. In real terms, this means that your Spinaleze Pillow has been designed to achieve a near-unrivalled level of medical-grade support, comfort, longevity and durability. What’s more, all this testing and production was carried out right here in Australia! There’s nothing quite like supporting the home team. 

In fact, Ian Chappell, Former Captain of the Australian cricket team, has gone on record to say how much he adores these pillows.


Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the pillow’s GECA and Ultra Fresh certifications. The first of these assures us that the pillow was produced in a way that has minimal impact on the environment and poses no threat to consumer safety. The second certification speaks to the pillow’s powerful anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, as well as its ability to resist those dastardly dust mites.

Firmness & Feel​

At a ‘medium-firm’ level of firmness, this home-grown pillow works as a good all-rounder, likely to suit the preferences of most sleepers while ensuring maximum health benefits. After all, this pillow does seek to strike a perfect balance between comfort and spinal support. On this front, it more than delivers, offering a feeling of weightlessness while still cradling your neck and head like all the best premium-quality memory foam pillows. Needless to say, if you go Spinaleze, you won’t easily be able to revert back to a different pillow: the difference really is that significant.

Sleep Position Ratings

Your experience with the Spinaleze Pillow, however, will vary dramatically based on which of the four loft varieties you opt for. 

  • The Low Profile option is designed for back sleepers who don’t need much elevation to keep their head and neck straight. 
  • The Medium Profile is better for shorter (less than 6 feet) or narrow-shouldered side sleepers who need slightly more loft to keep their head in line with their spine. 
  • The High Profile option is still designed for side sleepers, albeit taller ones or side sleepers with particularly broad shoulders who need additional loft to keep their head and neck straight. 
  • Finally—and rather self-explanatorily—the Children’s pillow is designed for back and side sleepers who happen to be children.

Stomach sleeping is considered the least healthy sleeping position, especially for those suffering back pain and should be avoided. But if you’re a dedicated stomach sleeper, just like 32% of Aussies, you should choose the low-profile option.


The length and breadth of the pillow remains the same. Only the front and read height varies across the options.

Low Profile55cm x 36cm x height 10cm (front) – 11.5cm (rear)
Medium Profile55cm x 36cm x height 12.5cm (front) – 14cm (rear)
High Profile55cm x 36cm x height 15cm (front) – 16.5cm (rear)

All spinaleze pillows fit the standard pillowcase (48 x 73 cm) commonly available in Australia.

Warranty, Terms of Sale & Pricing

Price$219 ($199 for the Children’s pillow)
DeliveryFree Australian shipping within three working days.
Trial PeriodDue to COVID, the company is not accepting the return of opened products. Unopened products may be returned within seven days of delivery.
Warranty12-month warranty covering manufacturing defects.

All Spinaleze pillows also come with a complimentary 100% cotton sateen pillowcase, custom-fitted for the size you opt for.

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Buyer Reviews

At an aggregated 4.8 stars on productreview.com.au (taken from 1,243 reviews), the Spinaleze Pillow is just about as close to perfect in the Australian public’s estimation as we’ve ever seen. Jane, a member of the website’s community, proudly states that they are the best pillows both her and her husband have ever had:

“My husband purchased the Spinaleze pillow (medium)recently after we’d both spent time checking out ALOT of different pillows on the market. I tried it out and couldn’t believe how much better my neck felt in such a short period of time so went and purchased another Spinaleze pillow (low profile/back sleeper) for myself today. We’ve spent a lot of money in the past on other well known brands of pillow and have to say that Spinaleze is the best.”

Final Verdict

At $219 ($199 for the Children’s pillow), this is certainly not a product for budget-conscious buyers. Still, the sheer number of unique features here, in conjunction with the unparalleled performance on offer, makes this Australian-designed and produced pillow more than worth the money. 

For serious spinal ailments, we’ll always recommend the care of a medical professional, but as supplementary therapeutic products go, Spinaleze will treat you better than just about any other pillow in the market.

Spinaleze Pillow


  •    Material: Aerated Visco-elastic foam
  •    Offers optimised spinal support 
  •   Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial
  •    Three loft options
  •    Made in Australia
  •    7-day return option
  •    12-month warranty


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