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What Is The Best Pillow For You?

Choosing The Best Pillow For You

What is the best pillow for you? We wake up with pains we don’t understand and try to massage our backs awkwardly in the bathroom, at work, in cabs, and anywhere else. Maybe your pillow isn’t doing its job. Many studies show that poor sleep is related to improper sleeping posture or alignment.

How it works Imagine a straight line from your head down to your toes. The ideal pillow will keep your spine and neck aligned so that you can fall asleep, sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed. The right pillow will support your head so that you can sleep comfortably on your side, back, or stomach.

In this guide, you will learn how to choose a pillow to help you achieve a neutral posture and say goodbye to your body aches.

Lady Sleeping Confortably. What Is The Best Pillow For You?
Lady Sleeping Comfortably. What Is The Best Pillow For You?

Decide your sleeping position

Let’s begin with how to decide what type of sleeper you are. Are you a back, side, stomach or combination sleeper?

As explained below, different sleeping positions require different pillow levels.

Are you a back sleeper?

The back is the best position to sleep in. The weight is evenly distributed on the spine, the neck and the joints when you sleep on your back. You will need to use a pillow with cervical support or support underneath your neck. Imagine that your neck is curled like a ‘C’ in reverse. You need to support it when you are lying on your back. The perfect pillow will keep your head in a straight line and not tilt it upwards or downwards.

To maintain a neutral sleeping position, which will help relieve back pain and pressure from the body, it is best to use pillows that have medium height or medium firmness. Back sleepers are usually better off with pillows that conform to the shape of their head, such as memory foam.

  • Recommended Pillows for Back Sleepers: Medium loft and medium firmness
  • Recommended Type: Feather/Down, Latex or Memory Foam

If you are a side sleeper

The most common sleeping position is side sleeping. Australians also prefer side sleeping. Over 70% of Australians, according to popular estimations, sleep on their side.

If you are a side sleeper you will need to find a pillow that can fit the gap between your shoulders and head. You will need to measure the width of your shoulders and find the nearest option to align your spine, neck, and head. If your pillow is too thick or too thin, it will tilt your head upward.

Side sleepers generally need a medium firm and high loft pillow. The taller the pillow, the better it is for keeping your spine and head in a neutral alignment. If you’re a side sleeper and are experiencing shoulder discomfort, your pillow may not be tall enough.

  • Recommended Pillows for Side Sleepers: High Loft with Medium Firmness.
  • Recommended Pillow fill material: Memory Foam, Down Alternative or Latex

Are you a stomach sleeper?

Imagine walking with your head sideways all day. Painful, right? The most painful position to sleep in is on your stomach. If you sleep on your stomach, select a pillow that has a low loft, and soft support, and will help to relieve the strain on your neck and back. Avoid a hard pillow, as it will keep your head tilted up and cause you discomfort.

  • Low-loft pillow for stomach sleepers:
  • Recommended Pillow fill material: Feather or Down, Polyester, Latex, Memory Foam, and Feather
Young Couple Sleeping Together, What Is The Best Pillow For You?
Young Couple Sleeping Together, What Is The Best Pillow For You?

Combination sleeper

You will need to find something that is more adaptable and versatile if you do not have a preferred sleeping position, or if you change it according to your mood. It should be a combination of the two. You want something soft, but also firm that will adjust to your changing requirements throughout the night. Combination sleepers should choose medium loft pillows with medium firmness.

Combination sleepers will benefit from pillows like memory foam, or down pillows.

  • Recommended pillow for Combo sleepers: Medium loft with medium firmness
  • Recommended Pillow fill material: Memory Foam, Goose Feather or Down, or Latex

What Is The Best Pillow Additional Needs?

Other than sleep position, backache, stiffness in the neck, and even pregnancy can also cause people to reconsider their pillows.

Lack of cervical support could be a cause of neck pain. Choose a neck pillow that can support your neck while keeping your spine in alignment. You can relax with a bolster or memory foam pillow that has a high loft.

The correct pillow can help you to fix the problem. It is recommended that you use an adjustable pillow to relieve the pain.

Please note that the information above should not be taken as medical advice. Consult a medical professional for advice.

Insomnia is one of the less-than-pleasant side effects of being pregnant. Sleeping on your side is recommended by experts to pregnant women as it promotes blood flow and nutrients between mother and child. A full-body pillow will provide you with the support you need for both your growing body and that of your unborn child.

What Is The Best Pillow Size For You?

Pillows are available in every shape and size. Standard pillows are 51×66 cm, queen-size pillows are 51×76 cm, and king-size pillows are 51×92 cm.

You should choose a pillow size that corresponds to the size of your bed. On a queen-size bed, for example, you could use two standard pillows. Or two queen pillows. Or one king pillow and one standard or queen pillow. You can also add pillow covers and accent pillows or euro pillows.

A king-sized bed can accommodate up to three standard pillows two queen pillows, or even two king pillows.

It all comes down to personal preference. When you arrange all pillows horizontally on your bed, make sure that they do not extend over the edge of the bed.

The Best Pillow For You
The Best Pillow For You

Fillings should be checked

The filling of a pillow determines its loft, firmness, and softness. It also affects how it feels. It all depends on your needs. If you need a thick pillow, memory foam may be the best choice. A down pillow may be the perfect match for you if you want a soft and flat pillow.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each pillow before you make your decision.

  1. Polyurethane is used in memory foam. The dense foam material allows the pillow to conform to your head shape, giving your neck the comfort it craves. If you are a person who sleeps in the same position every night, memory foam may be a good choice for you. The high-density foam is not breathable, and it can make you feel hot.
  2. Latex: latex is natural rubber. The rubber is derived from mature trees, which makes it eco-friendly, natural, and durable. Memory foam is more durable, breathable and bouncier than latex. It is hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and also bouncy.
  3. Microbeads Made from tiny polystyrene beads (EPS), these microbead travel pillows are popular. These pillows are firm and offer excellent support for side sleepers.
  4. Feathers They are also called down pillows because they are made of feathers that are quillless from the underbelly of geese and ducks. Feather pillows tend to be soft and cool. Feather pillows do not offer the same pressure relief or conforming properties as foam or latex. Some sleepers are allergic to feathers. These pillows are usually the most expensive, but they also last a long time.
  5. Cotton – Soft, lightweight, mildew resistant, affordable, and more can be added. Cotton pillows are not very firm.


You can choose from a variety of pillows. It is important to choose a pillow that will help you sleep well at night, and not cause physical discomfort the next morning. We have reviewed the Best Pillows in Australia to make it easier for you.

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