Common Bed Sheet Sizes & Dimensions Australia


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One of the last steps in purchasing a bed is finding the right sheets to fit your individual needs. Though the type of bed you purchase determines a lot of your comfort while sleeping, bed sheets have a huge impact on your ability to sleep restfully through the night as well. Though Australian bed sheets follow standard dimensions, there may be minute variations based on the brand.

To find the brand that best fits your needs, check out our Best Bed Sheets Guide for the Australian market. The guide below will provide information about what size sheet to choose for your bed, the difference between flat and fitted sheets, and information about thread counts.

Bed Sheet Sizes Chart Australia (AU)​

Flat Bed Sheets
Fitted Bed Sheets
cm inch cm (LxBxD) inch (LxBxD)
Super King 300 x 330 cm 118 x 130 in 203 x 203 x 50 cm 80 x 80 x 20 in
King 275 x 270 cm 108 x 106 in 180 x 203 x 40 cm 71 x 80 x 16 in
Queen 245 x 270 cm 96 x 106 in 152 x 203 x 40 cm 60 x 80 x 16 in
Double/Full 239 x 254 cm 94 x 100 in 137 x 203 x 40 cm 54 x 80 x 16 in

The chart above provides Australian flat and fitted sheet dimensions in both metric and imperial measurements. Refer to this chart as you read through the rest of the article to determine what sheets will work best for your bed.

Bed Sheet Sizes Australia

Australian Standard Bed Sheet Sizes & Dimensions

1) Determining the Bed Sheet Size & Fit

The first step to choosing the right bed sheet is checking the size and depth of your mattress and mattress topper before shopping. Standard sheets will fit most mattresses, but if you own a very thick mattress, or a thick mattress topper, you may need sheets labeled “deep” or “extra deep.” Many sheet brands include depth in their measurements, while some do not. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the bottom sheet will fit based on variations between brands. This is a great reason to buy from a brand that offers a good return policy in the case that the sheets do not work for your bed. Again, refer to our best bed sheets article linked above for more information on the best brands to choose from.

The right fitted sheet will be taut on the mattress and will require a slight tug to pull it into place. However, if you are struggling to pull the pocket over your mattress corner, the sheet is probably too tight for the bed.  However, you should not need to wage war with the sheet in order to pull the pocket, the squared-off seam at each corner, over your mattress. The right fitted sheets for your mattress should have at least two to three additional inches in pocket depth than your mattress; this will allow excess slack to tuck the corners and keep the sheet in place.

2) Flat vs. Fitted Bed Sheets

  • Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are those which sit between you and your comforter or blankets on top of the bed. Though not all people sleep with a flat sheet, these help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night; using a flat sheet will reduce overheating or chilliness while you sleep. 

  • Determining the Right Flat Sheet Size

A flat sheet should be long enough to tuck in between the mattress and box spring; it should also be long enough to drape over each corner of the bed. However, you also want to make sure that the sheet is not too big as this will affect your sleep at night as well as how the bed looks when made.

  • Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are those which fit tightly around your mattress because of a built-in elastic lining. This sheet prevents your mattress from getting dirty over time and provides a comfortable liner beneath you while sleeping. 

  • Determining the Right Fitted Sheet Size

A fitted sheet is measured by three different dimensions including the width, length, and pocket depth. If your fitted sheet does not stay down, the pocket may not be deep enough for your mattress

3) Sheet Sets vs. Individual Pieces

  • Sheet Sets

The top reason to purchase a sheet set is because of the value. You will likely get pillow cases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet for less than purchasing each individually. However, for those that prefer to sleep without a flat sheet, this may not be the direction to take. Therefore, this option works best for someone who wants the entire package. 

  • Individual Pieces

Purchasing individuals pieces are great for two reasons:

  1. As mentioned above, some people prefer to sleep without a top sheet. Purchasing individuals pieces allows you to buy only what you need.
  2. Flat and fitted sheets wear differently, with bottom sheets bearing the weight of your body every night. It might be necessary to replace your fitted sheet more often than your flat sheet due to the wear over time. 

Our research indicates that linen sheets are especially prone to wear thin; percale and sateen sheets can also wear thin if you or your sleeping partner have rough feet. If you prefer sleeping with these types of sheets, it is nice to have the option to replace just the sheet you need.

Pillow cases also need to be replaced occasionally as they will stain quicker than your sheets. Some people also like to buy additional pillow cases in order to change them out more frequently than the rest of their bedding.

4) Determining the Best Thread Count based on Australian Measurements

Thread count is determined by the amount of threads that are used to make a sheet. The finer the material a sheet is made of, the higher the thread count will be. In Australia, thread count is typically determined by the amount of threads within 10 square centimeters. 

Though higher thread counts tend to be more luxurious, an extremely high thread count can end up being too warm. What matters most is the quality of the thread being used; a sheet with a lower quality fabric but higher thread count will be less luxurious than a sheet with a higher quality fabric and lower thread count. 

Keep these things in mind while shopping for the perfect set of sheets for your bed.

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