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Australia’s Best Pillows of 2022

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There was a time when everybody slept pretty much on the same down pillow. Then came the knowledge that Aussies should adapt their bed gear to their sleeping positions to get neutral spine alignment and what a revelation that has been! By all means, a pillow must help you fall asleep in the right posture, with the neck sustained, parallel to the mattress, so your back relaxes.

But finding that perfect pillow in the big, wide world of the Internet can be quite a chase. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and curate the list of the best pillows in Australia. We’ve combed them based on the materials used inside out, their effectiveness across sleeping positions, and ease of washability. The result is, we’ve found a mix of promising brands from Australia, outside and those who care for the planet.

No matter your sleeping style – on your back, stomach, or on your side – we’ve got you covered.

Discover Our Picks: Australia’s top-rated Pillows



Ecosa Pillow (Height Adjustable)

Editor’s Pick (All Sleep Positions)



Across 6,523 user reviews

$150 $120/pillow

Emma Foam Pillow

Best Customisable (Height Adjustable)



Across 1,781 user reviews

$200 $120/pillow

Koala Pillow

Best Supportive (Variable Firmness)



Across 3,472 user reviews

$170 per pillow

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

For neck pain relief



Across 285 user reviews

$181 $161 per pillow
Coupon: TAKE30

Peacelily Latex Pillow

Best Firm Pillow



Across 475 user reviews

$119 per pillow

Dunlopillo Classic Talalay Latex Pillow (2 Pack)

Budget Pack



Across 62 user reviews

$169 (pack of 2)

Downtime Opulence Standard Pillow

Luxury Pick



Across 75 user reviews

$229/206.99 per pillow

Downtime Luxury High Loft Pillow

Best for Side Sleepers



Across 66 user reviews

$79.99/55.99 per pillow

Adairs Comfort Low & Soft Standard Pillow

Best for Stomach Sleepers



Across 65 user reviews

$34.99/$31.49 per pillow

Dunlopillo Therapillo Cooling Gel Medium Profile Pillow

Best Cooling



Across 10 user reviews


Noa Down Alternative Pillow

Best bang for the buck



Across 386 user reviews


Last Updated: 25th Feb 2022. All Prices in AUD.


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Detailed Product Reviews

Before we get started on individual reviews, please note this content is not a substitute for professional advice. So if you are experiencing any aches and pains, it’s best to first check with your doctor to make an informed purchase.

We invite you to discover below more details about the best pillow for your specific needs.

1. Ecosa Pillow – Editor’s Choice [All Sleeping Positions]


Get Ecosa Pillow

Exclusive: 20% OFF | Use Code: EC200

When it comes to neck troubles, we encourage you to take your doctor’s advice. If you’ve already done it, know that one choice might be a memory foam pillow because it cradles the head and gives support to your neck all night, something that Ecosa Pillow gets quite right.  

The biggest advantage it offers is height-adjustability. The headrest is designed to fit different shoulder alignments and hence, it comes with two elevation pads. 

It also checks all the hygiene requirements. The pillow is made of activated charcoal memory foam, which prevents odour and bacteria from building up. The company took two years to come up with the breathable 3D structure that keeps moisture at bay for hot side-sleepers. It also has a removable, machine-washable cover. 

Ecosa Pillow falls in the price range of $150-$120 and comes in a standard size of 56cm x 38cm. This package offers a 100-night trial and warranty each. And if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can return the product and get a full refund while the pillow gets donated.

One user sums up his stint with the Ecosa Pillow on Productreview.com.au:

“I have had neck and back pain for two years now and someone suggested trying a new pillow. I wasn’t sure about it because I am so used to a feathery pillow but I have been sleeping far better with this new pillow. It feels different for the first minute, but then I fall asleep and stay in the same position all night, whereas I used to toss and turn constantly trying to get comfortable.”

Final verdict: Ecosa Pillow is an effective choice for those suffering from sore neck. You’ll also admire the fact that it keeps the form all night and is breathable and cool to rest on. And because the brand knows how important a pillow is, you also get two compression bags to travel with your favourite Aussie mate.

2. Koala Pillow – Best Supportive


If you’re the kind who falls asleep on one side, then shifts on their back and wakes up on their belly, Koala Pillow might be the right hugging partner for you.

It is designed to accommodate all sleeping positions. The secret behind its versatility is the polyurethane gel-infused memory foam core, which cradles the neck at all times while leading the heat away, if you’re a hot sleeper. The fact that it has slightly firmer edges also helps with all resting positions. It’s also a two-in-one pillow, with one side soft and the other firm, so suit your mood.

The cover is made out of eucalyptus TENCEL™ Lyocell and polyester, which absorb moisture and make it easy to wash it at home in the machine.

If you like to support the local economy, know that Koala is an Australia brand. It comes in a package of 74cm x 40.5cm, weighs 1.78kg and offers 15.5cm loft. Prices start at around $150 and you get a 120-night trial and a 5-year warranty.

All these features make Koala Pillow our top choice and this user feedback on Koala website sums up its efficacy further:

“When you struggle to sleep at the best of times, the thought of dropping $150 on a pillow and it not helping is a worry. The 120-night trial made it an easier decision. In short, I’m loving it and it won’t be going back.”

Final verdict: We love that Koala Pillow is adaptable to all sleeping positions and naturally cool to sleep on. It’s comfortable to know that you can test it for months and send it back for free if we don’t get used to the sinking feeling of the foam. There’s also pride in associating with this brand because it’s homegrown and donates 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities.  

3. Downtime Luxury High Loft Pillow – Best for side sleepers


If you’re a side sleeper, you need a pillow that’s high loft and firmer, so your neck remains aligned with your back and your shoulder supported. The Downtime Luxury High Loft Pillow is our recommendation for sleepers like you. We chose this headrest because it has an innovative 800GSM high loft polyester fibre filling, which lends it softness while also keeping the form intact.

Available in the size of 74cm x 48cm, the cushion is treated with Ultra Fresh Protection to make it hypoallergenic. On that, thanks to its polyester make-up, it’s easy to wash at home and suitable for all seasons.

In terms of feel, the 375-thread count cotton sateen casing gives the bed gear a luxury feeling, akin to a premium hotel.

The only downside is that the pillow isn’t eligible for a return, however, it’s comforting to know that it comes with a 5-year-warranty and is also modestly priced, at around $70. One user shared his satisfaction on Adair’s website:

“I have had the best sleeps. I love them. Like sleeping on a cloud. Just what I have needed for such a long time.”

Final Verdict: This might be the right pillow if you’re a side sleeper who likes softness and neck support before drifting off into dreamland. It’s easy to take care of and you’ll want to buy more to have on hand even when you travel. Though, some hot sleepers may find the polyester filling to be a bit too warm to sleep on.

4. The Sleep Republic Pillow – Best for stomach sleepers (low profile)


Have you ever slept on your stomach and woken up to a stiff back? What you need is a head support with a low loft for this position and The Sleep Republic Pillow is worth giving a shot in that regard.

Squishy in feel, the product is made of an exclusive material named foamAIR polyurethane. This makes it breathable for hot sleepers and resilient to offer support while giving you a cloud-like-sleeping environment. The cover is TENCEL™-made. It’s soft, moisture-wicking, removable and easy to wash.

The pillow comes in a classic shape of 60cmx40cmx10cm, so you can fit them in cute cases. It costs $130 apiece and offers a 100-night trial and a 6-year warranty on the foam core. 

Users are smitten with The Sleep Republic Pillow, which is evident from this testimonial:

“I feel like I’ve tried every pillow out there, and always had the Goldilocks dilemma – too hard or too soft. Finally, I’ve found my ‘just right’! I love that it’s adjustable because I am a stomach sleeper and am very particular about the height so I don’t get neck pain.”


Final Verdict: Given its low loft, it might be the best pillow if you want to sleep on your belly. Aussies will also admire the fact that it is both designed and assembled in Australia, and it is certified for content, emissions, and durability. Simply put, the materials have sustainable natural origins.

5. Somnio/Sooma Clean Memory Foam Pillow – Best Memory Foam


These days, many Aussies crave the memory foam pillows and for a good reason. They hold the head and neck in place and distribute the weight evenly, which provides relief from pain and stiffness. The Somnio/Sooma Clean Memory Foam Pillow by Sommuto addresses this pain-point by deploying soft memory foam. What’s more? It comes with a high as well as a low profile to suit different sleeping styles.

The Sooma is a thin and low loft pillow of 12cm, perfect for people who like to sleep both on their back and belly. However, people with large bodies might not find it thick enough for comfort. It’s soft, it aids with blood flow and is easy to wash at home.

The Somnio model, on the other hand, has a high profile of 15cm, making it suitable for side and back sleepers. Both of them come with an innovative temperature regulating design with moulded construction while also providing ergonomic support, medical-grade anti-decubitus pressure relief and hypoallergenic properties.

The price ranges from $69 to $99 depending on whether you go for low Sooma or high Somnio. The free delivery comes with a 100-night trial period. If the product is faulty in the first year you can take it back, plus it comes with a 10-year guarantee against workmanship defects.

One happy customer had this to say on the Sommuto website:

“I just love these pillows and you really have to sleep on one to know! I’ve slept on other memory foam type pillows before but these are something else! A magic blend of heavenly soft but firm enough to give support too.”

Final Verdict: Coming in two heights and suitable for a range of sleepers, Somnio and Sooma Clean Memory Foam Pillows are versatile from the word go. They are also a smart entry point if you are just starting to explore the world of memory foam pillows. They are breathable, allergy-resistant and offer the best warranty policies. 

6. Downtime Opulence Standard Pillow – Best Down


Classic-pillow lovers always turn to down and rightly so. These pillows are easy to mould in a specific shape, if you like to hug yours, for example. They offer good support while remaining soft and light. So if you are on to your first big investment in pillows, make it the Downtime Opulence Standard Pillow. 

The white goose down has a feather core encased in a 450-thread count smooth cotton sateen casing and together they support your tired body well.

The premium product has been certified for Responsible Down Standard and you just need to air the pillow from time to time to keep it fluffy. 

This touch of luxury starts at around $200 and comes in a size 70cm x 45cm. If you find the product faulty or you have just changed your mind and you don’t want it anymore, its 60-day refund policy will have you covered. 

A user gave it a thumbs-up on the Adairs website:

“I purchased this for my little grandson, his first pillow.”

Final verdict: When it comes to down pillows, you want a high thread count so feathers stay inside and dust mites out, and Downtime Opulence Standard Pillow fulfils that requirement impressively. The product is soft yet sturdy and you can customise it further by fluffing it up how much you like it. It also sustains the neck and back well. 

But we must warn you that if you sweat a lot at night or are allergic in bed, this pillow is hard to wash, so look elsewhere in that case. It’s hefty in price but what more than makes up for it, is that it’s made of natural products that have a longer lifespan. 

7. Sleeping Duck Pillow – Best Cooling


Hot-sleeping Aussies everywhere, it’s time to cool down. The Sleeping Duck Pillow is the best cooling pillow that we found during our analysis. That can be attributed to the Hyper-Adaptive™ foam it’s made up of in addition to latex. The foam is 8x more open than what’s found in the standard latex and memory foam combinations, thereby letting your pillow breathe and cool down.

This hybrid design gives you the lightness of a cloud along with the comfort of a firm mother’s lap. You’ll feel the pressure relief of memory foam and the buoyancy of the latex, experiencing weightlessness and support at the same time.

Soft yet firm, it definitely works side sleepers but back and stomach sleepers may find their peace too.

A user rates it as the coolest pillow on the Sleepingduck website:

“Nothing like a standard latex pillow. This pillow is awesome and comfortable for back, side and tummy sleeping. I have always had trouble finding a pillow the right thickness to accommodate all three positions and this pillow is totally amazing.”

You can get Sleeping Duck Pillow in the 60cmx40cmx9.5cm size, for $120.

Final verdict: We love Sleeping Duck Pillow on many counts. It’s versatile, thin yet fluffy, soft yet firm, well made and soft. What’s commendable is that they expand their foam using pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions, making your pillow safer and healthier to rest on. 

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when investing in a pillow

Your pillow has a huge bearing on your sleeping style and the rest you ultimately achieve. So when you go out on a pillow hunt, consider your napping position, your allergies, whether you sleep hot or cold, among other factors, before raising the final bill. Catch all the details here. 

Sleeping position

A pillow should reinforce the sleeping position that you are most comfortable in. So follow this rulebook: 

  • If you are a side sleeper, you need a firm pillow that cradles the head, neck and shoulders. The aim is to align your chin, neck and chest in one horizontal line.
  • If you are a back sleeper, you need a medium support headgear that embraces the natural curvature of the upper back. 
  • Likewise, stomach sleepers need soft and thin cushions to prevent unnatural bending of the back.
Read our in-depth guide on how to go about choosing the right pillow for your needs here.

Pillow construction

The height, volume, texture and overall size of a pillow can affect your sleeping position greatly. So keep these pointers in mind:

  • Loft refers to the height of the pillow as it lays flat on the bed. Loft can be graded as low (around 7cm), medium (7-12cm) and high (above 12cm). We’ve found that side sleepers do best on the firm and high pillows while belly sleepers need a headrest that’s low and soft.
  • Fill power, or ‘fluffiness’, is also key to a restful night. If the volume is high, above 500, it means the down is better and it will insulate and provide support. If it’s below 500, it most probably contains small feathers and down clusters which can get damaged. 
  • The texture is defined by the thread count on the pillow cover. Aim for a thread count over 230 as it will ensure that the cotton cover is soft, silky, durable, finer and efficient at keeping mites, moisture or body oils at bay. 
  • People usually go for standard sizes as they are easy to handle and to dress in a cover. Bigger pillows might work for those who roll a lot on the sides or who like to sit up in bed and read.


Your pillow should be perfect inside out, so don’t overlook what’s it got inside. 

  • Down/feather: This is the most economical mix, has a longer lifespan and offers great back support. But it isn’t always recommended for allergic folks or hot sleepers as it goes moist and is hard to wash. It also needs to be fluffed regularly as it doesn’t always hold its form.
  • Foam: It is great if you want a pillow that’s easy-to-wash, hypoallergenic and doesn’t make scratching noises.
  • Synthetic: Shredded foam or polyester are better at sleeping you cool than memory foam. They are also quite firm and keep their shape all night.
  • Other materials: Some pillows in the market also come with buckwheat filling. While they are a great natural alternative, they can be a bit noisy. Others are packed with latex, which can provide support and sleep you cool but gives off fresh-from-the factory smell that can be bothering.


When it comes to cleaning your pillow, you know by now that synthetic materials are easier to wash. Foam can only be brushed and down cushions can only be aired or dry-cleaned. Investing in a pillow protector can extend the lifespan of a head-support further. It is recommended you wash your bed accessories with hot water or let them dry in the sun at least once a month to kill dust mites.

So we are saying…

There are plenty of pillow options available in Australia across all price ranges. Just make sure you consider your sleeping style and preference while making a choice.

You are now ready to make a savvy investment in a good, new pillow. And if you need more convincing, then allow us to tell you that as a general rule of thumb, you must change your pillow every one or two years. So happy shopping!

James Lee

James Lee

James is the content director at WhatASleep, a certified sleep science coach from Spencer Institute and our in-house sleep product expert. Over three years, he's personally tested hundreds of mattresses. He likes to keep his reviews simple, objective, and straightforward so that the readers don't have to go through decision fatigue which is often the case while shopping for sleep products.

He hails from Sydney and has a journalism degree from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Ecosa Pillow

Ecosa Pillow

Our Top Pick!

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